Tuesday, 20 November 2012


What other word is there to sum up the performance of the England team. I KNOW that in the second innings Cook and Prior made a good stand but flipping heck after all the furore with Mr Pieterson and the ' England cannot do without him' headlines, I am seriously in danger of flipping my tiara well and truly . As I have said often enough one man is not a team, so do not pin all hopes on one person. His scores were poor and I feel that for the second test bring in the 'Young Guns', hell what have we got to lose!! We have gone down badly in the first test. Even Alistair Cook thinks that they need to look at the selection of players.

I loved these comments on the BBC sport website

7 Minutes ago

KP lovers are the kind of blinkered fools like parents whose kid gets expelled from school but they blame it on everyone else except the kid. You all called for him to be recalled on the basis that he was a 'gamechanger' and 'our best player'. So why are you now saying it's OK for him to fail in this game because all the lesser mortals have failed too? Face it - he isn't as good as you think.

Why do those defending KP always harp on about his 20 hundreds @50?

Surely the only relative stat in this case is no hundreds @9.5? No doubt he'll bang a 150 or so to draw a dead rubber when England are already 3-0 down and once again he'll be the greatest batsman to ever face left-armed spin!

And Broad, Vice captain? Why? Someones trying their best to make him un-droppable!

We would have been better without Pietersen in India - he cannot play left arm spin in Indian conditions. I would include both Morgan (another left hander) and Bairstow at 4/5 and bring in Monty for Patel. Also there is a case for excluding Broad, especially if Finn is fit. Not convinced either about Compton as opener, but suppose he should get another chance.

At least I am not alone in  my opinions.

Over in Sheffield tonight The Blades take on Crewe so a jolly big #COYB!!

I have found a flight to go to see the Northern Lights next year now I just have to convince Dame Didi that we 'need' to go. And also good news that she is now on the mend after her 'fally downy' episode.

The light in my kitchen is on the blink and keeps flashing like a 70's disco ( at least I have the afro to go with it!). It made emptying the dishwasher this morning a real pain and now my eyes are killing me with all the flickering. #electriciansatlunchtime

After being nearly blown off my feet yesterday morning on my way to super swanky Lady Lainey office and then getting soaked to the skin on the way home, today I have decided not to venture out. OK we all know that I have to so, I am wearing my oilskins and hunters today. 

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