Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Review of 2014

I can't believe it's the last day of the year, it hardly seems like five minutes since I was reviewing  2013.

It has however been a rollercoaster year too!


Full of hope that 2014 would be a great year, I started January alcohol free  ( which lasted until 2nd January). England were in Australia and playing with less determination than my attempt at being 'dry'.
Mid January saw the very sudden loss of my cousin James, which floored us all.The same day Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo scored his first goal in five years ( well he is a defender). Always to be known as a goal for James.
I came down with tonsillitis despite having no tonsils!


England lost their T20 series  ( come on did you expect them to win?). Rumours began to circulate that Gillespie the Gallant may be in the running for the England job!!!!!
Lord Christophe secured a job ( not the England job) but with the Architects that he had previously worked for in Whitby.
I finally got over to Nikki and Dave'ss house for the evening and we all got a bit squiffy.
Finally decorated my bedroom.
Hit 600 blogs 
I travelled down to former home  South of Blighty for the weekend and literally bumped into besty ex Hants friend Martin Jean -Jacques in the street. Small world!!!

I was busy doing 'PA' type stuff for Chris Rushworth who was going 'dry' for the whole of 2014 ( good luck with that mine didn't happen). Donations came in form all over, including Rt Hon Hooligan Robo who donated a signed Birmingham City shirt. Top boy.
I also managed to secure His Royal Ryanness to take part in a Q & A session in May for Chris's challenge.
My Tykes went to Sri Lanka for a pre season tour ( frilics in the sun more like!).
I 'bought' a bowler at Aycliffe cricket club.
Jamie Harrison took 5 wickets for  Durham in Dubai which was to be nearly the last we heard of himm all season.


YEAHHH!!!! CRICKET!!!!!  I made the prediction that Yorkshire would win Div 1 and Hampshire would win Div 2. Was I right??????? See in September!
I decorated 'the office' and then flew out to La Belle France for some R & R ( and half a horse and veal and all other things that the PC brigade here in Blighty wrinkle their noses at).
Cricket was going well.
We had devastating news regarding Dame Didi.

Saw My Tykes at the Riverside and also the Q & A evening where I got a hug and kiss off His Royal Ryanness and then sat in the corner very quietly for the rest of the evening!
Cricket started in earnest and I got to spend time with my second favourite cricket man. yes Henry Rushworth, who very quickly twigged that I had unlimited supplies of sausage rolls.
Babies were the order of the month as two more popped into the world via the 'office boys'.
Yorkshire were doing well however Durham not so!
I raced down to Nottingham for the Bank Holiday to catch up with Harry and Blossom Latchman and Mike 'Pasty' Harris. watched the Durham boys in action too.

Dame Didi was holding up well with  treatment and remaining positive.
His Royal Ryanness was on sick leave with a hamstring injury ( worried face).
I took on a new job in wine Well it seemed like a good idea! especially as I get to try lots of it!
Chris Rushworth made his 6th month alcohol free and hit 32 off 18 balls going in at 11.
I 'babysat' for the lovely Zena ( super funny rottweiler)
His Royal Ryanness was back and brought his First class wicket haul to 632.
I had a very worrying cancer scare, but thanks to a quick referral and a whole day in hospital, I left with the all clear.

I went to stay at The Headingley Lodge for four days to see Yorkshire V Durham. Daddy Rushworth visited often, to eat my biscuits and drink my coffee!!! Amazing to wake to the view of the ground. Perfect. Worst thing waking to the picture of Geoff boycott on the wall. A towel soon sorted that out.
Lord Christophe and I went off to Scarbella to celebrate his birthday and to watch Yorkshire in action against Middlesex. I stayed over but was feeling so unwell the next day I had to come home.....................and missed his Royal Ryanness take 7 wickets!!!
Ended up in hospital with the temperature spiking heart palpitating yukky thing again and felt very unwell. Was discharged next day and told to go home and rest!
Spent a very funny evening at T20 at the end of the month with my 3rd favourite cricket man, Will Rushworth who had me in fits of laughter as he 'batted Mr Funky the chauffeur over the head with the inflatables they give away at the matches.

