Friday, 28 February 2014

its F(ryan)day but better than that.....

.......................Today I am OFFFFFFF!!!!!!!! OMG I am soooo super bouncy excited that I can hardly contain myself, better had though because  all this bouncing at stupid o' clockis not doing me any good at all! That said, the besty and second besty tiaras are packed along with every item of clothing I think I might need in the next three days! And I am super super excited.

Pony Paul is coming to pick me up and will drop me off at the station. And then I will be bored witless for three hours on the train, although maybe not as I start the next volume in the Game of Thrones books.

So what happened yesterday, well not a lot in the office for a change, I did come home and 're orange' my curls ready for London ( did you know that I am going for the weekend?). I finished throwing things into my case and then went to bed. Falling into a lovely peaceful sleep until my phone woke me with a message, flipping @garasT20 sending messages in the middle of the night. Well no it was 9.59pm!!!!  So Mark is off the hook and I went back to sleep.

In the cricket it is all go ahead of the first of the limited overs series which starts today in the West Indies. Stuart Broad has been meriting the playing of Joe Root. well as you know I have been doing that for quite a while now. However Joe who excelled in the warm up match the other day, should not be the only one to carry the weight of England on his shoulders. Its a TEAM game.

Over in't Yorkshire, they have named Dickie Bird  President of the Club. He told the club website that 'Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would become President of the greatest cricket club in the world'. Well Geoff Boycott did!!!! I think it should be Sir Sean of Bean next year, he is a huge supporter and also a particular favourite of mine ( did you know that?)

I can hear rain outside of LT Towers II, this morning which is considerably better than the amber weather warning of snow that was being bandied about yesterday. I expected to open the curtains to a complete 'white out', luckily it is just wet, miserable and cold.

So now I am closing for the day. There will be blogs over the next couple of days but bear with me as I am doing them via my phone and not sure how that is going to pan out.

Have a super weekend I intend to.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Busy day today

Well I was so busy last night as I packed my case(s) for my trip back 'home' to Londinium. Yes trying to fit my whole wardrobe in, as you never know what you may want to wear! Its a challenge and a half trying to second guess weather, events, changing outfits 4 times a day..........

I also managed to make some space in the 'big' bedroom, yes I can finally see that there is cream wool carpet on the floor!

Had a chat with Zemina last night too, we are having an evening in with cricket on Friday, which suits me down to the ground, its brilliant that her husband is as nuts about cricket as I am.

And talking cricket, good news on the 'Trotty' front, he is hoping to make his comeback in April, and he appears to be determined to get back into the England team. It is also his benefit year with Warwickshire this year and so wants to be seen by the fans who will be contributing. Far removed from the last beneficiary at Durham who was usually seen on Sky ( or the golf course), never on the field.

Otis Gibson has been talking to the press regarding Andy Flower. Gibson had played for champions of the world Durham, and was flipping good too, was talking about his dismay that Flower was forced out of his job.Flower who was the most successful England coach in history left after a 'shambolic' tour of Australia. Gibson said that Flowers successes have been forgotten in light of the KP saga ( which refuses to go away) and the Swanns retirement.
It appears that one bad tour makes people forget all the other good that Flower did.

However no replacement has been named for him.

I'm still available!!

Last night saw Dame Didi and Sir Richard off to the pub quiz, something that is sadly lacking in Lady laineyville. Once upon a time Wednesday night was quiz night at the cricket club, but no longer. This town is getting very boring so good job I am hitting the big city this weekend...............had I told you that????

However before I get on the train to head south, I have lots of work ( yes WORK) to do in super swanky Lady Lainey office, and I know that when I get back to the office on Monday the boys will be totally out of control and I will not be able to see my desk. So best head off to make a start on getting them 'ship shape' before I head off tomorrow.

Super flipping excited to be going back 'home'

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Workout Wednesday

Well I am up and out of bed, which was a workout in itself, trying to get my feet onto the bedroom floor was nigh on impossible, however I have been lying on the floor doing my back exercises and although I don't feel any more comfortable at least  I am making the effort.

So now I am donning my best tiara and a frock ( that'll shock the office boys) and I am about to put n some 'slap' and hopefully get through the day without 'arghhhing' all the time.

So we are back to International cricket with England in the West Indies, the team were in Antigua in a warm up match against the Vice Chancellors XI. Well flipping heck little Joey Root hit 104 off 103 balls and looked in good form, and he  was not only ecstatic about his century but also that The Blades won last night too!. A great day for Joe.
Timmy Bresnan didn't do too badly either making a stand with Joe and scoring 147 along the way. The Tykes were showing there style. However Stokes who was batting at number 3 made 58 so well done to the Durham boy.

The ODI starts on Friday as I am travelling down to London for super fabby weekend with Zemina and Gary, hope the back recovers before then.

Dame Didi text me last night asking me sign a petition to keep Teesside Airport open. If you feel that this airport should not close please sign the petition at

Or just go to and type in Teesside airport and fill in the petition on line.
This  is a local airport, it was an RAF base and should be kept open for all to use.

I personally have flown in and out numerous times, it was a direct link to Heathrow at one time.

Well weather here in the North East of blighty is cold and grey today with rain expected so wellies at the ready and make sure you have a rain bonnet if you have a mad afro like mine.

Just a reminder it is now one day closer to the cricket season and excitement is mounting here at LT Towers II.On my return form Londinium, I will be washing out the flasks in readiness and getting everything in order for the chaos and madness that is 'cricket morning' .

I can hardly wait!!!.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Total body breakdown!!

Well I now have a full compliment of illnesses and aches and hope that I feel jolly flipping better soon, because this morning I can hardly move without being in agony. I tell you Chris Gayle not playing cricket because of a sore back!!! Well I can hardly put one foot in front of the other this morning. Actually getting out of bed would have been funny had it not hurt so much.
So coffee and ibuprofen to start the day!

Yes the decorating has certainly taken it's toll on my body and I think that it shows how flipping unfit I am. Oh well best keep moving and hope that it is much improved by the weekend!.

I actually went to bed at 7pm last night as I couldn't sit on the sofa a moment longer, it was actually not much more comfortable in bed!!!!

It was a good news day yesterday as all was confirmed and put into place for the first event in the 'Chris Dry' calendar. Yes a  'Question and Answer' Evening will take place on May 3rd at the Riverside ground. Answering the questions will be none other than his Royal Ryanness!!!! ( Yep all those strings I pulled worked to my advantage!) And Steve Harmison, apparently he ONCE played cricket for Durham!.
Joking aside both of these former international players have given their time for free to help Chris Rushworth in his year of no alcohol!

So now on to working towards  the next event.

