Sunday, 31 August 2014

Yes it's a cricket day

It's Sunday. it's the last day of August and it is a cricket day. This was to be my last cricket day, but as you know everything changed on Thursday and Friday, meaning that I have next Saturday to look forward to as well.

So I am up and got all the food prepared. I am on my lonesome today as Mr Funky the Chauffeur is 'glofing' ( waste of a walk), and Pauly Paul was out doing the 'Dead Fly' last night so goodness only knows what state he will be in today.

So I have packed enough ( well I am trying to empty the freezer of all the 'stuff' stored for cricket teas)  for myself and my 'Harshest critic' and a little something for his furry sidekick.

I was going to write about the ODI, England v India, but it can be summed up i three words. England lost again.

I am actually feeling a little bit sorry for Captain Cook, apart form every former player and cricket pundit seeming to have it in for him, how come people forget the Ashes.

Well yesterday was a tres busy day here at Tykes Towers and I had washing on the line ( and in next doors garden)  i was also sorting out 'stuff' to go here there and everywhere.

I toddled off to see Kevin and Hazel. They had just returned from their jollies and were flipping brown! I looked chuffing pasty standing next to them. Think I might have to have a bath in  'Bisto'.

I am keeping this short as I have lots to do and not a lot of time to do it in this morning.

Good news though Dame Didi return home to Chateau Saltburn yesterday. On the mend now we hope.

And finally

Its hard to believe that it is 17 years today since the death of Diana Princess of Wales.
I think that most people will remember where they were and what they were doing when the news broke.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Lady Lainey gets another days cricket

So after a quiet day in Super Swanky lady Lainey office, which involved bacon and sausage sarnies, and a latte, and office boys making rude voice recordings and sending then to each other I came home to Tykes Towers to watch the other QF cricket match and wait for the draw.

Also had man come to tell me that Tykes Towers is fully insulated cavity walls and loft and then he let a mahhooosive spider out of the loft. Exit Lady Lainey as fast as her Jimmy Choo's would carry her. men !!! I am traumatised enough with the flipping giant spider that has taken up residence downstairs and I am too terrified to evict.

I don't know???!!!! Tykes Towers has its fair share of wild life, frogs, slugs, spiders, monster children nephews...................................

But I digress, so Mark Butcher played a blinder and Durham are playing their semi at home!!! YEAY!!!! Just as I was preparing to fill the flasks for the last time tomorrow , they will be getting another outing!
Mr Funky the chauffeur and Pauly Paul are on night shift that week, so no doubt will be snoozing through the match which means that they will not notice until it is too late that I have been hot footing it to the bar when they had their eyes closed!!!

I am super excited about this........thats the cricket not the drinking of wine, although....................

Durham will be taking on Notts in the semi final, so a fun day out for us.

Already today the washing is done and blowing on the line, the spare bedroom is all ready for the arrival of my guest on Tuesday and I am about to get dressed so that I can go off to see former neighbours Kevin and Hazel as they are hosting a coffee morning to raise money for underprivileged children.Wonderful couple and wonderful cause.

Then I will check in on Dame Didi who has spent another night in hospital, where she is being looked after very well and being given lots of food.

Lord Christophe phoned to say that he is bringing his car over to be serviced and MOT's by Tim'll Fix it, and that he will call at my house. Hope he brings his wallet.

Oh well time to get a wriggle on

Until tomorrow.

Friday, 29 August 2014

it's Durham day

As regular readers will know the last working day of the week is normally named after a certain Yorkshire player, but after a brilliant win by Durham yesterday I am turning Friday this week into Durham day.

Anyone who  has read my blog from the beginning will know that a couple of years ago I said how Durham didn't play as a team and look jointed and disgruntled on the field. This is how Durham looked yesterday as they took to the field. No talking to each other, no calls, no banter, nothing. And then the wickets started to tumble and things changed. Finally the champions looked like champions! and about flipping time too.

I was sitting on the fence and was truly gutted for my Tykes but was relieved to see Durham pull themselves together a bit. It was a toughy for me. Who did I really want to win?

well the answer was truthfully Durham as Yorkshire have bigger fish to fry, but please don't anyone tell Dizzy!!!!

Durham also have a tough few weeks ahead of them, as they battle to avoid relegation. And this is something that I do not want to happen!!!!! So come on boys, pull your socks up, adjust your boxe, get your pads on and flipping win your next matches!

Sad news at the ground was that a gentleman passed away just after play started, and the players were taken off the field.  It was a very sad  thing to happen and I know that all players and spectators were affected by the event.

I was kept entertained by my friend and harshest critic, Daddy Rushworth, looking forward to seeing Pasha  on Sunday and possibly the lovely Henry, sadly wonderful Will is not attending! However I sent him some 'bangy things' so that he can play with them at a later date. Note to self....pack extra sausage rolls just in case!!!!

Breaking news, Dame Didi decided to outdo Tzarina Katerina, and after her pole dancing exploits on Wednesday she ended up back in hospital last night. However she got a private room with an en suite (no not a potty under the bed!) which trumped Tzarinas shared ward and loo.

I don't know what is going on with us Wilkinson/ Walker/Robinson  siblings the last four weeks has seen us all in hospital overnight!!!!

Oh well heres to healthier times.

Well done Durham and Happy Durham Day

Thursday, 28 August 2014

game on!

Or is it?

it's flipping chucking  it down here and its grey and cold not at all like the heady hot days of July when I sat on the boundary at Headingley and tanned my legs, I think today the legs will be firmly under wraps! although having checked the forecast for  Leeds it is showing better weather than here in Lady laineyville.

So I 've oranged' my hair, and I mean proper cricket orange, I haven't been this colour since Durham hosted Yorkshire back in May, having toned it down a touch after that, but I thought 'what the hell' this may be the last chance I get to see my two besty sides playing each other for a while ( unless the champions of the world get a flipping wriggle on and win some matches).

My picnic is ready and I am going in the Lady Lainey limo as Mr Funky is going to work, I managed to sort out my parking last night so should only have a short walk to the ground.

Wooohooo handbags at dawn!!!!! Alistair Cook has responded to Graeme Swanns comments on the England team. Swann said that England shouldn't bother playing one day cricket. Cook responded by saying that it wasn't helpful especially from a 'so called friend'. Cook was speaking after England were  beaten by  India yesterday by 133 runs
Cook also said that Swann was entitled to his own opinion but it wasn't helpful.

You can see that this is going to drag on and on.

It will probably end about November when 'he who must not be named in the blog' releases his 'Memoirs' just in time for the sycophants to run out and buy for Christmas presents.

yesterday  super swanky Lady Lainey office was full of peace and  love as Job the Jolly, Pony Paul and I continued having a quiet time whilst Trill Boy is on his jollies. There was lots of work being done which is a good thing.
I was busy chatting on 'Whatsapp' to my soon to be house guest and putting things in place for next week, obviously his day was as uneventful as mine.

Dame Didi went to the hospital after doing her best pole dancing impersonation getting into the transport. Sadly when she got there she was not well enough to have what we hope is the last of her treatment, so she had to come home and listen to Tazrina Katerina  whining about not being well. Hmmm perspective is needed here!

