Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lady Lainey's world domination continues

I am totally flipping astounded by the fact that since starting this blog in July I have been read in so many countries,including,UK,USA ,Russia,Australia,France,Germany,China,India,Sweden,Finalnd,Poland,Argentina, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Phillippines, Vietnam, South Africa, Qatar and Saltburn by the Sea ( centre of the universe!)

Flipping heck, I am amazed by the amount of interest in the life of Lady Lainey ( which has been a bit tame over the last couple of months) so I think that now that Xmas is here, I will be letting my hair down ( oh ha de flipping haa, like I can after Sweeny Todd the demon barber of Coniscliffe Road hacked off my curls) and 'Moving like Jagger' a bit more.

Had an interesting message from 'Banrupt millionaire' who flitted into the life of Lady Lainey before I started blogging. He is back working and trying to rebuild his depleted finances so jolly well done to you and I hope that it all works out for you, you deserve a break after a particularly bad 2012.

I called in to see 'Tim'll Fix it last night too and got 'loved to death' by the Royal hounds Leo, Bella and Benji ( Sheba was at home having a break from the others!). Actually I got a fat lip from Leo who got so excited when he saw me that he head butted me!! Wouldn't be so bad but he is the same height as me when on his hind legs #flippingbigdoberman.  Kept my mouth shut around Benji who is renowned now for his 'french kissing'!!!!

Dame Didi came over to stay so that she can deal with the 'gas chap' who is coming today to have a look at the boiler and to check that everything is safe to keep I, Lady Lainey snug and warm for the remainder of the winter. We had a 'girlie' night in watching a weepy DVD ...........................The Final flight of Condcorde, well we liked it!!!

Over in India , England bowled India out for 316, Finn took a wicket with Panesar and Anderson sharing the rest.No centuries from India but good consistent batting. England are currently  (6.26am UK time)  27-0. Cook was dropped on 17, lets see what difference that makes!.

Footy news

Over at Stanford Bridge I fear that Rafa may not even get a pressie from 'Father Abramovich' at this rate, although Chelsea won 6-1 against Nordsjaelland, they have become the first cup holders to fail to advance the groups stages of the Champions League. I fear that Mr Benitez house is built on sand and could topple at any moment.#robertowastheman


And so snow hit us again last night and caused the Dame to have a harrowing journey across the A66, I was on the A167 and didn't fair much better. Today begins cold and icy and will be followed by rain.with temperatures bearly scraping 1c. Oh well another day at super swanky Lady Lainey office looking like the Michelin man ( and that's after I have taken all my layers off!!!)

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