Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Injury already!!!

Well England were playing a match against India A yesterday and already we have injuries! Steven Finn hobbling off with a possible thigh injury, however this event apparently 'overshadowed' the return of  KP. Now I am not one to go off on a rant (hahahaha) however  shouldn't he be making his return to the team show in his game and not expecting fanfares and drum rolls and dancing girls every time he is on the field! OK my rant is over......move on

Also jolly good bowling from Tim Bresnan, no fancy pants antics from him! 3-59 #coytb England currently 79-1 trailing India by 290 runs.

Still over in India its looks like TMS are still being held ot ransom.What the chuffing hell is going on????? Is it the way to get the money together for FIGJAM's return to the IPL. I am actually starting to get to the stage where I ready to flip my tiara in temper. Sort this out and stop making more monetary demands.

Also good news for F1 fans is that France may be returning to the circuit in 2013, Magny- Cours and Le Castellet are the two proposed venues.

Over at Elland Road, home of the Mighty Whites. They beat Southampton 3-0, so jolly well done boys. #wayaw

Over at Chateau Saltburn, Count Christophe has had his first University acceptance, and is about to apply for his driving license ( OMG  BEWARE ALL ROAD USERS). Dame Didi is taking Friday off work to spend the day with the monster children which will probably equate to 30 minutes by the time they surface from bed and then disappear out of the door to see their mates. Me thinks you should go to Castle Carlton and do some flipping work. Well at least you can have an afternoon nap whilst 'True Movies' plays to itself ( they are true movies you know!!!!).

Also Dame Didi has taken to emailing me her thoughts on the blog ( and NO NO NO I do not want monster children nephews to come over and 'spend a penny' in my garden to get rid of cats, I am now throwing down raw onion and chilli pepper). I have sat laughing in super swanky Lady Lainey office so much that the boys all look a tad scared! I obviously don't laugh very much usually.

and so I am venturing forth into the wild and windy wilderness to wend my way to work.

A Bienatot

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Last nights moon over Tykes Towers!!!

Oh my lordy lord, Dame Didi is still on British Summer time!!! I pity poor boss man Count Carlton when she realises that she is an hour early for work!! At least she has made provision in the back of the Dame Didimobile, having put walking boots in ( she has no Hunters!!!!) and a seaside spade ( she has no shovel!) at least she has a warm blanket courtesy of her wonderful sister ( no not Tzarina Katerins but I, Lady Lainey).

I have been keeping abreast with the counties in case I miss any info! Former besty home team of Durham are offering members the super chance to pay a huge wodge of cash to them and get 5 years membership for the price of 4. Have they not heard that we are not quite yet out of recession? Have they realised that people may not be dropping pennies in the bucket next season for the recipient of the benefit ( see earlier posts as to who it is!)? Have they truly taken leave of their senses? I told Mr Funky the Chauffeur and he mumbled things under his breath but I have an inkling he will be paying it. MUG!!!

Super besty home team of Yorkshire have been announcing dates for next year when they celebrate 150 years as the besty team in the land. Celebrations kick off on January 8th at The Crucible, Sheffield ( I once nearly saw it  when Dame Didi and I  were on the 'Sheffield Eye'  However I didn't because I was too flipping scared and just wanted to get off. 3 rotations my Aunt Nellie!!!!  5 rotations with a reverse move to scare the poo out of I Lady Lainey,never ever going on one of those things again). However I digress so if you can check out the Tykes website for more info on all events next year.   Its going to be a super bouncy exciting year for the team ( and for Lady Lainey too, new tiara in order, Hey Didi have you been up to the tiara shop yet,???? need to know the prices).

STOP PRESS!!!!! Just heard on the news that 'FIGJAM' is pulling on his England shirt ( having discarded his 'moneymaker' shirt) as we speak, having arrived in India. Gosh I bet the rest of the boys can hardly contain themselves! Not long now until the big day ( 15th November.....  wooohooo Lady Laineys birthday .....and the start of the test)
Also The Blades won last night against Portsmouth 1-0 #coyb.

Sad news reported on the BBC News that after 49 years the helicopters to the Isles of Scilly have been stopped. The operators have sold the site to Sainsburys!!!!  Well as a little Lady I often saw the helicopters take off from Penzance when we were on our family holidays. How sad, another childhood memory wiped away by commercialism!!!

Well I am being truly creative in Tykes Towers and have already decorated the 'Little Lady's room' and the bathroom and now have been painting a mirror. I am doing all kind of crafty things to try to make Tykes Towers more like my palace, if only the royal hounds would come round and see off the flipping cat that keeps leaving poo in the extensive grounds, peace would once again reign in Lady Lainey land.

In super swanky Lady Lainey office, I am sad because Job the Jolly is off on jollies for 3 days leaving me with Pony Paul and Dan Dan cowboy draughtsman. Pony has no interest in cricket at all and Dan is from Thailand not a hot spot for cricket. So I have been sitting quietly in my office working away like a little mad thing.
And with that I go off to start another day in silence with the boys!!  Roll on Thursday when Jobbers returns!!

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Monday, 29 October 2012

BBRRRRRR!!!! Its winter

Durham Cathedral

Well its soooo blinking freezing here in Lady Lainey land that I really think that this year having missed summer, has now missed autumn and gone straight into winter!!  So getting ready for work in (flipping freezing) super swanky Lady Lainey office will now become a military operation.

Thermals on                                YES

Hat scarf and gloves                    YES

Flask of hot soup                        YES

Hunters in boot of car                 YES

Shovel in boot of car                   YES

get back into super warm bed      YES  YES   YES!!!!!

NO NO NO actually get a wriggle on girl and get yourself off to work!!! After the snow at the weekend I am not taking any chances. Tim'll Fix It has done the winter checks on new Lady Lainey limo so I have put the other things in plus a couple of blankets and and a very fetching Hi Vis triple lined coat (courtesy of work). So I think that I have covered all bases in the event that I get snowed in my car on the way to or from work!!!

Over at the CLT20 Sydney Sixers beat Highveld Lions to take the title, and jolly well done to them. And at the Hong Kong Sixes, The Nethelands lost to Australia in the Plate Final and South Africa beat Pakistan in the cup final. Its been a cracking bit of cricket over the weekend and I bet there are some sore heads this morning!!!.
There are rumours afoot that TMS ( Test Match Special super brilliant English cricket show) may not be broadcast over the test series in India, I am looking into this as we speak and it looks as if it comes down to BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) asking for rather a lot of money. I am sure there will be more about this over the coming days.

Oh dear just when you thought that it was safe to watch footy with out any nasty comments reports filter through that the refs are at it now!! Stamp it out!!!!

And sadly over in India, Baron Button only managed 5th place, but he got round and that's the main thing ( OK winning is the main thing!).

So as I bundle myself up against the elements and look out on a very grey sky, I wish all readers a jolly good Monday morning, and I hope that Dame Didi has changed her clocks, not like yesterday ( it must be a family thing!)