If anyone knows a good low fat diet please email it too

Until tomorrow when I should be a winner either way as long as the rain stays off!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

WOWWWW midweek already

Hmmmm its midweek already which means that tomorrow is THE Quarter Finals day, then one more day in super swanky Lady Lainey office until it is  'le weekend' again! Flipping heck, where has the week gone? I know that next week will not fly by like that!

yesterday saw Quarter finals between  Notts and Derbyshire, I wasn't home in time to see the Notts innings and to be honest there was a good chance that I might have missed the Derbyshire innings had Marcus North not dug in . Notts scored 313 in their 50 overs and Derbys were all out for 228 in 44.5 overs

Jolly bad luck to Derbyshire, but well played to Notts.

Joe Root has made it known that he backs Captain Cook for the World Cup. little Joey said that he thinks that Cook is a great player and that  he has the support of all the team. well I guess that Cook will not be too perturbed about not being backed by a couple of cricket pundits!

I keep having a sneaky look at the weather forecast regarding tomorrow and my oh my how it changes, its worse that Lady Lainey and her handbags! I am preparing for every kind of weather tomorrow, and also packing myself a jolly nice picnic too. Well it is the last day of my 'cricket holidays' so I am making the most of it.

Well cricket news is short on the ground, super swanky Lady Lainey  office is ticking over nicely without Trill Boy and Job the Jolly and Pony Paul are behaving properly, ie, having my coffee on my desk, not waking me up when I have a nap and doing. EXACTLY as they are told. Ah yes bliss.

Tzarina Katerina is home and Dame Didi is off to hospital today, so good luck to her.

I am now about to wash the orange birdsnest  curls and get myself ready for another day in the heady heights of construction. What better way to spend a day!

Well I could think of a million other ways.

Until tomorrow when I will be super duper excited!!!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Back to the grind!

Yes Sadly it is back to Super swanky Lady Lainey office today and all the joys that entails. The only redeeming feature this week is that Trill boy is still on holiday!

Well yesterday was a bit of a wash out here at the Towers as I didn't get half as much done as I had hoped. I was waiting for the immanent phone call to say that Tzarina Katerina was to be released from hospital or that I had to dash to Lady laineyworkville ad collect her key and then dash to Tzarina Katerina 'city' to collect things for her to stay in.
By 7pm I got the call to pick her up and take her home.
Luckily I had managed to sort out the kitchen ready for Paul the Window guy coming to do his stuff today.

I also managed to fill two bags for the charity shop, have lots of things to take to the tip on Saturday and  got washing done. so not bad really, but for a Bank Holiday weekend???? I ask you???? is this my life????

A bit of  a wash out literally in the First ODI at Bristol, as it was abandoned without any play.

News from (current) champions of the world , former besty home county of Durham. Paul Colleywobble has signed a new contract until the end of the 2015 season. Ahhhhh my little 'Colley crush crew' will be super excited with this news.
Obviously there is no room on the back room staff for him.................yet.

Michael Vaughan and Graeme Swann have both been very vocal about the current England team, stating that its not worth them turning up for the World Cup, and both said Alistair Cook should give up the captaincy.
Well if Cooky needed anything to spur him and the team on , that is it.

I was thinking of putting together a new 'Lainey's 'leven' however I seemed to have about 9 bowlers and no real decent batsmen. so have scrapped that and gone back to the drawing board.

Quick update on The Blades who won on Saturday, woohoo lets keep the momentum going.

Birmingham City were without Rt hon hooligan Robbo, who was putting his feet up on the subs bench. They managed a draw though.

Well it's that time of the day again! Yes time to head off to the A1.

And then home to get some more stuff sorted out because this time next week I am expecting a guest. And he is bringing Fig Rolls so always welcome!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

Bank Holiday has started and it is grey and chilly, I am up and waiting on news on Tzarina Katerina, who I had to rush to hospital yesterday. She has to have a scan today on her gallbladder today.

Yesterday I managed to paint the garage door before I had to do the hospital run.

So not much else got done at Tykes Towers unfortunately.

Cricket wise there is not much to report apart form Alex hales will make his 50 over debut on today  in the match against India, which I will be watching with great interest, the next match being on Wednesday.

Sad news that Lord Attenborough has sadly passed away. He was a great part of the British acting scene and starred in the best film ever 'The great escape' as well as directing 'Ghandi' which I had the pleasure of watching in Valencia dubbed in Spanish, I had no idea what was going on as my Spanish only stretched as far as 'dos cereveza por favor'

This weekend also sees the carnival in Notting Hill in full swing, not to be outdone, local town of Shildon held 'Shildonbury' yesterday, pony Paul was taking the whole family ( including Mia) to see amongst other bands 'Dodgy' who have obviously sunk so low into oblivion, the at Shildon is a viable option!

So this is a very short one as I am awaiting news form the Tzarina on how she got on with her scan and what the outcome is.

The washing machine is on and I am about to make a start with the housework.

So much for Bank Holiday fun!!!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Lady Lainey wields a paintbrush

Well I am up and ready to face the next painting task. Yesterday I repainted the front of Tykes Towers and also some of the walls in the extensive grounds of Tykes Towers.  I know that I still have the railings to do , but that is the most boring and  labour intensive job ever, so I  decided to just use the rest of the masonry paint and be done with it.

Now I am off to sort out the garage door so that on Tuesday  when Paul the window guy comes, everythng will be super smart when he has put the trims on.

I also kept 'popping' into see what was happening on the cricket, First semi, Birmingham Bears beat Surrey and were able to have a bit of a rest before the final.

We had a spot of rain which meant that I had plenty of excuses to come indoors and watch Hampshire and Lancashire.

Hampshire took to the field and they were looking good after Smith  was LBW to Smith! which was a little sad as Tom Smith ( Lancs) is in my (as yet unpublished book) Cricketers Posteriors! Rain became the enemy of the game and Lancs finishes 160-5.

Hampshire went out to bat with reduced overs and needing 143 to win (D/L). ................................................. Well if you watched it you will know that when they were shocking! Carberry and Adams were the only players to make double figures ( 10 and 53 respectively.
They were back on the coach and heading down the M40 home very quickly.

So I quickly cooked my dinner and then sat down to watch the final. By this time is was freezing cold in Tykes Towers and getting dark!!!!! so I had to put the fire on and a light! What's all that about the, its not even the end of August!
Anyhoo, long story short Birmingham beat Lancashire in what was a thrilling match. A well deserved win.
There was  an appearance from Andrew Flintoff who no doubt will steal the limelight in the newspapers this morning after taking Ian Bell's wicket with his first ball.

So now got to dash and try to get as many jobs done this morning outside just in case it starts to rain!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

It's the Bank Holiday

Yeay!!! It is the Bank Holiday weekend, the last one until Christmas. A weekend when families pile into the car, which is loaded to the gunnel's with everything but the kitchen sink. They then head off in the direction of the nearest beach and then..........

