Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Big Bad Boxng Day

Well Christmas is over for another year and Next sale started at 6am this morning!! Who in their flipping right mind would want to get up to go to a sale at 6am after stuffing their face with Turkey, sprouts, stuffing,Christmas pudding, Bendicks chocolates and eating enough cheese to give you nightmares for the rest of your life ........................errr is that just me????

 Well I have had a lie in ( it is now 8.29am) and I am about to get dressed to wander round to see Countess Christine of Mc Nally and the Royal hounds. ( yep I am bracing my self for being 'loved to death' and getting 'french kissed' by Benji the Border collie). She was a little bit poorly yesterday and still had to soldier on and make the lunch for the family and then she went back to bed.

Santa came to my house and Dame Didi and I opened our pressies and got very excited by everything. I even got a book of sporting commentary gaffs so you will be all hearing some of those over the next few weeks.
His Royal Ryanness tweeted me  Merry Xmas which made my day very much and in Australia The Duke and Duchess of Adelaide are getting super excited about their forthcoming trip to Blighty. Woohoo, what a pair of nutters.......leaving hot weather to come over here to rain, floods, cold, wind! However I know that they will enjoy it when they get here.

I spent the rest of Christmas day laying on the sofa, snoozing and watching utter rubbish on the telly in the end I couldn't take any more of repeats, Eastenders ( too much shouting all the time), 'Come dine with me' ,and 'One born every minute' do you really want to see someone giving birth as you are removing the giblets from the turkey???? so I put my 'South Park' DVD on not very 'Ladylike' language but funny as anything.

Over in cricket land England are enjoying some R & R and gearing up for the next onslaught.

In footy land

The Mighty Whites are in action today against Nottingham Forest

Birmingham take on Barnsley

The Blades take on Scunthorpe.

This is the very same Blades who are TOP OF THE TABLE!!!!! THEY ARE TOP OF LEAGUE ONE!!!!!



'You've got to make a split second decision so quickly' - Geoff Boycott

'Fortunately it was a slow ball, so it wasn't a fast one' - Geoff Boycott

'England have a very English attack ' - Geoff Boycott

And finally, yesterday we sadly said goodbye to Grandma Jean  who has been very poorly and now has gone on to a much better place. RIP Jean x

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