Thursday, 31 July 2014

Marching on................................

.................................well walking slowly really, but I am on the road to recovery and have learnt that I have to slow down a little bit, so as a result I was in bed by 6.30pm last night and watched 'Breaking Bad' until my normal bedtime and then went to sleep.

So I am sort of bounding back and it may take awhile until I am my usual bouncy self. but I am sure I will get there soon.

Well, well, well, what's been going on at Yorkshire whilst I have been a bit poorly? OMG they have only gone and sacked Oliver Robinson ( seriously no relation). The 20 year old has played in seven T20 Blast games but had yet to make his First class debut. Well that's not going to be happening now!.

The club issued a statement saying that 'Oliver Robinson's contract had been terminated with immediate effect due to a number of unprofessional actions' No further comment will be made by the club.

Oh dear, whatever he has done it jolly bad in Yorkshire books!!!!

Jaques Kallis announced yesterday that he was retiring from all forms of international cricket. He retired from Test Cricket and was playing one day internationals, but has decided to hang up his bat for this too. he will be playing in the IPL and BBL, so he will still be on the circuit.
Good luck to him.

Strange things were happening down at the Rose Bowl yesterday, England looked to be in a strong position!!!  and that they might win!  Hmmmmmm wonder if that will happen, come on boys?

Former besty home county of Durham are playing a 50 over match today and hoping for a win. However they are once again playing on a ground out of County Durham and out of range of most normal folk getting to. WHY???????

I did write to them asking this question, but I guess they filed it before replying ( i.e put it in the bin).

Only over two weeks until I head off back to Scarbella and boy am I excited, I am hoping for good weather and being well enough to have a run on the beach, if not then a long walk, watch some wonderful cricket and get some rest too.

So now I am off to have a shower ( later than normal) and to make my way to super swanky Lady Lainey office. To do some work..................not a lot mind you! Got to take it easy.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Did you miss me?

So did you miss me yesterday? well I was stuck in a hospital bed with a cannula in one hand and the other arm now a lovely shade of black and blue from being mistaken for a pin cushion.

Now I could have written my blog to you from  my hospital bed on my phone, but

1. I was feeling too poorly

2. They kept taking my blood pressure every 2 seconds and then taking more blood out of me

3. Because I had been rushed into the hospital I didn't have a charger and my phone was rapidly running out of juice.

4. They wouldn't let me get out of bed to get one of the cards to operate the TV/ internet.

However after seeing every consultant in the world and his dog too, they decided that I could go home, and I was out of the door quicker than you can say Jack Robinson.

It was the dreaded, temperature spiking, hotty/coldy, heart palpitation lurgy that I had last year, rearing its very ugly head again. Well it can go and do one as I am flipping sick of it now.

Tzarina Katerina came to pick me up and after a detour to get something to eat ( I didn't want anything really but she hadn't been able to do her weekly shop yesterday). I was home and in bed in record time.

I did check the cricket, and wished that I hadn't, both My Tykes and former besty home county of Durham lost!

England were not doing too badly and if I had been allowed to have the card for the TV I could have spent my day of bed rest watching it!

I have just read the Yorkshire report and scorecard. Looks like they are giving his Royal Ryanness some more R & R ( which is what I need by the bucket full). I  needs him in super top FC wicket taking form, so they are jolly well right to rest him.

And rest is something that I have to get more of, I know that you all know I go to bed very early and get up at stupid o' clock, its they  things that I do in between this , that seems to be the problem.
So today I have to take a step back and  start on my wind down plan.

It is going  to be jolly hard as I do every thing at 100 miles per hour, but for the next few months I am going to just slow down, calm down and sit down more.

Hope that you are all jolly fit and well.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Its the four letter word again ( WORK)

Yeah well I am not going to work dressed like this but the thought was there! However I am considering making my big Birthday bash party a fancy dress and then I can 'vamp it up'. Will put that on my possibilities list!

So after writing my blog yesterday I went back to bed, I was pretty tired, and was awoken by Mr Funky the Chauffeur ( gardener) coming to sort out the Deer Park and the North garden. The south garden is in the process of being redeveloped into super patio area and white and green borders ( fingers crossed). Then once I transport the 'barbi' ( and fridge freezer and new washing machine) from Chateau Saltburn it will be fun evenings at Tykes Towers next summer.

However a fun evening was not what Durham had yesterday after there 50 over match against Somerset. After the highs of Friday nights T20 it looked as if Durham had posted a good score with 311-7 in their 50 overs.

Somerset lost some early wickets but James Hidreth and Lewis Gregory both hit unbeaten centuries to bring Somerset to a match winning 315-5.
Both teams played brilliantly, however sadly it wasn't Durham's day.

However it was Captain Cooks day as he played a blinder to at the third test, hitting 95 he was looking good despite falling short of his century. However top tyke Gary Ballance did hit a century, his third ton in five tests!.

England closed the day on 247-2

I watched the close of Le Tour, its hard to believe that it is only  three weeks ago that it started in Leeds ( and three weeks  since I was in Headingly watching my Tykes). Watching the cyclists race through Paris and seeing lots of places that I love, made me very 'homesick'. Think Paris is a jaunt for next year!.

And that was Sunday in Tykes Towers!
Apart from me 'cracking' my knee on the bottom of my bed and watching it swell up and turn reddish/black within minutes! had to put a pack of frozen peas on it at 2am as it was agony!

oh well its work again and I am about to head off to super swanky Lady lainey  office and the delights that offers.

Until tomorrow!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunny Sunday

Oh joy! It is another scorching day and I doubt that I will have the energy to paint the garage door so it will be waiting for another weekend before it is made to look super smart. However the garden gate is wood stained and there are only the large amount of railings that surround the deer Park to deal with.

I have had some super flipping news concerning the place where I was born. I was ( as is fitting to a Lady) born in a super flipping large house in North Yorkshire, and Dame Didi wrote to the now owners to ask if it was possible for me to go back in preparation for my big birthday bash. Well on Friday she received a phone call from them saying that they were more than delighted for us to visit them one evening. So we are making plans to 'go home' really really exciting.

Please note this picture is older than I am !!!!!

And talking about Yorkshire ( see I can get a link to My Tykes any old way), they were in 50 over action yesterday against arch enemies Lancashire. Yes the War of the Roses part 30000. His Royal Ryanness was having a bit of R & R after his heroics last weekend and well deserved in my opinion.

Kane Williamson and Alex Lees were the stars of the show with superb innings of 70 & 66 respectively. Yorkshire posted a total of  324-7  their 50 overs.
I was listening on 'twireless  and they were stating ( the obvious) that Yorkshire have the strongest team, they have seen in years. well I have to agree!

Lancashire went into bat and  wickets were slow to come but when they did they came quite quickly,  Karl Brown had a great knock of  129, however it did not stop the inevitable and Yorkshire  saw them all safely back in the hutch for  277 in 46.4 overs.

