Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Chateau Saltburn

Saltburn by the Sea

Well I was at Chateau Saltburn last night to stay over with Dame Didi, we managed to polish off a bottle of fizz to mark the occasion ( and we ate 'Fat Fighters' meals which kind of defeats the object). And it was the birthday of Yorkshire County Cricket Club!!! ( any flipping excuse)

I had also popped round to see m'lady Margaret last night to wish her and Baron Bill  Happy New Year. And I will hopefully see Baron and Baroness Burphy ( neighbours of Dame Didi) to do the same.

Yesterday I also went to take some flowers for Her Serene Highness as it was 2 years  since she went off to be with His Royal Gorgeousness. I nipped out at lunchtime and was back in super swanky Lady Lainey office before the boys had a chance to miss me. ( ' we noticed it had gone quiet' Job the Jolly)

However today we have the sad occasion of saying goodbye to Grandma Jean, who sadly passed away on Christmas Day. It will be a sad day for the monster children nephews, but we all know that she has gone on to a better place.

Yeaterday I took a swipe at Mr Shane Hurley  Warne, well I wasn't the only one, as he was fined for driving at 100mph near Gretna ( didn't fancy jumping the anvil then?) and got 5 points on his license. Well he was very lucky as Joe Public would have lost theirs!!!!

Over in India, England were taking on Delhi and scored 294-5 in 50 overs Bell got another century and Root got 10!! Never mind Joe, you got to play. Delhi won scoring 295-4 in 48.3 overs.

After taking a look yesterday at what kind of person I am, I also decided to make a list of things that I would like to see or do before I am no longer here. Concorde was my one big wish and although  it didn't fly, it was amazing to go to see it and also spend time onboard. Especially being the Captain!

So what do I want to do?

1. See the Northern Lights

2 Visit the Faroe Islands and the Frisian Islands

3 Visit Pantellaria

4 Have a mad night in Sousse on boukha L'oasis, eating Harissa, bread and olives and going to La Grotte

5Get my house in Champagne /Ardennes

6 Just be happy!

7 Lots and lots of cricket especially besty home county of Yorkshire

I imagine that this list will grow as I continue to think about things that I would like to do.
Also if I work hard I should be able to achieve these, at some point. And as for being happy, I must try to always be happy! I also think that I will be doing lots more travelling  once I am ensconced in France, when  the world will be my huitre!

Bon Journee

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