Sunday, 13 January 2013

Busy, busy, busy!!!

The reading pile is getting bigger !!!!

Well I Lady Lainey have been up since the flipping crack of dawn, why you may ask? Well I am once again putting treasures on eBay to try to fill the ever emptying coffers at Tykes Towers. Holy flipping mackerel I think that I may have to sell the monster children nephews soon, actually scrap that Dame Didi says that they are 'better to keep a week than a fortnight', and so they may be returned pretty quick sharp.

I also swapped over my handbag yesterday which was going well until my nose started to run when I was in town and as the new handbag was considerably smaller I had not put a pack of tissues in. Had I not been a lady I would have had to use my sleeve.....................however I bought a small pack which squashed into the  aforementioned (tiny)bag.

I once triggered the seat belt alarm in Tzarina Katerina car when I had to borrow it. I was convinced that I had broken the flipping car and in a panic got Job the Jolly to have a look at it. Nothing happened. I got in went to drive away and the seat belt alarm starting beeping. Job the Jolly realised that I had thrown my handbag on the passenger seat and told me that I obviously ' had the weight of a small adult in that flipping bag' ( or words to that effect)

Football round up. ( and its not good)

The Mighty Whites went down 2-1 at Barnsley and I bet that was longest drive home!

Birmingham drew 1-1 at Huddersfield, it was not a great match with 7 yellow cards being 'presented'and yes you've guessed it Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo got one!! Obviously didn't do what ever he was doing as discreetly as he thought.

Over at Bramall Lane  The Blades did not fair any better going down 0-2 to Yeovil. Both goals came in the second half. Danny Wilson later said that the team were a shadow of their former selves. Sadly this is true and they are now 4th in the league. Sadly the loss of Shaun miller for the season does look to be taking its toll. Come on you Blades!!!

Over in the crazy world of cricket, super Tyke Joe Root has been talking about his desire to become an England all rounder, aside from the fact that his growing influence is helping England to flourish in India with his unflappable temperament and his ability with both bat and ball. Joe is a great player and I ,Lady Lainey hope that he is given every chance to play for his Country.
 Joe is also going to captain the England Lions team when they tour Australia.He is  a great example of how hard work pays off ( something a lot of young people should realise).  He is also a super fabby asset to super besty home county of Yorkshire too.

The weather here in the North of Blighty is supposed to be changing very shortly , so after basking in positively tropical temperatures of 5-6c we are now facing SNOW!!!!!! so out with the Hunters and make sure that you have a shovel, blanket, Thermos in the car in case you breakdown. well either that or  justdon't go out ( hence the reading book pile getting bigger!!!)

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