1. The heavens open and we have monsoon like weather

2. They sit for 6 hours on the motorway in a traffic jam

3.'little Tommy' eats all his sweeties in the first 5 minutes of the journey and then they spend the next 2.5 hours stopping at regular intervals for said child to be ill!

Ahhh yes the joys of the family fun weekend.

I however will not be partaking of any of the above because......

1. it is T20 finals day today ( woohooo the mascot race my favourite bit!)

2. lots of work to do at Tykes Towers

3.Do not have a 'little Tommy' so would have had to eat all the sweeties myself!

I am going to make full use of the next few days as I have been putting off doing 'jobs' around the Towers due to not being too well and cricket.

However hopefully I will be fully fit in a few weeks ( just in time for the end of the cricket season) and will be able to get everything finished before winter sets in.

What a flipping boring old life I lead!
When the highlight of your day is painting the garage door, you know its time to get some 'sparkle' into your life. And I don't mean wearing my besty tiara to do the painting either.

Oh well off to do things before the cricket starts.

Who am I backing in the T20's

Hampshire of course!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Woooohoooo Headingley!

Woohoo looks like another road trip to the heady heights of Headingley next Thursday as Yorkshire trounced 'South Durham' AKA Hampshire yesterday and got through to the Quarter Finals of The Royal London one day cup. Where they will be taking on 'North' Durham AKA Champions of the world.

Its a win/win situation for me really although it is a shaky fence I will be sitting on. Mr Funky is trying to get permission from the 'fat controller' to have a day out and I am making breakfast for Job the Jolly to 'butter' him up and make sure they can do without me next Thursday.

OMG am I excited!

So how did the boys do it?

Well they won by 6 wickets to finish top of group A.
the match was a disaster from the start as Hampshire lost Michael Carberry ( eye candy for the Dame) almost immediately as he was bowled by (not so ) Little Timmy Bresnan followed by Sean Terry going to Jack Brooks.
It didn't get any better for the home side and they finished their innings on 172 all out.
A reachable target for my Tykes? well I knew that strange things can happen in cricket so came home and changed into my 'lucky pants' just to have all bases covered ( sadly recent weight gain meant that my lucky pants did not quite cover all 'bases!').

Lyth, Lees Williamson and Bairstow took control and saw the Tykes through. My phone lit up like a Christmas tree!!! and arrangements were quickly being put into place, for next week.

Wooohoooo super flipping excited.

Paul the window boy came round last night to measure up for super smart trims for the garage door and also  new window sills in the kitchen. Looks like Tykes Towers is back in make over mode.

So today I have lots of work to do to finish off 'big' job in Bristol, cook the boys some breakfast and manage to fit in a nap too.

Then back to the Towers to get on and do some sewing and cleaning and all manner of horrid 'housey' type things. Gosh life does not get an easier does it.

I hope that Dame Didi is feeling better today after a horrid stomach bug which has made her feel even more poorly than she has been feeling of late.

Well best get on my way and get the breakfast on for my office boys.

Until tomorrow

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Wine & Jerusalem

Yesterday took a realy strange turn as I got a call from my other 'employer' asking if I would drive out to the opposite side of the wilds of the Yorkshire Moors and host a wine tasting for the WI. I agreed then looked at the map and realised that it was over 100 mile round trip but I was committed! ( and probably should have been)

So off I toddled in the lady Lainey limo, all was well as I drove through the industrial landscape that is Cleveland, however once I turned onto the Moors it was a different kettle of fish altogether.
 I realised very suddenly that I am still a 'Larndan' girl at heart as rather large white fluffy four legged animals very having a walk on the road at every twist and turn I took, despite my cries of 'Will ewe get off the chuffing road' ( I assume they were female as they didn't seem to have horns). Yes over 20 miles of dodging 'pure new wool' then took place. As I entered the village there were flipping more of them wandering around,  and also pheasants sitting on every garden wall!!!!  By the time I reached the villages hall my tummy was rumbling with the thought of a nice juicy pheasant breast or something with mint sauce.

I went in, set up and waited for them to sing Jerusalem ( one of my favourite hymns along with 'Rock of ages' and 'Abide with me')...........................and they didn't. What kind of WI was this????

Well it was a jolly fun one I can tell you, as most ladies lived in the village and were walking home ( 'I live opposite the post box just by the telephone box, the house with lots of sheep poo outside, they love my grass verge'!!!) they really took to the wine tasting.

Yes a fun night was had by all and one lady gave me directions home avoided white fluffy things, which took me home via place of my birth. What an evening.
To say I am tired this morning is an understatement, but it was great to meet a lovely group of ladies.

Now back to today and a very tired lady I am, however in the crazy world of cricket Yorkshire  have travelled down to The Rose Bowl and are taking on 'South Durham' AKA Hampshire i the One Day cup. #coyt

News also filtered through that Otis Gibson has left as coach of the West Indies!! Is he coming back to Durham as coach next season? Lets get that rumour mill started!!!.
Gibson has been with them since 2010 and although they won the ICC world T20 in 2012 they were not the shining stars of latter years.

And so now I am about to wend my very tired way to Super swanky Lady Lainey office, where if rumours are to be believed, will soon be welcoming back Dan Dan Cowboy Draughtsman as the workload becomes more and more unmanageable.
Well its a months work apparently but taking into account Dan's, doctors appointments , dental visits, taking his wife to hospital I am guessing 3 months looks more realistic!.


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mid week and lots to do

Mind you staring at pictures of his Royal Ryanness's posterior are not going to help in getting ANYTHING  done. So first things first make extra large cup of decaffeinated coffee and drink it!

second read all crickety things in papers. Yep not a lot of Tykey or current champions of the world news, but there is some news from Warwickshire as Captain Jim Troughton has announced his retirement with immediate effect. he has been struggling with a persistent back problem ( and that's not nice at all). He has been playing for over 14 months with the recurring problem and sadly had to make a decision.
Good luck in what ever you do next Jim.

Another mover and probable 'retiree' is Geraint Jones who has not been offered a new contract with Kent. Jones was part of the Ashes winning side in 2005,  and has played at Kent since 2001 and this year was put out to Gloucestershire on loan before returning to Kent following an eye injury..
Hopefully he finds another club for next season or moves onto the next phase of his life.

There is already bits of contract news coming through, as Worcestershire wicket keeper Ben Cox signs a two year deal to stay with the county. But I am waiting for the news that his Royal Ryanness is staying at Yorkshire until 2017. Well that would make me very happy and would make him 40(ish). Still life in the old Ryan yet.

So I am off to the peace and tranquility that is super swanky Lady Lainey office. No Trill Boy has made a huge amount of difference to the dynamic of the office. we are all just chugging along and no one is getting 'earache'. However it is flipping freezing in said office and I have felt the need to put one, of my hundred heaters on. Yes a heater on in the office in August!!! What ever next..............probably my thermals if it doesn't chuffing well warm up a bit!.

So with that said I am off to sort out the office boys, put my feet up drink gallons of coffee, do a bit of shouting and have myself a jolly well deserved nap! Ahhhh! its like the 'old day' of the office.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tykes stay top!!!

