Friday, 23 November 2012

I've got that Friday feeling.......

Well it is Friday!!!!

Super massive get well wishes to His Royal Ryanness who has had a 'little ' op but is recovering well. he posted a picture on Twitter yesterday and he was wearing a very fetching stocking ( strictly for DVT prevention!!!!).  Get back on your feet soon and get yourself super fit ready for next season! That's an order from her Ladyship!!!

We were all very  quiet  at work yesterday mainly due to being rushed off our Jimmy Choos (Ok, the boys were not wearing Jimmy Choos!) trying to issue a gazillion drawings for swanky designer Outlet , I was inputting so much info that I chipped my blinking nail varnish!!! What a disaster!! That's the nail varnish not the job! And even worse lady Lainey having to work, when really she is only in the office to look pretty. Things are going rapidly downhill in this office!!!!

Over at Tykes Towers I have finally settled on 4 colours for the kitchen,

1 Ice cream

2 Twine

3 Putty

4 Straw

All these colours are cream so its a tough choice!!!!

I may purchase one of the aforementioned  colours and get some walls painted so that the kitchen can finally be finished! ( well until I get a new one).

Well day 1 at the Test, Panesar is brought in and at this moment 6.26am UK time India are 87-3.  England team have been changed, super Tykes Jonny Bairstow is in, but Tim Bresnan is out ans of course where would the England team be is they had left out KP ( probably doing better!). Lets see what day one brings.

Over in Brazil the drivers will be getting extra protection after problems last season. Baron Button has gone on record a saying that he wants Alonso to win.

Over at Chelsea, Rafa has said that it will be 'easy' working with Abramovich after his previous troubles at Liverpool.Is this comment icarian??????? Mark my words Rafa you ain't seen nothing yet!!! 

Caught up with Duchess Debbie the Wise last night, she is  off to Leeds for a girly weekend, well as long as you aren't removed from Harvey Nicks fourth floor bar like Countess Culshaw and I and put in a taxi back to your hotel. The sad thing was Countess Culshaw was tired it was just her snoring was disturbing everyone else in the bar!!! 

Oh well another day another penny in the tiara fund.

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