There are lots of young batsman in England who are looking to put themselves in KP's spot in the squad. First James Taylor looks on form and now Luke Wright says he want to take over KP's One day mantle. Why can they not just think about playing for their country instead of talking about it in terms of the former batsman. I hadn't realised it was KP United!

Kent have signed Australian fast bowler Doug Bollinger as their over seas player for the 2014 campaign. Something that champions of the world Durham are not doing this year.!!!

I am keeping it short as sitting here typing away is not very comfortable and I can see that super swanky Lady Lainey office will be a chore today. So best get on my way there and cope with whatever it throws at me today.

Until tomorrow...........

Monday, 24 February 2014

another week starts

Well another week is starting and the recurring throat problem is not going away, however I am hoping that it will be better by the end of the week, when I head off down to London for a weekend with my friends. How awful would it be if I couldn't talk!!!!!

It was all happening in the cricket between Australia and South Africa, with SA winning by an amazing 231 runs. Hasim Amla made his 21st test century and was 127 not out when South Africa declared shortly before lunch.
Australia were faced with making 448 runs. They made a good start but soon folded and were bowled out for 216.

It sort of looks as if a lot of International teams are upping their game, with the exception of England who are in disarray. And talking England the hunt is still on for a new 'leader'. Gary Kirstin has said he would like to take on the role................but not for another 10 years! His reason being that he has a young family and doesn't want to be away from home that much. Fair do's I think.

However Stuart Broad is still yapping on about the sacking of KP, and trying to distance himself from any involvement in it. To be honest why does he not just keep quiet, that way it will all die down until KP brings out his book just in time for Christmas.

Well mission decorating is complete until I start on the next room, which will be soon I should think, as I want to have all my jobs done before the start of the cricket season. However i have to get myself well and pulled round before I tackle the next job.

Prince Philip of South Africa is here in the UK for a week, however I will not be able to meet up with him as he is hob nobbing with the likes of 'Big Boss' of Spurs!!!??? Then he is off to Brazil to put the final pieces in place before the World Cup. Yes he was moaning about having to spend 2 months in's a hard life!
Sadly as I get to London he will be flying out so no chance of a catch up until May ( hopefully)

Well that's it for today as I feel totally yukky.


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Its the 600th blog!!!

Oh my dog!!!! It is only the 600th blog. Yes 600 days of me writing complete and utter nonsense and people reading it! I know the '600' picture is a not cricket  but rugby but it was the best I could do.
Rugby is not a game I follow, League or Union. Why would you want to watch hulks of men with broken noses and strange ears, all get together and cuddle each other whilst trying to stick their hands up the leg of another man's shorts? AND sometimes they hold the ball and sometimes they kick it? Way to strange a game for a Lady like moi!!!

So 600 blogs and what have we had, well the move from LT Towers to LT Towers II, lots and lots of F(ryan)days. Super birthday bashes for me!. Lots of highs and quite a few lows too. Tiara throwing tantrums, lots of curl twirling, way too much working! Also lots and lots of cricket!!!! Which is what it is all about ( apart from the bits about me!)

So lets get down to the 600th cricket blog.

Well Chris Gayle is out of the West Indies team for the ODI series against England because of a stiff back. Flipping Nora!!!! He should have a look at the state of me today after, painting, stripping and scraping  goodness who knows how many years of gloss off terracotta tiled skirtings. He would know what a stiff back is and stiff arms and don't get me started on the fact that I feel like a donkey has kicked me in my buttocks!!!!! MEN!!!!

England Lions drew their second unofficial test in Sri Lanka. James Taylor had done really well in the batting  242 not out, which surely guarantees him another chance with England. This time without the comments of KP.
Graham Onions who was called up at the last minute took 4-24 in the first innings, but failed to take any in the second.

So what happened  football I hear you all scream!

Well after an early morning dip in the seas at Blackpool, Birmingham won their match 2-1. HOWEVER!!!!  Cousin Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo got a card, and it wasn't a 'Thank you' card either, it was a flipping red one!!!!! which brought Brum down to 10 men for the last quarter of an hour.
Naughty step for Hooligan. He should know better he is the captain!!!

Over in Boro, it was 0-0 draw for The Mighty Whites. Which was OK at least they didn't lose.

The Blades were the best boys of the day securing a 3-0 home win!!!

Now to the important part of the blog, the bit about me!!!! I was busy busy yesterday doing the decorating thing. And boy did I crack on. However the painted tiled skirting is giving me a bit of a headache but I will not be beaten!!

So with that I am donning my rubber gloves and heading back to scrape and chip at the paint!.

Have a wonderful 600th blogday.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Time for stripping!

OK I was talking about wallpaper stripping, so if any one if free this afternoon, can you 'pop' round to the Towers and do it, I have 'Game of Thrones' series one to rewatch!

Well Mr Funky the Chauffeur came round last night with his drill and I finally have the shelves up in my 'walk in' pantry, which I tiled last year and have been waiting to finish ever since.

I also had the 'HUGE' mirror put up at the bottom of the stairs, this has been taking up space in Dame Didi's bedroom ( at my house), and so it looks as if this weekend could be the start and finish of lots of things! Gosh I am getting excited, my house is nearly a home!

In the cricket world, they still will not let the KP saga go, Broad is still waffling on about the  fact that the 'disaster' of a winter ( unless you are Finn and you had a lovely all expenses paid holiday down under!)  forced the changes that resulted in KP's international career being ended.
Broad went on to say that the team needs to improve and not just in the next four-five months, well my thoughts on it, clear out the deadwood and bring in the young guns. Work to make a new team, not expect them to fall into place. #myopiniononly#

Football news for today

Birmingham are probably having an early morning dip this morning as they are away to Blackpool.

Woohooo The Mighty Whites are away to Boro, if I wasn't decorating......

The Blades are home to Bristol City.

So after the sad news early in the new year that Jenson Buttons father had passed away, comes the good news ( ????? you reckon, I am gutted!!!) that Jenson and his long time Girlfriend Jessica Michibata have been out buying flipping big knuckle duster type engagement rings.  Oh yes it is true and I am trying so hard to put a brave face on, but congratulations to the happy couple. (boooohoooo another one bites the dust!)

Really worrying news is that Leo one of the Royal hounds is in hospital! He is very poorly as he has gastroenteritis. Leo is the Doberman who thinks he is a chihuahua and so likes to sit on your knee. Very worrying time for everyone.
I am actually scared to switch on my phone! But know that Countess Christine of Mc Nally would have phoned me on my land line if anything had happened.

Well off for a top up of caffeine and then into mon boudoir to finish it all off!

Wooohooo sleep in my own bed tonight.

