Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Lady Lainey skates on

I have just looked out of the window and I know that I am going to look like Jayne Torvill trying to get the car out of the garage, everywhere is white and sparkly and although it looks pretty it is going to be pretty hard to walk on. As I found out last night, falling on my rear end on the drive. So caution is the word of the morning.

Well I think that I jinxed Arsenal who lost to Bradford and  were knocked out of the Capitol One cup. Hurry up Thierry your team need you!!
Also better news for Job the Jolly as Sunderland move out of the relegation zone. Now that will be a very Jolly Jobbers

Over in India Broad has been sent for a scan on his heel, is this not a couple of weeks overdue???!!!! Send him home and bring in the Tykes! He is due to captain the team for the T20 and in my eyes he should never have been included in the team as his form was already 'off'. Expensive mistake and a fit player missed out on an England place. #justsaying

The 4th test starts tomorrow and as of yet no team has been announced, but if Bell is in.......................well I will be jolly flipping cross and my have a tiara throwing tantrum.

Mr Funky the Chauffeur went off to Chester Le Street yesterday and signed us up as Durham members for another 5 years..........yes 5 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now as avid readers will now I am actually a Tyke and was about to abandon Durham after being onside since they became a 1st class county ( debatable!). I do not think that keeping the same coach for 20 years and most of the ex players/back room staff is best for the team. Also some of the players need to be given the boot, but now as I am paid up for 5 more years I do not feel so bad about airing my views. Stay tuned.

I have been reading a fab and funny book by Les Scott ( from Sunderland) called 'Bats, Balls and Bails' and OMG I was laughing out loud. ( odd when you live alone!).
A couple of quotes from the book to finish today.
Les Scott's explanation of cricket terms.

AVERAGE - quality of most County players

ALL ROUNDER-  someone of similar girth as Mike Gatting or if you support Durham, Ian Blackwell ( my addition)

OVER RATE - what the British press will do to any young British player who performs well on International d├ębut.

More soon.

have a great day.

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