Yes it was a bit of a day yesterday, Over in Scarbella My Tykes had to bowl out Sussex and then score some runs. They worked hard out in the field and eventually dismissed Sussex for 230, even though Luke Wright put in a determined effort ( credit where credit is due) by putting on 113 runs.

This meant that my boys had to go in and score 106 to win. Lyth and Lees set the ball rolling with a score of 88 before Lees was bowled by Hobden. Kane Williamson whose maiden century in the first innings was outstanding them came in and saw the boys win the match.
OMG I came home to this news and was flipping 'buzzing', needless to say there was no work done in Tykes Towers last night and lots to do when I get home tonight.
However it is 2.45am and I am wide awake, and making lists of all the things that I need to do! You can see that this is going to end badly tonight as the only thing on the agenda will be dinner and bed!

Yorkshire remain top of Division one with a six point lead. However anything could happen in the next three games...........................although I flipping well hope not!

Durham on the other hand had another bad day at the office, as they lost in what has been described as a 'thrilling match'. Lancashire went into bat chasing 107 from 36overs, but John Hastings and Ben Stokes made short work of the Lancashire side reducing them to 90-9.
However credit to Lancs they held their nerve and won the match with two balls to spare.
yes I can see that this was a thrilling match but there will have been some very sad supporters heading back to the North East last night.

So my day in super swanky Lady Lainey office went a little array within minutes of entering the office, however I decided not to rise to the bait and cleared my desk in record time.
The  office was very civilised due to the annual holiday of Trill Boy, so two weeks of peace and quiet is on the cards for me.

I may even get round to doing some archiving ready for the  next batch of jobs which are sure to land on my desk soon.

Well not much else to say except that I am super excited about My Tykes and also counting the days until the Bank holiday weekend when I am going to knuckle down and get lots of work done here at The Towers.
And now I really should go back to bed and try and get some sleep.

As if!!!!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Seven year Cycle

So today is the 18th August and yesterday was the 17th ( non merde Sherlock!) and it was 7 years since I grabbed my handbag and ran  to the safety of Her Serene Highnesses house from Toner Towers. Never to return ( thankfully). Why is this relevant? wells someone once told me that your life goes in 7 year cycle and if that is true this is the start of a new one for me.
The last 7 years have been turbulent to say the least with very sad losses, of family and also much needed losses of 'friends' ( I use that term very loosely). The past 6 months have also seen tough times in the Walker/Robinson houses and they are still on going, however it is time to put the past firmly in the past and move on. I have been saying this for the last 7 years but now there is no excuse.
So I am putting on my mascara ( something I never wear, so that's a new one) and marching off to super swanky Lady Lainey office to prepare for my new era!.

less of the faffing around and more of the moving forward is needed.

And yesterday at Scarbella saw Yorkshire doing less of the faffing around as Kane Williamson hit his maiden century for my Tykes and  going on to hit 186 before being out. Little ( not really he is a flipping man mountain) Timmy Bresnan hit 61 as the hosts managed to edge past the Sussex first innings score of 368. his Royal Ryanness was no out on 14 ( very respectable) and the Tykes were all out for 493.
however it does not end there.........................oh no  he only went and took two more wickets bringing his FC total haul to 468!!! Will today see 650? I flipping hope so!.

Sussex were 98-4 at stumps.

I had the pleasure of spending a good part of yesterday chatting to Jack Russell the former England wicket keeper. We had a wander down memory lane discussing the merits of the wonderful 'Northlands Road' Southampon. A wonderful ground that is no longer there and is a housing estate!!!!

Elsewhere in the crazy world of cricket  Durham were being thwarted by the weather at Old Trafford and also Prince ( no not the Purple Popster)  who as he approached the end of his career hit a ton to give Lancashire the upper hand.
Durham were 59-1 at stumps.

Chris Rushworth  ( or Christopher as he was on the team list, getting his full title ) took two wickets and jolly well done to him.

So today I am expecting big things from my Tykes and also hoping that champions of the world Durham do good. I think they need a boost. When I have seen Durham of late they look a very dejected bunch.
Watching Yorkshire over the last three days it was a different story, but they always look like that.
begs the question, just what is going on at Durham?

Until tomorrow

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Stormy Sunday?

Sunday is at the moment looking less than promising, it is wet and it is windy, good job that I don't worry about how my hair will look ( obviously it will be even curlier and wild).

Saturday was however slightly better than I had lead you believe in the blog yesterday. It was dry, but very chilly and the breeze from the sea was in fact more like a gale and it really was whipping round everyone's nether regions.

Yorkshire went into see off Sussex's first innings , I had predicted that his Royal Ryanness would take the last two wickets, but sadly it was not to be, Rashid saw the last two back into the hutch.

The crowd were then all awake and ready for the  Yorkshire innings, however when the score was 5-2 you could have heard a pin drop at the ground!!!. Captain Gale came in and managed to  set the ship back on course before falling  to Magoffin. This brought Bairstow and Williamson on stage  to put on a show, and a show they did. Jonny brought up his 50 quicker than the blink of an eye and Kane was not too far behind.

The weather got colder and skies got darker. Jonny fell just after tea and then bad light became the foe of the players. My Tykes were 256 at stumps.

I also had the pleasure to meet and chat to  Jack Russell, former England and Gloucs wicket keeper. He is a very accomplished artist and his views of the grounds around the country are wonderful. OMG nostalgia moment as he had painted the wonderful Northlands Road Southampton. Former home of Hampshire before the Rose Bowl.
He was very friendly and funny and it was a great pleasure to chat to him.

So last night I went out to hit the high spots of Scarborough.........................well that was the plan, however Anna  and I ended up in the local pub, having a couple of pints/gallons of real ale ( not very Ladylike), entering a darts competition (?) and then finishing the evening with a good old sing song, thank goodness I am heading back to Tykes Towers today!!

But first I am going for a swim, have a full English and then going to  freeze my 'wot nots' off at North Marine Road (or North Pole Road as I have renamed it )

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Sunnyish Saturday

Well I woke up this morning to rain, but this was at stupid o' clock, so I decided to get up and go  for a walk/jog/run. This was in 5/5/1 minute  intervals which seems a bit wimpish, but as I do not want to end up in hospital again I am taking it easy!

That combined with the amount of walking I did yesterday  should be helping me on my fight back to fitness and 'wellness' ( I will fight this chuffing virus!!!).

Yes, I am in Scarbados and loving the sea air, sunshine and of course My Tykes playing cricket.. After a wonderful walk through Peasholm Park yesterday morning I settled myself in my 'usual' area of the ground ( close to the Yorks dressing room, but not close enough to enforce a restraining order). 

Yorkshire elected to bowl and off they went, His Royal Ryanness took the first two wickets and  brought his First class wicket total to  646, OMG the boy might make 650 this weekend and I would be super chuffed if he did.

Sussex however then dug in Tim Bresnan took  wicket but it was  late  after noon before we saw a flurry of wickets fall, bringing Sussex to  315-8.
Brooks, Rashid and Patterson all chipping in , top boys.