Friday, 21 February 2014

I love F(ryan)day

Oh yes it is F(ryan), the best day of the week!!!. The day that makes me smile, although today, as I am still in the throws of tonsillitis I am not smiling as much as usual. I am hoping that His Royal Ryanness and yourselves are all feeling better today than I am!!!

So what does the weekend have in store for the moi at LT Towers II? Well I will be starting to decorate the hall with the 'cracking' paper that I bought the other day, and Mr Funky the chauffeur is bringing his drill round for me tonight so that I can put up some shelves. And I will finally get mon boudoir back to 'boudoirness'. So full on weekend and I intend to get it all I am off to former home of London next weekend, I can hardly wait!.

So cricket news, well it looks as if monies from my wine consumption at Champions of the world, Durham's home matches has not been wasted. The boys head out to Abu Dhabi in March to take on the  MCC. The T20 tournament in which Lancashire and Sussex are also playing, starts on March 23rd.

Moty Panesar is named in the MCC squad, hmmmmm interesting!

Hampshire are all abuzz with new signings, new coach, half the flipping Durham squad! etc and are talking promotion this season. As many readers will know Hampshire are my besty county in the south (except when they play Yorkshire in any match). I loved to go and watch them play when I was I lived in the south. Sadly the days of  Norhlands Road are now gone as they joined the glass and steel pavilion brigade. However I would love to see them do well this season.

There is not much news from besty home county of Yorkshire after the signing of Finch last week. They are either all settled and awaiting the new season or keeping things under wraps ( or 'udder' wraps as auto correct very kindly inserted!).

Pauly Paul called me last night as I had asked him to pencil in a date in his diary ( NO!! NOT THAT KIND OF DATE!!!). We are both super excited about the start of the cricket season and  were chattering ( well I was chattering) away for ages. Mr Funky had been asked to pencil in the same date, and came back to me with some very impertinent questions,

'Are you going to behave yourself?'  ( How very dare he)

'Are you going to get drunk?' ( AS IF!!!)

'Do you expect me to believe you are going to behave yourself AND not get drunk?' ( my reputation precedes me obviously)

What is the BIG event, all will be revealed in good time.

So on that mysterious note, I head off to super swanky Lady Lainey office and hope that you all have a good one!!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

I feel like I have swallowed a golf ball!! AGAIN!!!

So when I was a 'little ' Lady Lainey ( see above and yes that is blonde hair!) I was plagued with tonsillitis, until they took me in to hospital and 'whipped' them out when I was eight. now 14 years later ( hahahahaha) I am being plagued with 'tonsillitis' again. This morning I again feel as if I have a golf ball lodged in my throat and feel pretty yukky to say the least. What the 'Donald  Duck' is going on???? This is the third time in less than 5 weeks! Not happy and also haven't slept, feel ill, don't want to go to work.........

However soldiering on, it was a good day for Ireland as they took on the West indies in a T20 International.................................and flipping well won. I think that we all know that the 'Windies' are not quite on a par with the teams of yesteryear, but for Ireland this is an amazing win. Chris Gayle ( obviously) was the top scorer  with 1!!!!. The West Indies  made 116-8 in their 20 overs
 Ireland's Ed Joyce made 40 not out and  helped he team along to their win 117-4 in 19.1 overs. Well done!

Sussex have announced a deficit of £630.000 in their accounts in 2013. I think that this may be the same for many County sides, with the exception of champions of the world  Durham who must be awash with money thanks to my wine consumption last season and the over inflated price they were charging for something that was no better than 'dentists mouthwash'!

Apparently running a first class club is very  demanding, OK  let the dog see the rabbit here!!!! Cut your cloth accordingly!! Here are my top tips on saving clubs money.

saving no1. I think that the players should all go camping when they go to visit other teams, imagine them all sitting round the camp fire after the match toasting marshmallows and singing 'Kum by ya'.

saving no 2. None of these 'exotic' pre season tours, let them all have a week of knock out tournaments in Bogner Regis and they could stay at Butlins too.

saving no3.  Bring a packed lunch and tea, Lady Lainey does.

see already in three steps I have saved the clubs a HUGE amount of money, and don't get me started on  club 'deadwood'.

Well I may not be able to talk, but I was able to have a little rant in my typing.

So I am keeping this short as I wend my way to Super swanky Lady Lainey office to croak at boys and try to drink anything!

Oh yes Dame Didi, I got some cracking wallpaper for the hall here at LT Towers II, but since you were out on the razz last night and I was tucked up in bed I didn't get to tell you!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

'Hump' of the week

yes it's the hump of the week and I for one am looking forward to the weekend. Not that I will be getting any rest, I will just be picking up where I left off last weekend!.

Super swanky Lady Lainey office is basking in the absence of Trill Boy, who is taking time off to decorate his house for the imminent arrival of 'Fullerina'. Now that normal service has resumed in the office, 'boys' listen when I shout, have my coffee on my desk at 8am and NEVER say rude things to me. Well it'll all go to pot next week!!!

So there is some crickety gossip today.

Firstly Stuart Broad is backing Ashley Giles for the 'topjob' ahead of the Windies Tour. Well you know my thoughts on Broad. Always 'crocked' so if he is backing Giles I would say that is kiss of death!.

Jonathon Trott looks to be on track to be back at Warwickshire for the start of the season , This was after Gus Fraser said that he doubted he would be.
Trott was not included in the pre season tour of  Barbados and this was the cause of Gus's comments. However both Warwickshire and Trotts management team have said that his main aim is to get back to cricket.

All teams are getting into full training mode and many will be jetting off on pre season tours. Durham are having a quick jaunt to the UAE and Yorkshire are off to Sri Lanka. Its alright for some, I will be here at my desk, in my office catching up on all things cricket to keep you all informed.

Dame Didi is in full France move mode now and is planning for 'le grand relocate'. I however am having trouble deciding what to have for my breakfast!. She is now decided ( like moi) that The Champagne/ Ardennes region is for her and as such is emailing me houses on a regular basis to have a look at. Sadly the one that I wanted got snapped up.
Never mind I have a couple of years yet until I move on.

I am hoping that Mr Funky the chauffeur will bring me his drill round tonight as I continue to make improvement to LT Towers II. If I could finish the jobs that I started last summer things would be so much easier!.

Well this is a super short one today, I am hoping that I have gossip and scandal for tomorrow and if not then I will just have to make it up!


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Another day another penny in the France fund

Oh yes another day at super swanky Lady Lainey office means one day nearer to La Belle France for good. Sadly at the moment  the plans for Dame Didi and I  to live next door to each other is back on hold until another couple of houses comes up for sale, however in some ways that is good for the local area. Can they cope with the sisters in their village!

