Friday, 16 November 2012

And so its Friday

Sir Samuel is a cheeky little sausage!!!

Gosh almighty!!! Well there's another birthday gone for another year!!!  And after 5 terrible years due to various events family and home based, I am now drawing a line underneath it all and today is the first day of new life for I, Lady Lainey.

As you can see I got a fabby new coaster for my desk at super swanky Lady Lainey office from Countess Culshaw and the gorgeous Sir Samuel ( my last hope for a cricketing star). They also sent me lots of other lovely things that Lady Lainey needed, new address book ( for new life  start), super blinking fabby diary for next year and a stunning angora cardigan which is so super soft it's unbelievable. So a super big thank you to them for everything. also to Dame Didi, Count Christophe, and Rt Hon Richard, and to everyone for lovely cards and pressies and messages on Facebook.

A big thank you to his Royal Ryanness who didn't appear with a giant massive bouquet of white flowers but did tweet and retweet. , so he is in the good books and not on the naughty step.
 Also The Duke of Adelaide very cheekily asked how old I Lady Lainey was, well 21 of course!!! You are a very cheeky boy.

Over in India, ( yes my radio goes off at 3.30am with TMS on to gently wake me up) England are struggling to dismiss India, and they are currently 6.39am UK time on 410-4. Swann being the bowler in question yesterday. Not sure what to say really  tough to comment on the England team. I think that they need to get their first innings out of the way and then we can get the feel of how the team look. At the moment they are being totally outplayed by a strong India batting side. One thing I can say being woken up by Geoff Boycott...............................not my idea of fun!!!!

In the  pit lane LH has dismissed comments last weekend by McLarens team boss that he regrets going. Of course he doesn't regret it, Mercedes are giving him 'loadsa money' so why stay !!!!  McLaren will move on well next season and Baron Button will move back up to where he belongs.


Well I can hardly blinking well see out of the windows of Tykes Towers let alone survey the extensive grounds! It is jolly flipping foggy ( or froggy as Little lord Memphis, Countess Christine of Mc Nally's grandson says). The forecast is for it to remain over cast and misty most of the day and temperatures not getting above 9c so my advice for today is. Pull the bally duvet back over your head, go back to sleep and wake up in March when hopefully the weather is a little bit warmer.

And so although I want to crawl back into my bed, listen to TMS and drink gallons of coffee, I must wend my weary way to super swanky Lady Lainey office, BUT it is Friday and let the weekend begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A bientot.

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