Bon journee tout le monde

Sunday, 28 October 2012

British Summer times ends

 Well British Summer Time ended at 2.00am today Sunday 28th October 2012, and to be totally honest I wasn't aware that it had started!!! And to top it all the last day of summer brought snow to the icy waste of the north of Blighty. However by late afternoon yesterday the snow had cleared and the sun was shining and all looked good..................until you ventured outside when you were hit with a blast of flipping freeeeeeezing cold air.

I woke up at 6.00am this morning and  went to make a coffee and put some washing in, then I remembered I hadn't put the clocks back and it was only 5.00am!!!!! What a twit! What a chump!!! Well I was awake  so I made a coffee and went back to bed and read my book.

However over at  the Hong Kong Sixes were the weather will be considerably better, yesterday  saw mixed fortunes for England as they beat Australia and were then beaten by South Africa. Super Tom Smith featured well in the Australia match, however didn't do too well against South Africa being out for a big fat 0!
Then in the Plate final Netherlands walloped England and  play the final against Australia. The Cup final is South Africa v Pakistan. Well done to all.

Over at Elland Road The Mighty White were taking on Birmingham City yesterday and they lost 1-0. And cousin Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo was playing for Birmingham. He is close to the end of his month at Birmingham so wonder if he will be staying for a while???

The Blades are not in action until tomorrow evening so #coyb

Over at the Japanese GP Baron Button is in 4th place on the grid, so get your foot down Jenson and lets see you on the podium.

And so today I am going to do not very much as I am still feeling a little under the weather and hope that by the time I have to go back to super swanky Lady Lainey office tomorrow I will be feeling better.

Have a great day and wrap up warm if you are in UK its flipping freezing!!!!!

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Lazy daisy

Wowweee I slept in until 6.45am I can't believe it!! What a lazy daisy I am. I was however very tired after having a week where I have been ( and still am) feeling under the weather, so a little lie in is just what I needed.

What a super happy boucy idea has been thought up by a pair of Paris Architects,to put a giant inflatable bridge across the Seine. it would be like super bouncy trampolines across the river. They won 3rd prize in a competition to design the 38th Paris bridge. The firm said that it wanted to raise the questions of 'Urban enjoyment' and that the design would give a sensation of  'joyful release from gravity as one bounces across the water'. Woohoo you would feel like Tigger!!!!

I think it is flipping brilliant and although I Lady Lainey am super scardy of heights ( and frogs and mice) I think I would go on it (once) if it was ever put up.

Now you all know about the abundance of wildlife in the extensive grounds of Tykes Towers, well now I have one other unwelcome visitor, someone's cat! I have never actually seen the said animal but it is digging in my walled garden and leaving its 'calling cards' all over the place. I DO NOT CLEAN CAT POO UP EVER!!!!! and so I am bally well sick about this, and it smells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Googled 'how to get rid of cats' OMG its even worse, as it say to get a man to 'spend a penny' in your garden around the area that the cat is using as a toilet!!!!, I cannot believe this, and as for using this as a reason to get a man in......................rather be stuck with the cat poo.

I am now trying to get my head around the fact that it is 27th October and there is a covering of snow here in the icy wastes of the North. I have so much to do today, when in actual fact all I want to do is wrap up in a blanket, with the fire on and watch rubbish telly.

Oh well best to get my thermals on!!!

Farewell Friday

I would like to say lots of woooohooo's because it is Friday however today is a little solemn and subdued a it is the funeral of great friend Bruce Ritchie today. He is now watching all the greats playing the best game of cricket ever! Farewell Bruce and save me a seat on the boundary ( I will bring the digestive biscuits!)

I think that it is going to be a very quiet and relaxing weekend at Tykes Towers with only maybe a small amount of decorating or at the least a small amount of housework. I have the quote to send to the Post Office for the new letter box and hope to have that sorted out in the next couple of weeks. ( which will stop a blinking gale blowing through!).
The weather forecast is a little bleak for the North East so I don't think that I will venture out to the garage to do the clean up that I was intending #tooflippingcold, #fingersfalloff. By the sounds of it I will be swapping my Jimmy Choo's for my Hunters!!!!!!!!

I am also contemplating writing my Christmas cards,the sooner they are done, the sooner I can get them delivered and tick that job off my list. Pressie wrapping will be commencing shortly but not until after my super birthday bash.And I guess this year I must make the effort now that I am in a super new house etc to put up a Christmas tree and decorations.I am not 'Baa Humbug'  I always loved Xmas until I was married to Former Lord Lainey who had to have a Christmas tree in every room of the house, and had to have them decorated in a certain way that only he knew. So my job was to go in the loft, hump down the boxes and then in the new year put them all away again!!!!!!!!!!!! At least in my house they are in the garage!

The England squad are in training minus the most important team member! Who will be joining them on Sunday now that his team Delhi Daredevils are out of the CLT20. First test match starting on a truly memorable day 15th November which is only the flipping fabby birthday of I, lady Lainey. Is this an omen?
There are still players moving around the counties, as new signings are made, but I am still waiting to hear if there is any news on a shuffle at Yorkshire.

Sunday sees the Indian GP, ( its all happening in India at the moment) when I, Lady Lainey will once gain be shouting extra loudly for Baron Button and his McLaren  team. He is currently in 4th place in the drivers championship and  he really needs to get his foot down and win this one. #coyj.

The Blades are not inaction until Monday evening against Porstmouth however the big match is Leeds united against Birmingham City. Cousin Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo was playing at Leeds on loan earlier this year and now is at Birmingham City, oh dear what a toodoo, think I will have to remain impartial and say may the best team win.

And so with the sports round up for the weekend complete, I am signing off .

Bon Journee

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Something to look forward to

Well now that my Tykes are back on British soil, and there is a little while until the KP Show  Test Match starts, what in the world is cricket crazy Lady Lainey going to do with herself. Well then I spotted that the Hong Kong Sixes are about to start and had a scan at the England team list ...................and lovely Lancashire boy Tom Smith is on the team. I think that this will keep me occupied for a couple of days!!

Its being played over the weekend and England are up against Australia first match. Will be keeping my eyes on that. is the link if you want to see who is playing and catch the results.

I went to visit the Royal Hounds last night ( well the two that are a little under the weather) . Even though they are both quite poorly they still wanted to 'love me to death'. also saw Little Lord Memphis who had just got home from school ( the same school that I Lady Lainey went to) and was awaiting his dinner.

Yesterday they also announced the route of the 100th Tour De France, which very sadly and despite I Lady Lainey trying to get everyone in the world to sign the petition to bring Le Tour to Yorkshire  will start on The French Island of Corsica on 29th June 2013 and end with an evening finish on the Champs- Elysees in Paris on 21st July. The route covers 3360km and  is more mountainous than 2012 so may not favour good old Wiggo,

I bet Dame Didi is getting excited about Le that her ringing the bell on her tricycle????

Lance Armstrong is still making news as Le Tour want him to return the money that he won with the titles. Fat chance of that happening if it was in my house, it would all have been spent on shoes, handbags and tiaras long ago!!!

And finally last night English clubs didn't do too well in Champions League action.

Oh well off to the office, hope there is a parking space for me today or I may get a tad cross!!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mid week........