Great start to the one day cup!

He who must not be named in the blog has obviously not been getting back page space so has hit out at Alistair Cook, he stated that Cook should resign as he does 'not have the tactical brain to lead the side'. So because Cook does not text the opposition with 'helpful tips' does not shout his mouth off about how great he is, he does not have a tactical brain.

Me thinks if Cook was in on the sacking of 'he who must not be named in the blog' then his brain is very tactical!!!
I hate sore losers!!!

So now to more mundane things like getting the housework done!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Scorching Saturday already!

Yes its only just past 7am and it is scorchio already, I have lots of work to do today and think I need to get out and do it now! Gate painting being the first!

However I am still in a spin over events which took place last night at Chester le Street and also at Headingley.

I nipped out of the office early having foregone lunch ( yes indeedy, thought I would live on my stores of blubber instead!). Mr Funky the chauffeur came in the big blue tank thing to pick me up minus Pauly Paul who was having a lie in ( he was on night shift). Off we raced to The Riverside ground.

So we were settled in our usual seats and getting ready for the last T20 match of the season whilst checking in on Twitter for goings on at Headingley

Notts went into bat and looked very strong with 4 & 6's going all over the place, the crowd were very quiet! in fact the crowd at the ground were virtually silent. Notts finished their innings on a very strong 195-3.
Mr Funky and I had a pint of lime and soda and were basking in the late evening sun.

Durham went into bat and lost Mustard and Borthwick very quickly, this was not looking good for the home side.
I got a message that two young men were watching me from behind where I was sitting so went up to see them, and ended up chasing one of them! Yes Will Rushworth made a run for it when he found out I was on my way! Pasha was very bored with the whole predeedings and was determined to take off but Will was having lots of fun being chased by his Granda and I that he was up for staying.Eventually they all went for a walk and I went back to watch a game that looked as if I would be having early return to Tykes Towers.

However Calum MacLeod and 'Big' John Hastings decided that although The Jets would not progress any further in the T20 they would put on a show for the last game........................and boy did they. I have been rattling on about MacLeod all season and think that he is a great player who needs more chances with the first team.

John hit  eight sixes in his 26 ball career best knock of 80, with Calum knocking the ball around to score 64.
The pair shared a record breaking stand of 126 to give Durham victory, the ground by this time the crowd  were going wild!

A great win and a great evening, just a shame they hadn't pulled those moves off earlier in the T20 series.

However over at Headingley Yorkshire batted first and hit 200 in their 20 overs. Aaron finch in his last game for my Tykes hit 7sixes in his 46 ball knock scoring 89. It was looking good. Or was it?
long story short, Notts hit 201, won and My boys would not be at quarter finals!
gutted? very much so, but we have bigger fish to fry.

Sussex were in top form pulling of a world record run chase against Essex, and did it with 9 balls to spare! Especially after traffic problems meant that Sussex looked as if they wouldn't be there in time for the match!

It really was a top night of cricket, with highs and lows for I, Lady Lainey.

Highs : Durham winning and getting a cuddle from Will Rushworth

Lows: well my Tykes not winning of course but I can't have everything can I?

Friday, 25 July 2014

Fabulous F(ryan)day

And fabulous Ryan and the team week. I am still seriously gutted that after ordering a glut of wickets from the man himself I was unable to see him do it! but hey poo happens and I know that I will see more of his amazing cricket over the next few years ( NO ONE DARE TO MENTION THE  'R' WORD!!!!).

So today is not only F(ryan)day it is also T20 cricket day and I am off to The Riverside tonight to cheer on former besty home county of Durham, who blinking well need some cheering on, they were playing against Lancashire last night and lost by 27 runs despite a brave stand by The Colonel.
Lancashire go through to the quarter finals after the win, sadly Durham's chances of getting there were out of the window before last night.

However tonight sees them taking on Northamptonshire, so last T20  for The Riverside, last time to see Chester the lion in the Mascot race, last chance to see Mr Funky the chauffeur dancing 'gangnam style' until next season.( or will he do it at my  Big birthday bash???)
I am not the greatest fan of T20 cricket but actually it is a fun evening out, even when you have children screaming and crying behind you.

Not so much fun at the moment are the rising stress levels in super swanky Lady Lainey office . I just cannot wait for my 7 hours to be over so that I can have two days ( hopefully) from the madness that is  a draughtsmans office.

Far too much to do at Tykes Towers this weekend, however as things are moving on the 'clearing out' front I am confident that I might be able to see the carpet in the spare bedroom by Sunday evening!

So I have checked the weather forecast, hung some washing on the line, put the recycling out, showered, washed the orange curls and I am now getting ready to head off down the A1 to the office, where the boys will be waiting for bacon butties with sausage and cheese and I will be having scrambled egg on toast!

Oh yes and MY Tykes are in action against Nottinghamshire ce soir.
Bon chance to them!!!!! ( I will be checking Twitter tonight like a mad thing!)

Until tomorrow when hopefully we will have good cricket news!
And  Dame Didi, stay in bed, there is nothing spoiling. You need to get better, so just chill out and rest.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Weary Thursday

Well it Thursday and I am flipping worn out, the heat and not being too well at the beginning of the week have taken their toll, I didn't make it to the gym last night as I was so shattered when I left super swanky Lady lainey office that I just had to go home and lie down!

I need to try to get some sunshine over the weekend and hope that I feel super better soon.

Things in Super swanky Lady Lainey office are not going well as Job the Jolly and Pony Paul are drawing buildings like mad things and Trill Boy is...............well not doing as much as them, which is making things very difficult and causing frayed tempers all round. However hopefully today will see a marked improvement in work that lands on my desk. Yes gone are the heady days of  walking into my office, demanding coffee, shouting a lot and looking pretty for 7 hours. Indeed of late I have been so up to my eyes in 'Woo Tower'. BDH. Oxford Street, St Helens Place, Keynsham, Loughborough...................well need I go on? Yes I am actually having to do some WORK!!!

On the bright side it is nearly a cricket day ( well evening) and I am flipping ready for it, and for the boys of former besty home county of Durham they have two cricket evenings. They are at Old Trafford tonight and back at CLS tomorrow when I will be turning up with 'dem boys' Mr Funky the Chauffeur and Pauly Paul.

Yesterday was a good day for Jonathan Trott as he hit a century for Warwickshire against Sussex. Or as the BBC sport website put it  he 'hit his first century of the season'. REALLY!!considering for most of the season he has been fighting to make a come back from a stress related illness.  I am thinking  of trying to get a journos job, how flipping hard can it be to state the chuffing obvious.

Actually how flipping great would it be to get paid to watch cricket? Oh my dog! I am thinking I am having a serious career change.