I am about to go and have a swim and then  fill myself up with a 'full English' before heading back through the Park to North marine Road. I have everything packed 'just in case' as yesterday the sun was very shiney and hot but the blinking breeze off the sea was blowing into places that I never dreamt could be cold!

I am hoping that Sussex are seen off before I have chance to gulp my coffee down and then we can get down to watching some serious runs from the boys.

I actually feel better today than I have since the mad dash to hospital, (although I still look as white as a ghost), its amazing what sea air, and My Tykes  can do. 

Is laughter the best medicine? is it heckers, cricket is the best medicine.

(apologies for any typo's I am typing this on a 7in tablet which is 'not playing the game'!!!)

Friday, 15 August 2014

Scarbados and F(ryan)day


Yeayyyy!!!! it is F(ryan)day and it is also time to head off over the Moors to sunny Scarbados.
I woke up about 10 minutes ago and could hear seagulls, I thought I was there already, however I then realised I was at the next best thing, Chateau Saltburn. Time to get a wriggle on and get my act in gear.

Yesterday former besty home county of Durham were in action that was at times affected by rain, but they still managed to secure a five wicket win over Surrey, This was aided by the batting of captain colleywobble. 
The 'Colley crush crew' were then  on Twitter singing his praises. until one of them commented  that retirement might be on the cards. Come on boys that was obvious, he is looking for a coaching job at Durham ( not more backroom staff?) , however I think his main aim is England..............good luck with that mate!!!!!

So today has dawned a bit over cast and i am packing everything that is warm just in case .

I am not posting much today as I have to go to Asda to but Dame Didi some thing to drink and I am not talking gin, wine or champers. mainly tonic water or something of that ilk.

Then I am .orrfff!!!!!' and if you are at North marine Road today come and say hello, you can't fail to miss me as I have been told.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Yeay!!!! Last day at the 'Oriface'

Woopdiflippingdooooo!!!! It is my last day in Super Swanky Lainey office and then I am off for three days in sunny Scarbados.

I don't know if I will be able to sit still, as I am super flipping excited now and spinning round in my chair like the spinniest thing in the world.

However I am not sure if I am ready as the 'already' packed case is now unpacked and I am throwing things in like a wild woman. the weather forecast is still changing and I am thinking that with the temperature at 16/17 I am not going to get much of a tan! However at least I get three days of cricket.

I have packed the anorak, umbrella, Hunters and a couple of fleeces, one can never be too prepared!

My Tykes were in action yesterday and completely finished off Derbyshire in  41 overs and then went into bat before lunch.

The boys must have been in the dressing room watching 'Diagnosis Murder' after lunch as Lyth and Lees went back out and hit, 155 runs in 29.3 overs which took Yorkshire  into the Quarter finals of the One Day Cup. It also meant that the rest of the boys were able to catch 'Flog it' before heading back to the hotel!

Yes The Vikings are on the rampage!

Today they are having a breather ( getting themselves ready for the imminent arrival of I Lady Lainey) and then tomorrow it is the 'biggy'.
All I can say is that  I am not sure how I am going to get through today  at work!

Durham are home to Surrey today and it is 'Ladies day'. Well this is one lady that wont be there, mainly due to work and keeping office boys in check and all the other flipping things that I have to do to get tomorrow off!

So without further ado, I am off to the office and to have a bacon butty  and a latte, with the boys and then hopefully, Dame Didi I will be at Chateau Saltburn by about 7pm. I will be going via Asda! And don't make any dinner for me please. ( flipping hope she reads this!!)

Well as you can all see I am super excited about my trip to Scarbados. Its doesn't take much to make me happy! ( well actually it does and it usually is about 3 carats and sparkles)

Until tomorrow when I will be posting before heading off over the Moors.

Have a great Thursday! Its nearly my weekend!!!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Mid week Yippeee!!!

And so it is midweek and I am dreaming of 'flying ' off to Scarbados with a stop over at Chateau Saltburn, to see Dame Didi and any monster nephews that happen to be around.
I packed my case last night but know that I will be packing it again tonight after having my hair 're oranged' and hope that I have appropriate clothing for the weekend. I am checking the BBC weather website nearly ever hour and it is never the same outlook! Yes today it is a completely different out look to 8.30pm last night. Thinking that I might actually put the 'Hunters' in the boot just in case!!!!

So yesterday saw former besty home county of Durham and current champions of the world, Durham in action and they really made a day of it. Poor old Onions was nearly stretchered off with a side strain which hopefully will not put and end to his season, however it was Ben Stokes who puled off a century and handed the team victory over Nottinghamshire.
They are back in action tomorrow against Surrey.

Today however sees Scarbados come alive as Besty home county of Yorkshire take on Derbyshire. I cannot at the moment see any team news but suspect that they may be fielding an unchanged squad and saving His Royal Ryanness for my delight over the weekend ( note to self, charge the batteries for the cameras.).

All is not well in super swanky Lady Lainey office as there has been a shift in power ( or someone thinks that there has). Yes lots of 'telling' people what to do has been occurring and not from the cake hole of moi!!!.
I am thinking that I cannot be bothered to correct them this week as I am already demob happy, so will let them fight it out and sort the whole thing next week.

I do however expect my coffee on my desk when I get in  or there may be an awful lot of shouting and 'strong words like 'flipping heck,' and 'for chuffs sake!!!!!'. Maybe I will do the powers shift today and give them something to think about!

I have been measuring up for the astro turf for my 'wicket ' in the garden. My little cricketers will look jolly smart next season when they are set out to play. That reminds me I need 4 cricket balls, all will be revealed in good time.

So with the washing machine about to finish , I am about to unload the dishwasher and then head off to the office.

I will be have my beady eye on Twitter and am expecting a good win from my Tykes.

Woooooooo I'm going to Scarbados!!!!!! ( soon)

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Calmer today

So we had more rain yesterday as the tail end of Bertha hit us, but it was nothing to what some parts of the UK had been getting. So has she passed over us? Looking at the weather forecast I am not too sure.

So over at Scarbella Yorkshire were in action against Essex and although posting a great score with Leaning hitting 111 they still lost! What the 'Donald Duck' is that all about? They are not in one day action again until tomorrow.
The match reports say it was a thrilling game...............WELL HARDLY because my Tykes lost!!!.

Today former besty home team of Durham and current champions of the world, are taking on Nottinghamshire at home. Someone needs to have a look at these fixtures, all during the week, which means that I Lady Lainey get my membership and get to see nack all cricket. Oh well only three more years left as a Gold Member and then time to reassess the whole thing. Not much point in paying and not really seeing any cricket apart from T20 and even then the timing is rubbish....................OMG so early to be off on a rant.

All was tense in super swanky Lady lainey office yesterday as Pony Paul was back from his jollies, and as expected, the phone didn't stop ringing and all manner of problems 'cropped' up. I feel my head starting to ache already, and I still have a couple of hours to go before I am due at my desk!.

