Friday, 11 January 2013

Flipping F(ryan)day again

Pensive Ryan

Yip di flipping dip it is F(ryan)day again and I am super dooper excited because:-

a) It is nearly the weekend

b) I can have two lie ins after today

c) I can post a picture ( or two)of his Royal Ryannness.

Well yesterday I had a chat with Rt Hon Robbo Jnr ( El PResidenti ) and we were discussing the doors of Platinum Duck Palace home of the cricket tea empire,reopening. However I am now beginning to wonder if they are actually going to open this season and by this time next week I think that I may be keeping them firmly locked. This however will free up all my summer for lots of cricket, 'glamping', orange afro taming, and all the other fab things that I Lady Lainey have put on hold for the past few seasons...............this is starting to look much more appealing than making sarnies, cooking sausage rolls and buttering scones and swanning around in a frilly apron. Well lets wait and see.

Over in India in the 3rd ODI Joe Root has been selected to make his ODI d├ębut and will bat at 4. England won the toss and elected to bat first. Play has just started (6.52am UK time) and the score is 25-0. Cook and Bell are opening.

This weekend  the footy fixtures are back to normal,

The Blades are taking on Yeovil

The Mighty Whites are away to Barnsley
Brum are over in Huddersfield

Good luck to you all.

Sooooooooooooo you must all be wondering what I, Lady Lainey have planned for the weekend, well I am going to have a glass of lemonade after work with Black knight of the Ferrari and then I am coming home to the more mundane things like, washing and housework.

Tomorrow I think that I will make some investigations into getting gravel for part of the extensive grounds of Tykes Towers and may even have some of the Deer Park laid to gravel which will make life a lot easier for Mr Funky the Chauffeur when he has to mow the lawns etc ( what a kind and thoughtful friend I am to him). I also would like to have a look at some paint colour charts and make some decisions re colours etc, and finally I will make sure that I have lots of naps!
Well off to super swanky Lady Lainey office to shout at the boys, drink gallons of coffee and to finish the working week. Can you really believe it is the 11th January already????????

Smiley Ryan!

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