Saturday, 12 January 2013

Lady Lainey tidies up

Yesterday lunchtime I decided to tidy my handbag as it appeared to be bursting at the seams with Lady Laineys treasures. Holy flipping mackerel!!!! what the donald duck have I been lugging around. Contents included

6 emery board
5 pens
large makeup bag which contained 7 lipsticks!!! ( because I change my colour all the time!), 4 eyeshadow sets ( same as before) and a mixture of blushers, clear lip gloss, eye pencils, brushes,2 mirrors!
Manicure set
Passport ( because I often 'pop' over to Monte Carlo after work on a whim!)
Diary ( now that is important, all cricket fixtures)
Hand cream
Hand sanitiser
3 packs of tissues
2 combs ( because I often comb my birdsnest! NOT)
Hairband, and slide ( like I can tie my hair up after being shorn by Sweeney Todd demon barber of Coniscliffe Road!!)
Pack of cold and flu capsules
Pack of paracetamol
MP3 player
Letter & 2 cards
Cheques books
Keys ( home, work, Dame Didi's, garage)
Little dog soft toy
Various bank and store reward cards
Blood donor card
3 million postal & shop receipt's!!!
Champagne cork (WTF???)

How on earth am I still walking! I am surprised that I haven't slipped a disc in my back or worse! I cannot believe how much 'stuff' I think that I need to carry around with me every day. So my first job this morning is to clean the handbag out and possibly downsize to a smaller bag!

I am going to walk to town  to drop off some things at the local charity shop,then pick up more 'Fatfighters' meals for the 'boys' to have for lunch next week at work. And also do some food shopping for me  before heading back to the 'Towers' to continue with the mundane jobs and then nap time( yipppeee!! I love nap time). I may even knit another cricket jumper tea cosy!

Over in India yesterday England appeared to be in a strong position after their 50 overs 325-4. India came in to bat and played very well, however they lost by 9 runs. Good old Tyke Tim Bresnan took 2 wickets too so that was a result. Samit Patel once again showed that he can bat scoring 44 ( same as KP).

Well got to run and swap handbags over ready for going to the town.

Have a super Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Hey LL, thats not a handbag it must be your 10kg of hand baggage! No wonder you cannot travel light. Are you sure you put your handbag down when you get on the scales at fatclub?