I am taking my camera tomorrow night as I seem to have not had too many posterior pictures of late ( 'too busy ogling his Royal Ryanness' quote from Job the Jolly), for my as yet unpublished book 'Cricketers Posteriors, my view from the boundary' Anyone know a publisher?????

OK all I am heading off onto the A1 and the office.
Dame Didi I hope that you feel better today and if you want to stay in bed all day, just do it!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tykes go top

OK so the above  is relative to Sunday ( yes the day I missed it all due to being poorly!!), however yesterday evening. in between me leaving the Co op at Mowden and getting home ( why did I stop for milk?), My Tykes had only gone and flipping well beaten Middlesex.

Yes they had an amazing win, with the homeside declaring on their overnight score, it really was game on and Middlesex were chasing 423 runs to win. However Adil Rashid taking 4-27 Jack Brooks taking 3-30 broke the back of the batsmen and Middlesex were all out for 201.

The scenes at North Marine Road were amazing, the scene in Tykes Towers was tearful ( yeah yeah yeah, I cries when I's sad, I cries when I's happy!!).
Twitter was aflood with congratulations which was very well deserved.

They are also top of Division one although only by 5 points so they need to make some movement on that. ( only saying!)

Being a bit bored this morning I checked out the Division one bowling averages and His Royal Ryanness is in 4th position, He has taken 29 wickets this season and had four weeks out with his hamstring injury. Top boy.

OK less of the favouritism towards all things Tykey. Durham are in T20 action on Friday and Mr Funky the chauffeur, Pauly Paul and myself are all going, and yes to all you doubters I will be cheering on the Durham boys ( whilst checking on Twitter to see whats happening at Headingley).

Life in super swanky Lady Lainey office is becoming a little bit stressful, as 'the office boys' are all pushed to their limits ( well two out of three  are) and this is causing a few cross words ( aimed at the third one). All boys are coming in over an hour early every day, two are working through lunch. One is coming in an hour early having a two hour lunch. Today may be 'big talk' day.

And what about I Lady Lainey? well I am feeling better, and  hope to go to the gym this evening, then home to do house work and all the other boring things that need to be done. However lots to do and lots to look forward too.

But now got to head off to work, its a cruel and hard life.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

It's going to be scorchio

It's going to be another scorchio today and instead of hauling my bulk onto a sunlounger in the extensive grounds of Tykes Towers I will be sitting on my chair in super swanky Lady Lainey office and having a nap. I am feeling slightly better today but am so tired that I think if they had sleeping as an Olympic sport I would win a gold medal!

Gold medals are what my Tykes deserve after a great batting day yesterday at Scarbella. Captain Gale scored an unbeaten ton and looked very pleased with himself! Having resumed on 29-1 there were runs a plenty , Lees Williamson and Leaning all got half centuries whilst Andrew Gales  126 no put My Tykes on 400-5 at close of play.

Last day today and to be honest I will be glued to Twitter in between  napping!.
Will His Royal Ryanness get 6 wickets to make me smile as I wanted him to get 650 this season. i flipping hope so, but no pressure!

However at Lords things were not going so well in the England camp, well actually it was going pretty badly as they were beaten. Little Joey Root hit a half century and his 66 was the highest score. not a good result. However poo happens and to be honest they need to move onto the next test. Cook is being urged to stand down as Captain, but who would fill his shoes and more to the point who would want to.
After seeing Adam Lyth play some outstanding cricket this season I am wondering why he hasn't been called up?

I for one will not be reading any more this week about the  state of the England team as I think the results speak for themselves. They were outclassed and out played!

Matt Prior is also taking a break from cricket for the rest of the summer to get over injuries. And probably to distance himself from the England team.

So this time last year, Tykes Towers was on baby watch ( and Lady Lainey loves babies!) as we were waiting for the imminent arrival of a new Royal baby, well can you believe that Prince George is one today!!!! Where has that year gone?????
And a gorgeous little boy he is too.

So with a lots of happy thoughts swirling round in my over crowded head I am off to Super swanky Lady lainey office to try to finally fight my way through my emails and then catch a few Zzzzzzzzzzzzz's

Monday, 21 July 2014


So after waking up in my fabulous suite at the Crown Spa yesterday, I had a full day ahead of me, although I wasn't feeling too well, I thought that a spot of breakfast and a walk would put me right. Sadly it didn't and I felt quite shaky by the time I got back to the hotel. it was make or break time, did I go go to cricket or head off on the 80 miles back home to bed.
Sadly home won and I had a  slow drive home across the moors back to Tykes Tower where I managed to put the car in the garage , dump my stuff at the door and ended up in bed feeling less than awesome! I fell asleep and then woke up with a start and checked Twitter!!!

His Royal Ryanness had only taken two Middlesex wickets!!!! Bringing his FC wicket haul to 639.

I went back to sleep quite sad that I hadn't seen it happen! Especailly as I had 'pre ordered' a huge amounts of wickets from him.

When I woke up I checked again and nearly fell out of bed, He had taken another 5!!!!

I CANNOT believe that I was too ill to go and see this happen! 644 FC wickets.

This wicket haul of 7-44 fell short of his career best of 7-37 in 2011 against Somerset. ( Yes I know a lot about his bowling figures which makes me a very sad cricket anorak)

What can you say, well I can say a lot but as some of my regular readers think that I say way too much about the merits of Ryan I will just say that he is on top form and still has 'it'!

The close of play saw Middlesex all out for 232 and Yorkshire on 29-1, losing Lyth as they were left to bat out the last 13 overs of the day.

Today I can see that I will be glued to Twitter in super swanky Lady Lainey office dreaming of being on my chair on the boundary at Scarbella.

England are on the verge of defeat against India ( should they ring Ryan?) at Lords and although I didn't see any of the match the word in the papers does not bode well for the England team.
They still seem to be in the wilderness.

So back to today and back to work!

I am feeling ever so slightly yukky  ( very technical medical term) can hardly swallow as my throat is so sore, my chest is very sore and I am coughing so much that trying to say two words is difficult ( but a relief for every one else) and  running a temperature, but I feel the need to share it with my 'office boys' and also make sure that everything is running smoothly in the office. I can have a nap,drink huge amounts of green tea and  not shout at  them. Actually my bed is calling to me and I am not sure which way to go????!!!!

So I will have a shower and then decide.

So until tomorrow.

644!!!!!!would you 'Adam and Eve it'!!!!!!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Scarborough Sunday


So Saturday dawned hot and humid with no rain, which waited until I had hit the Moors Road before it came down. However by the time I arrived at my Hotel it had stopped. I finally got to the cricket ground and about 10 minutes later so did Lord Christophe.

It was threatening to rain, but held off. His Royal Ryanness wandered past and said HI, Christophe and I cracked open the beer and wine...........................SHOCK!!!!! all alcohol free.

