Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sub zero here ( well it feels like it!)

Happy chappy

I crawled out from under my duvet this morning and peeped out of the window, oh yes frosty and white outside and believe me it felt frosty indoors, so I put the central heating on and snuggled down for 40 more winks......hence this blog being posted late ( yes it 8.24am UK time) what a lazy daisy I am, actually  the cold combined with not feeling 100% all go to making me want to go back to bed.

Well lets get to yesterday, I did go to town and then came home and decided to paint one wall in the kitchen to see what the colour was like ( well anything other than acid yellow is an improvement). Well by the time I had blinked I had painted the whole bally kitchen and the electrician was on the phone to come and quote me for a couple of jobs ( my previous experience with an electrician was documented a couple of weeks ago 'Thought for the day') However this electrician was recommended by M'Lady Margaret and Baron Bill. So he popped in saw what needed doing and will get back to me.
I then went to price up beds for Dame Didi at local bed shop and she will have a look on Thursday.

AND then it was time for the big switch on , this took place at 6.00pm and was followed by I Lady Lainey lying on the sofa, eating olives, humous and french bread dunked in harissa and olive oil, drinking a glass of wine and watching 'Moonstruck' ( super fave film with Cher and Nicolas Cage). I then  tried to ring the Dame and then fell asleep. Dame Didi phoned me after 9pm and woke me up so I toddled off up to bed. #exhausted.

Just a quick well done to all the 'boys' who grew moustaches for Movember. His Royal Ryanness took to Twitter with a super pic of his 'tache'.

Footy news from yesterday The Mighty Whites beat Huddersfield 4-2 . It was an action packed local derby with a brace from Luciano Becchio pushing the boys to victory. Well done to you all!!

In the FA cup clash The Blade came through beating Port Vale 2-1 and once again it was the amazing Shaun Miller who came through with a brace in injury time to send the Blades through to the next round. Whoop de flipping tiara twirling dooo. I think me and Sir Sean of Bean and half of Sheffield are jolly happy with that result.

Good reporting from the BBC in India saying the super Tyke Joe Root is hoping to be selected for upcoming test. Well Joe, I Lady Lainey am behind that!, lets get all three Tyke boys in and show them real cricket.

Also F1 news is that video footage has finally put to bed any idea that Vettel overtaking was an illegal move.

So I have just received a text form Mr Funky the Chauffeur to say that he is picking me up at 10.30am to go to Darlo. I just want to stay in bed!!

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