Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Memory Lainey

You may be wondering what this picture is of , well this is where Lady Lainey and Dame Didi lived when they were little ladies ( Yes and OK Tzarina Katerina lived there too). Truly wonderful but it would be a blighter to heat today! And as for mowing the extensive grounds and the Deer Park...............'MR FUNKY WHERE ARE YOU'.

However now that everything is (finally) settled with Tykes Towers I can really turn my hand to getting some work done. So why the memory Lainey title I hear you saying. Well I was thinking about when we lived at the above abode, The Rt Hon Robbo's were all playing cricket at Super Shildon BR ( and look at them now one is El Presidento). Dame Didi was at school and I was a chubby legged beautiful little Lady Lainey.
Geoff Boycott was into his playing career at Yorkshire and  besty cricket coach in the whole blinking world Harry Latchman was playing at Middlesex.

Fast forward 21 years ('hahahahahaha 'Job the Jolly!) and I now live in  Co Durham, have a 5year Durham County Cricket club membership and try to see Yorkshire play as much as possible. Tykes Towers has extensive grounds but luckily not as extensive as first home. Lots of water under the bridge.

So back to the present and Ashley Giles has been saying that he is a tad nervous about his new role, but flew out to New Zealand anyway. I am not surprised he is nervous, you can never be sure what the shower of a team are going to do next ( win would be a start!).

Mr Estee Lauder Shane Warne has made an attack on the Australian Cricket Authorities calling them 'Muppets'. And also commenting on their 'rubbish ' decisions. Well Shane, Kermit, Fozzie and Miss Piggy think you are a sore loser and need to keep your trap shut, you sound like a petulant child. You were in the wrong, take it like a man..............................and get Liz to stick up for you!

Finally in UK last night on BBC3 there was a great documentary on HRH Prince Henry of Wales ( Harry to everyone). It was a great insight into the life of a man who is building his own role within the British Army. He is funny, intelligent and above all dedicated to his role in the Army. When the media try to take him down by hounding his every step he tries to take it on the chin.Give him a break and give him some space.
He is a man with two jobs ( rare in most men) and as he stated he is lucky to even have a job!

Well off to make those 'boys' do their jobs now.

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Anonymous said...

Where on earth did you find this picture. I really don't remember that lake/pond except one that was hidden in a little copse. Great to see it anyway.