Yorkshire went out to bat and  Lees and Lyth were looking OK until Les fell for 28, Lyth  did however go on to score 117 before being out. Lunch was called early as rain fell and then torrential rain fell and an early tea was called. Christophe and I sheltered under golf brollies and then when it eased off, Chris decided to go home.

He was going out in 'Boro' last night to a silent disco........yes I realised I am getting old when I have no idea what it is. However I am thinking that I want to go to one.

I went back to my hotel, only to be told that I had been upgraded to a mini suite!!! SO you just make the most of it don't you???!!!

I am glad that I am coming back here in a couple of weeks!!!!

And now it is warm and humid and there has been a lot of rain come down over night, so I might have a wander for breakfast and then have a wander down to the beach, before heading off to the cricket ground.

England  were not doing so well in the 2nd Test. Although Top Tyke Liam Plunkett did put on 55.
Its not looking too good for England but lets see how today pans out.

And now? I m going to have a soak in the bath and then head off to have some breakfast.

But before I go I have to say a very Happy Birthday to my eldest monster nephew Christophe who is 19 today, and to thank him for being such great company yesterday.

Also Happy Birthday to besty ex Hants wicket keeper friend, Mark Garraway, who is not 19 today!

Hope that yooo both have a great day.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Scarborough Saturday

Well, this morning I woke up in my boudoir  in Chateau Saltburn, and was a lttle confused as to where I was.......................and then the realisation hit,  Woooo I'm going to Scarbados!!!!

OMG I need to get this written up pretty darn quickly to get into the Lady lainey limo and head off over the Moors.

Last night we had a little birthday celebration for Lord Christophe, he loved his birthday pressies, and then we had a night out down Asda!!! Yes we all got in Lord Christophe cars and headed to the local Asda were I very nearly bought a 'stunning hat'. However with a couple of egg custards in my bag we headed home.

Last night my Tykes were in T20 action and hoping for a quarter finals place, sadly it was not to be, His Royal Ryanness  had amazing bowling figures taking 3 wickets the first 5 overs . Flipping impressive, but just not good enough.

So now it means that besty home county of Yorkshire can concentrate on the county championship.

Former besty home county of Durham also lost at Grace Road in what was described as a thrilling match. It just does not seem to be going  Durhams way this season, however there are still weeks to go.

England were not so thrilling although Gary Ballance hit his second ton in successive games. He has admitted that he was embarrassed by the 'topless' photos of him in a  Nottingham nightclub. Well to be honest he is young and was letting his hair down. Sadly someone saw fit to photograph him and post it online.

England were 219-6 at close of play.

Now this is a super short one today due to the fact that I have to twirl my curls and get myself ready for going to say I am a tad excited is an understatement.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Yeay!!! It's F(ryan)day

Finally it is F(ryan)day and I am one day away from going  to Scarbados!  Today is going to be a slow day, I just know it.

So cricket wise we have been watching the 2nd test  and to be honest England were not putting on a good show. Anderson was the pick of the bowlers taking 4-55 but India still managed to post 290-9.
The knives were out for Alastair Cook as people were commenting on his style of captaincy, Geoff boycott being one of them and Shane Warne being another.

 Alastair was 'lucky' enough to have an hour long conversation with Shane  to settle their differences after Warne had attacked Cook's captaincy on social media. Yes I can hear it now

AC. Hi Mr Hurley whoops forgot you aren't that anymore!

SW  G'day mate, now if you want to be a good captain you need to get your teeth whitened and use Estee Lauder products

AC Errr think I will stick with how I am doing it at the moment thanks

SW  Well 'scuse  me but I think you are not doing it too well, maybe plastic surgery would help, but never admit to it

To be honest I have no idea who would do a better/worse job than Cook, so lets leave him to it and see how they get on today.

So I have packed my bag, and my bucket and spade and my pennies for candy floss and ice cream and  fish and chips and loaded up the Lady Lainey limo ready to set off to Chateau Saltburn tonight.

I have been watching the weather forecast and it is changing by the minute,  in my favour!!

Chatted to Lord Christophe last night and he is all sorted to come tomorrow and now knows where he is going to, which is more than can be said for moi!

So without further ado, I am off to have a shower and get myself off and away to gym and office, all in readiness for my top weekend.

Until tomorrow

Thursday, 17 July 2014


1. I do not look like this ( yet)

2. I think I was run over by a steam roller in my sleep

3. I hurt even typing this blog

4. I am not giving up!

Yes I am a gym bunny ( a very hefty one that has trouble hopping). I am totally in agony but no pain no gain!

I went last night and my 10 year old instructor put me through my paces and helped me to my car ( only joking).

However I am on the road to fitness again and with my mammoth bowl of strawberries and grapes with natural yoghurt and linseeds to have when I get to super swanky Lady Lainey office I am raring to go. Well hobbling to go in reality.

I may even be running on the beach at Scarbella at the weekend and to be honest if the weather does what they say it is going to do ( ie heavy rain and thunderstorms) I may be running from the cricket ground to the hotel!!!

I have also made the decision that I am going back to support my Tykes in August at Scarbella. Well it would be silly not to!.

Former besty home county of Durham have had a terrible week and coach Jon Lewis is obviously trying to calm his critics and boost the players. He was talking to Radio Newcastle and said that there is still time between now and the end of the season to keep Durham out of the relegation zone. Durham have 5 games in the last six weeks of the season, more than any other club so this puts them in line to get some points. He said that Durham were slipping to a place that they do not want to be.
Come on Durham it might have been a crushing defeat on Wednesday but you are the Champions.

It is nearly the end of the week and I for one am jolly glad, yesterday I was convinced it was Thursday and struggled through my day in the office. I guess I am just too super excited about the weekend.

After writing ( above) about thunder and rain all weekend, I have just checked the BBC weather site........................................................................ZUT ALORS it now says infrequent showers! But it is going to be very humid!!!

I have a real spring in my step now..................or i would have if I could 'step' properly. #muscleshurt

Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

And so it begins

Yes at 6pm tonight as you all sit down to dinner, this will be me, slogging it out at the gym.

And talking about slogging it out former besty home county of Durham had a bit of a 'day' yesterday as they suffered their fifth worst ever defeat. Losing by an innings and 188 runs! They started the day on 62-3 but Keith barker ripped through the batting order taking 6-46. Now on Sunday Barker looked less than fit as he appeared to be limping when he went out to warm up. A bit of tactic playing there me thinks, making the champions think he was unfit?

Durham did try to regroup but it was to no avail.

This gave Warwickshire a flipping lot of points and puts them 4 points behind my Tykes in the table, who have dropped to 3rd spot due to not playing this week.

However I am seriously hoping that the weekend will see this change.

They are however playing at Scarborough again in August and I am considering going again to see the. Wooohoo more fun at the seaside.

