Saturday, 15 December 2012

Normalish weather resumes

Well Tykes Towers is looking better this morning due to no excessive frost or snow and no rain( at the moment). I, Lady lainey drove home last night in a torrential downpour and ended up having words with a very silly man who

1. Didn't know how to drive
2. Didn't  know the road layout
3. Gave Lady Lainey 'a look'

So I had a little chat with him and put him straight and then got back into the Lady Lainey limo soaking wet!!!!

The sky here is clear and I am hoping that it stays that way, as I have to go down the A1 to pick up Tzarina Katerina when she gets back from her cruise. She actually is back and in Southampton at the moment, but mug-gins here has to go and pick her up and deliver her to her 'village'. ( make sure I get out of there before it is really dark!!!)

OK and now on to news from India

England made 330 in their first innings with the main run scorers being JOE ROOT (73) and KP ( 73). For  Joe that was an amazing d├ębut knock and well done to you. I watched him being interviewed and loved the 'no nonsense' tone. Long may it be like that and none of the arrogant, self promoting types that we have seen of late.

India are currently (8.14 am UK time...............yes I have had a lie in as I feel really unwell thanks to Pony Paul and his germs) 208-4. Bresnan is not bowling well!!

There is still big excitement here in Tykes Towers and also at Chateau Saltburn regarding Yorkshire opening Le Tour de France. Dame Didi has already booked the 5th July 2014 off work  and last night said she is ready to wave her Vendee flag. Flipping heck Dame Didi you sure is super keen.

Well I am walking down to town to have a look around ( 5 mins top!) and then coming back to do some work.

Have a great day

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