Monday, 30 June 2014

Fun day Sunday not so Monday!

So Sunday dawned cold and wet and then got hot and sunny as I was out edging the lawns in the Deer Park, Tzarina Katerina tipped up to drop off some 'stuff' for me and then went of for her boozy short break with her chums.

I got ready to go to cricket and picked up Pauly Paul and Dynamo Dom. It started to rain, then stopped. We got to the ground and it started to rain again the players went off, and came back on again and then went off again. We all ran for cover near the toilets. Dynamo and  I were having a little chat when I said to him about a man who kept staring at me.....................and I mean really staring!!!!
Pauly came back and suddenly the man was standing in front of me! He asked me if I had worked at a super swanky boys school in the south of blighty.
'Yes' I said

'I thought it was you Lady Lainey' the man said.

I was by this time racking my brains thinking he was too old to have been one of the boys and then realisation dawned on me, he was one of the 'Masters' who joined as I was leaving.

OMG!! How weird. He said he recognised me straight away ( understandable as there are not many wild orange curly haired Amazons  around). He was sure it was me and then I laughed and he knew it! ( can you believe being recognised by your laugh!).
It turns out he left super swanky boys school and moved to Richmond North ( gods own county of ) Yorkshire and has been camping out there ever since, It was the first time that he had brought his wife and son to the cricket.

Small world!!!

The cricket itself was jolly good, Durham cruised to an eight wicket win against Derbyshire, John Hastings had obviously had his weetabix yesterday morning as he took 4-24. Derbyshire were dismissed for 125.In reply Durham were looking in good form, Mustard was knocking balls all over the place and was finally out for 54. Durham finished the day 129-2 and looked flipping pleased with themselves.

We headed home and I was tucked up my bed even earlier than normal.

Sad news today as it was announced that Damien D'Oliveira passed away in the early hours of yesterday morning. Damien had been a player Worcestershire and also the Academy Manager.I know that my besty friend and former Hants bowler JJ has lost one of his greatest friends. Very sad news.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

it's cold and wet!

Oh my I have woken up this morning to cold and wet can this be? It's a cricket day!!! Its a T20 cricket day too so hopefully by this afternoon the weather will have improved and we will get to see some cricket, albeit that I will be wrapped up in more layers than an Eskimo, but to be honest I am not too bothered about that as long as I get to see some play.

Yesterday my Tykes were in action against Nottinghamshire. In what was to be a low scoring game the result was sadly not what I was wanting. Notts went into bat and  with captain James Taylor hitting 52,  and finished their  20 overs on  143-9 with His Royal Ryanness  taking 3-24. Now that had me fair bouncing around in my seat.....................until My Tykes went into bat. It all seemed to happen very quickly, they lost wickets very quickly and were 69-5 in what seemed to be a blink of an eye.
Tim Bresnan and Adil Rashid made a valiant stand but sadly my boys could only make 121-9 in their overs.

After a cracking bit of bowling from Ryan it was disappointing to see them lose..................However the County Championship is much more important and I for one am looking forward to next week when I will be motoring down the A1/M1 to tip up at Headingley. Wooohooo super flipping excited.

It was all go here at Tykes Towers yesterday as I was doing housework, shopping, circuits and gardening. Mr Funky the chauffeur came round and hacked through the West garden, I was raking up the large amounts of very lush vegetation and flipping snails!! although it looks as if the Frog family have 'hopped' to wetter climes. I then set to 'edging' the lawn and found that the path to the back of the extensive grounds is actually twice as wide as I thought it was!

This morning before the cricket I am thinking that I might tackle the front lawns................I only said might!

And so as the garden is starting to take shape and look considerably tidier I need to keep this going. 'Weed and feed' is on the shopping list for this week, as is 'weed killer'. After trying lots and lots I have found one at 'Wilko's  which does the trick brilliantly. ( OMG I was having a Percy Thrower moment there!)

So I am off to prepare for the arrival of  Tzarina Katerina who is popping in  ( and not 'pooping' as auto correct put, hahahah Dame Didi I bet you are laughing at that!!! for obvious reasons!). Katerina is off on a drinking weekend with her mates so hope that she has a good time.

I am off to make coffee and then get ready for cricket

Have a great Sunday where ever you are.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lazy Daisy

Five minutes ago this was me! Well apart from straight hair and pink PJ's! I woke up and it was 7.45am!! Flipping heck what a lie in . I had actually fallen asleep on the sofa at about 11pm, woke up at 1am and then trotted up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire. I was a tired Lady Lainey.

I had hurried home in preparation of The War or the Roses, only to find that due to 'precipitation' which was actually a flipping monsoon, Headingley was underwater. Not a ball was bowled. Sorry state of affairs, It had rained slightly in Lady Lainey workville and there had been some at Tykes Towers but nothing like the amount they had in Leeds.

Durham also suffered at Northamptonshire as rain caused a delayed start. Durham went in to bat and were soon in trouble at 26-3 however more rain saved the day and the match was abandoned with Durham on 69-4.

So not a great evening for the cricket really.

However today Yorkshire are in Nottinghamshire having a bit of a bat in T20 action ,and tomorrow Durham are taking on Derbyshire.
I am off to that one with Pauly Paul and Dynomo Dom, as Mr Funky is off to Harrogate to play golf!!!! Yes GOLF!!!! How flipping boring is that!

Well the Lady Lainey limo is back and the windscreen wipers are fully working again. I did get 'loves and kisses' from Benjii the french kissing border collie when I went to collect the car. I also got two muddy paw prints strategically placed on my 'chest' and having been wearing a cream top they were very flipping noticeable!!! I got some strange looks in the local 'Co op' when I went to get some milk!!!!

However it was a top day for I Lady Lainey as my super signed Yorkshire shirt returned from the framers and is currently in a rubbish skip somewhere in Sunderland, where I am told it will be safe until Sunday, as the skip isn't emptied until Monday. 'WHAAATTTT?' I can hear you all screaming. I know that it was a joke, I expect that it has pride of place on the sitting room wall at said house.

I am super excited about bringing it home, I was considering putting it on the ceiling above my bed................................but I would have had to take the mirror down!

( some of the above is not true, I will leave it up to you to decide which is)

Friday, 27 June 2014

Ahh it's F(ryan )day

Yippeee  it is the end if the week and what a week ( ish) it has been, lots of work stress ( mainly having to do some), flipping windscreen wipers conking out again, two of the company cars conking out, a cancer scare. and some late nights too ( anything past 9pm is a late night in my house). But all is now right in Lady lainey Land although the work thing will be going on until I am 65 ( or there and there abouts), which is not a good thought considering that I am only 21!!

So today I am going to chill out and just take it easy ( 'you do that every day' Job the Jolly). I may even swap the copious amounts of coffee for Green tea! and maybe even meditate the day away ( read that as 'have a nap for 7 hours').
Until I get home and quickly change into 'Yorkshire lass' to support my Tykes in 'The War of the Roses'. Yes my boys are hosting their arch enemies Lancashire tonight. Latest team news is that they are resting Jack Brooks. Yes the headband warrior will be sitting with his feet up watching the boys whilst having a glass of Diet Vimto. Lots of mumblings on Twitter re this decision but to be honest The County Championship is way more important than T20, so its a no brainer. Will they rest His Royal Ryanness too????

