Friday, 21 December 2012

End of the week and end of the world apparently!!!

YIPPEEEE its F(ryan)day!!!!

Whoop de flipping tiara twirling dooooo its Friday and it is the last day at work until next year!!! (Or not if the world ends today).Blinking heck I am spinning around in my chair here at Tykes Towers like a mad spinny thing!! I am so super bouncy excited that I fear the 'boys' are in for a long morning, before they drag me kicking and screaming ( yeah right!) to Pizza Hut for all you can eat buffet.  So as it is the end of the world today too I though WTF, forget the diet and go and stuff yourself.
I said that I  wanted to go back to super swanky Lady Lainey office after lunch and play Twister but the boys were are not too keen!.
Job the Jolly said that after stuffing as much pizza down his cakehole as he could at lunchtime, the only thing he was playing was his CD in the car on the way home!!! And as I want to pack my bag to go and see Countess Culshaw and Sir Samuel I am totally with him on that score.

Over in India The T20's started after lunch  ( UK time) yesterday. Not a good result either, After leaving Root and Bairstow out, the boys put out a team of relatively unknown England player ( and OK I am always harping on about bringing in new blood) Bresnan, Morgan and Patel were in as 'old timers' and sadly runs were not too plentiful Newcomer Hales made 56  leaving England to close on 157. However even with the valiant attempts of Bresnan ( 2-44) England were beaten by 5 wickets. Not a great start I fear. Now though they now have to go away and get the team to 'gel' and get ready for the next match. Oh yes and have Christmas too.

Over in F1 Vettel has been saying he wants the title in 2013 ( yeah well I want to marry Sir Sean of Bean and like that is going to happen!). Well  Jenson, Lewis and all the other drivers on the circuit would like to win the title too so you he will have a challange on his hands

Also read that Grosjean the lean mean crashing machine is staying with Lotus.I think that he should just stay out of everyone's way! #safer

Well its the super last day of work and then its HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and Pere Noel is coming, and I get to lounge around at Tykes Towers reading all the books I have not had time to.

But first I have to get ready for one last journey to the centre of the universe ( well Coniscliffe Road)) and look pretty for a few more hours and then FREEEEDDDOOOOMMMMM.

Hope that you all have a great Friday ( Fryanday).

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