Saturday, 5 January 2013

Time for a lie in I think

Well its Saturday and I have had a bit of a super flipping dooper  lie in, to gear myself up for having to do the various household tasks ( I still do not have any 'staff') that are needed to keep LT Towers II up to pristine condition.

Now let me apologise for being a flipping twit regarding the footy for today

The Blades are in FA cup action against Oxford today not playing Yeovil ( that's next week) so #coyb

The Mighty Whites are only playing Birmingham too!!!! ( FA cup )

I must have been drunk or stupid yesterday morning, I would figure the latter!!!

I watched his Royal Ryanness on Question of Sport last night and have to say I was very impressed, ( how on earth does he get his curls to stay so tidy, not wild afro like mine). I am now so super excited about the start of the cricket season that I am ticking  off the days on the my super smart  '365 hats' calendar. I really really cannot wait. I also have to get things organised  for the reopening of 'Platinum Duck Palace' hub of the cricket tea empire, and believe me it won't be long before I am in a whirl of tea making again.

I am going to look for somewhere for Mr Funky and I to stay when we go to the Scarbella Festival in August too, when we got to see super besty home county of Yorkshire..............OMG I am turning into  his PA !!! There is something amiss here me thinks!! Flipping heck. And it looks like we may be going camping or in my case 'glamping'!!!.

Yesterday was quiet in super swanky Lady Laney office as Job the Jolly was not very well and Pony Paul and I were totally wiped out with having to work for 2 days. As for Dan Dan Cowboy draughtsman, he is living it up in temperatures of 34c at home in Thailand. And he keeps emailing just to rub it in.
Sir Robert of Solihull gave us a call to,

1. Wish us a Happy New Year
2. Let us know that he is still not coming back to work for us
3. Fill me in on all the gossip that I have missed out on ( and you know how a Lady loves her gossip)


Well today is damp, here in the North of Blighty but there doesn't look as if there will be any rain. I will not however be planting out my 'Lily if the Valley' as the forecast is for frost overnight tonight.
I am hoping that I can get some of the Lady Lainey pile of washing done and hung out on super swirly washing line.

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