Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Snow joke!!!

SNOW !!!

Well nobody in this region escaped snow ( not even The Angel of the North!).  This morning we are knee deep in it ( OK I exaggerate slightly) but it is going to take a while to get Lady limo out of the garage.
 Holy flipping frostbite I was so jolly cold in super swanky Lady Lainey office yesterday,that I had my coat on all day! And that was on top of my thermals, 2 T shirts and an arran jumper!! Lady Lainey only likes sunshine and warmth!!! OK and the chance of getting that in the icy wastes of the North of Blighty are jolly blinking slim!

Besty news of the day is that it is the birthday of His Royal Ryanness!! I Lady Lainey hope that you have a great day and do not drink too much!! ( Yeah rich coming from the 'Queen of Champers!). Keep up the training( thats cricket not drinking!). Happy Birthday Ryan
The Blades were out training in the snow yesterday ( now that is keen) and  I can tell you the only way that you would have got I Lady Lainey  running about in it would have been to have dangled a bottle of champers over my head. I would have trained flipping hard then. Holy moly one of the boys has shorts on!!!!
Blades training ( yes it really is them Didi!)
Apart from driving to work yesterday in snow and freezing fog, I then had to drive home in drifts of snow with complete Donald ducking 'eedjits' who continued racing around as if it was a lovely sunny day! Flipping heck, do they have no concern for their own lives?  I know they have no concern for other peoples!.......OK rant over.
Gosh I was about to get my tiara in a twist there, so I will move swiftly on to some super blinking blinding news. I was chatting ( via email) with Harry Latchman, yes THE Harry Latchman, former Notts and Middx player, and also former coach of I, Lady Lainey. Well he is in sunny climes being 'Grandpa' and having a jolly fabby time, however he was telling me that he is coming back to UK at the end of the month.Hopefully we can all meet up. He is however looking to do a spot of coaching, so if any of you out there are looking for a great coach in the run up to the season then let me know and I will pass on info. After all if H could get me to bowl, well............................................

More goings on  in the crazy world of cricket , it is being whispered that Ottis Gibson is interested in the opening at Warwickshire for Director of Cricket. This became vacant when Ashley Giles moved over to the England team. Ottis was a great player and when at former besty home team of Durham, he is remembered for taking out Hampshire single handedly 10-47 were his  figures. That has never been repeated at the said county!

Scotland are also upping their numbers for the upcoming season. They are even drafting in Tyke Iain Wardlaw! Others who will be joining the kilt wearing crew ( only joking of course they don't play cricket in kilts, although that might be a way to get more woman to watch!!!) include Rob Taylor, Matthew Machan, David Murphy and All rounder Neil Carter.
I am looking forward to the Scotland match at the Riverside ( Emirates Durham ICG to give it, its sponsored title) with Mr Funky the Chauffeur. He tends to shout for Scotland as he is part Scot himself. Normally this is at the beginning of the season and we sit freezing our 'wotsits' off, however this year it is on June 16th. Knowing the weather here we will still be freezing them off then!

Dame Didi left me two very encouraging comments yesterday to go with the great event that was my 200th blog. It brightens my day to know that my most avid reader approves. I am worried that she will start writing her own!( The adventures of the Organ Grinder and the Monkey??)

Lastly whispers filtering through that Lance Armstrong has  admitted to doping in his Oprah Winfrey 'interview' ( no doubt she was patting his arm throughout and saying 'there there' as he broke down in tears! OK CYNIC!!). Methinks the dosh was just the thing to bring out the truth #allegedly

And so I now am donning the snow wear  and about to  fall on my arse  venture outside the door.

Durham Cathedral

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Anonymous said...

Hi LL, just got out of the bath and read your blog. Gosh I was frozen to my seat seeing those Blades boys training in the snow. Almost spilled my tea too reading Scots men playing cricket in KILTS! That would be a sight to behold. Think I would be shouting " See you Jimmy!".

Love the pics.