I was still trying to take it easy but decided that sea air at Scarbella would do me the world of good so I motored off over the Moors.
I met the lovely Jack Russell who was a wonderfully entertaining man, as well as an incredible artist.
Mr Funky and I went off to a rain halted match at Chester le Street, were we set up camp in the 'wind tunnel' and devised the game of 'Mini Kiev cricket' I think it is self explanatory if not messy!!!
Dame Didi was battling on, however now it was Tzarina Katerinas turn to be ill and rushed into hospital!!!! it just wasn't getting any better.
Yorkshire took on Durham in the one Day Cup QF. I hot footed it to to Headingley and met up with Daddy Rushworth, Lydia Jane came and visited us on the boundary.
Durham won and drew to play their semi at home!!! Woooohoooo!!!!

YIPPPEEEE!!!! Durham made the finals which meant that Mr Funky and I hot footed it down to former home in the South. We stayed at a hotel very close to where I had lived and that we had frequented very often. We were informed that the Hotel was closing the following day for ever as the land had been sold to a developer. RIP The Long Island Exchange Hotel and Restaurant. ( ahh the days when we used to see Andrew Ridgeley in the cocktail bar!!).
Durham became One Day Champions but were still fighting to stay in Division one.
12/9/14 Yorkshire became County Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got very drunk ( no change there then).
Hampshire became Div 2 champions and my prediction was correct!

I spent the end of the month at Headingley and went to a fundraiser for Melanoma UK.
Chris Rushworth took 15 wickets in one match and Durham stayed in Division one!
663 was the total of First class wickets take by HRR!!!!!

My 'little cricketers' were given a surprise pressie as 'Flicx Pitches' gave them a made to measure wicket!!!
Yes I really do have a wicket in my garden!
I was completely lost due to no cricket.

We had good news on the Dame Didi front which was brilliant and made Tzarina Katerina mumble the immortal words
' has your hair grown back yet?'
I tried to get on top of jobs at the newly named 'Chateau de Champions' but gave up, lack of cricket, lack of enthusiasm.

WOOOHOOOO!!! it was my birthday month and this year to celebrate being 21 I was going to throw a party. Yes sausage rolls, egg sarnies, cake the lot!!!!!  and lots of family and friends.
It was brilliant, all the Robbos tipped up even 'darn sarf' Robbo's. Harry and Blossom Latchman  came for the weekend which was wonderful.
I then continued by year of 'illness' by slipping in the extensive grounds of the chateau and chipping the bone in my elbow!
Ventured over to Nikki and Daves, well the neighbours had  been given 9 months to get over my first visit!


Yuk, loaded with cold feeling very sorry for myself and hoping that it didn't turn to anything worse, I did not want another hospital visit.
I tried to force myself into the Christmas spirit , but the past 5 Christmases of sadness  seem to have taken it's toll. After getting the decs out of the garage, they stayed in the box and I just put up my cards.

Christmas saw Dame Didi and I hurtling down the M1 in the Lady lainey limo to Sheffield. Living it up and stuffing ourselves silly!!!   It was brilliant.

Which is how 2015 is going to be for me!

So time to sign off now and wish you all a very Happy New Year.

see you in 2015 ( that's tomorrow you know!)

Lots of love

Lady Lainey

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Late night and a lie in

It is nearly 9am and I have just crawled out of my bed, this is due  to the fact that I didn't go to bed until nearly 2am!!!!!! Yes I stayed up until the wee small hours. 'Why??'  I hear you ask.

Was I out whooping it up and drinking copious amounts of wine?
Was I entertaining guests who wouldn't go home?

Well truth is I was watching cheesy christmas films on the TV, and knitting!!!!!

Yes indeedy I have once again been bitten by the knitting bug and am currently 'cableing' myself a throw for the lounge! Yes after the spate of cricket jumper tea cosies ( of which I still have one to post Sorry Simon and Sam) I am using my newly developed cable technique to make a throw for the sofa.

I probably will have been able to buy one cheaper but the  I decided to knit my own!

I did not even watch any cricket!!!

Which was great for all Antipodean teams.

