Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Thought for the day

Talent is God given, be humble
Fame is man given, be grateful
Conceit is self given, be careful

 Make of that what you will, but I think that you know where I am coming from and where it is aimed! We await the news of the 2nd test team.
 However Botham and Broad having a spat on Twitter???? Man up the pair of you and do it face to face, #bothacoupleofgirls!!!

Getting back to all things in Tykes Towers, dodgy light in the kitchen, dodgy light in the back, and over the garage door, not looking good on the light front! So better call in an electrician, as this does not seem to be a job that I Lady Lainey or Mr funky the Chauffeur can attend to. Luckily Paul the Double glazing man is coming out at the weekend to finally fix my letterbox and also give me a super swanky new door handle and fix up a new fascia over the garage door. goodness me Tykes Towers getting flipping fabby makeover for Xmas ( or at least the arrival of the Sapin de Noel). So last night I got the number of a local electrician and called re the dodgy lights.

I, Lady Lainey  Hello Mr Electrician I wonder if you can give me a quote on my dodgy lights

Mr Electrician   Yes Flower ( Lady Lainey hates being called flower), I can call tomorrow about 10am or about 2pm.

I, Lady Lainey   Sorry that isn't really any good as I will be at work.

Mr Electrician    (laughing like an imbecile), Well your husband has you well trained!!!!!

I Lady Lainey     Sorry?????

Mr Electrician    Your husband, getting you to go out to work, excellent!!!!! Wish I could get my wife to go out to work and then I could stay a home and watch daytime telly ( laughing manically now)

I Lady Lainey   Thank you for the insight into your marital affairs and you will be able to watch daytime telly at 10 am and 2pm tomorrow!!!!!

I end the call!!!

 Firstly if I was more confident with electrics I would do it myself ( I can wire a plug which is more than the former Lord Lainey could do!) Secondly I called a 'Tradesman' and expected some kind of professional response to my request. So back to flashing disco light in the kitchen!

Over in Sheffield The Blades drew 3 apiece and Shaun Miller was once again on the score sheet. Well done those boys!!!!!

So off  to the office and another round of paperwork for the super swanky Designer Outlet build, my life is sooooo exciting.


BREAKING NEWS  10.00AM 21/11/12
Chelsea have sacked the wonderful Roberto Di Matteo #gotyououtofthepoolastseasonroman!!!!!!

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