Super swanky Lady Lainey office was back to normal yesterday and to be honest I am not sure where the working hours went. New jobs coming in and I Lady Lainey having to multi task, shout at boys, drink copious amounts of coffee, look pretty AND do some work!! flipping heck, I have so many hidden talents! ( and flipping modest too,'Job the Jolly').

So over in Wellington the New Zealand team took the field with renewed vigour. Brendon McCullum took to the field and in a brilliant show of cricket, and  hit 302, to become the first New Zealander to make a triple ton in a test. This  surpassed Martin Crowes 299 runs which has stood since 1991.The New Zealanders were looking at defeat before this amazing show of cricket skill from the Captain.

The match was drawn.

Well, well ,well, Graeme Swann has joined the Test Match Special team for England's one day tour of the West Indies. Swann who retired in December in a blaze of controversy due to remarks made on social media and then walking away from an already wounded team mid tour, has landed himself his first job. I wonder what the first question is that they ask him at lunch break???????

Paul Collingwood has revealed that this main job in his seven week  coaching stint with England is to encourage the post KP generation to release their inner KP!!!. Well Dernbach already has the tattoos, so we need to marry Joe Root off to a singer from a manufactured band, let Tim Bresnan 'misbehave' in the garden of 10 Downing street and let Michael Carberry text team tactics to the West Indians.

Job done and I didn't even get paid for it!!!!!

The boys from Besty home county in the world, Yorkshire are in serious training now for the season I hear................. lots of sessions in the steam room and massages??????? I am definitely in the wrong profession!!!

and talking about that, I had better get a wriggle on, although as it is half term the roads are practically empty although lunchtime in town is horrific!

If you were in 'double trouble' yesterday, I hope that you get a lie in today! or at least get to 'saddle up'! ( that sounds much ruder than it is!)

Monday, 17 February 2014

Monday again!!!

Well it's Monday and I needed something to cheer me up this morning as I prepare to head off to Super swanky ( flipping freezing on Mondays) Lady Lainey office , so what better than my super posterior shot of 'coach'!!!

Ok enough of that and time to get onto the important things.

 They were 1-0 done at half time and I was feeling mightily sick , so decided to do the best thing in the circumstance and have a nap! Only to be woken by a tweet from Mr Funky the Chauffeur saying they had won!.
Conor Coady levelled the scores  in the 66th minute and a replay was looking likely when  Chris Porter only scored twice in stoppage time! All of this in front of the largest crowd that Bramwell Lane has seen all season.
Rumour has it that little Joey Root was there too!
The Blades could face Sheffield Wednesday at home if Wednesday beat Charlton in their fifth round match which was postponed.
Sadly though there were a few yellow cards given out.

In cricket New Zealand made a fighting comeback against India. Captain Brendon McCullum batted through the fourth day  of the second test in Wellington. Resuming on 114 Mccullum finished on an unbeaten  281 the second highest Test score by a New Zealander. They made 571-6 and lead by 325.

I wish I had seen that, great batting and gearing up to be a fab final day!.

Martin Crowes 299 in 1991, scored at the same ground is still standing!

So what did I Lady Lainey do yesterday. Well I finally saw some movement on the decorating, after a frustrating day on Saturday which wasn't helped by my fit of tears. Things finally started to come together yesterday. I am expecting to move back into my wonderful room this week!

Oh yes and if anyone is looking for a saddle, I know someone with three in their spare room. Don't ask!!! as I don't not know why..........yet!

Have a great Monday, which at the moment here at LT Towers II  is dry although it feels flipping freezing.!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Oh what a beautiful morning!!!!

Yes this morning it is sunny, with blue sky and no lashing rain and wind, which was what we had last night!! It is still damp on the pavements but hey if the day stays like this I will be happy.

Hmmmm happy is something that I wasn't yesterday lunchtime. I  was busy multitasking, cooking, doing housework, and trying to sort out the decoration of 'mon boudoir'. In the end I had a bit of a girly moment and cried!!!! Mainly out of sheer frustration that the boudoir is not yet finished. However this morning after a trip to Homebase hopefully things will be back on track.

However The England Lions seemed to be having a better day than I was,as they  beat Sri Lanka by 167 runs.
Chris Woakes helped them to victory with both bat and ball. Liam Plunkett taking 3-51 and showing that his move to Yorkshire has been the best thing for his cricketing career. Liam looked to be in  a self destructive wilderness at Durham in his last days there, however as he enters into his second season at Yorkshire he looks to be having a complete renaissance.
Durham's Graham Onions return figures of  2-92 and his team mate Scot Borthwick scoring 64 in the second innings!

New Zealand have dropped Jesse Ryder from their World T20 squad over disciplinary issues. Ryder, has only just worked his way back into the team after 2 years away including a six month drugs ban. Now a breach of Squad rules has left him out again.

Today sees The Blades in FA cup action against Notts Forest. 3pm kick off!!!!!


Oh dear even all the support from the Southern branch of the Robinson clan didn't help Brum yesterday as they went down 2-1 to Huddersfield!. Luckily Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo did not  not get a card of any colour!.

Well now, after a long and very wonderful silent time, 'Would like to be Lord Lainey' reared his very ugly head again last night! Sending me a text!!!! It was at 23.09 so he had obviously been on the 'grog'. Well its getting close to the cricket season and he obviously is hoping for free coffee and cake and lunch and tea! No chance fat boy!!!!

So now I am going to orange up my afro and then get busy again.

Have a super Sunday

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Whoops late this morning!

I am late this morning as I have been up since stupid o' clock moving furniture around in mon boudoir and also trying to take some doors off a cupboard. I never do  things by halves and I still have a long way to go.

So just a quick skip through the news today, but poor old Simon Jones, after being released by Glamorgan in October he has put all his eggs into an IPL basket and sadly no one was interested. At 35 it is starting to look as if his cricket days are over. His agent stated that Simon was looking at all options and is looking to be playing in this country in the shorter form of cricket. Hmmmmmm wonder where he will end up!

Dale Benkenstein looks as if he is going to push Hampshire back into Division 1. He is probably what Hampshire need at this moment. Giles White has been with the club form playing days so sometimes a 'fresh pair of eyes' is what is needed. Maybe Durham should look to this #clearouthedeadwood  #myopiniononly

Football today sees

Birmingham at home to Huddersfield

Robbos are out in force for this match as the southern band of the clan are off to watch Rt Hon hooligan play today.

Dame Didi is looking to be planning a little roadtrip to Le Champagne region, sadly not to bring me cases and cases of 'Perrier Jouet' home but to look for us our new homes! WOWWWEEEE I have seen my super house!!!

So I had better get all the decorating sorted here at 'The Towers' so that I can sell up and go and party in La Belle France with the Dame.