Holy flipping mackerel  I tweeted  Gillespie the Gallant yesterday that my blog was on line ( well he was probably only packing his smalls), and then suddenly the South Africa map lit up( I have a little map which lights up in the countries of the world where it is read). Now I am not saying it was him, but I know that he has read it in the past and the ones that were read yesterday were all about my Tykes ( yes I know nearly all of the posts are about the Tykes!!), so I am chuffing well over the moon that he took the time to dip back into 'Lady Lainey World'.

I was quite looking forward to my evening out at the local cricket club with Mr Funky the chauffeur, answering random questions for the amazing chance of winning 5 pints!. Well they only went and cancelled it, after I had got myself all psyched up to  go and thrash the opposition ( OK its not the winning but the taking part......but hell if I am taking part I am going to win!!). I am now hoping that they will hold one next Tuesday evening and then I can go and drink copious amounts of limeade ( driving in the morning), and astound everyone ( 2 men and a dog?) with my knowledge of the most useless things ever. Fingers crossed.

I am still getting hits on last Fridays blog which reported the sudden death of the wonderful Mr Bruce Ritchie ,former master  at Merchant Taylors School, Northwood. Thank you  to the person who commented on the piece. Bruce was much loved and respected.

It is now just over 2 weeks until my supersonic birthday bash in Manchester with Dame Didi, I am super excited and we are going in the new Lady Lainey limo too. So I am doing pilates and a little bit of jogging ( former back injury stops running, and the fact that my tiara falls off too), in a desperate bid to shift at least 4lbs more  before the big weekend. Super new frock to wear so really excited!.

A little bit of crickety news Brit Insurance will no longer be sponsoring the England team when its 4 year deal ends early in 2014. Maybe I should ask big boss of Lady Lainey's company to sponsor the boys and then we can all go to the matches and drink copious amounts of champagne, eat lovely food and jump around with excitement every time the ball is hit. ( oh I do that any way so no change for me!).Wonder who will step up to take that on!( the sponsorship, not me silly!!).

Finally I have have a home inspection visit next week to see if I am going to be a suitable 'foster' mummy to little dogs. Fingers crossed.

on this day 24th October 2003

The last Concorde flew into Heathrow..........................

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Yorkshire and proud!

I have never been prouder to be a Tyke! The boys played so well in South Africa and should be very very proud of themselves. Yesterday they took on Chennai Super Kings and put up a spirited fight, especially Gary Ballance and his amazing sixes ( all five of them!!!). I bet at the beginning of the season on that freezing cold Sunday at the friendly  against former besty home county of Durham, Yorkshire never for one moment envisioned their season continuing until nearly November. And so as the boys board the plane to come back to cold, wet, foggy, miserable Blighty, I hope that they do so with their heads held high. #COYT #bestyteamintheland. I can't wait for next season. Go team Yorkshire.

Yesterday they announced that Lance Armstrong was being stripped of all his Tour De France titles, which is sad but necessary I guess. A very sad end to what had appeared to be an amazing career. I do not think that this is the last that we will hear about this, even thought Lance is not fighting to clear his name any more.

Also the jolly silly chap who attacked the Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper on Friday night has not only been named and shamed ( which I won't be doing as its out there on the internet) but sentenced to 4 months in prison, banned from football matches for 5 years. However the Mighty Whites have banned him for life. I guess he won't be doing that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today it is only Job the Jolly and I in the office as Pony Paul and Dan Dan have gone off on a jolly to Doncaster ( now if that had been me I would have gone much further afield!). No doubt Jobbers and I Lady lainey can set the whole of the cricket world to rights in 7.5 hours.

Worrying news is that two of the Royal Hounds Tyson and Sheba are not too well. Tyson has been out of sorts for a month or so and has now got a little bit worse. Sheba is having a spot of trouble walking so they are being pampered at home with Countess Christine of McNally instead of racing round the Garage at Tim'll Fix It's. Last night when I made a royal visit I was only 'loved to death' by Bella, Leo and Benji ( the French kissing Border Collie). I am calling to see the other two this evening.

Mr Funky ( the chauffeur)has asked me to go to the quiz night at the Cricket Club tonight and he will buy me a couple of limeades. I am only going until 10pm as I have to be asleep in bed by 10.30pm or I am a jolly grumpy Lady Lainey and the boys in the office don't like me when I am grumpy ( actually not sure that they like me at all!).
Mr Funky ( the chauffeur) has only asked me to go because I know lots of random things like why Dolly the first cloned sheep was called Dolly, what 'arras' are, and what TARDIS means. (well doesn't everyone?). So I will have to slap on some make up, possibly comb the wild orange curls and put on my least favourite tiara ( it is only the local cricket club,not Headingley!!!), and WALK down to meet him.

Have a great day where ever you are.


Monday, 22 October 2012

Final match for the Tykes

Not an easy room to photograph but all finished

 FINALLY I finished the bathroom and I am jolly pleased with the result.Probably not a sensible choice of striped wallpaper on 'old' walls but it all looks great and I am just looking for the finishing touches. Big pat on the back for Lady Lainey I think.

Well today my boys play their final match in  Durban  (12.30pm UK time). And although they are now out of the tournament they can hold their heads high. Fantastic performances over the last couple of weeks showing what a great team they are and how they have improved. What a season they have had and I know that next season is going to be just as great. Well done to top coach Gillespie the Gallant for turning the boys around. And to his Royal Ryanness, get yourself back into shape over the winter, ( I am!!) and see you boys in April.

Good news at former besty home county of Durham they have signed the lovely Jamie Harrison for next season. He is a super polite young man and a cracking bowler too. Hope that we see more of him in the first team.

.Plus is there change afoot at my beloved Yorkshire?? Stay tuned to find out.

Over in South Yorkshire a man has been arrested after the hideous attack on Chris Kirkland the Sheffield Wednesday goal keeper. This happened at Hillsborough at Friday evening match against  The mighty Whites.

Well its Monday and I have lots of work to do this week, so although very short today I must scoot to super swanky Lady Lainey office, shout at the boys, shuffle some papers and have a nap and probably do some work too. How jolly rotten pour moi!!!!

Thought for the day

Why does your nose run, and your feet smell????

A bientot

Sunday, 21 October 2012

We're all Yorkshire aren't we?

#COYT has been a common chant in Tykes Towers ( as it was at LT Towers), but never louder than yesterday ( so that they could hear me in South Africa?). It was do or die for my boys in their clash against Highveld Lions and sadly they took to the field without  His Royal Ryanness or Moin Ashraf, both sidelined with hamstring injuries. The final result being a 5 wicket defeat with four balls remaining does not do justice to the quality of the cricket played by Yorkshire.
T20 cricket is a 'touch and go' game, which if it has swung in favour of the Tykes would have been the monumental win of the season. Even top coach Gillespie the Gallant was on the field for a brief spell ( 2006 all over again!). With so many injuries to the team ( They would all be fit and jumping about if I Lady Lainey was the Physio #toscaredtogetonthebed) I wonder who will be playing in their final  game, which is to be  played on Monday before they pack their bags and come home to Blighty.

Other news from Yorkshire.....

The Blades were in action against Preston and won 1-0 with Dave Kitson helping the Blades to a fourth consecutive away win. Well done boys, keep it up.