Oh wow!!!!I am looking out of the window of my office here at Tykes Towers and the sun is shining, the sky is blue(ish) and it looks as if it might be a lovely day however I checked the weather forecast for the end of the week and as I though I may well be having soggy fish and chips in Scarbella on Friday!!!

What is going on with the weather, we have had a wonderful season so far ( apart from Sunday), and I want to at least have a bit of a tan when I get back from the coast.

So now best to get myself in gear and get sorted for the day ahead. At least the Lady Lainey limo will not be getting buffeted around as it was yesterday on the A1.

I know its a short one today but what can I say!!!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Bertha bites back

Well it did rain yesterday , and boy was there some rain, however Durham did go out to play a bit of cricket, but by the time that Mr Funky the chauffeur and I tipped up they had gone in doors as the rain was lashing down.
We found some chairs and set up camp in the 'wind tunnel' aka the area under the players balcony/dining room. And here we stayed!, Playing 'Kiev cricket.


One person stands either up a flight of stairs or away from the other person/bowler.
The bowler then attempts to bowl mini chicken kievs into the mouth of the other player.
maximum points for hitting the other persons  cake hole.
No points for hitting other parts of the other person body.

We then chatted to the Durham Bowling coach and anyone else who was around ( which was not a lot of people), then played 'Roll cricket' very similar to 'Kiev cricket' but with mini sausage rolls. Rules as above.

As you can tell there was no real cricket action and as total boredom had set in we were improvising. In the end we got in to the big blue tank thing and came home.
I put things on eBay and Mr Funky went home and fell asleep reading the Liz Jones Column in 'The Mail on Sunday'!!!

The match was eventually abandoned and everyone went home for a nap.

If you notice the time on this post you will think that I have really lost my marbles being up at stupid o'clock. however it is blowing a gale outside as the tail end of Bertha hits the North East. It woke me up at 2am and I have been struggling to get back to sleep so thought I might as well write this and then go back for 40 winks.

Most of the UK has been suffering from lots of rain and wind. However I am hoping that all will be clear by the end of the week when I head off to Scarbados. Nothing worse than soggy fish and chips in the rain!!!

So another week begins and I for one am not looking forward to it, but needs must I am afraid.

However I am starting this week as I mean to go on, no not tired and grump! but full of renewed vigour (ehhhh????where the flip did that come from???). Yes this week is the starting point of a new and improved Lady Lainey results to be unveiled at a later date.

OK off to try and grab 40 winks.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Battered by Bertha?

Well it's Sunday, it's a cricket day and it's supposed to rain, not just any old rain, but rain of biblical proportions, and this is not making Lady Lainey very happy at all! I am sitting gazing out of the office window here at Tykes Towers and wondering when the downpour will start. The BBC weather website has changed over night and says it will now start at 9am rather than 7 am. So this gives me time to pull on my trainers and go for a very fast walk/jog ( running out of the question at the moment until  I am properly well).

OOOH OOOH!!!! spoke too soon, it is 6.57am and the heavens have just opened!!!! So I guess my fast walk will be even faster and in a waterproof jacket. And boy is that some rain!

Well rain missed the Test match at Old Trafford and England managed a win, and what a win it was, by an innings and 54 runs. They all looked jolly pleased with themselves except Broady, who after thinking that his next hospital visit would be to get his crocked knee sorted, ended up there with  a broken nose.

The ball went between the grille on his helmet, pretty nasty and the second time this season that a player has been injured this way. I am sure that a newly designed helmet will be a money spinner for the designer!

Quick weather update 7.21am and there is no rain and a 'bit' of sunshine. I know that this will not be around for long.

So today is supposed to be a cricket day for moi, but by the looks of it I doubt that this is going to happen. I haven't even prepared any lunch or tea,, or made coffee. We will see what happens.

I think that now I will go and put the bedding in the washing machine, remake the bed, dust and hoover ( yes me doing housework) and then rain or not go for my fast walk/jog and then come home and plant out my beautiful new white hydrangea.

Pretty flipping boring and nothing like the day that I had planned. Maybe I will get on finish little jobs, put some more junk on eBay and have a nap.

Last weather update 7.30am and no more rain and much brighter looking sky.

Could be a good day!!!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Soggy Saturday

Well its nearly 8am here at Tykes Towers and it isn't raining, however after the monsoon and thunder last night everything is a tad 'soggy'. And the weather forecast for tomorrow is awful, so think that I might be at The Towers doing  'odd jobs'.

Well Francesca and I  set out early last night to put the world to rights, yes indeedy and  I think that we might have started out a bit early as by 10.30pm we were both in our respective homes and I was tucked up in bed., now after my mad dash to hospital a couple of weeks ago, you might think that this a little mad, however we were taking it easy and chattering away the way girlies do. But 3 Dirty martini's and I was a little bit squiffy, and so was Franny!!! She did manage to walk to her other half's car unaided which was a good thing.

So what was happening in the merry land of cricket yesterday. Well my Tykes were in action against Leicestershire, rain was threatening to put  an end to the match at various points during the day,  but Andrew Hodd decided to 'step up' and show what he was worth, hitting an unbeaten 69 off 43 balls and helping them win. This was actually calculated by the D/L method.
Yorkshire are still top of  Group A and  have their next outing at Scarbella on Monday.

Durham were in Cardiff and in what was a low scoring match pulled off a win.

The second day at the Test match at Old Trafford was abandoned due to rain. And it is looking as if there will be no cricket tomorrow as we are battening down the hatches in anticipation of the tail end of Hurricane Bertha hitting us.

Well I think we might have a lot of rain and no cricket which is very sad in my book, as my cricket days are running out rapidly.

However still got Scarbella to look forward to and boy am I going to enjoy those cricket days.

So with a bit of  a headache this morning and feeling a little bit underpar, I am signing off and getting dressed and going for a wander to Lady Laineyville  to do a spot of shopping.Then come back to the Towers and lay the groundwork for my cricket wicket in the extensive grounds of Tykes Towers. yes the job that I have been putting off for so long is now going to get started ( whether it gets finished is another matter)

Until tomorrow

Friday, 8 August 2014

OMG it's F(ryan)day again

Yes it's F(ryan)day and it's the best day of the week, for obvious reason!

However Thursday was a brilliant day for I Lady Lainey as lots of fabby things were going on. Firstly I got a super deal from Sky which means that I will be watching cricket over the winter for a lot less than I thought. Which is always good in a Tykey princesses eyes. Secondly My Tykes played a blinder of a match against Worcestershire yesterday.
So let me tell you what happened in case you didn't know.......................They flipping well trounced them that's what happened!!!!

Worcestershire went into bat and wickets started flying early on when Brooks took first blood. Timmy Bresnan then made his mark, and had amazing bowling figures of  4-28. Even young Fisher got a wicket ( pains me to say it but me thinks His Royal Ryanness should watch out). Rashid had a little bowl and saw a couple safely back in the hutch before the Worcs were all out for 141 and it wasn't even lunchtime!.

My Tykes went into to bat and Lees went very early, but they battled on and it was all over in 30.2 overs with Yorkshire racking up 144. This win brings them to the top of the table in the one day and they are also top of Div 1. It was a good day!