Just to let you know Sir Sean of Bean did not send me any flowers and neither did Eric Cantona! So I am now officially 'single'. However I did get a Valentines poem from Harry Nesbitt.

legs go up legs go down yoors is de finest legs in town wuv yoo xxxxxxxx

Yes Harry Nesbitt is a spaniel! that sums it all up!!!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Its F(ryan)day and Valentines day too!!!

Woohooo not only is it F(ryan)day, it is also St Valentines Day, so as I am drinking my first ( of many) cups of coffee today out of my Valentines mug, I know that I must hurry along with writing this as I am sure the florist will be knocking on my door soon with a flipping giant bouquet of WHITE roses ( I am a Yorkshire girl! and in truth I do only like white flowers). You just kind of know that there will be tears before bedtime and I will have terrible cramp from sitting behind the front door  all day waiting for the knock

However never one to be downhearted, I will soldier on through the day.And look forward to a lovely dinner this evening.

Those Yorkshire boys ( including His Royal Ryanness) are training hard ahead of the season. They will need to be  packing their smalls( do you all remember 'Knickergate?) as very soon they will be off to Sri Lanka to top up their tans, get dodgy tummies, and do a bit of team building.........oh and play a bit of cricket too. I for one am very envious, I NEED SOME SUNSHINE, all this rain, and cold is driving me mad.....yes madder than I was before!!!!!

Well would you 'Adam and Eve' it???? At the end of last season after former besty county in the south, Hampshire snapped up some 'unloved' and sometimes 'unused' Durham players, I commented on them changing their name to 'South Durham'. It is now getting closer to being true as yesterday within  micro seconds of Durham announcing that Dale Benkenstein was leaving the club, Hampshire announced that he was joining them as first team coach. Benkenstein who was Durhams all time record run scorer, said he was looking forward to taking on the coaching role. Giles White ( I remember him when he played 2nd XI  for Hants!) who had been coaching  the team until the end of last season, now takes on his role as Director of Cricket. Its a sad loss for Durham but a huge gain for South Durham!!!

Good news for the Woman's cricket team as they all become full time professionals. This is great news for the ladies and means that they will never have to pay for their own Blazers again! can you imagine the men doing that!!!!! No me either!

So what other news from here at the 'Towers' well, the decorating will continue this weekend in 'mon boudoir' and I am hoping that I will finally be getting close to finishing it as I am getting heartily sick of having to clamber over a chest of drawers to get into my bed at night, its a hazardous operation getting out of bed on a morning, as I sometimes forget that the drawers are there!!! #batteredandbruised

So today I wish you all a Happy Valentines to dash I am sure I hear a van pulling up outside ( probably one with men in white coats in, offering me a new 'jacket' to try on !!!!)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Lady Lainey is wind swept!

Oh my giddy aunt it has been super flipping windy and that has nothing to do with the baked beans I had last night!!! Yes, snow yesterday morning, washed away by torrential rain and then the rain dried up by chuffing gale force winds!!!!
The Lady Lainey limo was  being blown all over the A1 on the drive home and as for the Lady Lainey 'barnet' well the least said about that birdsnest the better.! And as for getting some flipping sleep, well to say that I am tired this morning is an understatement. so I had best get on with other news.

Firstly good old Angus Fraser has been appointed as an England selector. YEAAAHHY!!! hopefully some sense in the selection process!!. Gus who will continue in his role of Middlesex Director of Cricket has always been a favourite in Lady Lainey's book. Yes I remember seeing him running ( struggling) up Watford Road past the Nato Base as I was driving into previous super swanky international Lady Lainey office.
I seriously hope that sense and reason will now prevail!
He takes up the new role on March 1st ( Her serene Highnesses birthday) and said that despite the doom and gloom over the winter he thinks that there are exciting times ahead. WOOOOHOOOO me too, call up His Royal Ryanness again please Gus!

Also taking on a new role is Captain Collywobble Paul Collingwood who has been handed the England Assistant coaches job for the England ODI series in the West Indies and the T20's in Bangladesh. ( racking up his air miles!). This is only short term ( at the moment?) and he will then rejoin Champions of the world Durham.

After KP being snapped up for mega bucks in the IPL  by The Delhi Daredevils, things did not go so well for other English player who were up for auction. Simon Jones to name one, were not bought by any team! I think that the problem was that KP had gone super high profile the week before and everyone wanted him. Any other Englishman was not good enough ( and KP isn't even English!!!). Bad luck to the rest of the boys, particularly Jones who will no longer be playing county cricket this year.

Well now that the dishwasher has finished it cycle I can hear that it is still windy outside so am now considering heading off extra early this morning. Not to make my working day longer but to just take my time getting into the office.

if you are reading this from the warmth of your living room or from your bed!!! then I would suggest that you stay where you are. Its not going to be too good today!.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Yes its another cricket day!!!!

So after yesterday being full of crickety bits and pieces, well today is the blinking same.

And it started for moi about 5 minutes ago when Besty county in the world, Yorkshire announced that they had signed Aaron Finch, wowwwweeee it is shaping up to be a top team. He will be joining the team after his stint in the IPL.

His Royal Ryanness is looking super fit and  ready to be taking off those bails to up his personal best score. 700 wickets gets him a super massive whoop from I Lady Lainey ( truth be told any wicket by Ryan gets a whoop except if Daddy Rushworth is sitting beside me!!!! )

The IPL auction has been in full swing and KP has only been and bought up by The Delhi Daredevils who let him go only weeks ago!!! Paying £880,000. However once again rumours of corruption within the IPL are creeping out to the press. There is still no news on the auction of Simon Jones.

Over in Australia  Brad Hogg could become the 'oldest' International T20 player after making the 15 man squad, for the World T20's. The 43 year old helped the Perth Scorchers win the Big Bash title last week.
Flipping heck he must be one fit boy as he is still bowling.

So what else has been happening, well as I was driving the Lady Lainey limo back home to LT TowersII last night, it only chuffing well started snowing, yes snowing!!! flipping white stuff falling from the sky. Luckily by later in the evening it had turned to rain. However the forecast for today is not too great and I have my Hunters in the boot as well as a 'blanky'. #beprepared

I was also so tired when I got home last night that I couldn't be bothered to continue painting the boudoir, luckily Prince Philip of South Africa has cancelled his visit so I can finish painting at my leisure AND then sort the rest of the house out. I was panicking as everything was piling up in the other bedrooms and no space for guests!!!!

And so today I wend my way to Super swanky (and sulky) Lady Lainey office to see if the boys are in a better mood and to try to get all my list of jobs on my 'To Do ' list done!!!!!

So  I wish you a very wonderful Wednesday .