Over in Birmingham ( obviously not Yorkshire) City were up against Leicester. They drew 1-1 with Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo being on the subs bench for the match. #disappointing


I dared to venture out into the extensive grounds of Tykes Towers yesterday to hang out the washing ( I tell you! the things that Lady's have to do for themselves these day!!). There was no sight of the flipping hoppy thing that has been terrorising I, Lady Lainey since I moved in. I DID NOT however go into the Deer Park as I think  that this is now where they have taken up residence.

on this day
21st October

1805 Battle of Trafalgar Admiral Nelson defeats French and Spanish and then dies!

1971 Damien Martyn   Australian middle order batsman born

1986 First class cricket d├ębut of Andy Flower

1997 Eltons John's tribute to Diana Princess of Wales breaks world record 318 million distributed

2012 Lady Lainey may finally finish the bathroom!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Another weekend.......

Bathroom before

Well its the weekend (again) and I really have to motivate myself to get the bathroom decorated. There is no excuse. I still have a couple of boxes to get sorted out from the move and I want these clearing out too, so as you can see I have high hopes (once again)  of doing huge amounts in Tykes Towers ( and I will probably spend 90% of it sleeping, with the other 10% cooking and eating!!).

However the pasting table is on the landing ( making it nigh on impossible for I Lady lainey to escape down the stairs, but worse........ to get to the coffee!) and so I should flipping well get on with hanging the super swish paper.

Super crickety news for the day is that Yorkshire are in action in Jo'berg against Highveld Lions. Come on boys, I know you are now on to have to win 2 out of 2, but we are all behind you and know that you can do it. #wayaw

On the sporty front  the Mighty White were in action last night again Sheffield Wednesday, and drew 1-1. However some terrible behaviour from a LUFC supporter ruined the game and the club issued a statement at the end of the match

Leeds United Football Club would like to publicly apologise for and condemn the actions of the fan who came on to the pitch at Hillsborough and attacked Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper Chris Kirkland.
The club will fully co-operate with both the Police and the football authorities in identifying the individual concerned.
After the week football has endured, there is no place for that type of behaviour and the majority of Leeds United fans will be ashamed of his actions.

I think that says it all really!.

The Blades are in action today against Preston, so #coyb

And Birmingham City ( temporary club of cousin  Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo) are playing Leicester City. Hopefully no 'elbowing in  the back when the Ref's not looking' from Hooligan. Robbo.

I have been sneaking about in the extensive grounds of Tykes Towers especially around the Deer Park just in case the flipping frog jumps out at me again. does anyone know of a humane way to get rid of frogs?  Not that I will be blinking well doing it I will get Mr Funky the chauffeur round to sort it out.

If anyone is in the Loftus, North Yorkshire area this weekend, there is an art exhibition, which includes paintings by Granddad Derek ( Monster children nephews granddad on the 'out laws' side). Well done Granddad Derek, not just a hippopotamus!!!!

It has been a terrible month so far   losing friends and lots of friends losing family. After the shock news yesterday of the loss of Bruce Ritchie ( truly a great cricket fan), Comtessa Cruse and the Hon Hodsman lost their father ( in law)  and also beloved friend Adele, an amazing lady and talented travel writer. Baron and Baroness Burphy lost their  mum ( in law). Such sad days, only lightened by the knowledge that they have all gone onto a better place.

Judging by the number of hits on yesterdays blog I would take this to show  that the wonderful Bruce was loved by a lot of people.His funeral is Friday 26th October at 11.30am. Request for donations to Cancer Research.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Sad and happy news

Merchant Taylors School  Cricket

Well today I, Lady Lainey am opening with some very very  sad news, One of my oldest and dearest friends Mr Bruce Ritchie. Former Master in charge of cricket at Merchant Taylors School, Northwood, passed away, just days after his birthday. A great man with a love of cricket that even beats mine!. ( although his love of digestive biscuits may have been greater!).Who else would get up and watch England play Australia all night, and then go and teach all day.Who else would ask me if I had an old towel so that he sould wipe his balls (cricket balls that is! and the question was asked with a wicked twickle in his eye). He was a true gentleman, with an unsurpassed knowledge of cricket. he will be sadly missed. RIP Bruce.

Slightly happier news for the Tykes is that although they were left frustrated after  their match was rained off last night ( rain is following them, just like summer here in Blighty). They are playing Highveld Lions on Saturday.#keep the dream alive #coyt.

The ECB also stated yesterday that there will be a return to 50 overs cricket from 2014, hurray more cricket for Lady Lainey, however they also announced that KP is in the squad after the England team all had to tip up to meet him!!!! So that he could apologise to them!! Surely he should have gone to them? However his Champions League commitments meant that he had to fly into the UK and out again as quickly as possible ( same old, same old!!) and depending on how his team do out there he may miss the training camp in Dubai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes the hideous little hoppy thing is still in the extensive grounds of Tykes Towers, last night as I moved the recycling bin, the horrid little thing jumped out at me ( I bet he was laughing) and scared the flipping life out of  Lady Lainey, well you know the scenario well enough by now. Newspapers strewn all over the Deer Park, I Lady Lainey running for my life back into the safety of Tykes Towers and today I have to go back out there and put the blinking bin out for collection!!! To say I am shaking at the prospect is an understatement.

And so today with a very heavy heart, I am off to super swanky Lady Lainey office  and may not even shout at the boys!!

And don't forget all you readers in America

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Another Tykes Match day

Flipping heck its raining again!!!! and at this rate I will be getting webbed feet. Not only that but my orange curls quickly turn to mad orange afro as I go to work. Not a good look for anyone and especially not for Lady Lainey!!!! Lets have some lovely Autumnal sunshine.......please!!!

Well its another Tykes match day today and I for one am super ready for it!. Twitter has been a little quiet of  Yorkshire boys, Gillespie the Gallant tweeted ,disappointing result but they will bounce back'. I know they will and have every faith in them. So a huge shout out for the boys #COYT.

Former England player Alec Stewart gave an interview to the BBC regarding T20 matches, He confirmed that they have a merit and a place in English cricket but went on to say that getting the best overseas player to England is getting harder due to congested fixtures around the world. I for one think that this is the time that clubs in England start to look for more home grown talent ( and I know they do) but to bring them through as the stars of the future. Sometime the huge sums of money splashed around in the IPL is frightening and some players spend the remainder of their careers travelling around the world as a T20 'mercenary'. However lets keep the game in England about the county system. T20 has its place as a money spinner for clubs but lets keep it in prospective.

Also yesterday Pony Paul and I had a massive binge at lunchtime as we were the only ones in the office. Corned beef pie,mushy peas and roast potatoes from Taylors in Darlington (jolly well known in these parts for their Pork Pies) . Followed by a fresh cream scone. I felt quite sick after all that and realised that I am supposed to be on a diet! Oh well better luck with it today!!!. I will never fit into my super dooper birthday party frock at this rate!.

Also last night watched the most amazing (and 100th edition) of 'Grand Designs' OMG I am always telling Dame Didi when I am in France that I want to buy, renovate and live in a water tower, well, these people did just that. Not sure if readers abroad get this programme but it was incredible!!.