Former besty home county of Durham are resting Chris Rushworth tonight in their clash against Northants. Good decision me thinks, as this leaves him fresh for Sunday against Derbyshire.

I have been thinking about getting the advice of a personal trainer in my quest to return to super slim Lainey, and am truly touched by the 'support' that I have received from friends. The comment of 'Eat less exercise more, £50 please' had to be the top retort!

In truth this is  is a good plan, only problem.................EAT LESS!!!

Dame Didi is feeling a bit better today after a bit of a 'do' at hospital on Wednesday, luckily carrots hadn't been on the menu! However hope that you are feeling better today, if I was you I would stay in bed on Tuesday as Tzarina Katerina is coming over to your 'village' to drop off the car for Lord Christophe. And by the sounds of it I have been roped into the whole event, so I will probably tip up some time after 10pm as we will be driving from her village to yours via John o'Groats!. ( for the love of dogs!!! what was the A66 built for if not a quick route to Chateau Saltburn).

The weekend is so close that I am now in a frenzy of washing and housework thoughts. And I have to do a spot of gardening too in preparation for big garden works which hopefully will start to take shape soon. I have been given a list of white flowering plants to put in to the newly planned large border in what is currently the 'West Wasteland'. More to come on this project.

So I am off to hop in the shower and to get ready to be picked up by Pony Paul who is kindly giving me a lift into work in  one of the new company cars, Yes we are now onto the second Hyundai i40, due to Pony 'breaking' the other one.

have a brilliant F(ryan)day, and


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Wow Wine ahoy.

So yesterday was a good day and I was able to combine looking pretty for 7 hours with doing some work and it all went well.

 I then dashed back to Tykes Towers and got changed and went off to super flash Bistro in the City of Durham to a 'networking' event (usually an evening of pompous 'old boys' boasting about their jobs) however this was a woman's only 'do' and after drinking goats blood, burning my bra and having several parts of my anatomy pierced in the initiation ceremony it was a cracking night ( none of this is actually true apart from having a cracking night). We had lots of chatting ( as woman  do ) and we also had a fantastic meal, and I got lots of leads as to whom to contact, which is brilliant. They are also going to host a tasting in October which seems a while away but hey its all in the diary.

And so as I drove home I was very chuffed with the whole day.

Former besty home county of Durham will also have been very chuffed with themselves as they won their match against Sussex by 309 runs, They needed one wicket and up stepped Chris Rushworth to do the honours. Understandably the boys were very pleased with themselves. However kiss of death moment, Captain Collywobble saying that he could see Durham doing a 2013! ( my words not his, but you get the drift). The win brought Dutham up to 4th in the table, but hey it is only June.

My Tykes would have been wending their way back home yesterday, top of the table and top boys.
Sitting on this fence is getting a little painful.

And so the witch hunt begins, yes the hacks are out to get Alistair Cook. Yes I am not a huge fan of the man, but the team are new, they are starting to bond well together and who else would be Captain......................oh yes the man with no lips!!!

Leave the team alone and let them do what they are getting paid to do OK they are getting paid to play match winning cricket ...........but Rome wasn't built in a day!.................

and nor was St Helens Place, Keynsham Town Hall, Oxford Street, Royal Collage of Art, Birmingham Dental Hospital and all the other flipping jobs I am trying to manage at the moment, so all thoughts of cricket and wine must be removed from my mind and I must wend my way to super swanky Lady Lainey office  and hope that we can 'magic' up a 'subby' draughtsman today to lighten the load, luckily for us Dan Dan Cowboy draughtsman is off to Guernsey, obviously to buy a house with all his wages from his last subby job with us!!!

So twirl my curls, put on the Jimmy Choos and off I jolly well go,

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

He's back!!!!

Well after being super excited on Monday  by his Royal Ryanness taking a wicket, me thinks he must have read my blog, because he only went and took 3 more yesterday !!! His First class wicket total now stands at 635! Too say I was excited was an understatement and by the time I had arrived back at Tykes Towers from super swanky Lady Lainey office, Yorkshire had trounced Warwickshire by an innings and eight runs.

Buzzing hardly described Lady Lainey, flipping bouncing was more apt.

It was a great game with Jack Brooks taking his wicket total to over 200 and Karl Carver making an impressive debut. I am sure that the boys celebrated with a couple of sherry shandies before heading off to bed for some well earned kip.

Headingley in just over a week is now getting me super excited.

Former besty home county of Durham were also having a right old game at The Riverside Ground against Sussex. Ben Stokes took more wickets yesterday taking his total to a career best of 10-121 and putting Durham on the brink of victory In their second innings they posted 359-6 and then declared. Sussex were 173-9 at close of play.

My thoughts. Don't take your sandwiches with you today, you will be home before lunch ( whoops famous last words).

Yesterday after saying how hard I was being on myself in light of all the recent upheavals that had been happening in the life of I Lady Lainey Robinson and the rest of the clan. I had a wonderful day, very little stress and what was better for the boys, very little shouting, although I did gulp down huge amounts of coffee and  green tea ( to try to counterbalance the caffeine). I even managed to do my 7 hours of looking pretty and do a teeny weeny bit of work. Today is another matter!! Lots of work from very early on!.

However this evening I am going  to further the wine business and get myself known ( better known?) in Durham. By the time I get home tonight I will be out for the count in the blink of an eye.

Yes Lady Lainey stayed up jolly late last night, and as it was a flipping hot night had a lot of trouble getting some shut eye. No problem though a ton of 'slap' on this morning will hide that!.

Well off to do what I do best ( nothing) and entertain architects with my wit, OK I will just look formidable and that keeps them quiet.

I also hope that all goes OK today Dame Didi, I will ring you tomorrow as you will probably have an early night tonight ( and so will I).

Until tomorrow,

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

It's a good day!

Of late I have been a little too hard on myself in lots of ways, even going as far as saying that at times I actually didn't like I; Lady Lainey. Which is a bit of a shame as I think that I can be a good friend, I am always nice to animals ( especially dogs and most men). I think that I am funny sometimes ( and not just when I have had a drink). I give to charity and just try to be nice to people. But the one person that I wasn't nice to was me. The past few years have been tough ones in Lady Lainey Land ( and also with the rest of the clan). So from today I am pulling my socks up, and not being half as hard on myself. Time for a complete shift of thinking in Lady Laineys head!

Time for shifting seems to be a topic Geoff Boycott got into yesterday, after England were left facing the first home rest defeat by Sri Lanka. Boycott described Alistair Cooks form as 'a recipe for resignation'. Well, in my untrained eyes the team seem to be looking better as a 'team', but not on results. If Cook steps down my only horror would be if the man with no lips took over....................however he thinks he is already the Captain so what the heck.

Day two in the Big Birmingham House, Aaron Finch  hit his first century for Yorkshire. My Tykes had been 82-2 overnight and then batted all day to get 422, a lead of  194 runs. 8 of those were from His Royal Ryanness! Woohoo flipping brilliant from all the Tykes!!

At The Riverside Ground Durham finally seem to have found some form. And Ben Stokes got out of his strop long enough to take a career best 7-67 as he tore through the Sussex batting order. At close of play Sussex were all out for  205 and Durham were  105-1 in their second innings.
The Hacks are all now backing  Stokes to be back in the England team. My view? Bowling great, temper appalling. Learn to curb one of these and be professional and then he will be an asset.

