Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Flipping freezing still

Which ones today? Yep the green ones I think!

Well I the lovely Lady Lainey am really struggling with the cold and snow, as you know the stork lost his bearings and dropped me off in the wrong country and I should be basking in sunshine, watching cricket, drinking spiced rum punch and generally being tanned and above all WARM!!!!

Instead I spend way too much time in super swanky (flipping freezing) Lady Lainey office with my nose running like a tap, listening to 'the boys' moaning about all things 'draughtsmany'.  Then I drive home through blizzards, to Tykes Towers and wrap up on the sofa with 'blanky' dreaming of the cricket season ( yes Ok it will still be flipping freezing but at least it would break the monotony of work).

Sad news now.....................The doors of Platinum Duck Palace, hub of cricket tea empire, are going to remain firmly closed this season. After (not so)lengthy discussion with cousin Rt Hon Robbo Jnr (El Presidenti) I have stepped down as tea lady extraordinaire for super Shildon cricket club ( for this season anyway).  Mr Funky the Chauffeur commented on this, saying ' no blinking excuse to miss any proper cricket matches now, or to forget to bring food!' how  very flipping dare he, when he often misses games due to going off to hit a ball around with a stick and then hike 9 miles over grass and sand ( and sometimes wade through water). BOYS!!! as I often said  they are one of the many things that I do not understand.

Crickety news now.... over in India, England were playing the 2nd ODI. Joe Root was on the team and scored 36, Pieterson scored 42. Bell scored 1, his mouth has remained firmly shut for once as normally it goes faster than his legs!. The team crumbled to a 127 run defeat! Cook is reported to have said that England were 'outskilled'. #understatement

Over in Scotland they are ringing the changes in all sports, and yesterday named former Mighty White, Gordon Strachan as their new football manager. 'Go Gordon'.

Talking Mighty Whites, they took Birmingham out of the FA Cup last night. 2 yellow cards per team showing not a good clean match . But luckily cousin Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo must have been reading my thoughts on his recent antics as he jolly well got through the match with a clean sheet. Well done that boy.

Also a very big shout out to His Royal Ryanness who celebrated his birthday yesterday. I tweeted him birthday wishes and he very kindly tweeted back ' thanks very much'. Apart from making my day, I see he was brought up just like I, Lady Lainey and Dame Didi.

Well as we had over another inch of snow last night I am on chuffing garage digging out duties and believe me that is the last thing that I want to do, so off to get organised ( which means put on 50 layers of clothing) and head off down the A167 to the metropolis of Darlo.

Hope you have a great day.

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