The Blades were in action last night in the Johnstone Paint Trophy match. And they are one step closer to Wembley, with a brilliant win of 4-1 win against Notts County. Shaun miller scoring 2 goals either side of half time. Excellent result and next round early December. At least this will have given Sir Sean of bean something  to smile about.


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Keep the faith Yorkies

Well I was not going to tweet Gillespie the Gallant yesterday morning but thought that sending it at 9.00am UK time may not distract him too much.( Doubt it distracted him at all!). He had already tweeted that it was a lovely sunny day in Cape Town unlike the cold wet miserable day here in the North East of Blighty.
However it turned out not to be the Tykes day. They scored 96 in their 20 overs losing  batsman quite quickly. When they went into bowl I lady Lainey nearly flipped my tiara in the excitement of his Royal Ryanness taking a very early wicket, however it was to no avail and Sydney Sixers went on to sail through and get 98-2 with 67 balls to spare. Well done to the sixers

Although a slight blow for all Tykes ( and adopted Tykes) we are all keeping the faith!.

So I then had to settle down and do some proper work!. BORRRIINNGG

I know I said no more KP stuff this week but today he is in meetings with his team mates!!!
And Andrew Strauss has been elected to the ICC committee.

I went to see Tim'll Fix it last night on my way home to get a few hiccups with the new Lady Limo sorted. I went in wearing black trousers and came out wearing a fetching new outfit. Black with brown dog paw print design. After a cup of coffee and trying to keep my distance from Benji the 'french kissing' border collie ( I was never going to let that happen) and being 'loved to death' by all the other Royal Hounds I came back to the relative sanity of Tykes Towers.

Now over in football land there appears to be a bit of a hoohaa about England not playing  Poland. Rain and flooded pitch I hear.however the retractable roof seems to be the main culprit as it stayed open during the rain!!!!

 Last night the sky was so clear here that light pollution or not, I was still able to see the southty northty easty westy star ( that's the North Star to the uninitiated!). In fact there were a jolly lot of stars twinkling away in the sky last night.

And so Wednesday dawns here in Blighty with a dull and over cast and very cold Autumn morning and I am wrapping myself up in layers of thermals and jumpers ( I DO NOT LIKE THE COLD) and preparing to set off to super swanky Lady Lainey office.

Have a great day everyone.

And don't forget all you super slimmers in the United States check out

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Yorkshire match day

There super  bit of crickety news as far as I, Lady Lainey am concerned today. Yorkshire have their match against  Sydney Sixers today . I for one will be donning my Yorkshire shirt ( not what it originally said but well spotted by eagle eyed Dame Didi) and waving a white rose. I know the boys have been training hard and I have every faith in them, so #coyt.

The sad bit of crickety news is that Former New Zealand captain Martin Crowe has been diagnosed with cancer. Martin and his brother Jeff (also a Kiwi captain) are cousins of actor Russell Crowe. I Lady Lainey as well as all cricket fans wish Martin all the best in his fight against this terrible disease.

And lastly on the cricket front, the ECB have apologised to Cricket south Africa for  the allegations made regarding KP!!!!!!!!!!!!! However in response CSA acting  Chief Executive Jacques Faul replied 'This is not how you play cricket' As the message was deleted by the ECB, they replied that they had blinding reassurances form Pieterson that the text messages were not derogatory before accepting his apology and handing him a  new 4 month contract!! and so endeth this weeks rant regarding 'FIGJAM'.

The Lance Armstrong debate still rages on,  and I for one wonder if anything will ever be resolved in the matter.

Well it was obviously a boring old weekend for the paps who were out and about in Hampstead and managed to find Sir Sean of Bean ( or Lord Lainey as he should be). Sadly the hack that wrote the accompanying piece was less than flattering about Sir Sean.Stating that he looked dishevelled and worse for wear, Well it was Sunday he was having a quiet drink in his local not prancing around on a film set or turning up for an opening night. And then  some idiot starts snapping him. I am not surprised he loses his temper so often. They were obviously trying to get a picture of him with me!!!!

on this day
16th October

1975 Jacques kallis born

1978 pope John Paul II was elected 264th Pope

1995 Brian Lara score 169 in Sharjah  ODI against Sri Lanka

1995 West Indies win  ODI in Sharjah  333-7  in 50 overs. Sri Lanka 329 all out.

 On the home further work last night at Tykes Towers, I was completely worn out after work, so maybe a spot of painting this evening.However it is raining most of the time at the moment so I think that the railings will have to be put onto a back burner for the time being.

So I am putting on my slap, attempting to comb my orange (birdsnest) curls and getting ready to face the rush to Darlington and super swanky office of Lady Lainey.

Monday, 15 October 2012

How does the weekend go so quickly?


I can't believe that it is Monday again and time to go back to super swanky Lady Lainey office, where does the weekend go ( yes I know you think I spend all my time 'napping'!)
Well yesterday I finally wallpapered the 'Little Ladies room' and will post picture when everything is in place. I am jolly chuffed with the end result even though it took me longer to put the blind up than it did to hang the chuffing wallpaper!!
Tzarina Katerina put in an appearance at lunchtime ( hoping for a free nosh) as I was trying to put up another blind downstairs ( not best pleased!!!) After a 30 min ( one sided) chat she got in her motor and zoomed off to bother someone else.

Else where in the world ( actually out of this world) an Austrian skydiver made history by  jumping 128.097 ft. He ascended to the edge of space in a capsule and jumped out.He also broke the record for the highest manned balloon flight (24 miles). Now I Lady Lainey am blinking well terrified of heights ( and horses and frogs) and cannot think why you would ever want to do a thing like this. But he did and well done. jolly brave in my book.

Over in Korea, Baron Button had a bit of a poo day. After me warning him to keep away from Grosjean, he only got wiped out by Koybayashi!. In a not too 'Jenson Button' like way he blasted him 'an idiot' which was probably down to the fact that he was shaken up and had a bit of a fright ( to say the least!). Rosberg was also involved in the crash and he wasn't a happy bunny either!.

Over in South Africa Gillespie the Gallant has been reported as saying the he wants Yorkshire to 'be that team that people talk about' Well your Gallantness in case you hadn't noticed I do little else but talk about you all. Th boys are in training for the upcoming match tomorrow against Sydney Sixers. So keep up the training and #coyt.

Well time to wend my way to super swanky Lady Lainey office, I hope the heating is on, because its jolly cold here today. But more importantly I hope that the kettle is on or there will be hell to pay!!!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

What I did yesterday

What I did yesterday......................well not what I was planning to do so now it is 6.57am (UK time) I am up and the pasting table is set up and I am going to wallpaper the 'Little Ladies room'. So what exactly did I do yesterday. well I said goodbye to former Lady Lainey limo which got a 'piggy back' to the scrap yard, then loaded up the new limo and took lots of stuff to the charity shop.Wandered around the shops ( which didn't take long), came home hung some washing out in the extensive grounds of Tykes Towers. Spoke to Dame Didi on the phone and then had a nap.