So I have a busy couple of days ahead of me as I speed towards my weekend jolly in Scarbella.

lots of WORK! to do at super swanky Lady Lainey office, lots of packing to do at Tykes Towers and also trying to to rake the dead moss out of the lawn in the Deer Park. now I am coming all 'Percy Throweresque' but I am determined to get the extensive grounds of Tykes Towers into some sort of  order for next year. I do have lots of other things to do too, and am setting myself up with a little plan towards this and will be doing lots of jobs over the next few weeks.

So without further ado, I am off to pack my sports bag  for tonight and get ready for the off to the office.
Note to self, must 're orange' my curls tomorrow evening!

Short one today but lots to do and not much time to do it in!

Bon Journee

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

This means war!!!

Ok my love of bacon butties, fried eggs, chocolate, pain au fact any food going spare, has finally settled in all the wrong places and I am fair bursting out of my clothes. Unlike a lot of people I eat when I am stressed and boy have we had some stress of late, so last night I took the bull by the horns and signed up at the gym. after being put through my ( very slow) paces by a 10 year old (well he looked about 10 with muscles), I decided that this is the way forward. I spend more on chocolate in a week than it was to join the gym.

So day one starts today!

All rubbish food is going to work for 'the boys' to nosh on and I am back to healthy eating and lots of exercise including lifting weights (yes heavier than a wine glass full of Champers).

Giving myself 12 weeks to see a difference and turning back into 'glamourzon' instead of 'blubberwoman'.

I am using the fact that I get up early to good affect by being at the gym at 6.30 am 3 days a week and 8am at weekends.

regular readers of the blog will know that me and my weight are not often friends, but I know that I am too hard on myself, however having had a little mishap with my blouse today in House of Fraser and looking like I had left the baby on the bus, I decided that I should do something positive.

Woohoo I will  have muscles to rival His Royal Ryanness soon.

Yesterday at the cricket, Former besty home county of Durham had a bit of a day of it, 'Big' John Hastings took a hefty wicket haul, but 18 year old Sam Hain helped Warwickshire stay on top when he hit 109, as Warks finished on 472 on day two.
Durham went into bat and Mark Stoneman, Keaton Jennings and Michael Richardson  went early leaving Durham to finish the day off on 62-3. it had been a tough day in the field for Durham especially for the bowlers.
Today they have to try to pull a very large rabbit out of the hat.

My Tykes are not in action until they take on Warwickshire at Headingley on Friday night in T20 Blast action. then quick trip to these seaside ( fish and chips when they get there?). Unpack their bucket and spades and get ready for 4 days at Scarbados!.

I am trying to get my case unpacked and re packed ready for the off on Friday evening.Lord Christophe  is going to be driving himself over the moors on Saturday and will be meeting me at the ground.
To say i am a little bit excited is an understatement!.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Back to the real world!

And so after a fun packed cricket week last week, today it is back to the 'real' world and super swanky Lady Lainey office and all that this entails, which at the moment is actually doing some work!!!!.Oh yes the days of shouting at boys, drinking copious amounts of coffee and looking pretty for 7 hours are as much of a distant memory as are waking up last week with Geoff Boycott staring at me from the picture on my hotel wall!.

However I did manage to cram in another day of cricket yesterday, well sort of a day. After reporting that we had rain over night on Saturday I left you yesterday with the thought that the sun was poking through the clouds, well it wasn't because the heavens opened about two seconds later and watered in my 'weed and feed' that  I had put down in the Deer Park.

Mr (not so) Grumpy phoned to say that he had insider information re the match at Chester le Street, and that if it didn't rain any more, play would start at 11.45am.
Mr Funky the Chauffeur had already tipped up and was loading the car so we picked up Pauly Paul and set off anyway.

After sitting under brollys and scoffing lunch early, play finally started after 2pm.
Durham took to the field and after a couple of quite early wickets Warwickshire  dug in and ended the days play on  256-5. luckily we had no more rain and even had lots of sunshine.
Hastings was the pick of the bowlers, and the bowling coach very gallantly apologised for his use of strong language ( it was stronger than 'flip'!!!) on Friday evening when I was in ear shot. Not necessary as I hear worse than that on a daily basis from the office boys!!! It could have been worse, it could have been the 'Strauss word'!!!

After all the flack I took last week ( and yesterday) about my love of all things Tykey, I was making furtive glances at twitter to see how 'my boys' were doing at their T20 bash at Chesterfield. I was pleased to see that His Royal Ryanness was playing again although I am seriously hoping that he gets some rest and is at Scarbados next week when I don my socks and sandals and knotted hankie for my weekend at the seaside.

Well they did not disappoint, as they are still on track for T20 quarter finals. Alex Lees  helped them along with an unbeaten 69, giving them a 59 run win over Derbyshire.
Wickets were taken by  Williamson, Lyth, Pyrah, Rafiq and Rashid, but HRR did take a catch which was a result in my book ( and yes I know that I am VERY biased).

It was a great day and a great end to my cricket fest, made all the better by little Henry Rushworth, tipping up at The Riverside and looking very pleased to see me, albeit because he knew I had sausage rolls and chocolate! You see it is true the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

And another cricket day today

Yes its Sunday and I am off to cricket today, sadly not to Chesterfield to see my Tykes in action but going to see former besty home county of Durham take on Warwickshire. However we had a bit of precipitation during the night after a scorchio day yesterday, and I have checked the forecast which says showers but anything could happen in the next couple of hours.

So yesterday I settled down to housework and washing and gardening and listening to the Test match..As it was so hot, clothes were dry as soon as they were put out so I managed to do the ironing too!( flipping heck I sound domesticated!). I edged the lawns again although after the rain I am thinking that they might be needing cutting so I have that on my plan for the week coming. I also put weed and feed on one part of the Deer Park, to see how it responds. We will see what happens there. Also took the stubborn weeds in hand with some super systemic weed killer. I am determined that I will conquer the blighters.

Now as to the Test Match, well who would have thought that little Joey Root and Jimmy Anderson would put on the greatest show on earth? Jimmy scored 81, the highest score by an England number 11 and Joey? Well he hit an amazing and unbeaten 154. Together they  put on 198 to score the highest last wicket total. surpassing  Australia's Hughes and Agar 163 last year.

What a day, and watching the highlights on Channel 5 last night , both players still seemed a bit shell shocked. Great batting.

Today is the last day and who knows what will happen.

I know what will happen today at Tykes Towers if the cricket is rained off, there will be some very fat birdies on my garage roof feeding off the lunch and tea, that  is sitting in my fridge as we speak!

And so now I am off to hop into the shower and  wash the curls........................and I think I have seen the sun trying to poke through the clouds!!!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

End of my Yorkshire cricket week, but what an ending

OMG, I have had the besty week that I could ever have had, and believe me after the last few months I needed it ( Dame Didi poorly but responding to treatment and my cancer scare). So I tipped up for work in Lady Lainey office yesterday morning, waded through the mound of paperwork and emails that had accumulated in my absence, and then 'did one'! And headed to the Riverside to see my Tykey Vikings take on Durham Jets.