New Zealand beat Sri Lanka and have now won five tests in a calendar year for the first time.
Brendon McCullum beat his own record as he scored the fastest century by a New Zealander, and the wonderful 'unofficial' Yorkshireman  Kane Williamson helped to guide the team to victory.

BRILLIANT!!!!! and I can't wait to see them when they are in Blighty next summer.

Australia were edging in to a good position against India and need only to draw this match to take the series. Shaun Marsh played a blinding innings and his key half century saw the hosts  in a 326 run lead.

It's hotting up down under....................

Which is more than can be said about here, where it is even more white and 'crucnchy' and  flipping freezing to boot.

I foresee that I , Lady Lainey will not be trip trapping to the metropolis of Ladylaineyville in my Jimmy Choos today! not on your nellie!!!, I will be wearing my flipping Hunters for extra traction.
I might have a well cushioned derrière, but no way do I want to land on it!!!!!

So off to have boiled eggs and soldiers for my brekkie before heading out into the Arctic conditions  ( yes I know I am over egging the pudding  but it is cold!).

Keep warm where ever you are.

Monday, 29 December 2014

it's even crunchier this morning

Oh my dog!!!! I woke up and realised that even though it was stupid o'clock it was 'light' in mon boudoir. I peeked out of the curtains and there is a very thick crust of white stuff all over the ground. Not a good start to the day.

Dame Didi is being chauffeured over by Lord Christophe today as we are attending the funeral of a school friends dad who sadly passed away just before Christmas, it is not going to be a great journey for any of us.

Over in Australia, the Indian batsman Virat kohli has been talking about the the 'sledging' that was going on during the test. ( nothing to do with slow and kitchen trays sadly). He says that he was called a 'spoilt brat' for no reason. I am laughing my orange curly head off as I am typing this and cannot believe that he has gone to the worlds press about it. He does appear to be a spoilt brat.

The Australians doing what they do best, phasing the opposition, and to be honest if Kohli is upset by that he will be in for it in the next test!

Today we have Big Bash cricket form Australia as Sydney take on Perth. I may record this as I think that I will be out and about.

I went to visit besty friend Francesca yesterday to drop off her birthday present ( her birthday is today). I was greeted by the 'babies' Orson, Mia and Lucky. After being presented with some teddies which were still intact ( probably not now), I was politely shoved along the sofa by Mia as my bum was obviously much bigger than hers and taking up too much space!

However as I had 'treats' in my pocket all the dogs came to give me 'big loves' and drool all over me!!!

Well I have lots to do today and am not even showered!!

Flipping heck I have just looked at the clock and it is nearly 8.30am.

Didi & Christophe will be here before I know it and I will still be in my stripy jim jams!!

I hope your day is slightly warmer than mine, although if you are in Blighty  I don't think it will be.

Funny sledge for the day.

During an Ashes Test Australian captain was resetting the field as Nasser Hussain came in to bat. He put Ricky Ponting at silly point saying ' I want you right under his nose. to which wicket keeper Ian Healy replied ' That would be anywhere in a three mile radius!'
Nasser burst out laughing...................and was out three balls later!

Until tomorrow!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

It's 'crunchy' outside

I woke up to hear the paper boy swearing outside and then hear 'crunching' noises. My first thought was 'SNOW' and then I realised that it was very dark outside ( it is always lighter when it snows....obviously, white, etc). I had a peep out of the window and   thank goodness no snow, but there is a  a very heavy 'crust' of frost/ice.

I hate the cold and I especially hate snow and ice!!

So yesterday I ventured down to Ladylaineyville shops, I didn't need anything except a walk about to blow the cobwebs away. I wandered  into the first shop  and saw my favourite 4 letter word ( no not that one Dame Didi, that's in Amsterdam airport!!). It was all over the shop and in bold letters of my favourite colour.....RED............'SALE'. Oh I was in a little bit of paradise and floated around the shop putting things into my trolley/basket thingymajig ( well it ain't a trolley and it ain't a basket).

I was having so much fun, lots of things at silly prices, how wonderful.I headed towards the check out.
Wooooooooooooo, I looked in my basket/trolley thingymajig and did a U turn. What on earth did I need with  7 tins of shortbread ( I am on a diet) which granted were 75% less than the normal price. 3 'world's best garden' plaques, 4 bird houses', numerous Christmas baubles and some tinsel!.