When I woke up I realised that  Sean bean was on Film 4 in 'Percy Jackson and the Lightening thief' so I HAD to watch that,(even thought he is only in it at the beginning and the end).

Whilst I was doing this, the wonderful Brett Lee was in action as was the not so wonderful KP. KP came in at 3 and was put down twice, but never really capitalised on this and was dismissed for 14. Even so DD won by 52 runs. Brett Lee for KKR had figures of 1-19 and Jacques Kallis had figures of 1-25. Even the Twitter feeds on this match seemed to deem it boring.

Footbally news over at Bramall Lane The Blades were held to a draw against Oldham  and next game is Wednesday evening when they take on Notts County in the Johnstone Paint Trophy.

Over in Korea the wonderful Baron Button is in 11th place on the grid. Not sure what happened, but Jenson you had better get your foot down to get on the podium and also beat that 'other person'. And keep well away from Romain Grosjean too!!!.

And so now I am going to get busy and finally finish what I started last week ( and have been threatening to do ever since). No doubt there will be more wallpaper paste on Lady Lainey than on the walls and hopefully in an hour or so, everything will look super lovely.

Have a super Sunday where ever you are.

Thought for the day

Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today!!!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Soooo tired

How I will look later today (obviously with orange curls!!)

It sounds as if my Tykes are in Cape Town ( no I can't hear them in Co Durham I am reading it on Twitter). And its raining so there has been no training in preparation for Tuesday game. Keep up the training boys and #coyt.

Other sporty news The Blades are in action today against Oldham, so a big #coyb
F1 has moved onto Korea and also the debate regarding Lance Armstrong still rages.

Yesterday I was reading the newspaper on line whilst munching on my lunch and was nearly very sick!!!! Can you believe that some skincare 'boffin' has claimed that snail slime is good for wrinkles, ageing skin and acne. Yes I can see it now 13 and 80 year old females out in the garden hunting out snails, slapping said slime over there faces and waiting for miracle results. Now I Lady Lainey never appear in public without full slap on, and like to use different products on my face..........................BUT really, is this true or another gimmick. I for one will not be tying that YUUKKKKKYYY!!! #growoldgracefully.

well the sun is shining here over Tykes Towers, new limo is on the drive all red and shiny and I have a million jobs to do, starting with a ton of things to take to the charity shop, railings to paint, wallpaper to hang, washing to put out. You see even Ladies have to do things for themselves in this economic climate.Also tomorrow I will be listing more junk treasures on eBay and hoping to make a few pennies.

On this day
13th October

1925 Margaret Thatcher was born ( first and so far only female Prime Minister of the UK)
1977 Gareth Batty former Tyke was born
1988 The Turin Shroud was shown to be a fake after carbon dating revealed it was produced in the middle ages.

And finally Dame Didi called with some little gems that she had read in a book of sporting gaffs.
The most well known being the Brian Johnston 'batsman and bowler' gaff, which resulted in many lost minutes on TMS whilst the team pulled themselves together.
However one popped up from Lady Laineys 'favourite' cricketer

'Its a catch 21 situation'  KP!!!!   ('yes it certainly is'  Lady lainey)

and with that I end my blog for the day

Friday, 12 October 2012

Itsssss Friday!!!!

Mr & Miss Wise

So whilst The Tykes nursed sore heads, tweeted about their dancing styles and generally had a much deserved celebration , besty team in the South ( Hampshire) went out to play their final match, no chance of going through now but hoping to go home with a win Sadly it wasn't to be and Hampshire are now packing their bags to grab the first flight home.

Other crickety news, more mumblings about KP, also Stuart Broad has his autobiography out, 'My World in Cricket' at the ripe old age of 26! For goodness sake wait until you are 30 and then it may be more exciting, now if I wrote a book about my life............................................ well you will have to wait and see. Harold Robbins eat your heart out (I blinking well wish!). Haha I am laughing so much about titles etc I nearly lost my tiara.

Fab news over at F1 Monisha Kaltenborn has become Formula One's first female team principal after taking over from Peter Sauber at his eponymous team.
Kaltenborn, 41, already held the role of chief executive officer and will immediately take on the additional responsibilities at this weekend's Korean Grand Prix as 68-year-old Sauber takes a back seat.
Great stand for the ladies in a male dominated sport. And also big shout out to Baron Button who will be racing this weekend. Lets get on the podium this week!!.

All fingers are pointing at former super cycling blokey, Lance Armstrong. Not a happy outcome to what had appeared to be a terrific career.

I am on countdown from this weekend when it will be 4 weeks until my supersonic birthday bash with Dame Didi, think I have found a frock to wear, just need to find a nice restaurant for dinner. I can hardly contain myself I am so excited about it..........but you will have to wait and see what we are doing.

On this day in history

12th October

2002  Lady Lainey got married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I won't be doing that again!)

2002  2 bombs exploded in Bali nightclub district killing 202 and injuring 209

1964  Fanie De Villers, cricketer (great South African pace bowler) was born

1996  Jack Robertson, cricketer (Middex & Eng open bat 11 Tests), dies at 79

And so its Friday and  am super excited at the prospect of more work at Tykes Towers. I really must get the wallpapering done this weekend!. I have checked the 5 day weather forecast and it appears that there may not be any spots of rain over Tykes Towers so I must also make an effort to paint some more of the railings.

 Finally a thought for besty friend Duchess Debbie the Wise. Today is 3 years since she lost her lovely daddy Count Kenneth the Wise. A great person and cracking Rolf Harris impersonator!! ( according to her Serene Highness my mummy), but more importantly a fantastic husband, dad and granddad, And missed by all.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

RIP Kevin Curran

Very sad news filtered through yesterday about the sudden death of Kevin Curran, former Gloucs and Northants player. He was 53 years old and was coaching in Zimbabwe. I had the pleasure to see him play when he was at Northants and a good cricketer he was too. Lady Laineys thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

Whooppdi blinking doooo The Tykes won against Trinidad and Tobago with a 6 wicket win, with Gary Ballance scoring 64 not out.including two 4's and six 6's!!!, and his Royal Ryanness taking 3 wickets (super star) finishing with 3-13, cracking bowling!!!. it was not all easy play for the Tykes but they now go through to the main draw and move on to Cape Town. Big shout out to top coach Gillespie the Gallant, he has brought the team back to full strength and deserves heaps of praise. So #coyt and I wonder who has the worst hangover this morning ( Not I lady Lainey, it was a school night last night!). I

Besty club in the South (Hampshire), were up to play at 12.30pm yesterday. The much mentioned Lou Vincent (playing for Auckland)took a cracking catch which dismissed Michael Carberry, who scored 65. Hampshire finished on 121-8. However Hampshire lost and Auckland Aces won by 8 wickets with 6.3 overs remaining.

Still at CLT20 it has been reported by India Times that all the umpires named in the bribe/fixing/betting scandal have been suspended pending an investigation.However none named are for upcoming matches. Why, why, why do they do this??????? I am considering taking my Umpires exam and taking the cricket world by storm!!!! Let them try to bribe Lady Lainey ( 'How many bottles of champagne?, up the number matey!!!').