The past two tours with England in any form have ended badly for Stokes. England Lions tour, sent home in disgrace after persistently ignoring orders from superiors. England World T20 tour, home due to broken hand ( temper tantrum). Will he get a third chance?

And now as I face the day at Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, I am hoping that MY Tykes play brilliantly ( i.e Ryan takes some more wickets) and that Durham can win two matches in a row.

Monday, 23 June 2014

32 & 632

So it was a top cricket day yesterday, we set off to The Riverside Ground in brilliant sunshine and were looking forward to a great day.I was busy trying to find out the squad for my Tykes to see if His Royal Ryanness had finally made it back.......................and yes he had! much to my relief.

Durham went into bat and  were 5 down in what seemed like the blink of an eye, not looking like a good day. Mark Stoneman stood his ground and hit 113 which brought the team back from 30-3. Ben Stokes put on a good display of petulant behaviour when he was out.........I would have thought he had learnt his lesson by now, but at least he didn't slam the dressing room door like last week, however lots of grass kicking and verbal as he walked off. The team closed on 337 with Chris Rushworth coming in at 11 and hitting 32 off 18. balls. That woke the crowd up!!!! apart from Pauly Paul and Mr Funky who were taking it in turns to catch a few Z's. All that button pushing at work is jolly flipping hard work.

Sussex went in to bat and were 20 with out loss at stumps.

Over in Birmingham, Yorkshire had given 18 year old Karl Carver his first class debut and in return he took a did His Royal Ryanness much to my relief ( 632 FC wicket total). Pyrah and Brooks took the bulk of the wickets to bowl Warwickshire out for  228.

Yorkshire went into bat and lost Lyth and Leaning quickly. however Lees and Gale set in and the day closed with My Tykes being 82-2. All to play for this week and at least I am happy that the 'big man' is back.

By the time I got home I was jolly exhausted, its flipping hard work sitting in the sun all day.

I quickly checked what had been going on at Headingley and to be honest I wished that I hadn't bothered. Sri Lanka built up a commanding lead although England rallied towards the end taking two wickets. The match hangs in the balance.

Finally cousin Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo last week did a 125 bike ride for charity, he dragged his wife along too and they completed their task, raising a lot of money along the way, well done Hooligan and Mrs Hooligan,a great childrens charity has benefited.

And so the new working week is ahead of us, so without further ado, time to get a wriggle on and get organised.

Until tomorrow

Sunday, 22 June 2014

cricket sunday

Hurrah!!!!!! Its a cricket day and I have been up all of 5 minutes and am now about to get the rest of the lunch done and then get showered and curls washed. I am feeling a bit rough this morning, due to 'tennis elbow' I have taken painkillers which only work for a short time. I am thinking that I need to empty out my handbag, I think that is the culprit.

So food nearly done and then off to 'The Riverside' ( yes I know it is known by another name but it will always be The Riverside Ground to me). To see former besty home county of Durham take on Sussex. Durham will be looking for another win. Sussex are just above them in the table, so this will be a good old match, shame I only get to see one day of it.

Besty home county of Yorkshire are away to Warwickshire, I am awaiting team news, I need to see if  His Royal Ryanness is fit to play. I have been having a lot of worry of late ( and not just about moi et mon famille). I am really hoping that Ryan is on the mend, if not perfectly fit. he had better be playing when I go to Headingley!!!!!

Yesterday at Headingley the test match saw Sam Robson hit a century, he was understandably overjoyed, however 'Bell' got in on the action by telling Sam to 'enjoy the moment'........................... because he wasn't going to? The more I read about Ian Bell the more he makes me a tad cross!!!

England closed the day on 320-6, 63 runs ahead.

Yesterday I was very busy, what with washing being done, and then visiting.By the time I got home it was nearly nap time, however I decided to forgo a snooze and do some 'wine work' ( no not drinking it!!!!).

The rest of the day was spent reading and swotting up for my upcoming wine exam, and then listening to Tzarina Katerina burbling about the price of cruises. Hey the thought of going on a cruise makes me feel that poking sticks in my eyes might be more exciting. However it floats her boat ( flipping good floatation I say) and she likes to be pampered ( had a lifetime of it!). So hopefully she will go off on one over Xmas and have a good time.

And now I am off to finish up all the stuff for 'boys' and then get ready for the off!

Have a good day and I will be back tomorrow.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Sun is shining already!!

Wooohooo it Saturday and it's 5.50am and the sun is shining, I have got the washing machine on ( of course),. the dishwasher is doing its stuff, and I have already chased the local cat out of the lavender where is was about to do something pretty horrible!!!

I also had a flipping brilliant nights sleep although I still feel like I have been 'steam rollered'.
However this morning I am off to former Lady laineyville to have coffee with ex neighbours Kevin and Hazel, do a spot of shopping and then come home to put together the food for cricket tomorrow. Also on my 'to do ' list is put more junk treasures on eBay. I need to make more room in my house!

Last evening after work I came straight home, there was a T20 match at The Riverside, but Mr Funky and Pauly Paul were at work, and I didn't fancy going on my own. I asked Job the Jolly if he wanted to go, but he was in the same mind as me, home, relax, sleep. Its been a long old week.
However at The Riverside Durham Jets  were not having a happy night of it as they were beaten by Leicestershire Foxes. Calum MacLeod,  once again had a good knock. Usman Arshad was banned from bowling during the match, for bowling two successive beamers in his second over.

Down in 'South Durham' aka Hampshire they had a bit of an exciting T20 match going on. They beat Gloucestershire by 2 runs and Will Smiths three wicket haul was a clincher. Michael ( eye candy for the ladies) Carberry didn't have a great knock, but away from T20 Hampshire are hanging onto the top of the Division Two table.Top Southern boys!!!

There was a bit of test match stuff going on at Headingley, and Liam Plunkett only went and bowled super brilliantly AND before I start getting 'tweets' from Pauly Paul, I know that I have been scathing about Liam in the past BUT he was on the path to self destruct at Durham and the change to Yorkshire has done him good.

Sri Lanka were bowled out for 257 and England were 36-0 at stumps.

Hark I hear the sound of the spin cycle coming to an time to hang my smalls on the line and get a wriggle on.

And the flipping sun has gone in, would you 'Adam and Eve' it!!!

Friday, 20 June 2014


Happy F(ryan)day everyone!!! Yes after 7 virtually sleepless nights, I finally slept all night last night and most of yesterday afternoon. I had to go to hospital for some tests, which came back 'all clear' and so I can stop fretting and worrying, and get back to partying hard!!! ( now where is my secret stash of champers?)

Normal service will now resume.

The match at Sussex was drawn, My Tykes have now shot up to the top of the , which is seriously where they belong.

I can't tell you much about the match yesterday as I couldn't keep up on Twitter when I was in hospital and also when back home, due to being fast asleep. Needless to say I am delighted with the result......................but a win would have been  better.

Top bowler at former besty home county of Durham, Chris Rushwoth has been talking about silencing his social media critics, a torrent of abuse was posted after the Worcestershire T20 match.
Rushworth was a key figure in the counties first win this week and Chris now has taken  26 first class wickets this season.
Top boy and doing well in his 'Dry 2014' challenge ( wish I was!)