I trudged back round the shop putting it back on the shelves but did hang onto 4 tubes of extra moisturising hand cream..................OH COME can never have enough hand cream.

As I am trying to de-clutter Chateau de Champions I have no intention of filling it up with lots more stuff, ever again. Well that is the plan at the moment but no matter how much 'stuff' I get rid of  the house, it never seems to make a difference.

OK less of my moaning and on to much more important things

Over in Australia India are fighting back in their first innings and are 462-8.

In New Zealand  Sri Lanka were 293-5 after following on and are 10 runs behind the hosts first innings scores.

I am now going to whip up some oat bran pancakes and watch the cricket that I recorded overnight.

Then I might go to the shops again.....................................

Saturday, 27 December 2014

They think it's all over........

And so it is  for another year, the recycling bins are full of cardboard and Christmas cards and everyone is stuffed full of turkey and chocolate. ( except for me who is still stuffed full of pulled pork form my fantastic meal at Smoke Barbecue on Xmas Eve).

Today it is Saturday and I am heading off  down to ladylaineyville shops to drop a few boxes at the charity shop, these have been filling up over the past couple of weeks and now it is time for them to go.

I am also late posting this blog and trying  getting ready as I was up most of the night watching cricket.

So what has been happening??

Well Captain Smith of Australia has made his mark as he put on 192 to help them reach a brilliant score of 530, however India are 108-1 in reply.
Smith scored a career best, with his  192.

In New Zealand ( or New Zealia as it has become known here at The Chateau) were also playing a blinder. With a first inning score of  441, Sri Lanka were  all out for 138 and followed on. They are 84-0 overnight.

I tell you Sky were skipping from one country to another and I was getting very confused, especially if I had fallen asleep!!

Other plans for today?

Well I am going to do some cooking and cleaning and washing..........................oh my goodness me it's like Christmas never happened!!!

However there are serious plans afoot here at the Chateau and I need to get a head start as I have another week away from the office.

What is going to be happening????

Well it will hopefully all unfold in the new year!

So now I am heading into town................that will be half an hour of my life that I will never get back!!!!

Friday, 26 December 2014

It's F(ryan)day and its a holiday.

So after all the excitement of Pere Noel arriving yesterday we also had the great Christmas gut bash. Which started with a giant breakfast and then retiring to my room to sleep it off.

After making Dame Didi walk a circuit of Bramall Lane whilst also checking out all the bricks on the fan wall.

Even with sky TV in the hotel we had trouble finding anything of note to watch so dozed on and off during the day.

After having cheese and biscuits and washing it down with wine I had another nap!!!

So what was all this napping thing I hear you say. Well cricket was on from 8.30pm last night.

Ok so in a nutshell ( because its nearly time for another breakfast gut bash). New Zealand were in batting against Sri Lanka and we caught a couple of hours of this until Australia took over against India.

This played out all night and they managed to rack up over 250 runs in the first day.
However over in New Zealand Brendon McCullum was on a mission and fell short of hitting the fastest double century in test history. When he fell at 195.

Its all to play for.

And today?

Well more eating, sleeping and cricket.

Better make the most of it  Back on the diet tomorrow!!!!!

So I will leave you all to rest and recuperate this boxing day.


Thursday, 25 December 2014

It's Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Yes after all the excessive sending, hours trailing through around the shops, and going square eyed on the internet..........................Christmas Day is here.

Yesterday, The Dame and I went for our annual Xmas Eve lunch to 'Smoke Barbecue' here in Sheffield. OMG!!! if you have never been here its worth a trip as the food and the staff are excellent. WE went in starving and came out full to bursting.

Back to the hotel which had given us a room with a fantastic view over Bramall Lane, hell I am nearly sleeping on the pitch!

Dinner last night was a delight with scallopand wild mushrom risotto, followed by Gressingham duck. usually the cheese board would have been the order of the day, but after a huge lunch we opted for ' Orange and Drambuie Brulee with thyme shortbread'.......................that was  amazing.

