Monday, 19 November 2012

Its blowing a gale!!!

It is blowing a flipping gale this morning and I am supposed to go out in it? I chuffing well don't think so!  Oh shoot its Monday and I have to go to super swanky Lady Lainey office... nothing else for it, flatten mad orange afro under a beret and venture forth.

However before I do so lets see what's been happening in India since 4am UK time. Well England were bowled out for 406 before lunch Cook on 176 and Prior on 91 ( lets not forget overly hyped FIGJAM on 2, YES THAT WAS 2!!!!!). India need 77 to win the first test and England coaching side need to take a long hard look at the team. As we all know Bell is not available for the 2nd test, so I wonder who will step into his shoes. Good performances from Cook and Prior and also refreshing to see that good old Tyke Tim Bresnan scored more runs over the two innings than the 'greatest hope England has'!!! 39 runs to 19!!!

Sadly in Tyke footy land the Mighty Whites went down 1-0 against Millwall. not good.

Over in the USA LH won, and was unable to keep his trap shut and soak up the victory in silence. instead spouting out 'I wanted victory more than Vettel'......hmmmmm I Lady Lainey knows what he does want and a swift kick up the backside often does the trick!!! Baron Button flew up to 5th place and although he didn't make the podium he is always a winner in my eyes!.

As for what I Lady Lainey did yesterday.......well I  surfed the net looking for flights to go to see the Northern Lights, which is  hopefully my next big adventure, and then I  wrote my Christmas cards and organised my presents ready to be wrapped and sent of to Pere Noel ready for the big day!! Then I snuggled up on the sofa and spent the afternoon watching DVD's as it was flipping freezing cold.

So now I am wandering around looking like the 'Michelin man' with lots of layers of clothing on. And I am now ready to go off to work. Those boys had better have made my coffee or there will be BIG trouble.

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