Sunday, 25 November 2012

I want to go home

I want to go 'home' where it is warm and sunny!!!

Well its gone from foggy and freezing  to lashing it down and freezing and I for one have no intention of venturing out of the door of Tykes Towers, especially as  I have a 'moat' again at the bottom of the driveway!!. So I will settle down to a plate of scrambled eggs on toast and read the latest instalment from the life of the hideous black witchy haired journo who writes for one of the Sunday papers here. She thinks her life is bad as she has no money ( but still afforded a facelift!!!), has serious body issues ( but never mentions her huge ears!!) and has a dream job and a supposed ageing rock start boy friend. Whoops a slight rant going on there!!! Better get onto more pressing matters...............

So over in India a great day by England with them bowled out for 413 a lead of 86. Cook scored 122 with the One man England team, scoring 186. So I salute him but do not take back the fact that he is inconsistent in his playing which is evident in the score in this innings and the score from the last test. Cook played well, and deserves praise, however this will be overshadowed by people re-boarding the KP bandwagon, sadly FIGJAM will never be more apt than at this moment.

And over in footy not a good day for Lady Laineys Blades as they went down 2-0! However boys, you are playing brilliantly and one lost match does not the season close! so boots on and lets win some more matches.

The Mighty Whites did however shine forth and beat 'palace' 2-1 so well done to the boys and keep it up.

Sadly Birmingham City lost 3-2 , lots of goals and Rt Hon Hooligan was playing but Nigel Cloughs Derby just pulled it off in the 84th minute. At one point 4 goals were scored in 11 minutes, that was a match!!!!

Over in Brazil Baron  Button is 2nd on the grid with the 'other person' being  on pole. Apparently he got a little tearful when taking to the hacks about his leaving of McLaren the team that he had been with since he was 13 ( should have been at school!!). Well a bit of onion up your sleeve works wonders obviously!!!


And now  I am off to have more caffeine

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