It is now just over two weeks until I am off to Headingley.................and  I am super flipping excited,
I will be starting to pack my bag at the weekend ( and it will be unpacked, repacked a million times before I go)

Mr Funky the chauffeur, came and mowed the lawns in the extensive grounds of Tykes Towers, the Deer Park is now back to normal and the poor dead birdie, got a decent burial ( OK he chucked it over the wall into the bushes!). At least Tykes Towers looks tidy again. Think I might be painting railings again this's like the Forth Road Bridge!!!!

This is another super short blog, but this is due to the fact that I slept in this morning, yes I didn't crawl out of my bed until 6am!!!!,

Running late got to put some slap on and go to shout my orange curly head off in Super swanky Lady Lainey I said normal service has resumed!

Thursday, 19 June 2014


Well it Thursday and I know that anyone reading this in 'real'time will know what day it is, but I couldn't  think of a title today. You are probably wondering why there is a slightly out of focus picture of some fuchsias? Well I found that picture as I was looking through this morning and remembered that I took that on Christmas Eve 2010!!!! Yes my little garden at LT Towers in Darlo had it's own micro climate, something to do with it being completely enclosed I guess.

Anyhooo enough waffling on about nothing, and lets get to the cricket. Well former besty home county of Durham won yesterday despite Jos Butler hitting a century. This was Durhams first win of the season and saw Chris Rushworth taking 4-45. This win lifted Durham up to 6th in the table.
They are in T20 action tomorrow night against Leicestershire Foxes.

Down at Arundel, besty home county of Yorkshire were getting into the swing of things as Jonny Bairstow hit a century to put my Tykes in control. Bairstow hit 161 no, set a sixth wicket record stand (138) with Timmy Bresnan . My boys declared on 470-7 and Sussex were 21-0 at close of play.


They are not in T20 action tomorrow.

Oh dear the man with no lips ( Ian Bell)  is preparing to make his 100th appearance for England. I have been subjected to seeing him 100 times!!! Now I know this sounds unkind and cruel but he irritates me and i am not too sure why. Something to do with having an opinion about everything..................sounds very much like Trill Boy, and boy has he irritated me this week.

Luckily we are only a day away form F(ryan)day, the best day of the week ( for obvious reasons).

So I am busy , busy this morning and have lots to do before I wend my weary way.

So I am keeping this very short and going to throw myself in the shower!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mid week thank goodness

Yes it is Wednesday and I am wandering around Tykes Towers a bit lost, I guess I am missing Xena who is safely tucked up at home in bed now that Lorraine is back. Xena will be glad of the lie in, having been woken up at stupid o'clock the past two mornings. I might just have to pop round to see her this evening on  my way home from work.

Well over at former besty home county of Durham it was all kicking off yesterday. Scott Borthwick missed out on his century. Tom Smith had brilliant bowling figures of 5-42 as Durham were bowled out for 267. Lancashire went back into bat and Chris Rushworth took  both of the wickets before close of play. Durham are still searching for their first championship win having drawn six of their seven matches so far. However it's not from want of trying.

Yorkshire were making steady work down in Sussex as Lyth and Learning both made half centuries. Learning hit 75no in a four hour knock. his career best at Yorkshire. They have however slipped down to 4th position in the table but I am sure they will be back at the top before too long.

All was quiet and peaceful in super swanky Lady Lainey office yesterday after I had 'words' with 'boys' on Monday. This is not a good week to mess with I, Lady Lainey, who is a totally stressed out. Even the thought of cricket on Sunday is not calming me have no idea how much work I have to do???? and I don't go to the office to do work as you all know!!!.

To try to take my mind off all of that  I am busy with 'the wine business', orders are coming through and it is great to see that people are loving the wine.

When I went out into the extensive grounds of Tykes Towers this morning their was a dead bird by the  the back door, it looks to have hit the window, I am hoping that when Mt Funky the chauffeur comes to cut the lawns he can dispose of it ( over the wall into the bushes I think). However seeing the length of the lawns their may be dead tigers and lions and a couple of wildebeest in there too, not sure how he will dispose of them!!!!

Oh well off to have another peaceful day in the office and hopefully get my desk cleared down!

Have a great day where ever you are.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tired girls today

This morning both Xena and I are super tired we went for a very long walk last night (well long for me as it was further than table to bar at last orders)  We also had a very long chat, well I talked to Xena and she chased rabbits!!.

By the time we  got home she was shattered,I was shattered and at 9pm we both toddled off to bed.

I did however watch the highlights of the Test which was really as exciting as cricket gets. Anyone who says that T20 cricket is the way cricket should go,needed to watch yesterdays end of game.

England thought they had won when last ball was looking lbw as given by umpire. Only forSri Lanka to use their last review.........Not out!!!.

Brilliant cricket and great sportsmanlike behaviour.

Yorkshire were at Sussex and took to the field Bresnan and Brooks were the pick of the bowling. Reports are that His Royal Ryanness will be back next week. About flipping time I have been seriously been missing my doppleganger.
Hopefully all the r &r  has done its job.
So now I am running late, trying to scribble my blog on my phone. Sorry for any mistakes. And now off to super swanky Lady Lainey office.

However I will leave you with my motto for today

To err is human

To arrrr is pirate

Now wheres me rum????????

Monday, 16 June 2014

Back to work!

And so the weekend has flown by and its Monday already.

Mr Funky the chauffeur collected me early as roads in Ladylaineyville were closed due to a 10K race!!!! WTF!!! People running in Ladylaineyville and not because they had called time at 'The Acorn' flipping heck.

It rained on the way to The Riverside and play was delayed.
The game was well played and although no Oliver Newby ,much to the amusement of Mr Funky the chauffeur and Pauly Paul who then had a long drawn out discussion about when he had actually played for Lancashire.

I was overheard by one of the  Lancashire players who I described as 'chubby'. He turned striaght round and gave me the 'pot and kettle ' look.

Over at Lords Gary Ballance hit his maiiden century and England look in the driving seat but you just know..............

So home I came or more to the point went to  'dog sit' Xena warrior rottweiler.she quickly settled on my knee yes on my knee and then started snoring.

I did dip back into the world cup to see France win. Well I have to support my home team don't I?

And now I have just walked Xena and am about to head off to super swanky Lady Lainey office.

She is back on the sofa snoring very loudly which is something that I would just love to do!!!!!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

It's a cricket day

Yes it's a cricket day and I am trying (unsuccessfully) to get myself motivated to go. Even the thought of a possible sighting of Oliver Newby's posterior is not making me skip into the shower and wash the orange curls. I must get myself motivated or Mr Funky the chauffeur will be here and I will still be in my dressing gown.

Over at Lords yesterday it was a good day for Liam Plunkett whom I have been scathing of in the past. I will be the first to say that the move to Yorkshire has been the right one, another two seasons at Durham and who knows where Liam may have been. He may have only taken one wicket yesterday, but it was enough to show that it was the right decision to select him.

Kumar Sangakkara hit 147, leaving Sri Lanka 160 runs behind at the end of day three.

Durham also announced that they have given Calum Macleod a contract, well to be honest he deserves it, he has been playing brilliantly and could be a real addition to the team.