Now I drove up there with  my brave head on as I was totally convinced that His Royal Ryanness would not be playing. Walked up by the players balcony and there he was! Well to say that I was a bouncy smiley Lady Lainey is an understatement. My cricket week was NEARLY complete.

Now you all know that T20 is not my favourite form of cricket but just to see Chester the Lion take part in the mascot race is worth going. I laughed until I nearly cried and have to say whoever is in the Chester suit is a star. I am not sure what the kids think, but I love him.

Mr Funky the chauffeur  and his mate Chris tipped up just before the start and Yorkshire went into bat. Williamson and Finch went far too quickly for my liking, being bowled by the 'man mountain' that is John Hastings. I was feeling jolly sick!

Lees hit a respectable 29 whilst Lyth and Bresnan were gone in the blink of an eye. Jonny Bairstow dug in and as he hit his half century, I was getting flipping excited.Then the figures started to creep up and Mr Funky looked at me and said ' could get his century'.

And he did!!!! OMG, glad I had my shades on as a little tear was forming in the corner of my eye and I had a huge lump in my throat. ( no Pauly Paul is wasn't because I was choking on a 'carpet burgers' from the van).

Yorkshire closed their innings on 186-8.

A very quick change over and the Vikings were back out on the field. Yes well the wickets tumbled  fairly quickly with Durham being 4-2 at one point, thanks to Williamson and His Royal Ryanness!!!!
The danger man seemed to be John Hastings who got his half century and had his runs creeping up but he was bowled by Ryan after scoring 62.
Well I think that you can see where this is going.............................My Tykey Vikings won!. Bowling Durham out in 19.4 overs.

Yes this made my week complete!

Drove back to Tykes Towers full of beans ( not literally!), and  had a couple of glasses of wine ( white rioja, from Virgin Wines Fabulous, very nice!!). Then hit the sack.

My Yorkshire cricket week is now over, but I still have Scarbados next weekend.......................the fun continues!

Friday, 11 July 2014


Yeah its F(ryan)day, the best day of what has been the best week of my whole season. And lots and lots of sunshine too!

Well Mr (not so ) Grumpy has unfollowed me on twitter as he doesn't want his twitter feed 'defiled' with Yorkshire talk. So now I can go on about Yorkshire to my hearts content, however he did come  and sit with me  and here is the evidence.

The weather was glorious and the cricket was great, and HRR was doing a bit of bowling and a lot of stretching! I am kind of thinking that I might be doing a bit of boo hooing when I get to the Riverside tonight as he won't be there. However most important thing is for him to be fit for when I head of to Scarbados next weekend.

So back to play yesterday on what can only be described as a perfect cricket day.
Well after being made to follow on, Durham dug in and managed to force a draw. Mark Stoneman  however after being out LBW, made it known that he was not a happy bunny when he got to the dressing room.

I was sat on the opposite side of the field and heard it very clearly!!!

Stoneman hit 86, Michael Richardson hit 95 and Philly Mustard hit 51.

Jacky Brookes bowled brilliantly and had figures of 4-66.

The draw means that My Tykes are back at the top of the table, five points clear of Nottinghamshire and 28 clear of Warwickshire who have a game in  hand. Its all to play for.

Tonight it is T20 and I am super excited, I am heading off to super swanky Lady Lainey office now to check my emails and have a cuppa, shout for a while, look pretty for a couple of hours, then coming home at lunchtime to get ready for the match. I am thinking that if His Royal Ryanness is not playing then I might have a pint and get a little bit out of control.

Nearly got  little out of control this morning as I thought I had lost Mr Funkys membership ticket!!! I had put it in a safe place before leaving for Leeds on Sunday, then  I couldn't remember the safe place I had put it in!  Well it was in my handbag, BUT not one of the four I had taken with me, one of the 5 I had used last week!!! Someone said to me this week that he couldn't understand why woman had so many handbags and shoes! Now I am starting to wonder this myself. I also found £2.50 in loose change in said  handbag and my Motorhead CD, and the lipstick that I thought I had lost and.......well you get the gist.

Note to self check all your handbags

Sad to hear that favourite of Dame Didi and I, Chris Froome, is out of Le Tour. He had a couple of very nasty crashes and ripped his clothes to shreds, so has called it a day for this year. His wrist was very badly injured.

Allez le tour.

And finally Happy Birthday to Chris Rushworth who is 28 today. His on line cricket auction for his year long 'dry' challenge has just gone live so check it out and have a bid. It can be found on the Cricket World website.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Ok so I am posting the same old photo! but hey, my one regular reading apart from Dame Didi, is threatening to  unfollow me on Twitter and no longer reading my blog, and why? because sadly His Royal Ryanness took his 637th wicket, I tweeted the number and sadly it was the wicket of Chris Rushworth! 

Now you all know that I would not do this on purpose as Chris is a lovely young man and  doing a great thing for charity this year. It was not personal to Chris, it was just flipping brilliant for me that His Royal Ryanness is heading nearer to 700 wickets.

Sorry but a Lady's got to do what a Lady's got to do, which includes HUGE worries over Ryan's fitness. However my mind was put at rest when I was told he was suffering from cramp and was fine.

So back to the third days play then!
Well Durham were bowled out for 231, 'H R R' had bowling figures of  2-18 and Adil Rashid had figures of 4-73. Durham were made to follow on and at stumps they were 59-1.

I watched some of the match from my room, where the view is amazing. Mr (not so) Grumpy came up for a coffee, and then after lunch I went back to watch from the members lounge

And today? Yes I am still here, how could I have gone back to work and missed this? My last night in the Geoff Boycott suite last night, I can now take the towel off the picture of Geoff,  not what I wanted to wake up to!!!

And as I watch My Tykes and  the Durham boys fight it out and I can see me sitting on my own as I think that Mr (not so ) Grumpy is not my friend!

Then home, tonight and seeing My Tykes again tomorrow, this has to have been my besty cricket week this season!!!!

Well got to shower, twirl my curls, and get ready for the day.


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What a wash out!

So yesterday dawned bright and sunny and I headed off to have my brekkie......................with some very BIG rugby players, yes it could only happen to I,Lady lainey, I get to eat my fry up with Leeds Rhinos!!!

So after a quick trip into town, I came back and settled down to a day of cricket.

His Royal Ryanness came out to bat and hit a quick fire 25. before Yorkshire were all out for  426.

Durham went into bat and  were 50-1 when the heavens opened.  and boy did it rain!!! it was torrential.

I invited .Mr Grumpy ( who is not really grumpy even though he claims to be) to come for coffee in my room, well we could sit and watch the rain bouncing off the covers. Then I get told that the 'journos' have binoculars and that apparently you can see into my room.

