Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Lady Lainey goes Global!


Well would you 'Adam and Eve' it I, Lady Lainey  have gone global!, with readers in America (Hi) Canada (Hi or Bonjour depending on region).Russia (zdravstvuj) Netherlands (hoi and big cheers to the Netherlands Cricket team whom I had the pleasure to meet in Leeds/Bradford airport on their way to play Yorkshire April 2011) Ok I digress but it went along the lines of 

Lady Lainey Hi are you a member  of the Netherlands cricket team? 

Eric Szwarczynski  Hi yes I am Eric, pleased to meet you

Lady Lainey  What the devil are you doing in Leeds?

Eric Szwarczynski We are off to play Yorkshire

Lady Lainey  (thinks... mmm favourite home county but try to remain impartial) Hope I don't read that you are bowled out by Ryan Sidebottom.( whilst thinking ' hope he knocks your bails off')

Eric Szwarczynski  Yes I blinking well hope not too ( well those were not his exact words, funny how people always get a grasp of foreign swear words)

We shake hand and I get on plane to Nantes for serious wine swilling with Dame Didi and he goes off with the team to beat Yorks by 2 runs! Sadly he was not bowled by his Royal Ryanness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Any way back to the global thingamejig.
I have people following in Australia ( g'day and probably thanks to Gillespie the Gallant for that), Germany (Hallo) Gibralter ( hiya) and Iran (Salem).
So lets see where the globe-trotting takes us tomorrow.

Anyhoooo  cricket in UK today was dogged by rain which was  a major problem, sun out early in Hampshire and then rain clouds gather as cricketers about to enter the field. = no play on day one. Tweet Gillespie the Gallant to try to keep spirits up.( Probably lowered morale!)
Durham have a little bit more luck with the weather but rain caused constant interruptions in play. No Paul Collingwood either!.Where is Beefy when we need him (golf or fishing), Where is John Morris ( up in a tiger Moth with Gower probably)., where is Paul Romaines ( now there is a blast from the past!!!)/

So close of play and not a great day by home counties and time to end  todays blog and big 'Bonjours' to Dame Didi and ' Monster children' Count Christophe and  Rt Hon Richard who hopefully have just logged on to be part of the infamy.

Bonne nuit à tous jusqu'à demain.


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