Jack Shantry was playing  for Worcestershire but chose to remain tight lipped on whether he was bowling 'commando'.

England were also having a good day, although rain in the morning delayed the start. They lost the toss and went in to have a little bowl. Pauly Paul sent me a message on Twitter as I was very busy ( had my feet up on my desk and  resting my eyes for a bit), which said that England had taken 4 wickets for 8runs!!!! Well India rallied round a little but were bowled out for 152.
Broad took 6 wickets  which was brilliant and I was beginning to think that may be he was not going to be 'crocked' this season, then I read that he is going in for knee surgery but will be fit for the winter tour!!!  Hmmm this is  like  deja vu! it is starting to seem like he has booked his plane ticket and will be on the tour injury or not..................does this not sound like last year, best book Finn's ticket and then he can have a fabby holiday!

Anyhooo I digress! England went into bat and were 113-2 at close of play!.

Pony Paul has been on holiday this week, but tipped up at the office with the lovely Tasha and Baby Baynham AKA Mia. OMG!! I was in baby heaven, she is absolutely beautiful!!! I wanted them to leave her with me whilst they went to have lunch and do shopping, but then I looked at 'the crew of 2'and thought this is no place for a baby, being in an office with horrible boys!

Sadly I had to give her back!

Oh well it was lovely for 10 minutes.

So now I am off to the office, last working day and then it is the weekend.
Oh yes and My Tykes are in  one day action against Leicestershire today.


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Best foot forward

And second besty tiara on special reason, just that I feel the need to make those office boys realise that all this crude talk and 'suggestions' is not befitting of a Lady's ears. So I am making sure that they

1. know who is the boss

2. know that I am a lady

3. know that they had better have MY coffee on MY desk in MY office when I triptrap into the office.

4. know their flipping place!!!!!

oh yes I may have been letting things slide in the last few weeks due to being slightly underpar...............but my oh my are they in for a BIG shock today.

I think I have got my 'mojo' back, well it might just be my 'mo' or my 'jo'  not sure which but I am feeling ready to whip that office into shape again in true Lady Lainey style.

Now yesterday I was asked how old I was......................, well as all readers will know I am 21.  This in itself is a bit of a naughty questions as all little boys from birth should have it beaten into them that it is flipping rude to ask a lady her age and you NEVER ask Lady Lainey her age, never, ever, no not ever!!! Although you are all welcome to buy me a pressie on my birthday because I love pressies, and I love my birthday and cake and jelly and ice cream and sausage rolls........................................

So back to Thursday , the sun is shining, the sky is blue and my Tykes are in one day action against  Worcestershire. I am hoping that they are still resting His Royal Ryanness ( well actually I think that he is training the  youth of Yorkshire at his Academy). However they had better not be resting him when I go to Scarbados next week!

Former besty home county of Durham are not in action until tomorrow evening and I am not holding out much hope of a win,  I am not being mean but they are playing really 'poo' at the moment ( very technical cricket term meaning they are playing jolly rubbish). Not sure when the wheels fell off that wagon, but they are rolling down the A1 as we speak!!!

 I have the joys of housework when I get home this evening as besty friend Francesca is 'popping' round for a glass ( or bucket ) of wine tomorrow evening and letting her other half have the remote control to himself!
The house is not untidy, I have hardly 'lived' downstairs since I was in hospital last week, but dusting and hoovering are the order of the evening. ( chuffing heck I sound like a domestic goddess)

Oh well time and office boys wait for no Lady, so firing up the Lady Lainey limo and off down the A1.

A bientot

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Flipping wet Wednesday

So there is lots of precipitation around this morning, actually it has been flipping lashing down all night, and from the result  at Hove last night, former besty home county of Durham will have been wishing it had been  lashing down on them last night and I don't mean the wrath of fans!

Having  won the toss and electing to bat Durham set a very good score 287-8. Sussex went into bat and Onions took Nash out very early, then took Wright out. Looking good I was thinking!
Wish I had not even 'thunk'it. Borthwick and Onions reduced the hosts to 191-7 but then an unbroken 8 wicket stand  between Arafat and Beer gave Sussex the most unlikely win and saw the County Champions on their way home with their tails between their legs!

How on earth did they lose that game!!!!

Not looking good, think they might need Her Ladyship to cheer them on on Sunday.

However, my Tykes  were suffering from the effects of rain, but it didn't dash their enthusiasm, they were reduced to 38 overs and  made the most of them. They won the toss and put Northamts into bat, with  Peters going for a golden duck to Timmy Bresnan. Looking good!
Pyrah was on top form taking three wickets Northants managed 209-7 in their 38 overs.

Well Lyth and Lees went in to bat and, they were fipping brilliant ( why isn't Lyth being called up for England?)/. Lyth hit 84 BUT Lees hit 102!!! Top Tyke!!! The rest of the batsmen were a bit rubbish really, even Captain Gale only hit 4,   but this  did outdo Leening and Rashid ( ducks a piece). This made no difference as Yorks went to 213 in 34 overs.

I am sure that Gillespie the Gallant would have been smiling all the way home!

OK this is a short one, as I slept in again this morning and I know that is tres unusual pour moi, but this virus thingy is playing havoc with all of me and I am not sure if I am coming or going!!

Got to get myself pulled round and pretty damned quick, lots to do over the next few weeks.

So until tomorrow

Be good!!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Cricket Tuesday

Ok another early night last night and I still managed to over sleep so I am having a jolly giant mug of decaff coffee ( would have loved  a  giant mug full of caffeine enhanced coffee but hey beggars can't be choosers) and checking out teams etc for today matches.

Yorkshire are off down to Wantage Road to take on Northamptonshire, they are without His Royal Ryanness who is running summer camp at his cricket academy, also I think it is only right that he should be concentrating on getting wickets in the county championship.

Nothants have a growing injury list ( yes the pins in dollies works!!) but  have cobbled a team together for the match ( cobbled!!!! get it!!!!!??? OMG I flipping hope you did! Took me all of 10 seconds to think that one up!)

Durham are away to Sussex. News filtered through via twitter that Jamie Harrison is finally fit to play cricket again however only on the 2nd team, which is where I predict he will see out the rest of the season. So much promise, so much body breakdown, so very unfortunate.

Mind you I am a fine one to talk about body breakdown!!!

On the work front I had forgotten that Pony Paul is on holiday this week and so it was Job the Jolly and Trill Boy and I that were in the office, Trill Boy ( or Contralto boy as he is now) decided that my new office nick name is 'Ginger jelly pie'. I am thinking that you can guess how that went down.

So today we are going to be having a quiet day in the office after hearing about Jobbers' exploits in Belfast last week. Job the jolly is on his jollies next week and then Trill boy goes off on his......................OMG complete and utter peace and quiet for a week...........I have the days marked off on my Peppa pig calander. ( yes I know its not very business like but I loves it!!!!)

