Monday, 24 December 2012

Great times

Can you believe that not only did I not write my blog late yesterday, but I didn't write my blog at all!!!!.

Well it has been a very eventful weekend with sad and happy news.
I got into the Lady Lainey limo on Saturday and set off to go to meet Coutness Culshaw and Sir Samuel were going to be later as they had to go to the hospital to see mummy Culshaw who although still poorly was not quite as poorly as first stated. (big sigh of relief).

We went out to have some dinner at the airport and then came back to the hotel were Sir Samuel was up until 10pm!!!! The Countess and I were awake until after midnight too!!!

Yesterday we got up played hide and seek ( in a hotel room?????) very funny, especially as we were limited with hiding spaces and how do you hide 6ft 3in of Lady Lainey???.

Then off we went to the garden centre has some lunch and went home in different directions, both sad as we had, had such a good time!!!.

Over in India England won the 2nd T20  and look good going to the next one,.KP has not been names in the upcoming ODI and T20 clashes with New Zealand. The selectors say this is to manage the work load of players better.

Football news ( but you will all know this already)
Birmingham drew with Burnley

Leeds beat Middlesbrough

And The Blades won against Crawley !!!

wow what a weekend

So now off to call Tzarina Katerina and wish her Happy Birthday and also to go shopping with Dame Didi!!!

Merry Christmas Eve

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