Saturday, 27 September 2014

3 gingers and a brunette, PS to Thursday

So what do you do on a chilly Thursday evening in Headingley?

Well you don your besty tiara and totter off in your 'Jimmy Choo's' for an evening of fun and laughter with 'The Middle Stump' AKA Dan. A wonderful evening entitled 'Three gingers and a brunette' ( nothing to do with me although, I have and am three shades of ginger and have been brunette my lifetime and blonde too!).

The lovely Gill  from Melanoma UK ( beneficiaries of all monies raised) greeted me at the door and showed me where to sit ( not in the next county luckily!).
I toddled off to the bar where the 'Fantastic Four' were having a lemonade before taking the stage.
 As I went to pay  I was told  it was a free bar...........................oh my dog!!!! This could be a costly evening for someone!.

Gill introduced the evening which was hosted by Dan......................who set off in great style. His slide show was second to non!!! I am still laughing about his film titles,  'Bres' and 'Inglorious Bairstows'.
Jonny Bairstow and Jack Brooks took to the stage, where it suddenly became apparent that someone hadn't done their washing and someone got dressed in the dark!. yes Mr Bairstow was sockless and Mr Brooks had odd socks on!!!! It just added to the hilarity of the evening.

Had the 'Yorkshire snipper' reared his head again?
Anyone not aware of the Yorkshire Snipper?

well it is a person from the Yorks dressing room who literally 'snips' items of players clothing. Undies being the best laugh a minute choice.

I first became aware of this  when his Royal Ryanness talked about it back in May. He denied being the culprit although a lot of people think it is him ( Steve Harmison saying it outright and Ryan denying it). Joe Root has said that he is the person. Naughty step for him if he is!!! And no pocket money for a month!
I however don't think he is and my money is on Tim Bresnan ( no idea why but he is my bet).

His Royal Ryanness took to the stage with Steve Kirby who is less 'ginger' these days. I laughed so much I thought I was going to have an 'accident'. If someone had given me a 'tena' I might of!!!!
By this time I was nearly cross eyed and managed to get some very shaky pics, due to  amount of wine that  had managed to sneak its way down my throat.

Top marks to everyone concerned and a great effort, if a very late night for the Yorkshire boys.
I heard on the grapevine that SOME people stayed up until the wee small hours, I however managed to make it back to The Lodge safely ( the bruises say otherwise).

A big thank you to Uvistat and Melanoma UK for a top evening.
And to The Middle stump for making it all very very funny!
Should we do this in Durham................................Oh I think so!!!!!

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