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Its a full cricket day today

Flipping heck' it's Tuesday and there is so much 'crickety' news that I don't know where to start!

Well lets go with the KP story. He has signed another contract with Surrey and will play in the T20 Blast series and MAY appear in first class and 50 over matches. other commitments permitting!! Hmmmmm I am thinking that I hear cash tills ringing very loudly!

Geoff Cook now Durham's Director of Cricket, had been having a little chat to Radio Newcastle, he was talking about the Durham squad being quite 'slimmed' down and that doesn't mean they have been on a diet. he was talking about the fact that they could lose one or two players to England and then there is always the possibility of injury. The Champions have whittled the squad down to the bare bones for this season, which could stretch the team and put strain on the senior players.
Continuing financial pressure at the club means that it is highly unlikely that they will sign an overseas player this season. Well that's my list of possible 'posterior shots' out of the window!

The IPL auction is getting nearer and we know who will be bringing home the big bucks, however Eoin Morgan has withdrawn from the auction. He wants to focus on his place in the Middlesex team and also look to fill the space in the England team left by KP ( it all comes back to him!!!)

The Players union have also been having a bit of a rant, this time over the ICC decision in favour of England, Australia and India being the 'big three' being given more control of the cricket governing body. They stated that it was a sad day for cricket. Is it? well only time will tell!

Over in New Zealand the boys are being boys!, Jesse Ryder and Doug Bracewell have been dropped form the team for the second test after going on a late night drinking fest! Ryder has just returned to the team after two years out including six months for a drugs ban. Well obviously he didn't want it that badly.

So with all the cricket kicking off, what has been happening in Lady Laineyland.

Well strange things did happen last evening, I was lying in my (semi decorated) boudoir reading my book when my phone 'beeped' and when I looked I am only being followed on Twitter by Yorkshire CCC!!!!! Flipping heck!!!! That is going to be some match at Chester le Street in May, how the piccalilli am I going to be able to sit on the fence. And that is not my only fear, as I now know that one of the Rushworth 'minnows' can throw with both hands so no doubt he will be given stale Yorkshire puds to throw at me!!!!

Oh well the rain is lashing down outside it is really cold, I have loads of things to load into the limo AND I really want to curl up back in bed!!!

so off I go!!!

Monday, 10 February 2014

new week, new start

Well its a new week and a chance for a new start. I am cracking on with decorating mon boudoir which is a huge relief as I have usually just been lying in bed thinking about it!. Also after the excesses of Saturday night I think that I am going to give my poor (pickled) liver a rest  for a couple of weeks. So lets get the week under way

And new week, more KP!!! The ECB have finally made a statement regarding Pieterson being dropped from the England squad.

"The England team needs to rebuild after the whitewash in Australia.
"To do that we must invest in our captain Alastair Cook and we must support him in creating a culture in which we can be confident he will have the full support of all players, with everyone pulling in the same direction and able to trust each other.
"It is for those reasons we have decided to move on without Kevin Pietersen."

So it goes on and on, upping his profile even more!
Some good and bad news for the England Lions and Durham team. Graham Onions has flown out to replace Mark Wood who has suffered a side injury. Onions has been playing out in South Africa this winter. Mark had made a great start on the tour but sadly picked up his injury during a warm up match. he is flying home to recover.

All excitement between LT Towers II and Chateau Saltburn as the Dame has spotted some houses in the Champagne region for us to have a look at. Wooohooo I am getting super excited, retirement is looking very much closer!!! In fact I have just had a little peep at them  and I am mucho impressed.

It is cold and frosty here this morning, luckily Lady Lainey limo is in the garage or I would have been scraping it. Looking out of the window I see that it is also getting light and it is only 7am!!!  Spring is on the way.

And I do believe that is is only 49 days to the start of the season!!!

Ok rein myself in a bit!!! Time to head off to super swanky Lady Lainey office and start another week of madness.......................................yuk! I'd rather be watching cricket!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Better late than never

This is pretty much how 'Mad' Nikki Thurston and I looked last night, except that the wine bottles were empty!!! Poor Dave, he had to tidy up and put us both to bed!!! Which was a miracle considering the amount of alcohol he had consumed too.

It was a great evening, and the pictures from nearly midnight last night are not for the faint hearted. Brilliant to catch up with friends, party your heart out and then end the evening sitting round the dining table firing pistachios at your 'cake hole; and missing!!!!  

Today I feel so rough that I am seriously considering joining Chris Rushworth in his dry challenge...................................once my headache has gone no doubt I will feel differently!

So what else happened yesterday

Well it looks as if the footy boys took notice of me, As The Mighty Whites, Brum and The  Blades all won their matches and all scoring 2 goals to do it. Flipping brilliant!
However it was also an 'oh dear'as cousin and captain of Birmingham, Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo got a yellow card!!! Obviously the old ' elbow him in the back when the Ref's not looking' technique didn't work!!!!

Cricket is all about the ICC handing more power to England, Australia and India and is soooooboring that I fell asleep half through reading the article.

Today I am going to carry on painting my bedroom and also try to bring upstairs and assemble the new desk that Pauly Paul dropped off at The Towers yesterday.

So this is not only a late blog it is also a very short and boring one!

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sleepy Saturday

Well I had a little lie in this morning and even though I have had a gallon  of coffee I still feel very, very sleepy. And I went to bed at 10pm, which is probably very unlike my sister Dame Didi who was out on the razz with Baroness Burphy so  Sir Richard told me when I phoned.

So today it is wet and grey here at LT Towers II and I doubt that I will be getting any washing out to dry! So best to just lie around all day on the chaise longue and eat grapes.............................or in the real world, go and do shopping for 'the boys' lunches,drop off lots of 'stuff' at the charity shop, try to paint one wall in mon boudoir, get ready to go and party at 'mad'Nikki's tonight. Wooohooo I feel a hangover coming on!!!!!

Flipping heck just checked the BBC sport and they have nothing new to report form yesterday, does this mean that the KP furore is losing momentum???? It'll be back next week after the IPL auctions.

It was however the opening of the winter Olympics yesterday in Russia. Lots of talk about 'heightened security' and 'risk' which all overshadows the true meaning of the Olympic Spirit.. However the opening ceremony  was very impressive., but that's it for me, I don't know snow or ice or cold and cannot imagine why you would want to play sport in it!!!

However for those of you who love it there is  Women's ice Hockey today as well as speed skating!today.

There is also a full programme of footy today. I am imagining that some in the South may be called off due to flooded pitches!


Leeds are away to Yeovil

Birmingham are at Charlton

The Blades are at Shrewsbury.

I am looking for good results from all teams.! No pressure boys!

Wooohooo the sun is coming out!!!! I am rushing to load up the washing machine so that I can do everything before we have any more rain.