I am loving the Twitter feeds by @louvincent78, his mad times with Justin Bieber in South Africa ( YES REALLY!!!! no not really!) are all photographed and on Twitter. I genuinely think that Lou lives in the same world as I Lady Lainey and hope that he likes it there as much as I do!.

Hurray I Lady Lainey have finally got the limo sorted and hope to take delivery of it on Friday ( fingers crossed) a huge shout out to Ageas insurance who have been absolutely blinking brilliant and get a huge thumbs up from me and I also would recommend to anyone reading in the UK. #topinsurancecompany.

And so I am fair bouncing out of the door this morning as I skip off to super swanky Lady Lainey office and start another day earning pennies for new tiaras.

Big shout out to Carlie Beer super cricket fan just like moi!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

WOOOHOOO Tykes are super

His Royal Ryanness and Jacob Oram ( and someone from THAT other team!!)

Holy flipping moly,I was on the edge of my blinking seat yesterday for the my Tykes first game in the CLT20.  Poor Yorkshire CCC had no WiFi so were frantically typing every Twitter feed into the phone       ( and I Lady Lainey know what that is like when I have tried to do my blog  on my phone!).

After nigh on tearing out my orange curls and spinning round in my chair more times than Linda Blair's head in the Exorcist. At 19.3 overs his Royal Ryanness took Senanayke wicket and I was fair bouncing around the office in my Jimmy Choos ( not easy I can tell you). Finally  at 3.39pm ( UK time) They only went and flipping well won.  I nearly fell off my chair as I was spinning round like a whirling dervish by this point. Had to settle myself down as I started to look green and feel a bit sick!
Jacob Oram ( one of Lady Lainey's besty bowlers in the world) was playing for the opposition so it was a bit of a rum do not supporting him. Also super besty team in the south ( even though they beat my Tykes in the T20 final) Hampshire had the whole Ageas Bowl Staff watching the Tykes playing and they were cheering them on. Great sports and I know The Tykes staff will do the same for them. We are all one big happy cricket family ..........but some are more family that others!.
 And it doesn't stop there because it is all happening again today when my Tykes take on Trinidad and Tobago. Starting 4.30pm UK time, I will be on my way home then so can bounce around Tykes Towers to my hearts content! #coyt

Still on the cricket front the 'FIGJAM' storm refuses to die down ( I blame the media!). Now they report that South Africa are unhappy about ECB allegations that SA players goaded KP into sending his texts. Sorry!!!! Did they make him press the buttons????He is a 32 year old man (???) and knew what he was doing but is now passing the buck. So all I can say to the ECB and KP is grow a pair and 'fess up. And so endeth the KP sermon for this week ( I blinking well hope!, I am sick of all the piffle surrounding him)

Wooooo I was off on a little rant there!! Better reign myself in or Pony Paul may get full force of Lady Lainey wrath when I get into super swanky Lady Lainey office. There are some things that make my blood boil, Former Lord Lainey, KP, Slugs & Frogs, people that don't clean doggy dodo up and semolina pudding (YUKKY), to name but a few.


Another in the infrequent series of on this day in history

10 th October

1892 The entire Hong Kong cricket team die in a shipwreck off Taiwan.

1963 France cedes control of Bizerte naval base in Tunisia

1983 Vusimuzi Sibanda, Zimbabwean cricketer was born

2012  Lady Lainey went off on another KP rant WHOOPS!!!

And don't forget if you are in America and are looking to lose weight check out .

A bientot

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tykes first match

Gillespie the Gallant (Damon Hillesque???)

Wowwweeee I am super bouncy happy clappy stampy excited as I have more Tykes cricket to look forward to, as  today is Yorkshire's first real match in the CLT20, they are playing UVA and it is a 12.30pm start ( UK time). I will be sitting at my desk in super swanky Lady Lainey office, but will be keeping up to date on Twitter so a hearty #COYT and lets get this one under our belts.

Apparently there was some rain in Jo'burg this morning but fingers crossed the sun will shine on the righteous, Yorkshire that is!, more worryingly is the fact that there have been allegations that Umpires have been taking bribes for match fixing. NOT CRICKET !!!!!! STAMP IT OUT!!!!!!

Other sporty(ish) news, over the last weekend Super former besty motor racing driver in the whole world Damon Hill ( as you can guess I Lady Lainey loooooove him), made an emotional tribute to his late father Graham Hill, when he got behind the wheel of his fathers racing car.

The 52-year-old had to fight back his tears as he drove the BRM F1 he had sat in as a child at the team's base in Bourne, in Lincolnshire.
His father not only won two World Championships but also won the Indianapolis 500 and also Le Mans.He also went on to start his own fledgling F1 team before he was tragically killed in a plane crash when Damon was 15.
Damon and his father are still the only father and son to have ever won Formula 1 World Championship titles. And he was a super dooper real gentleman fabby racing driver ( yes even better than Baron Button).

If anyone is interested in helping out a worthwhile cause log onto which is helping to educate children through sport. Its a great opportunity to support a cause that is run by The Cricket Foundation and aims to bring competitive cricket and its social and educational benefits- to state school children across England and Wales, it helps also to break down social and cultural barriers.
 Anyone locally who knows me can purchase a wrist band from me for the princely sum of £1. And if anyone else wants one just let me know, I will do what I can to get one to you.
You all know how much I Lady Lainey love cricket , now I am trying to help children love it as much as I do .............SIMPLES!!!!!

And finally I went to visit my friend  M'Lady Jolanta last night to see her beautiful week old son Amir. he is tiny but sooooo gorgeous and lives up to the translation of his name, 'Prince'. He slept through the whole hour that I was there( obviously didn't want to see his beautiful  new besty Auntie Lady Lainey). 

So now just have to wait for the Twitter feed on the match.

Have a great day.

Damon Hill (Gillespie the Gallantesque????)

Monday, 8 October 2012

Cold and frosty!!!!

Tykes in South Africa

Good morning from a cold and frosty North of Blighty. Autumn is here and I think that winter is trying to make an appearance unlike the lucky boys from Yorkshire who are basking in the sun in South Africa. And it was obviously doing them good as yesterday in their warm up match against Sialkot Stallions.They won by 23 runs. Great start so come on my Tykes and lets get this party started!!!!.
Former besty team in the South Hampshire ( demoted from best team when they beat my Tykes in the T20 final) were beaten in their warm up match.

Sadly over in Japan, Baron Button was not able to climb up onto the podium and get a swig of champagne as he came in 4th, but at least he beat the other fellow!!!.

It was all stations go at Tykes Towers yesterday ( and Chateau Saltburn too) as I continued work in the 'little ladies room' and also painted 4 more railings that surround the front of Tykes Towers. I am really cracking on now and only have about a million left to paint!.

Dame Didi  has been checking out the flights to get us back home to France for Easter next year ( and we haven't even had Christmas yet!) and its looking good, hopefully no globetrotting this time!

I notice this morning that I have a new reader in Brazil! I think that this may be Prince Philip of the Southern hemisphere who is often over in Rio for work, so if it is you Philip, 'Hello!'

