Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What kind of person am I ?

This tiny little picture is of I, Lady Lainey as a tiny terror and I look as if I was up to  no good!!!, which got me to thinking about the kind of person that I am.

I was brought up to ( and still do ) respect my elders ( although they are getting less and less by the day). I still call my Aunts and Uncle by that title. I think that I am a good friend and try to help out whenever I can. I also try to listen and understand although with the track record of my life, understanding anything is an enigma!.

I am kind to animals ( well I was married to Former Lord Lainey for 5 years). I give to charity and try to raise funds for one cause every year. ( This year 'Chance to shine'contact me for details).

  I am sometimes a little abrasive but we all have our moments,  and I know I am the besty Auntie Lainey in the world to the monster children nephews, so I kind of think that His Royal Gorgeousness and Her Serene Highness didn't do a bad job on me, or Dame Didi, as for the other sibling................well that would lower my niceness rating if I voiced that!.

Niceness ratings went out of the window ( and mine are about to plummet) on Sunday over at the BBL in Australia. Mr Shane 'I have never had plastic surgery this is all down to Estee Lauder' Warne, let his new fa├žade of top escort to equally vomit inducing  Estee Lauder enhanced Elizabeth Hurley, slip when he let rip with  very naughty swear words ( similar to ' flipping heck and rhymes with 'Duck'). Now he was 'mic'd' up as he was also commentating so it begs the question. 'Is he as thick as the eyeliner he wears?'

He was fined for 'obscene language' and banned for one match, but the real beauty of this is, no matter how many polo matches, celeb parties and Estee Lauder launches Elizabeth takes him too, his true self is just bubbling under the surface. Silk purse, sows ear rears its head again.

Super splendid news for I , Lady Lainey Northamptonshire have approached Mike Hussey to play for them in the T20 series, whoop di flipping do that has made my morning, (another day crossed off the 365 hats calendar).

Also super big Happy Birthday wishes to Yorkshire County Cricket Club who are 150 years old today ( and just slightly younger than Bramall Lane). Lets have many more. Happy Birthday and congratulations.

It really is a short one this morning as I have to scoot off to super swanky Lady Lainey office jolly quick smart this morning and get masses of boxes of archiving ready to go to London. ( And I broke a nail yesterday getting all the boxes sorted). On top of that I have a million other things to get sorted and don't even get me stated on the orange frizzy ball on my head..........................................

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