Oh yes blog might be late tomorrow got a party to go to!!!

Have a great Saturday

Friday, 7 February 2014

Flipping F(ryan)day HURRAH!!!

Yes it is F(ryan)day and as Dan Dan Cowboy Draughtsman used to say ( and still does even though he is retired) 'Ahh F(ryan)day, the best day of the week' ( OK he used to say Friday!). I can almost taste the weekend!!

And it is going to be a busy one, I now have power tools and I am going to use them!! Yes I am planing the shelves that are to be put up and finally finishing some jobs that have been hanging around. I am also going over to see besty fiend 'Mad' Nikki on Saturday evening, think I will be packing my sleeping bag as I won't be driving home!
And these are only two things that are planned............................anything could happen.

So yesterday as the KP debate rattles on ( and everyday that this keeps going is more money in Bank of KP as his profile is lifted higher!). Surrey are confident that he will sign a new contract with them, (me too 'KERRRCHING'). The ECB still refuse to comment on why he is no longer with the England team , and Piers Morgan is still in love with him!

Else where in cricket land the squad  for The West Indies and the  World T20. Good to see Bresnan, Root and Stokes in the team,. Not so good to see Dernbach. Take out one tattooed player put in another!!!

Moeen Ali and Stephen Parry have been included into the squad so lets see how they get on, they can't do any worse than the Ashes squad.

And to be fair, because I am a cricket lover. There seem to have been a lot going on behind the scenes on the tour of Australia. Trott leaving, Swann retiring, all mid tour!!! That shatters moral.Trying to fight back from all the changes must have been difficult. Tough times for the England team then and now me thinks.

Simon Jones is also in the news as he is excited at being in the IPL auction next week. He said that whether he is picked up  by a team or not he is glad to be in the auction. Well if he doesn't get picked up, I personally will be gutted!

So now I am off to super swanky Lady Lainey office to put my feet up and to listen to the sound of boys squabbling about 'flat roofs', 'Mansard roofs' 'Hip details', Oh it is not the way I want to spend my days!!! So I will just do what I am paid to do, shout, drink gallons of coffee and look pretty, and today I am wearing NEW SHOES!!! yes I am venturing out without boots on today!!!!

Bet it flipping well snows!!!! ( Hunters in the boot!)

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thursday already!

Yeah it's Thursday and closer to the weekend!! It is also a good day in the Dame Didi house as Lord Christophe has secured himself a job at an Architects!!! Starting on 17th of this month!!! Hurrah and jolly flipping well done to his Lordship who will now have to get out of bed at stupid o' clock to wend his weary way to Whitby everyday. It's great news and finally a bright spot in what has been a very dark start to 2014.

Its a dark start here in LT Towers II  but only because the sun hasn't poked its head over the horizon and it is not a good day either as it is wet and cold. But hey, its getting closer to the cricket season by the minute!.

The rumour mill is in full action regarding the 'sacking' of KP. Twitter is still full of the whole thing. What is done is done and no mount of griping will change it. KP will come out of this whole, smelling of roses mark my words. he may never don an England shirt again but he will surely be donning and IPL shirt, a BBL14 shirt as well as various T20 shirts, and CPL! His passport will be bursting!!

Piers Morgan has again waded into the debate but this time stating that Matt Prior openly criticised Andy Flower. Morgan is one man who needs to keep his 'pie hole' shut! We all know that his love and admiration of KP is boundless, but now he looks as if his main aim is to bring down as many players as possible. A true cricket lover? I think not. ( scribbles tweet to said 'man' as I type) #multitasking

The stress of being an international cricketer raises its head again as John Mooney leaves the Ireland squad to return home for treatment. He will take no part in the remainder of the tour of the West Indies but no word yet as to whether he will return to the game.

Yorkshire announced their new second  XI coach after the departure of Paul Farbrace to Sri Lanka. Richard Dawson, will fill Farbraces shoes and is a well known face with the Yorkshire supporters having spent six seasons with the club. Dawson also played seven test for England between 2001-2003 all of them overseas.

Over in super swanky Lady :Lainey office things are turning to 'baby talk'. we are now less than 13 weeks until the arrival of 'Fullerina/Fulleroony and Baby Baynham (a girl as we have been told).'Paternity leave', 'nursery themes' and nappies seem to be the main topic of conversation. Whilst I put my feet up at lunchtime and knit baby bootees!!

And finally last night I slept well (in case you were worried) .Yes I was in bed with my hot water bottle and besty cuddle friend Pink Hippo by 8.30pm and slept until 5.25am.

Now that feels much better!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wooohooo it's all kicking off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FLIPPING HECK!!!!!! HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!  The Blades only went and knocked Fulham out of the FA Cup last night. OMG!!!!! I went to bed as I couldn't stand the thought of extra time and probably penalties ( and it was so flipping cold I had my Blades Beanie hat on too). I was trying to keep up on Twitter, talking to a friend via 'Whatsapp' and fend off Dame Didi's texts.  AND then Shaun Miller only went and scored   in the last minute of  extra time!!!!!
 My phone lit up like a christmas tree!!!! Dame Didi phoning because she was soooo excited, three texts saying they had won, Sir Sean of Bean phoning to say he was 'right chuffed'............................OK the last bit was a fib, but you get the drift.
This has secured a next round meeting between The Blades and either Preston North End or Nottingham Forest ( very apt for Nigel Clough).

However trying to find out what was happening with The Blades on Twitter was actually very difficult last night as the whole of the social media site ( well mine anyway ) was being taken over by the 'shock' sacking of Kevin Pieterson. It was announced yesterday evening that KP would no longer be required to don an England shirt.

Pietrerson who is a highly gifted player but also high maintenance, has been at the centre of many storms whilst playing for England but has also been a prolific run maker. Some are questioning whether he should have been allowed back into the squad after the Strauss/ text scandal. Others spoke about his huge ego being too much for some people. It is doubtful that we will know the reason, as the ECB did not make any sense in their answers ( well until KP's book comes out! cynic! moi!). England now have a chance to look at a new squad and see a chance to build a 'dream team'. Lets see what happens.

All of this KP nonsense however overshadowed the triumphant return of the England Ladies cricket team. Yes they arrived back in the UK after regaining the Ashes in Australia. Sad that once again KP took the limelight away from the most deserving.

Well done ladies!!!

As for what else happened on Tuesday well it is all a bit of a blur really as I was busy doing lots of work for a change!!! And it looks as if it might be the same for me today!

What the flipping heck is going on. I Lady Lainey doing work, wonders will never cease.!

If you notice the time that this is posted it is because I am back to having very odd sleeping patterns! and I am not happy about that either, I can't even get a nap at my desk in the afternoon.!!!