So what wonderful things were going on at Tykes Towers yesterday, well there was the washing as documented early morning yesterday. There was also a bit of weeding in the garden ( all of 5 seconds until I was bored), then I had a nap, baked a corned beef and potato and onion pie. Read my new book by well known Welsh author Alan Mags ( OK this is a fib its his first book, the sequel could well include her Ladyship).
Then I watched  the history of Elizabeth Taylors jewellery. Now this was fascinating and I know that 99.9% of the UK were watching  England play football, but I am sorry Diamonds win everytime. And boy did she have some BIG diamonds. (and emeralds and rubies and sapphires......).

And this morning I read that apparently England lost.

So now I must try to get a wriggle on as I am  off tonight to stay with my new friend Xena ( warrior rottweiler), so also have to pack a bag for a couple of nights away.

Its going to be like a mini holiday

Saturday, 14 June 2014

And so to the washing

And so it is Saturday and  the washing machine is on, it is actually 3.30am  and I am typing this now a I was woken up an hour ago by some very noisy neighbours coming in by taxi! So now I am listening to the dishwasher and the washing machine as I am watching the sun come up, which should be a wonderful sight, but as I can hardly keep my eyes open.........

So I had said that I would not be watching any of the World Cup football, but two things drew me to the match last night, firstly Thierry Henry commentating ( and to be honest he speaks English better that Rio Ferdinand, and its Thierry's second language!) and the wonderful Fernando Torres. Sadly Spain got hammered by The Netherlands  and I am guessing that there were lots of 'orange' celebrations..

Celebrations a plenty yesterday as Joe Root hit his maiden double century, what a top boy, showing his class and silencing his critics ( for the time being). England declared on  575-9. Sri Lanka went in to bat and closed the day on 140-1

My Tykes were also in action last night taking on  Northamptonshire at Wantage Road. Jonny Bairstow showed his class by helping to steer My Tykey Vikings. He hit an unbeaten 60 to lead the boys to a 16 run victory and help them to retain the third spot in the Northern group.

Yes it was a good day for my Tykes thats for sure!

It was a fairly good day in super swanky Lady Lainey office as we managed to solve some problems on super big job in London but not before 'cheesing' off out 'pet' structural engineer. Well we didn't but Big Si the Big Boss did. Sad really as we have all had a good working relationship with him and liked him a lot. I just hope that he comes back to us soon!.

I went to meet my new besty furry pal Xena last night, her and I will be spending a couple of nights together, and I am in charge................well I think I am but I guess that Xena will have other ideas!

It should be fun, well its some company isn't it.............for Xena that is.

Today is more Test cricket and also if it stays dry getting all the washing dry.

I hear that there is some football on tonight but I doubt that I will be watching it. I dipped in last night and that was enough ( or I 'fink' it waS as Rio would say).

So now I am going to hang out my smalls and crawl back into bed for an hour it is now 4.40am.

I will be a tired and grumpy old thing late if I don't!!!!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Yes it's that day again

Oh's F(ryan)day and then two days to sit about and do nothing when I should be doing WASHING and housework. I am going to cricket on Sunday which is something to look forward to I suppose.
It looks as if I am going to be helping a friend out on Sunday night and Monday night by staying looking after her dog whilst she goes away for a couple of days.You may remember last year I told you about her breaking her back in a freak water sport accident. Well she is struggling to get anyone to have the dog  overnight with her dog, so I have volunteered.

Anyhow now I can hold her ransom to have a wine tasting evening!!!!

England were in action against Sri Lanka in The First Test at Lords. England were not looking in particularly good form with the top four in the batting order going without really making an impression.And then in came Joey Root!!! oh yes in he strolled, calm and collected,  and hit an unbeaten 102. His second century at Lords ( no tears from her Ladyship this year though just lots of cheering). Prior was not out on 76 by close of play. Lets see what today brings.

Tonight my Tykes are in T20 action and His Royal Ryanness is not back and I am now getting very worried, (well its stops me worrying about other things). It is now the middle of June, and he needs to be back on that field and taking wickets jolly flipping soon. Seriously though I am concerned.

He is standing on 631 FC wickets and needs to get at least 650 this season to make me happy, I am not sure that this is going to happen AND ( dries tears ffom my eyes) I fear the 'R' word coming up at the end of the season. If I am wrong then I will be a tres jolly lapin, if I am right I will be inconsolable!

Well it's F(ryan)day and I am off to super swanky Lady Lainey office and to be honest I have no desire to go there! WHAT!!!! I hear you all cry!!! Her Ladyship does not want to go to shout at boys, drink copious amounts of coffee and look pretty for 7 hours????????? in a, I would rather be laid on my sofa wrapped up in my blanky and sleeping all day! However that won't happen so best to just get on with the day, the sooner I go, the sooner I get home, also the sooner that we can put this week to bed!!!!

So what are my plans for this evening, well I might do circuits but it depends how I feel when I leave the office, have some dinner and then possibly an early night. Well either that or be bored rigid with football!!!

Oh well lets get this F(ryan)day  properly started, one super strong cup of coffee and then off to the office!

Oh yes and thank you to Chris for giving me a call last night to make sure I was alright, what a top bloke!!
Have a great weekend y'all

Thursday, 12 June 2014

It's been a funny old week

Yes it certainly has and I am not really looking forward to next week either, but hey hoo. What would life be without drama??!!

So yesterday was the strangest day I have had in a couple of months ( yes they keep happening) and now I am sitting typing feeling rough as a badgers bum after having no sleep what so ever! Not going to be pretty in super swanky Lady Lainey office today in more ways than one.

So lets move onto cricket of which there is little to report other than Yorkshire drew their match with Notts ( yes the weather was to blame). Bresnan and Patterson were the pick of the bowling attack and stopped James Taylor from scoring a century.

Yorks are back in action tomorrow for T20 and then on Monday they are in Susseex for four days. Lucky blighters!!!
They did however creep back up to second place in the table with their draw and  are 5 points behind  Somerset.

Last night my friend Magsy rang from Wales, I was very busy doing 'wine' type things ( no not drinking it). He rang to tell me he has had a book published about his organising and running Choir tours all over the world, but there is  another one in the pipeline.................................which will be about his cricket tours. OMG the infamous  Alfaz cricket tours and mad afternoons at Sporting Alfaz CC.
I am hoping that names will be changed to protect her Ladyship!!!

We chatted and laughed for over an hour, he is posting a copy of his newly published book out to me today and I will let you all know about this one when I have read it.

SO today I am about to throw myself in the shower, I am running late, and I have no idea if I will be fit to do any work today.............but hey why change the habits of a lifetime.

It really is a short one today.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Workout Wednesday

OK so my back is better today, and ( stupidly) I have decided to go back to circuits tonight. Only tomorrow will tell if it is the right move, however after my yoga class was a disaster I am going back to what I know best.

Yesterday was a strange day, with more monsoon type rain and then over bearing heat, all of which whipped all the boys up into  a frenzy and resulted in much shouting. Honestly boys, whether they be sheeters, roofers or 'draughtsboys', all jolly tiresome. And also one of the super sized new monitors that was delivered to super swanky Lady Lainey office, was  yesterday 'destroyed'. Yes three days old and already consigned to the back office. Its just too easy for them really!!!.

So here's hoping that today is not quite so fraught.

So Yesterday at Yorkshire things were not  going too well although the Tykes managed to finish their first innings on 247. It seems to have been a struggle to get there though and the weather was not kind to my boys either. However Notts had managed to pull to 102-2 by close of play yesterday.