Bored hearing about food? well after a medium bodied Cabernet at lunch time, we had a fantastic 'melony' South frican chinin blanc with dinner and finished off Xmas Eve with a Pinot Grigio blush.

There is no crickety news as its all gearing up for the 'Boxing Day Test' in Australia. and we have sky sports here in The Copthorne so I can see some of that ( if I stay awake that long).

I did however watch a great documentary on Brian Lara which showed his 501 against Durham, I remeber that day very well.

so now I am gearing myelf up for another bath ( making the most of the facilities) and then going to eat the biggest breakfast in history.

I will keep this short as I guess you will all be wanting to open your presents if you have been on the nice list.

I must have been very good this year!!!!

Merry Christmas to you all.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

It's Christmas Eve!

Yeay!!! It is Christmas Eve and nearly the big day.To be honest I  am more excited about sleeping and eating than I am about presents etc.

I have seen the bag of goodies and not one off the pressies is 'His Royal Ryanness' shaped and so I am guessing that I am going to have to wait another year before  I get him!!!!

That aside, we all know that Christmas is not about the presents, or the holiday or the eating and drinking and sleeping. It is about the birth of Christ.
With this in mind Dame Didi and I had talked about going to the midnight service tonight at the church at the bottom of Bramall Lane, the thought is a good one, but in reality I will probably be fast asleep before most 2 year olds!!!

News from Australia is that Michael Clark  is confident of returning to the squad for the World Cup after his surgery on is hamstring injury. However Shane Watson is facing a fitness test after being struck on the head by a bouncer in the nets.
This is now going to be the constant worry of the Australian team. Watson was shaken but appeared fine after being hit.

And so now I am preparing  to start my holiday off properly as I am getting ready (already) for lunch at 'Smoke BBQ' in Sheffields, then back to the hotel to watch Christmas films and sleep until time to don my besty frock and tiara and head off to the restaurant for more flipping food.

Dame Didi tells me that the link yesterday did not take her to the first blog I ever wrote but to the sign in page. If this happened to you, then I am sorry, it was a very funny blog which if you have the time or the inclination to find, will be on the right hand side of this page.

Well this time tomorrow I will be surrounded by wrapping paper and presents and drinking champagne whilst soaking in the bath. What better way to start off Christmas morning.

So I wish you a Happy Christmas Eve

and hope that Pere Noel will have brought you everything that you want by this time tomorrow.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

900 blinking blogs!!!!

Wowwwweeeeee I have flipping well written 900 blogs and I think that Dame Didi has read everyone of them ( well she better have).

I have written 900 blogs full of trivial Lady Lainey nonsense and you have all read it!!!! you need to get a life...............................and so do I!!!!!.

So now  I start the countdown to  1000 blogs!!!!!

I seriously never thought when I wrote the first blog that I would still be doing it 899 days ( give or take) later!!!

And luckily for me after reading the above ( the first ever blog) I see how lucky I am 899 blogs later to no longer have to endure time with 'Would like to be Lord Lainey'!!

Now today is the last day in Super Swanky  Lady Lainey office  for a couple of weeks and I am going to make the most of my time off, and do lots of important things, like, sleeping and eating and of course drinking. However on 1st January I am contemplating doing at least two weeks without any alcohol. ( and I see that lasting all of 5 hours!).

I am also on a strict fitness and healthy eating plan ( and that will last all of 5 minutes!). I need to really work on my willpower!

I am keeping this very short as I have a lot of things to do today before I set off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, although already I have filled another box to go to the charity shop and sorted out another bag of clothes so that is a super job done.

I am having a massive clear out before the new year and this time I will not be sneaking things back out of the boxes!!!

So as I start to plan for blog 901. I hope that those of you who are at work for the last time today until the New Year, have a good day and I will return tomorrow.

Sadly there  is no interesting crickety news to tell, so I am out the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 22 December 2014

Not long now

Well it's all gearing up now or the big get away. My clothes are laid around the spare bedrooms waiting to be put into a case and although that sounds as if I am organised, I am far from it!!!

yesterday I spent the day hopping from one family house to another, drinking copious amounts of tea and chatting.

Highlight of the day, seeing all my family.

low point of the day, realising how old they are getting.

