Saturday, 19 January 2013

We got more snow!

PH and the Snowmen ( & Rudolph) sounds like a boy band!

Well the snow did materialise as we had been warned by every form of media on the planet. However not in the amounts that had been frequently blabbed about. So the fact that I had been making lashings of Corned Beef Hash, Braised steak, and Coq au Vin to put in the freezer so that when I was snowed in Tykes Towers I could conserve my energy by just putting the grub in the microwave to heat up was wasted really as I can still ( fall) out of the door. Although the weather is still poo ( real meteorological term!), and I am still in my Hunters, I now am looking forward to the heady days of Jimmy Choo's and matching handbags, rather than wellies and carrier bags!.

Well what a week it's been here, with the Tesco/ Aldi/ (my) lidl (pony) scandal and the hype regarding 'worse blizzard conditions this millennium ( yep and we are only 13 years into it),Lance Armstrong and his drug taking ( performance enhancing type only) and of course His Royal Ryanness's birthday. I wonder what next week will hold, maybe Tesco/Aldi and Lidl will have beef in there beefburgers? Only joking. Yes seriously only joking!!

I am now preparing to walk to Lady Laineyville to do some shopping for the 'boys', yes even in snow and ice, I , Lady Lainey  venture forth  and shop for the office boys so that they will have their daily intake of 'fat fighters' lunches. What a flipping heroine I am.

Well it is obviously a flipping lot hotter in India than here, however in  the ODI it is not looking too hot for the England boys. Top 3 batsmen out for 59. Oh deary. Super Tyke Joe Root is batting at the mo and is on 6.

In football today

Birmingham are at Brighton ( not looking promising)
The Mighty Whites are home to Bristol City

The Blades are away to Notts County.

Around the leagues there are a lot of matches postponed so hopefully all of the above will get a kick about.

I am keeping this short as I want to get to Lady Laineyville and back so that I can wrap up in my 'blanky' and go back to sleep.

Keep warm where ever you are.

UPDATE 8.14am UK time

Blinking bally blizzard now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh well as Captain Oates said 'I am going outside..............'

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