Strange things are going on.

For those of you reading this from the warmth of your lucky blighters!!!!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Lady Lainey needs some sleep!

Not even a flipping hot water bottle and besty cuddle friend Pink Hippo could keep me asleep last night.

Not so sparkly Monday ended in fireworks as I Lady Lainey blew my redheaded top. I then went off to bed before most of the children in the street, feel into a deep sleep and then woke up at 3.20am. And have been awake ever since!

Moral of the story, sometimes speaking your mind does not actually take your mind off the problem.

However it is 'torrential' Tuesday ( yes it's flipping raining again) and for all it's raining I know it's going to be a brighter day. Apart from getting jolly cross last night I also found out who my friends are and that's nice!!!

In cricket Gillespie the Gallant has dismissed rumours that he is in for the England job. Which is a flipping massive relief for I Lady Lainey. Yorkshire have gone from strength to strength in two season under the 'command' of Jason. He also said he had unfinished business with Yorkshire ( watch out Durham) and that he wanted to see this group of players win a trophy or two under him.

I for one would have cried a flipping bucket full if he had gone. In the last two season seeing what he has done at Yorkshire I would say that he would turn England around. However it is a huge relief to know that he is committed to Yorkshire and has no intention of moving on !! ( and he's eye candy for Lady Lainey!!! ). On the other hand, they often make statements like that BEFORE jumping ship!!!

All change at Derbyshire as coaching staff were made to reapply for their jobs. AJ Harris is still there as is Stephen Stubbings, however new additions include, John Sadler, Simon Guy, Cookie Patel and Ant Botha.

Interesting to see how Derbyshire get on this season.

The season is getting closer by the day and to I for one can't wait, however the early part of the season is not great for me, I don't think that I will see much cricket, I will just make up for it later.

Tonight is FA Cup action.

Fulham V The Blades.

I am guessing that if Sir Sean of Bean is in the country he will be there this evening.

So with the prospect of an orange afro before 8am due to rain, I am off to super swanky Lady Lainey office!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Not so sparkly Monday!!

So after a gorgeous day yesterday, sunshine, a couple of showers and more sunshine, it is cold and windy here in Lady Laineyville this morning, it is also pitch black outside but it is very early.

Not too early to be writing this though!. well England went and lost their T20 match and the series, and to be honest it was only to be expected. The team lacks................well everything really. Australia looked to be taking it all in their stride. George Bailey smashing  sixes and taking 26 from Jade Dernbach last over.
England in reply were poor to say the least and the picture on the BBC sport website shows a very downcast looking Joe Root and Tim Bresnan.

Scotland will face England in the ICC World cup in 2015. If it was now I would say that Scotland  would beat them hands down! Although  England do have a year to pull themselves together.

It was a super busy day in LT Towers II  yesterday. Lots of washing and housework being done and then a lot of napping on the sofa ( which is what Sundays are for really). I also sorted out a huge box of things to go to the charity shop and put lots of things on ebay to hopefully make room in this house!. It is getting close to spring cleaning time and I may even be doing a spot of decorating too. First stop on that trip will be mon boudoir which I have been promising to redecorate since I moved here!!!

I am also looking at a new venture, which will hopefully keep me busy and be interesting too. All will be revealed if it looks viable. Thinking of dragging Dame Didi in on it too, now that she is retired!

So its Monday and I am layering up the clothes as super swanky Lady Lainey office will be flipping freezing today. However busy few weeks ahead and  lots of 'stuff' to keep us all occupied in the office. Well it will be a first for me to be doing some work!!
And yes this is a super short one today but I really have to hit the road and get to the office so that I can start the week off with a good shout and a gallon of coffee.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sparkly Sunday

Wow it is dry here at LT Towers II, after the most hideous weather yesterday, ( the Lady Lainey limo got blown all over the A66). I went over to Dame Didi's  ch√Ęteau and we went to sell some more of our junk. Even Sir Richard came too. I am guessing he came to keep an eye on us.( we do tend to get into little scrapes when let out)
I was going to stay and drink the Dames wine and eat her food, have my second bath of the year. However having heard the weather reports I drove home as quickly as possible and prepared to batten down the hatches.

I also cracked open a bottle of ....................Dandelion and Burdock!!!! It was sugar free!!!

I am now trying to write up this blog whilst waiting for the T20 to start. England going back in for another pasting probably!

So down in Lincolnshire, Dave and Richard finished their 48 hours world record net session. They didn't press on for 50 hours but to be honest they didn't need to! They  raised money for a great cause, Brain Tumour research, and will continue to do so until they reach their total of £10,000, they currently have raised £7,316.97. Fantastic effort.

Well its all going on  now!!! yes everyone is having their say as to who will take over from Andy Flower. Michael Vaughan is saying Gary Kirsten,  Giles Clarke saying Ashley Giles, Mick Newell the Nottinghamshire director of cricket says he is up for the role, Lady Lainey saying Lady Lainey for the job.

To be honest I am not sure that at this moment I would want the job! ( easy way out!). The team is in disarray, the country is disappointed with results and its a long road back for them all!.

Well it really is a short one today as I Lady Lainey have heaps to do and not a lot of time to do it in ( well it will soon be nap time).

So I will bid you a very happy sparkly Sunday and hope that it is a great day for you.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Amazing boys.

So the boys were still going strong on the 48 world record attempt  48/50 hours cricket challenge. I had gone to lend my support ( that's a lot of support!!!) and to say that Dave and Richard must be completely mad to start this, well I am guessing that they will be stark raving mad when they finish it!

However there was no one more surprised that Dave Newman when Chris Rushworth walked in!! That was one big smile on his face. This was when he was about 28 hours into the challenge.

Chris was brilliant and had brought various goodies with him

And he even bowled to Dave when the bowling machine had a temporary hitch. All round good guy and I think he lifted  morale.

The whole event is still going now and they are now 43 hours into the 48.

They have already broken the longest net record but have added to this by being the first pair to attempt it .

Well done to them both. Amazing!

Whilst mentioning Chris, its worth remembering that he is going 'dry' for the whole of 2014 !!!!! Now that is a challenge ( well it is in my house!). And if anyone would like to donate to his fund you can find all the information at his just giving page
This is for another excellent cause, as all monies will go to Save the Children.
Good luck Chris.

Whilst at the nets news filtered through that Andy Flower had resigned, so I very quickly got my quill out and my CV is winging its way to the ECB as we speak. Well hey, what harm could it do! Ashley Giles is a strong contender for the position ( because they haven't got my CV yet!!!!).

Well the sun is up, the sky is grey, and I am off to Saltburn today.

Bon Journee!!!