Thursday, 10 January 2013

Moving on

Well after an emotional couple of days for the family, it is now time to move onto something close to normality ( although in Lady Lainey Lala Land goodness only knows what normality is!). I  had a little trip to FatFighters to see if all the abstaining from chocolate was working, and flipping heck it jolly well is and I lost 2lb!! Well I am over the blinking moon and now I am on to losing the next 2lb!

So what is in store for me now, well after my comment to the Dame about the Angel in church yesterday I fear that hell is the only place for me, ( or being reincarnated as a Lego fireman without my ladder...........yes I know that 99.9% of you will not understand any of that, but Dame Didi does!). For me today though it is back to super swanky Lady Lainey office and shouting at my ever present boys.

Well in cricket land the name KP always sends I, Lady Lainey into a tailspin!, so after all his bad behaviour in 2012  he has been rewarded with a full central contract to replace the 4 month one that he was given earlier. Now that he has been fully 'integrated' into the team  ( which according to a down market red top tabloid, meant having his shirt signed by all the players after England won the test series in India), he is very soon to leave the England boys to go onto something that he loves more than his country and is way more rewarding.......IPL.

'Silk purse' Shane has also been defending himself, not in his driving ban but in his BBL antics, he said, 'Sunday was emotion and passion, sometimes we like to see that in sport, we are not robots, but I over stepped the mark and I apologise for my behaviour'. Now I, Lady Lainey read this as Elizabeth Hurley has hauled him over the coals and made him apologise in case it affects her career ( as in the case of former squeeze and lady of the night!). Maybe I am just too much of a cynic!!

Also it appears that there is major reshuffling at Glamorgan, not team wise but with the coaching and management staff. Why oh why is this not happening at Durham,??????

Over in cycling I sort of had a tiny inkling that it wouldn't be long before Lance Armstrong reared his head again. And this time he is going to talk about his side of the stories about him. And strangely he has chosen to do this on Oprah Winfrey! Well at least it will be stage managed and he will just be able to say it his way without some hard nosed hack bearing down on him. Whoops cynical again!!!

Well I have got to run and get into the Lady Lainey limo and after being chauffeured around in the Dame Didi Daimler yesterday, I really do not want to face the throng of irate motorist speedy up the A167 toward the central Darlo.

Have a great day where ever you are.

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