Yorkshire are currently 3rd now in the table and need to get their flipping act together and pull some points out of the bag, AND still no news on the Royal hamstring either.!!!

I have just been looking ahead and see that Yorkshire are down at Arundel next week, whilst Durham are at home,and where I will be on Sunday. Oh yes back to the packing up of provisions for masses and listening to Mr Funky and Pauly Paul make 'boy talk'!!!  May end up in the 'Jets' Bar!!!

It looks as if it is going to be a lovely day today and I am actually going to wear a 'frock' for work, Yes I know that I am tempting fate but hey its the summer!!! Or so everyone keeps saying. My idea of summer is temperatures so hot that you can just make it to lie on the beach all day, with the occasional dip in the sea, actually that is my idea of winter too. Maybe Christmas in India again is something to aim for.

Oh well it is a short one today as I have lots to do this morning and not a lot of time to do it in.

So until tomorrow

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Torrential Tuesday

Flipping heck, I woke up this morning to a chuffing monsoon outside and I am not joking either. If you remember when I moved into Tykes Towers there had been quite a lot of rain and I thought that I had the added bonus of a swimming pool at the bottom of my drive ( see above picture). And this morning the swimming pool is back, no Jimmy Choo's for her Ladyship this morning me thinks, its time to dust off the Hunters!!!!

Apparently last night in Kent you could see the maaahooosive storms that were lashing the Pas de Calais over Le Manche!, Think they might be on there way here!!!!

And storms a brewing again in cricket land as 'He who must not be named in the blog' has been yapping on about how Ashley Giles didn't get the England job because they had a good relationship. Oh dear how much more big headed must FIGJAM get. Hark,  I hear the sound of workman at his house enlarging the door frames to allow room for his ever swelling head!.

Motormouth Ian Bell won England Cricketer of the Year yesterday, I am guessing that they gave him it to shut him  up. The pictures do not make pleasant visuals either, If that is his smile, I think I prefer him to look menacing!  Check out the BBC cricket website.

My Tykes were in a bit of a quandary yesterday as rain thwarted their hopes of gaining a first innings lead. Yes it was lashing down in Leeds and rain halted play. Which meant that there was lots of viewing of 'Murder she wrote' and 'Diagnosis Murder', Probably a lot of snoozing and card games going on too. I think if it rains both teams should take each other on at Twister! How much fun would that be? Just an idea!

Well after putting my back out lifting up my handbag the other night, I hobbled into work yesterday with a packet of painkillers and an empty handbag. Yes the bag that usually weighs the same as a small adult is now the weight of a mouse! Today I feel a little better but not taking any chances, because it wouldn't do for both myself and His Royal Ryanness to be crocked now would it????

@Fabulouslainey was jolly busy last night on conference calls and 'networking' to fill up her diary with all things wine and wine tasting.hopefully July might see the results. #newventurenewadventure

Well its time to don the Hunters and hobble out to the garage to get the Lady Lainey limo out. 'Dem  office boys' had better be nice to me today !

Monday, 9 June 2014

The working week starts again

Yes it's Monday again and like Pink Hippo and VB I am looking out of the window and wondering where the heck the weekend went.!!! I fear its going to be a long old week in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office.

However plans are now being well and truly put into place for my trip to Headingley and I am in full preparation mode, lots to do and lots to be sorted before I head off down the M1 in 4 weeks time. Still no word on the fitness of His Royal Ryanness who has now been out for two weeks and not a single mention of his return!
Yesterday the Tykes started their four day game against Notts. Yorkshire were in the field and looked strong in the early parts of the match , Notts rallied slightly and then were bowled out for 205. However the visitors hit back . Lyth and Lees were both caught behind and the home team were 13-2. They picked up the pace and at close of play were 52-2. Not a great start!!!
Oh my golly gosh my heart was in my mouth I just couldn't believe it.

I am sure that Gillespie the Gallant will have been giving some tough team talk at close of play.

Twitter and all social media sites are great when used in the mode that they were devised for, to chat, keep in touch with and find out more about people. However when it is used to decry  anyone and to be blatantly abusive then it is not working properly. That is all I am saying on the subject #heisaprofessionalcricketeryouaren't

There was more washing and tidying at the Towers yesterday and also more 'stuff' being dumped onto eBay. Luckily I sold quite a lot this week and I am hoping that in the 'big' spare bedroom this will at least earn some floor space! I haven't been in this house two years yet and already I am bursting out of the walls.

No more shopping as I have no room for anything else. Yeah right!!! like that is ever going to happen.

Don't forget that Chris Rushworth is now into his 6th month of going dry for the whole of 2014, if you would like to sponsor him on this mammoth challenge, then have a look at his justgiving page and send some pennies. He is also having an on line auction which is hopefully will go live very soon. I will post the details of this when it happens. Lots of goodies up for auction.

Oh well time and work wait for no Lady and I am off to the office to see what this week holds for me. Sotty its a short one, but not too much crickety news to report.

Have a good day

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Oh dear it was all going sooo well

You know that expression that you hear form me over and over again 'Never again', well this time I mean it.
Yes besty friend 'Black Knight of the Ferrari'  was back in town ( actually back in the country) and decided to call...................with champagne....................then suggest we go eat at super swanky hotel that he has shares in.....................then have more champagne...............................and more........and more........I come home in a taxi in the wee small hours............I have a hammer drill going off in my head......Never Again ( until he is back from UAE next time).

Top nosh though Scallops  to start, Chateaubriand for mains and I didn't have dessert!!! Yes I know this comes as a shock to some of you but I seriously couldn't have eaten another thing. Fantastic meal and great evening/early morning.

Sadly it may be a long time until Black Knight is back in Blighty as his business is doing so well that he is expanding and jolly flipping busy he is too.

Anyhoooo, I am guessing that anyone, anywhere in Blighty yesterday got  good soaking, yes indeedy, the flipping heavens opened when I was in town and didn't stop. I also found that my back door is leaking and I have no idea where the water is coming in. Booooo I will have to get UPVC Paul back out to have a look at it.

Durham had travelled to Worcester yesterday and their match was delayed by two hours due to rain. And  forced the T20 match to be T13 instead. Durham didn't fair well losing Stoneman and Mustard way too quickly. Calum MacLeod was the top scorer with 43 runs.
Worcester went into the last over needing 15 tuns to win and after Gareth Andrews scored a six and a four in the first two balls he was caught my Stokes. It was to no avail though as the hosts won by five wickets.
Jack Shantry was bowling but whether he was wearing undies or not I will never know!
Durham have had a bad couple of days on the T20 front.

Today sees my Tykes back in action at home against  Nottinghamshire. I will be glued to twitter for that. #COYT

I am going to hang some washing out ( yes more washing) and  make myself some breakfast ( not that I am really hungry) and see how long I can stay wake.

Have a super Sunday

Bon journee

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Super Saturday

Well its Saturday and I had a little lie in this morning, before I start on my super Saturday chores. Firstly 'UPVC' Paul is coming to tell me how much the trim for the side of the garage door will be and  then I am off to Homebase to get all the 'stuff' that I need. THEN I am getting on and doing things.
Now one of my blog readers commented on how much washing I do! Well I am doing more today and the dishwasher will be going on again!
You see even a Lady has to deal with the mundane day to day household chores.

However the most important part of any weekend day for I, Lady lainey is my afternoon nap, and I gets meself jolly grumpy if I don't have one!