Well in truth none of us are getting any younger!!!

Over in Australia in the BBL there were no highlights for Andrew Flintoff as he made his long awaited debut for Brisbane Heat. Sadly the hype was greater than the performance. Hmmmm not much else that I can say. Although maybe...............get back into retirement!

Matthew Hayden former Australian batsman has been talking about SOMEONE and stated that his exclusion from the England side was 'ludicrous'. Well, hell, Matthew as SOMEONE is playing out in Australia at the moment it wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't now think that he is Australian and start looking for a spot in their team.

I have only two more days to go at Super Swanky Lady Lainey office before it is all over for another year. Yes only two more days to have to endure, boys smells, boys uncouth chatter and boys in general!!!!!
Then total bliss and relaxation.

I am donning my besty tiara in preparation of this although as it is Monday and the landlord will have made sure that there has been no heating on over the weekend, I am sure that thermals, six jumpers and a fleece do not really go with my sparkly head gear!!!

I still have some wrapping of pressies to do but I  will sort that out this evening as well as putting 'stuff' in my case, and before I know it I will be hot footing it to Chateau Saltburn and then heading south to Sheffield!!
and a bath!!!!!


Sunday, 21 December 2014

It's not getting any less manic!!!!

Yes today is still housework, the dishwasher is dealing with last  nights party dishes and I am making an effort to tidy up. I think that I am making more mess than I am tidying though!!

I had two wonderful meals yesterday, and had a wonderful catch up with Jane in a lovely little pub/restaurant not too far from The Riverside Ground. I am thinking that I  be going there again!

Today I am going out and delivering presents and cards. I am setting of shortly and hope to be home by lunchtime, when I can have a nap!!! As I missed one yesterday I might have to have a nice long one today!

cricket is fairly quiet today, Australia are not in action until late on Christmas day ( UK time) although news form England World Cup Squad is that Gary Ballance has been recalled to the team.

Well this is a very short one as
1. I am tired
2. I have heaps to do today
3. I can't find any news worthy cricket news ( lots about SOMEONE but who cares)
4. I need to go in the shower.

So as I look forward to the week ahead which involves travelling to my beloved Sheffield and stuffing my face. I also realise that I am not organised for Pere Noel and that I  need to get a wriggle on.

So gang it's off to do the visiting!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

The weekend is here and it's manic!

Oh my giddy aunt it is Saturday and I am already running around like the proverbial headless chicken!!!!! I have been up since 5.30am!!!! I am hoovering and dusting and doing all the things that I should have done last night..............................when I sat down to watch  BBL ( and Gillespie the Gallant) and had a couple of glasses of wine!

I was also busy putting the finishing touches to the last cricket jumper tea cosy, it is ready to post out although I very much doubt that it will arrive before Xmas!

I have to sort out the cards and presents that I am delivering tomorrow and hope that I get them all done, as I am off on my Xmas jollies on Tuesday!!

Oh dear poor old Alastair Cook must have been on the naughty list, he has been removed  as ODI captain. Twitter was alight last night with everyman and his dog having his say re this. Well people have been clamouring for this to happen.

SOMEONE made an appearance on Twitter to the delight of his sycophantic followers. he is hoping to get back in the England team now!!!
Well I am off to get Australian or South African citizenship if that happens. Actually might go Italian as I know the national coach!!!

Steve Harmison who in my opinion is not up to commentating on TV, stated the timing of the sacking was 'naughty'. Oh Steve if you want to be on TV, up your vocabulary!!!

Good news is that  Australia (  who might become my home team) beat India in the test by 4 wickets. See!!!! I told you they would come good.

Whilst flicking through the cricket news I nearly choked on my coffee  ' Nottinghamshire sign Philanderer', well, well, well I think to myself, every county has them, they just don't advetise it!!!.

Then I realised they had signed Vernon Philander!!!!!!   #shouldhavegonetospecsavers

oh well the washing machine has finished, I have to throw myself in the shower and then I am off for lunch with the lovely Jane.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Final work F(ryanday) for this year

Wooooohooooo, whoop di doooo it is F(ryan)day and better still it is the last F(ryan)day of work until 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurrrrahhh!!!! No more listening to boys break wind and them laugh so much they nearly make themselves sick, no more having to listen to overly exaggerated tales of boys 'exploits', no more listening to boys singing all the wrong words to songs and being convinced they are the real words!!!!