On the home front, the cleaning fairies did not come to my house whilst I was at I did a spot of dusting and hoovering before I retired to bed. I can hear the dishwasher on now so I will best make haste getting dressed ( no I am not writing this naked!), and get it unloaded before I set off for another happy day at super swanky Lady Lainey office.

So I will be glued to Twitter to see how my Tykes and former besty home county of Durham are doing during the day, and then home to bed.

Wow that is my day is a nutshell!!!!

see you tomorrow

Monday, 4 August 2014

Enough of the lounging around!

OK after a weekend of total relaxing, it is time to hit the road and get back to Lady Lainey office.
I have done very little this weekend, but sleep, read and finish watching 'Breaking Bad' which I finished last night. Yes, 6 series in two weeks even outdoes my '24' fest, when I felt that I was living in Jack Bauer land!. And watched the whole 8 series plus the film in 6 weeks.
Who says I need to get out more?

Getting out more is exactly what Hampshire are going to be doing, as they are heading off to T20 finals day for the fifth year running. ( we will forget 2012 when they beat my beloved Tykes in the final). James Vince hit an unbeaten 93  as they chased 193. Michael Carberry ( eye candy for the ladies) hit 31 before being stumped!!!

I am sort of looking forward to finals day now,....................most especially the mascot race! Always makes me laugh.

Other cricket news, Liam Plunkett is out of the fourth test due to an ankle injury and so they have brought in Steve Finn!!!! yes the same Steve Finn that they sent out to Australia over the winter on a fabulous all expenses paid 8-9 week holiday with the chance to see most of the Ashes Tests thrown in too.
Maybe they are trying to recoup some of their money!

I saw him bowl at Scarbella and did not rate him, Jack Brooks looks better if you ask me........................but as no one was...........................

I am really hoping that Liam gets better soon, he has had a second chance at things over the last couple of seasons and seems to be making the most of them. Here's hoping that he continues doing so.

Its a busy week for my Tykes this week with three one day cup matches and former besty home county of Durham have a couple of matches too. So there will be something to keep me occupied in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office. I will be having my feet up and chilling out as much as possible and drinking lots of  Rooibos ( got to limit the caffeine intake for a little while).

I am feeling very much better after a weekend of bed rest and hope that by next weekend I will be back on the road to being a super bouncy excitable Lady Lainey. Well next weekend I will be excitable as it is only another week until I head off to Scarbados!!

Woohoo ice cream, candy floss, fish and chips, candy dummies................and a sick bag probably!.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Lady Lainey takes it easy

Yes I really have been taking it easy! I was in bed all day yesterday, sleeping and then being bored! Today I am going to have 40 winks after posting this blog and then get up and do washing!

Oh yes the washing thing is returning so I must be feeling much better. I am still going to take it easy for a week or two and then hopefully I will be back to 'normal'( what ever flipping normal is!)

So yesterday saw the semi finals of the T20  sorted out. After being washed out at Old Trafford on Friday night Lancashire  did a great job of securing their place with a win over Glamorgan or @Glamcricket as they are on Twitter. I love the thought of them stepping out onto the field in sparkly jumpsuits and platform boots to the strains of ' Mama weer all Crazee' by Slade. yes well it is never going to happen but would be fun!

Jordan Clarke took four wickets including a triple wicket maiden, well done that boy!

Surrey beat Worcestershire and Warwickshire beat Essex.

Today Northamptonshire play Hampshire and I am cheering on for my 'South Durham' boys!!

I have every faith that they can get through to finals day.

Well crickety type news is sparse and I have no funny stories about a day in the life of I Lady Lainey, mainly because I was lounging around in bed yesterday.

Oh dear I fear that I am in danger of becoming boring!


Time to get my act together.

Ok lets have a look ahead at the cricket week and see if there is anything to tempt me out of mon boudoir!

Well yes there is as besty home county of Yorkshire are in action Tuesday, Thursday and Friday , before they decamp to Scarbella for over a week!

Tuesday and Friday also see former besty home county of Durham in one day cup action. So the coming week is starting to look brighter already!.

Right I am off to have 40 winks then put loads of my  junk  treasures on eBay, and then I might even have some energy to hoover! OK that might be a step too far!

So lets see how the day pans out.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Wow a lie in!!!

Well since my over night stay in hospital I have been taking it easy, well sort of, however I do think that sleeping until 8am is a bit much by my standards. However I must have needed it.

So now to Saturday which is very rainy and  not looking too promising  and I have washing  done and more to do. Not going to get it hung outside any time soon.

The only cricket this weekend is quarter finals of T20 and Lancashire should have been playing last night  but rain put paid to that.
Hopefully the matches will get played today and we will see who goes through to final days on 23d August..

So what to do today?

Well I could do some housework (hmmmmmm)

I could go shopping ( Mmmmmmmm)

I could lie in bed all day and watch dvd's ( Yeay!!!)

I could stop being a lazy daisy and really do something constructive like finish off all the 'little' jobs I have started.

Well I think I might have 40 winks before I contemplate any of the above.

and its a short one as
1.  life in Lady lainey land is quite boring at the moment.

2. Life in cricket land is quite boring at the moment ( i.e no wickets from His Royal Ryanness)

3. Life needs to liven up a bit on both these fronts soon!

Until tomorrow  have a super Saturday

Friday, 1 August 2014

It's Yorkshire Day ( and its F(ryan)day too)

Yes today is 1st August and for all of us 'Tykes' this mean it is Yorkshire Day. A day  to celebrate the historic county of Yorkshire  It was first celebrated in 1975 as a  protest movement against the local government re-organisation of 1974, but the date also alludes to the battle of Minden, and the date of the emancipation of slaves in 1834 for which Yorkshire MP William Wilberforce had campaigned.

So have a great Yorkshire Day.

OK History lesson is now over.

Over in the far north of Newcastle where Durham were playing a match ( well of course because Newcastle is in Co  Durham!!!!!!!, like Marton was in Co Durham.......OK not getting into that rant again). Well Durham were taking on Warwickshire and they only flipping well won. YES!!!! they won.
Trott scored a century for Warwickshire and they were all out for 264. John Hastings was the pick og the Durham bowlers.
In reply Durham  did jolly well and won, which was much needed as they have been pretty dire of late in these 50 overs games. Not that I have seen any due to them being played during the week. Maybe they should consider reusing Saturdays and then get bigger crowds ( and believe me not all members of  County cricket clubs play cricket on Saturdays). OK another rant over for the day.

And England won too which was pretty good as they have been dire in these test matches of late, not that I have seen many as they are played during the week..........................hahaha I must be feeling a bit better as I am ranting away like a good 'un

And I am going to make this a short one today as I am about to go and have my weetabix, make my chicken salad for lunch and then toddle off down the A1  to Super swanky Lady Lainey office where only Pony Paul and Trill Boy will be waiting for me. Job the Jolly is at a wedding in Belfast and no doubt will be waking up this morning with a stinking hangover!!! well serve you jolly well right Jobbers!!!

So until tomorrow and NO I hadn't forgotten.......................

.....................have a great F( ryan)day,  it's nearly the weekend!!!!!!!!