Well as I am sitting in the window typing this I am guessing that any one watching will be very disappointed as I am fully clothed. which is more than a gentleman was yesterday. 

So rain caused the game to be called off and I went to have a little sleep. I woke up to brilliant sunshine streaming in. So I went out to eat and then came back and watched T20 blast action with Notts V Birmingham Bears.

Great match, Notts won and a great last over from Fletcher. 

Today sees test match action starting at Trent Bridge.

And I also got my 'Dizzy' autobiography  signed by the man himself, thanks to  Joe and Chris. that will be treasured by me.

I am watching the groundsmen preparing the wicket and should go and throw myself in the shower.

Which is what I am going to do right now...........and draw the curtains.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Day 2 of my cricket week

So yesterday was the official start of my cricket week and I arrived at the hallowed ground bright and early. I checked into my new hotel and then wandered up to the Long Room for coffee.

I had sent a text to 'Mr Grumpy' to see if he had arrived,answer was no.  I then just sat back and watched the 'boys' warming up. and as I am sitting on the fence this week I was keeping an eye on all the boys.

Just before start of play I went to deliver wine to David from 'Sheffield Cricket Society' and then settled down to cheer for my team (but which team).

Wow what a day. Durham were unable to crack the openers for the Tykes, Lyth and Lees both hit centuries and by late afternoon, it was looking as if the Tykes were on top, but a string of wickets left the close of play with 7 Tykes gone but over 350runs on the board.

I watched the end of the match from my bedroom, which is amazing facing out onto the ground, what more could a cricket mad Lady extra night would be great.

Sadly not everyone has a great bedroom, or soft toilet roll or an enormous bed. Never mind you can come for coffee this morning if you like and relish the view. 

And which room did I get?

only flipping Geoff Boycott!!!!!

who cares though, I am here I am watcing cricket and I am having the time of my life. 

yes I think thatI need to get out more!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Monday Le Tour depart

Le Tour de france has now left Yorkshire, what a weekend it has been, I,Lady Lainey am now inLeeds and after having a bit of a knees up yesterday, I am ready for my big Ryan week.
OK,OK, I am supposed to be either neutral or supporting Durham but its going to be hard when my doppleganger is so close.

so yesterday I drove down to Leeds and headed off to my Hotel, where a fulll scale Le TourParty was going on. Well be a Robinson you have to party niw and again!!!

I watched Le tour and the british Gran Prix on big screens and nearly cried when Baron Button did not make the podium. However it was wonderful to see how many people had worn 'Pink for Papa' including me , and I am not a pink lady, at all

I am now about to head off for breakfast and then make my 'grand depart' to the cricket.

and I have had ny first bath since February!!!  actually by the time I arrive at the cricket I willhave had 4 baths, well you have to make the most of it don't you?

And what does today have in store, cricket, His Royal Ryaness, cricket, Dizzy, cricket and The headingley Lodge. I am a very lucky Lady.

Very short one this morning but I am starving ( what a surprise) so off to stuff as much food down my cakehole as I can and then another bath and then cricket, Top day for moi.

Until tomorrow

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Abingdons terrible aircrash

6th July 1965

Today is a tale from the boundary of my family, The Robinsons and the families of the 41 men killed in what was described as the worst RAF peacetime plane crash.

My uncle  M/AQM Joseph W Robinson was one of the men killed.

Every year on  the nearest Sunday to the date of the crash ( today being the actual anniversary), a service is held at the tiny church of St Lawrence  in Toot Baldon Oxfordshire. The church looks out over the field where the plane came down.

Last year, Dame Didi and I  along with our cousins Mel and Sandra Robinson attended the service. This year we sadly cannot be there. However out thoughts are with the other families who will be attending, especially our friends Simon Telfer and Ed Way.

At the rising of the sun and at its going down,
We remember them.

excitement is mounting

Woohoo I is super flipping bouncy excited today, it is only one day until I heads off to Leeds. Bag is not packed, washing is in the machine and with the rain, that has been coming down since last evening, it looks as if I will not be hanging it outside to dry. I however do not care!

So yesterday was another flipping fraught day in super swanky Lady Lainey office, but as soon as I was in the LL Limo heading back to Tykes Towers, I realised that I was now on holiday!

However the first evening didn't start well as Durham Jets match against Notts was a complete wash out. Not a ball was bowled. I had already taken the decision that I wouldn't get there in time for the start so was not going. Bad luck.

Sadly the same thing happened to my Tykes in Worcestershire. The match was abandoned without a ball being bowled.
Not a good evening all round.

Oh for the love of dogs!!!!! 'He who must not be named in the blog' is only spouting off again. He would love to play for England again ( take his mobile off him before hand!) and thinks that Matt Prior should replace Joss Butler ( Angus Fraser beware he is after your job!!). Blah blah blah blah blah........obviously he is not getting enough press coverage so had to make stupid statements. Couldn't even be bothered to read the rest..........................................BORING and would be very 'me, me, me'.

What is not boring is that eye candy for the ladies, Michael Carberry has signed up to stay with Hampshire until the end of 2017....................... oh be still my beating heart, we only need Hants to come back into Division One and all will be well.

What I do need is for Yorkshire to extend his Royal Ryanness contract indefinitely, so that I have more reasons to be Yorkshire through and through.

And talking about being Yorkshire, I had a stark reprimand from one of the Durham players yesterday morning, as I was told that this coming week I need to sit on the other side of the fence. This fence is now becoming very shaky with all the movement on it. I told him that I was going to remain the flipping heck do I do that!

Well off to eat something and do some housework before mon grand depart.

Friday, 4 July 2014

It's F(ryan)day and nearly F(ryan) week!

Whoop de flipping dooooo!!! It is F(ryan)day and the best day of the week, not just because it is the end of the working week, but because for I, Lady Lainey it is nearly the start of F(ryan) week OMG it is now only a couple of days before I am off to Leeds and get to watch 3 days of cricket, sadly I do not get to see the last day as I have to go and do some flipping, boring, rubbish work on Thursday!!!

However tonight we have some T20 action with Durham Jets being home to Nottinghamshire and My Tykey Vikings being away to Worcestershire. I will be checking in on the Yorkshire match. I am hoping that His Royal Ryanness isn't playing so that he is fully rested for next week. because if I go to Leeds and he is not in the squad I will flipping well cry, and cry, and cry. But I will get to nearly sleep on the hallowed turf.

Work in super swanky Lady Lainey office has been fraught to say the least as flipping, big job in Londinium has 'turned to poo' ( technical construction term) and everyone is working flat out to get things right, INCLUDING I, Lady Lainey. Yes that's right I am actually doing some work. Well at least I know that I can multi task. I shout at boys, look pretty for 7 hours, drinking gallons of coffee and do a spot of work too! Today I have to get my desk well and truly sorted so that I can go away and relax.