And  so another working week dawns for I Lady Lainey and I am putting on my makeup, attempting to put a comb through my orange curls and donning my tiara to head off to super swanky Lady Lainey office.

Have a great day

and if you are in America, don't forget to check out

Sunday, 7 October 2012


Wooohooo  The Blades ( Sheffield United) won against Leyton Orient yesterday and made Lady Lainey jolly happy.  Nick Blackman's fifth goal of the season was enough for the Blades to record a second away win of the week!!. They are at home to Oldham next Saturday so come on boys.

Super news regarding cousin Rt Hon hooligan Robbo who signed a one month deal with Birmingham City at the end of September. They did however lose to Huddersfield yesterday but are gearing themselves up for next Saturday against Leicester. I am hoping that he will still be with the club in the big match against the Mighty Whites ( Leeds United) on 27th October. I will have divided loyalties.
And talking about Leeds, they won at home to Barnsley and are next in action against Sheffield Wednesday on Friday.

However the most important super sporty news today is that Yorkshire play a warm up match today against Sialkot Stallions at  The Wanderers Stadium in  Johannesburg . Andrew Gale will be leading the boys out, so #coyt and lets get this competition rolling.

Not forgetting over in Japan  where baron Button is 4th on the grid, and has 4 penalty points. So come on Jenson get your blinking foot down!.

Now to Tykes Towers, after making a very early start yesterday painting the 'little ladies room' ( more like painting my hair, silly billy), I got the first coat on the walls and then went to have a nap, so the rest will have to be completed either today or during the week. It is sunny and dry here in the North of Blighty today so I may take the opportunity to go out and paint a few more of the wrought iron railings that surround the vast frontage of Tykes Towers ( and I am not joking 28, 4ft sections of railings!!!! any offers????).

So I will be checking out now as have lots of work to do.

A Bientot
See you soon
Bis Bald

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Happy 100th blogday!!!!

100 blogs today!

Oh my giddy aunt if someone had told me back at the beginning of July  that I would write 100 blogs I would have laughed in their faces and here we are in October and that is exactly what I have blinking well gone and done. Zut a 'flipping' lors. I Lady Lainey am for once speechless............however only momentarily!

Its been a bit of a roller coaster run on the blog you have had everything from my love of cricket to my loathing for slugs and frogs. Mad tales of outings to cricket ( and photos of cricketers posteriors!) and  holidays with the Dame and all the other bits of useless piffle that I write down. However I have had only a few comments so would love to hear from any readers, (No Dame Did not you! you tell me on the phone every evening!).

Well today is no exception in the crazy mixed up whirl that is my life,and if you think that you are getting off lightly from the mad world that is Lady Lainey land then you are sadly mistaken.

And  so it begins...........Yorkshire are, I hope getting in lots of training over in South Africa. Gillespie the Gallant was heard to say the if Yorkshire play like he knows they can, they can progress deep into the tournament. And he was looking very 'fetching' in his shades and wide brimmed hat ( not things he has had to wear this summer in the UK!). I Lady Lainey know that Yorkshire can do really well and I am gearing myself up for Tuesday. #COYT

Its Saturday and The Blades ( Sheffield United) are away to Leyton Orient so come on boys and do us proud.

The Mighty Whites ( Leeds United) are home to Barnsley ( so not too far to travel). Leeds
have won 7 games out of 12 so far this season. Here's to another win.

Sunday sees the Japenese Grand prix and here's hoping that Baron Button does exceptionally well in this race. However I know that whatever happens he will keep his sportmanslike demeanor. GO GO GO Jenson.

I am today sporting a very super new hair do, orange curls with white dots, I am sure that it will soon be the bane of all hairdressers in the area as women are banging on the doors demanding this amazing hair design, it is actually  very easy to do at home, just paint the ceiling in your toilet! I am now looking for a shower cap to wear when I paint the bathroom ceiling!

However I think that I have passed on the decorating bug, as Pony Paul from Super swanky Lady Lainey office said that he is decorating the lounge this weekend. Apparently 'stone' and 'mulberry'. he said that his good lady wife had bought all accessories in mulberry colour, including rug, lampshades, curtains, vases and flowers. He said that she had bought some hurricane lamps saying ' I know the house is draughty but its not flipping bad!!!!!' BOYS! they have no idea!!!

And to all readers over in the States, don't forget log on and check it out

And so from the 100th post in the continuing Tales from the Boundary, I hope that you all have a great day where ever you are.

Friday, 5 October 2012

TFI Friday

What have you 'bean' up to now?

Well if I thought that I Lady Lainey have been having a rough time of late, spare a thought for the possible Lord Lainey, Sir Sean of Bean, he  ended  Wednesday  evening with cuts and grazes to his hands and face, and looking a little the worse for wear, having been  spotted by eagle eyed paps,as he left 'Groucho' (where he had spent the evening with a 'young' lady).
This came only days after the local council turned down his planning application for a roof terrace. One neighbour had commented that 'Sean is a regular face around here, in fact sometime you see much more than his face as he is always pacing around in a towel on his balcony' 
WELL some people are never happy!!!! that would brighten my day up considerably! But seriously Sean! for goodness sake pull yourself together and stop getting into scrapes. I Lady Lainey am not impressed by your antics ( like he cares!!!!).

The Tykes were in first day of training in South Africa yesterday at St Stithians School ( initially thought it said St Trinians and had a vision of Gillespie the Gallant and  his Royal Ryanness  in  gym skirts playing Lacrosse . I worry about me sometimes!!!), and according to Twitter, no rain and lads doing good. That's the spirit and exactly what I like to hear. #COYT

Still waiting to hear Mr Loss Adjusters verdict on the Lady Lainey Limo especially as the new limo Tim'll Fix it has lined up is just what I want. However I can't do anything until the insurance give me the thumbs up.

Job the Jolly and I did very little work  yesterday as we were too busy discussing the 're-integration' of KP. I will not bore you with the full 7 hours worth of natter but needless to say the gist of it was ' What the 'donald duck 'is wrong with the ECB'. I do not think that I am the only person in the UK who feels that they should have 'let sleeping dogs lie' ( actually why not put them to sleep permanently! OK that was a bit harsh but you know how I feel about KP). I fear that the ego will take over again and it will be shown that he has learnt nothing from his time in the wilderness. England and poo creek comes to mind!

Also must try to catch cousin Sir Steve of Wilko who is obviously either off on his crusades again or jousting and making merry somewhere in Ye Olde Darlington. (Probably the later). I would like him to do a couple of little jobs for me. ( either he does them or I Lady Lainey am let loose with power tools.!!!!! )

Called in to visit Duchess Debbie the Wise last night at her place of work she was telling me that super Slimming Group in UK, Slimming World are starting an online club in the USA. so any readers over in the States who want to join up can log onto and find out all about how to lose weight the English way. I lost 5lb this week and still had a bottle of Merlot!!!

Well it is flipping well Friday and I am fair bouncing around as  two whole days away from super swanky Lady Lainey office and  two full days at Tykes Towers.  Merlot and DVD's at the ready, I am going to work my little orange curls off painting and decorating, working on my website and then chillax in the evenings. WOOOOHOOOO

I love weekends me!!