I am also going to try to go visiting and will drop in on Great Auntie Bet either later today or tomorrow. She is not too well but I am sure will have me in hysterics with her little pearls of wisdom. Some of which have been published here in the blog.

And after the excitement of having written 700 blogs I was having a little read through some old ones last night and I was fair laughing my curly head off! Most especially the ones from last seasons cricket!!

And talking cricket....................My Tykes only went and flipping beat Lancashire  last night in the T20 Blast. Oh yes 'newboy' Aaron Finch scored 88 to help the boys secure their win. This was a brilliant result and I was super excited. BUT!!! still no word on His Royal Hamstringness and I am getting tres worried. Yorkshire are not giving out any details and I am beginning to worry that this might be more serious than I thought. Please please please Yorks CCC give her Ladyship an update, the wait is turning my orange curls grey!

Durham were in Birmingham to do a bit of 'Bear Baiting'. However it did not go as planned for them and they lost their match by 6 wickets. They now have to trundle off to Worcester,woohoo Jack Shantry ahoy, top posterior!and apparently he sometimes bowls without underwear!!!  Now why had I never heard this before?

Surrey were in T20 action last night and ' he who must not be named in the blog' was back! Oh yes there will have been fanfares for FIGJAM, and then he managed to score five runs and Surrey slumped to defeat. Oh well not long until he is on the plane on his way to the CPL.

You may be wondering what happened to the 'left over' wine from the wine tasting on Thursday evening, well I took it into Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and the office boys and I 'played' at being Oz Clarke and Jilly Goolden. It was super fun, although drinking wine at 8.55am is not something that I normally do..............

So now it is time to throw myself into the shower rustle up an omelette for breakfast and get on with all the jobs in hand.

Until tomorrow

Friday, 6 June 2014

Woooohooo 700 blogs & F(ryan)day

OMG!!!! Would you flipping 'Adam and Eve' it. I have only written 700 blogs. and for those of you who have been reading them all......................GET A LIFE!!!!!

Only joking, yes it has been 700 blogs full of the rubbish that goes on in the head of I,Lady Lainey and  also lots of news from the cricket world and beyond.
I cannot believe that I am still here writing, and more to the point that people read it. To those of you who are faithful readers, thank you very much, for those of you who dip in and out.............START READING IT EVERY DAY!!!!!.

 So yesterday England announced their Test Team and  a big surprise addition was Liam Plunkett.  A couple of years ago it was well documented in the blog my thoughts on Liam as he went into self destruct mode at Durham.. However a couple of seasons under the wing of Gillespie the Gallant seems to have done the trick.
Very obvious omission is Ben Stokes.

Tonight sees Yorkshire take on Lancashire in the T20 bash. Another very obvious omission is Fatty Flintoff. He had shown good form  last weekend in club matches and during the week with Lancs 2nd XII. However after being monitored by the coaching staff it was decided to put his comeback on hold. #notgoodenough
So lets see if Lancashire let Oliver Newby have a little game tonight.

Durham are in T20 Bash action tonight against Warwickshire and then tomorrow against Worscestershire.

Good luck to the Durham boys.

Yorkshire have unveiled the plans for a £50m revamp at Headingley which would include rebuilding the North/South stand, increasing  ground capacity from 17,000 to 20,000.
There would also be the installation of new floodlights and extra seating on the upper tier of the North East Stand..
If the proposals go ahead then a phased 'transformation' would take place over the next 20 years.

So last evening we had a little get together and  wine tasting at 'Tykes Towers'. Tzarina Katerina came as did Auntie Lynn, ( who is as always very very funny). Accountant Fran and Countess Christine of McNally to name but four. Yes a civilised wine tasting evening......................................... NOT!!!! Countess Christine had a glass in both hands!. Liz from Yarm was knocking it back and then remembered she had to drive home.  Fran was loving it so much she can't wait for the next one!

All in all a great night was had by all....................and what about I Lady Lainey I hear you all ask, well I took myself off to bed to finish  my 'Vashon Estate South Australian Cabernet Sauvignon 2011'. And promptly dribbled it on my duvet cover, which is white!!!! So at 11.30pm I was stripping the bed, remaking it and putting the washing machine on. It is now hanging outside  and will hopefully be dry by the time I get back from Super swanky Lady Lainey office.

And so without further ado I am signing off for today. 700 blogs down, and still going strong. And of course it is F(ryan)day today. The flipping best day of the week as it is nearly the weekend ( and I get to pick my favourite picture of Ryan).

Bon Vendredi
et Bon Weekend

Of course I hadn't forgotten it is F(ryan)day so here he is checking over the restraining order!!!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Big night in

Yes tonight is the launch of the new job and to mark the occasion I am having a wine tasting at Tykes Towers. This should be great fun and no one should be really drunk as the idea is that you don't drink it just TASTE it!

It's all kicking off at about 7.45pm. Dame Didi can't come but Tzarina Katerina is coming so hope she brings her credit cards!.

However back to yesterday and the flipping rain that was pouring out of the sky!. Well it only made the match between Durham and Middlesex to be abandoned. Resulting in a draw and also resulting in Middlesex  the Southern Softies knocking my Tykes off the number one spot!!! Hmmmm not a very happy bunny about that!

What I am happy about now is my super new computer at super swanky Lady Lainey office and a super massive monitor which means that I can see my screen saver of His Royal Ryanness even better!!!! Big Si der boss from 'Darn Sarf' was brilliant fun as we discussed lots of important things like, how much simpler life was  when there were no mobile phones, and when 'Frustration' was not because your husband loaded the dishwasher incorrectly, but the best board game in the world. Oh yes we had a great time talking about the 'olden days'.
And then I had to do a bit of work.

It's not going to be a fun day today as we have all been upgraded on 'Autocad' which is a very technical drawing implement on the 'puter', and it is not at all like the version we have been using. Oh Joy another day of work!

We are so close to the weekend that I can nearly taste it, Plans are being put in place for what I will be up to, which may include some circuits and also going to the seaside ( no fish and chips though).

SOME people are lucky enough to be travelling to see Durham play in the T20 bashes Friday and Saturday, Yorkshire are away to Lancs tomorrow evening but sadly I cannot make Old Trafford by 6.30pm, so will just have to keep up on Twitter.

Oh well the shower and curl washing is calling.

A tout a l'heure

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

It's not the winning...................

..........but it flipping well helps!!!!!!!!!! And did My Tykes win in style yesterday! Oh yes they did!!!. Plunkett and Bresnan ( sounds like a couple of grave robbers) were the scourge of Northants as they bowled them out to give Yorkshire a 271 run win.
Nothants have now suffered their fifth home defeat despite having a 115 run lead after the first innings.
 Yorkshire went home celebrating being back at the top of Division One after securing 19 points!!!

Former besty home team  of Durham made Middlesex follow on. Chris Rushworth took a wicket even though earlier he had lost out when Stokes dropped the catch. However the weather this morning is not looking too grand! Come on Durham, finish this off!

I was nearly unfollowed/friended last night (again) because of my Yorkshire comments, but the lure of coffee, cake, a ham sarnie or two and possibly some corned beef pie, seems to have sorted that out!!!  I hope.

And talking about unfollowing, if I had warned Mt Funky once............well he made very unkind comments about the welfare of His Royal Ryanness, so sorry Funky I pulled the plug on you!