Tzatina Katerina phoned me last night, this is a true transcript of the conversation.

Tzarina Katerina   Hello Lady Lainey how are you?

Lady Lainey   I am flipping knackered but super flipping ex       ( then she buts in)

Tzarina Katerina  OK, I am going now to watch the opening ceremony of The Tour de France, bye.

What the 'Donald Duck' was that all about, was it worth her dialling my number?

Oh well it's the thought that counts

And now I am heading off to Tesco to get some bacon to make the boys some sarnies for breakfast this morning. They are all working hard and are jolly flipping stressed and worn out..

So have a great F(ryan)day...................oh yes tonight I am packing my case for my jollies to Leeds wooohooo!!!!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

It's grey and wet but it is Thursday!!

Well today has dawned grey and wet although I can see the sun trying to poke its way through the clouds. I have a full day today as yesterday in super swanky Lady Lainey office we did very little until about 3pm due to our super fast new broadband  not working after the engineer came, and then having to wait for a new router. Eventually it turned up and now I have two days to finish off every thing before I head off to LEEDS!!!!

Also off to get the eyebrows tamed, bushy ones might look good on Denis Healey , but never a good look for a Lady. OMG I have lists as long as my arms ( and they are long) of all the things that I have to do before my 'grand depart' on Sunday.I have had the curls tamed which is a start.

So last night saw Yotkshire host Durham in the T20 blast, I were listening on't wireless. Durham were not looking good until Chris Rushworth and Gareth Breese made a last wicket stand of 29. Durham closed on 123-9. Looking good for Yorkshire it seemed. but it was not to be and they were bowled out for 95 with 16 balls unused. Yorkshire remain in 4th place and are at New Road on Friday. Durham moved up to 5th place and are home on Friday to Nottinghamshire.

Not sure what went wrong there but something did!,

England team news came through and the selectors have give Ben Stokes his third bite of the England cherry, lets hope he doesn't mess this chance up too. Not to great to see him swearing on Sky on Sunday and you didn't have to be able to lip read to know what he said. ( 4 letters and it wasn't 'Flip').

All that aside I hope that he does well and makes good use of this opportunity. The three Tykes were named too, Ballance, Root and Plunkett. Of course it wouldn't be a team without Bell and Broad ( who surely must be crocked by now). First test is 9th July at Trent Bridge.

Ok, I have 10 minutes to spare so I am off to edge some more of the lawns in the extensive grounds of Tykes Towers, I did a little bit more after the cricket last night ( and broke a nail!) and unearthed more path between the East and West Gardens, who would have thought it?

Every day is a little adventure in Lady Lainey land!!!! So off to do a little bit of gardening before hitting the A1.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Mid week and nearer to My Tykes

Woohoo it be Wednesday and it means that it is closer to the weekend and I am closer to my Tykey boys. To say I am excited is an understatement, I can hardly sleep!!!!Which is not doing my temper any good in super swanky Lady Lainey office. Where I seem to be spending more and more time of late....................what the 'Donald Duck ' is going on. They pay me to shout at boys ( which I do), drink copious amounts of coffee ( and green tea and red bush tea and Yorkshire tea), and look pretty for 7 hours ( not 8 hours or 9 or 10!!!).  No wonder I am flipping tired.

Well The Tykey Vikings were in action last night against Leicestershire in T20 blast action. Do you want to know the score? Well............................they flipping well won by 14 tuns and Ryan took 2-32!!. And not forgetting that Andrew Gale hit a half century. They now move up to fourth in the Northern table with a game in hand. BUT, the catch of the night again was the Finch and Lyth show, as first debuted at Old Trafford. Lyth palming the ball away from the boundary and Finch going full length to catch it. They took Tom Smith out in the Lancashire match and then last night they did the same to Cobb.
Fantastic fielding!

Tonight at Headingley it is former besty home county of Durham up against my boys. Tough one this one as what ever I say I will be 'tweeted' as disloyal to Durham and biased towards Yorkshire. So lets hope it is a draw!( I typed that with my fingers crossed!)

It looks as it the match fixing scandal that has been bubbling away will finally be put to bed.Lou Vincent has been banned from all forms of cricket for life. Former club mates have come out in support of him saying that he was an easy target. However cheating is cheating and especially when it is noted that one of the matches was against Durham in 2008!!!!

Lets put this to bed now.

So apart from lots of  work to do ( sorry about using a four letter word!) today I am also having me barnet cut so that I do not resemble a walking bush. and tonight after working on my wine exams ( thats reading not drinking) I will be starting the arduous task of packing my bag!!!!!!

Wooohooo Headingley here I come! ( can you tell I am a little bit excited!!!)

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Le Tour et arrive

Zut alors it is not only I Lady Lainey that am off to Leeds at the weekend, but the whole flipping  'Le Tour de France'. Mais oui! the Tour is coming to Yorkshire and  they started arriving at Leeds/ Bradford airport yesterday. It's going to be a super mad weekend in Le Belle Leeds.

Dame Didi will not be cycling up and down Saltburn bank this year wearing her 'King of the Mountains Jersey' due to being a bit too poorly to get the tricycle out, however no doubt she will be watching the whole thing and as she doesn't have to go to work she won't have to record it as she has done previously.

Yes there will be bunting and crowds out in force on Sunday when I am in Leeds. I am super flipping excited.

Tonight there will be crowds out in Leeds again but this time for the T20 Blast as my Tykes take on Leicestershire. The team remains the same from Saturday which means that his Royal Ryanness is out to take wickets again. Tomorrow they are taking on former besty home county of Durham, which is a bit of a bind as I want to be there! And have to be in Lady Lainey office!!!! and am not a happy lapin!!!!! and could moan about this for hours but won't.

News came through yesterday that Australia and New Zealand are planning to play the first day/night test in November 2015 ( around my birthday would be a good time). The venue in Australia is yet to be decided. The ICC has previously backed the idea of these test which makes it more accessible to fans. This will also give a pink ball an outing for a test. What ever next, cricketers in their pyjamas........................oh yes we had that issue a good few years ago!!!

Yesterday was a jolly fraught day in super swanky Lady lainey office as the the 'big problem' with super big build in Londinium  refused to go away or be sorted. Pony Paul was looking very pale and not happy. Lady Lainey tried to sleep through it all and Trill Boy was totally oblivious to anything as he was too busy on his phone!!!! And where was Job the Jolly???  recovering after a weekend in Mablethorpe!!!! Well he could have said he was going to Marbella!

Well its time to pull on my cycling shorts and get into the swing of all things 'Le Tour', OK OK!!!! I am not going to the office in cycling shorts, even I feel sick at the image that has conjured up in my head!!

Until tomorrow

Bon Journee