Sunday, 27 January 2013

and I open the curtains to.....

this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Nearly all the snow has gone. After having struggled to Lady Laineyville in over 4 in ( and 7+ where it had drifted) of snow yesterday, I was dreading what was on the other side of the curtains this morning. I wish  that I had taken a picture with my Box Brownie yesterday so that you could compare. It looks like it will not be 'shovels at dawn' tomorrow as long as it doesn't freeze and the drive turn into an ice rink!.

Before I carry on I have to say a super brave boy well done to The Blades who sadly got knocked out of the FA Cup. They  were taking on the Premiership side Reading who scored twice before half time. The Blades created several chances but just could  not get it past Adam Federici. Nick Blackman was soooo very close. However well played the Blades we are all proud of you. #nextyear

Today sees The Mighty Whites taking on Tottenham fingers crossed that these Tykes get through.

over in the crazy world of cricket news is coming through on the Laineyline that Graham Gooch is giving up as batting coach for the one day side to concentrate more on Tests. Wish the players would do the same!.

And in the final ODI in India, the scores at the moment are India 226 with England in at the moment and on 30 for no loss after 7 overs.

One of Lady Lainey's all time heroines is the late Princess Grace of Monaco  She always was impeccably turned out ( and  she wore tiaras!) and conducted herself with the dignity necessary of her position. I am hating now reading that with the release of a film featuring pasty faced, stick thin ( which Princess Grace never was) Nicole Kidman, they are bandying hideous things about her life in Monaco. This happened to the much loved Princess of Wales and both died tragically and before their time. No one knows what went on in their lives and although many have speculated the truth thankfully went with them to the grave.........OK rant over.

Well it was super busy day at 'The Towers' yesterday, with I, Lady Lainey making home made sausage rolls, 3 jars of lime pickle and  a fabulous pizza for dinner ( Saturday takeaway(ish ) night). As well as doing all the horrid things like, HOUSEWORK ( yukky horrid swear word!!!!)

Today I have already made a batch of butternut squash, carrot and cauliflower soup, and later may make danish pastries again!

So with that I think that I had better get dressed ( yep I am still in my dressing gown!) and get a wriggle on

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