Ashley Giles is still moaning about being rejected for the England job. He says he is still struggling to come to terms with the rejection. For the love of dogs!!! Get over it!. They didn't choose you because you weren't good  enough. End of!!!!

Well yesterday was reasonably quiet due to Job the Jolly and Trill Boy being in London for a meeting, which left Pony Paul and I to 'live it up' in super swanky Lady Lainey office. Oh yes we know how to live, feet  up at lunchtime, reading Pony' paper and eating greek salad. The salad was lovely and I now know how to combat  'bingo wings' courtesy of Kerry Katona. To be honest seeing her in her gym wear I think that 'bingo wings' are the least of her problems!!!! Which is rich coming from I, 'Lardy' Lainey.

Today is a different kettle of fish, as Jobbers and Trill are back and also Super Si Big Boss from 'darn sarf' is here for the day, bringing us super new all singing ,all dancing ( do they do all my work too???) computers.

Hmmmmmmm wonder if we all adjourn to 'Joe Rigatonis' at lunchtime???

Dame Didi got a new hairstyle yesterday and it is flipping super. It looked fab in the picture and I am sure that it will look equally good when I go over at the weekend.

And if you are reading this now Dame Didi, 'Morning Winnie'

So with that I am off to brave the A1 on a wet and miserable Wednesday.............................but who cares because Tykes are Top!!!.

( sorry Joe just couldn't resist it!)

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Big fat smiley Tuesday

yes indeedy, It is a big fat smiley Tuesday and I am up and ready for the day at Super Swanky Lady Lainey office. So why am so full of the joys? well why the devil not?Its cricket season, its less than five weeks until I go to Headingley and my Tykes were playing really really well yesterday!

So lets have a recap of what was happening, Well Adam Lyth hit a double century which has managed to push my Tykes into a great position, he was aided along the way by Alex Lees who hit 138 before being caught mid on. Aaron Finch came in and hit a great  62 before Yorkshire declared on 564-3. Flipping good going, however they weren't finished there. Northants went into bat and at stumps they were 66-3!!

Come on you Tykes!!!!!!

Still no word from Yorkshire on the condition of His Royal Ryanness but I am sure that he will be super bouncy very soon and back where he should be!

Former besty home county of Durham were also doing flipping well over at Chester le Street and Scott Borthwick also hit a double century. The man ,mountain that is John Hastings hit an unbeaten 38 on his debut for the county. And I saw him on Sunday and he is flipping massive!!! He even makes His Royal Ryanness and I look small!!!! And that is something that neither of us are!!

Durham also declared on 568-9, and Middlesex were struggling when they went into bat. closing on  69-4.

Michael Vaughan has gone on record as saying that he thinks Fatty Flintoff is making a mistake coming back. Well Michael glad to see you have been reading my blog, been saying that for days. I am just waiting to see how this pans out. No doubt he will be crocked as soon as he sets foot on the field.
The rumour is that he will be paid a percentage of the gate fees for his appearances!  And its all about the love of the game.............................

So today is hopefully a winning day for my Tykes and I am keeping my fingers crossed and also keeping my eyes on see how the day pans out.

I hope that you all have a super Tuesday.

It's a cricket day!!!!!!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Weekend is over, it's official

Well the weekend is over and what a weekend it has been ( apart from Saturday but thats already well documented). So as I dragged myself out of my pit this morning I was wishing that today was another cricket day for me, wonder if I can throw in a holiday.> However due to Big Boss coming up from London this week I would say that is a big fat no!!!!!

Yesterday I picked up Pauly Paul and set off to Chester le street. Durham were playing Middlesex who put Durham in to bat......................BIG mistake The boys set off at full pelt and Mark Stoneman and Scot Borthwick both hit career best centuries with Stoneman falling just short of a double century. Northwick was still at the crease at the close of play on 164 no. The boys had made a county best 2nd wicket stand of 274 runs.
Durham closed on 411-4.

In Northants Yorkshire had something of a comeback with Lyth and Lees both hitting centuries and making me jolly happy about that. Still no word on His Royal Ryanness and no Mr Funky and MR Rushworth he is not going to have to be 'put down' and he has not injured his 'fetlock' You are both very cruel to I, Lady Lainey, especially when I am so worried about Ryan.
Yorkshire were turning the tables on Norhants closing on 237 without loss.

It was a day of centuries to say the least.

news filtered through that life is not going as planned at Essex for Monty Panesar. he was dropped by the team ahead of their County championship match for ' breaching team timekeeping rules'. Panesar who left Sussex last season after the infamous 'bouncergate' seems to be on a path to self destruction. Maybe its time to give it all up I say before he will not be taken on by any club. #loosecannon

It was a glorious day for cricket and we were all basking in sunshine. Even the presence of 'Would like to be Lord Lainey' did not mar the day, although SOME of the gang were actually fraternising with him, however due to the fact that he is taking my signed Yorkshire shirt to be framed, he will be forgiven on this occasion.

There are no more cricket days for me until the 15th June, so I guess that I will be expected to do things around Tykes Towers. Well I guess that needs must.

Now as I twirl my curls and get ready to head off, I am hoping that this is going to be a good week and that I can get back to the days of drinking copious amounts of coffee, shouting at boys, and looking pretty for 7 hours. Yes I can hope, but at the moment the chances of it being a reality are second to none.

Oh well off to prepare my fruit salad and yogurt and linseeds for breakfast, when really a big fat bacon and egg butty is what I really want!.

until tomorrow...................

Sunday, 1 June 2014

It's a cricket day!

Woohoo its a cricket day today and I have been up since the crack of dawn, sorting out the lunches and teas. I also have to drive!!!!! Yes moi driving myself to cricket!, But I am giving Pauly Paul a lift too.Mr Funky the chauffeur is doing something ( can't remember what but its not golf), so I said that I would drive up there myself. Gosh this has been happening a lot this season, what is the world coming to!

Well my Tykes were down in Northamptonshire for the start of their four day match. I am mightily distressed as there is still no word on the condition of His Royal Ryanness's hamstring. I am hoping that no news is good news and that he is just resting up.

However Yorkshire were not batting too well and were all out for 136. I think that I need to have a talk with Gillespie the Gallant, these boys are letting it slide!
Nothants in reply closed the day on 191-7, Brooks taking 4 wickets, Bresnan, 2 and Plunkett, 1.
I am hoping that day two is  better for my boys.

England played their 4th ODI against Sri Lanka yesterday and despite Joss Butler scoring 121 it was not enough to get England a win.I however didn't see it, as I was still trying to recover from the night before!!!!

Miss Babs called me last night

Miss Babs Gosh we were a bit pizzled last night according to Tezza

Lady Lainey I seriously don't remember you going home or getting myself into bed!.

Miss Babs When I got out of the car at home I walked across the lawn and tried to get into next doors house!

Lady Lainey Did you manage to get in?

Miss Babs  No Tezza turned me round and I walked back to our house, I had lost my bearings a bit!!!!

Lady Lainey  I lost my breakfast and lunch yesterday!!!!!! Never drinking again Miss Babs.............................oh don't forget to come on Thursday to my wine tasting!!!! :-)

So now I am about to throw myself into the shower and get ready.

The sun is shining, and it looks as if it is going to be a lovely day!!!!

Hope its good with you?