Who can forget........

 that classic tune from Rockwell................... 'I'm on a speedboat, somebodies watching me'!!!

The all time Clash Classic ..........................................'London Casbah'!!!!!

Blondies hit from the film' American Gigolo'..............'Why me'

WTF!!!!!!  Correct song titles at the bottom of the page in case you too thought these were the titles!!

Its a whole different world in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office!!!!!

Yes I do really work with complete and utter twits!!!!! ( and that is the politest word I can think of to use to describe them).

The sooner I can enter back into polite society the better.

The sooner I get back to watching cricket in the real will help too!!!

However I was content last night to sit and knit my last cricket jumper tea cosy watching 'The Big Bash' from Australia. Gillespie the Gallant was commentating and that made it even better.
Poor 'Big' John Hastings  was getting smashed around the ground, as Melbourne Stars were beaten by Adelaide.
 Sadly the only news in Oz today will be that SOMEONE had a good innings. Yeah well he will have to make a bit of extra money in case he doesn't make enough from his book. I wonder if he gets bullied in the dressing room there!!!

Poor old 'South Durham' AKA Hampshire have been overlooked  as an Ashes venue and  their Chairman Rod Bransgrove  is now rethinking his role. To  be honest the amount of 'test fit' county grounds now is growing and their are not enough maches to go around, so really for the counties it's the luck of the draw. The Rose Bowl is however the only Test Ground in England not to hold an Ashes match.

Yesterday saw lots of excitement in Chateau Saltburn as Dame Didi spotted the chance to upgrade us to the Penthouse Suite for our Xmas get away.  however when she phoned it had just been booked!!!
 So no circular bath and double shower for us, however the thought of any bath ( even a tin one in front of the fire) is enough to make I,Lady Lainey swoon. I WANT A NEW BATHROOM!!!

Well time and tiara's wait for  no Lady, so I am off to drink copious amounts of coffee ( and water) and  ignore boys, whilst looking very pretty for 7 hours ( or maybe 6, if I decide to nip off early!).

Rockwell   ( I always feel like) Somebodies watching me

Clash        Rock the Casbah

Blondie    Call Me

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Thursday already!!

Yip de flipping skip it is Thursday and it's cold and my thoughts are turning to next season and my 'cocktail party' at the Headingley Lodge on the evening of the T20 game between My Tykes and My Durham.  Yes I am planning it now to make sure that it runs with military precision. Simon and Sam are coming, I invited Daddy Rushworth but have yet to have a response  I am sure if he is in the 'hood' he will pop up to my room, he usually does and eats my biscuits!
I haven't invited anyone else as I don't know who else will be there but if its only us we could be a bit squiffy before the game even starts!!! ( no chuffing change there for me).

I have even cheekily asked the Lodge for a room on the 2nd floor rather than the 3rd as you do get a better view. Insider knowledge!

A great view is what you always got at the County Ground at Chelmsford. This was and still is a ground that holds lots of very happy memories for me, from my time living in the south of blighty. It was also the last 'home' of Ronnie Irani, he was a huge fave of I , Lady Lainey....................oh I am rambling down memory lane at a speed of knots!!!

Anyhoooo the reason for mentioning Chelmsford is that they are having a super flipping massive make over and it will be on going during the up coming season. they are building some apartment blocks ( not sure where as the ground is in the middle of town and not too large), and improving the county ground.

I have not been there for several eons so may have to fire up the Lady Lainey limo and head down to have a look, or maybe wait until 2016 season! I think I will be too busy racing from Chester Le Street to Headingley  and throwing in a bit of Rose Bowl and Bristol, I think that is quite enough for 2015.

Australia are taking on Indian  in the second test, where on day one India looked in a good position  thanks to Murali Vijays century, but it is early days!!!

England are on their way home and should come back looking very down in the mouth, but knowing some of the egos on the tour i doubt that very much. hopefully after Christmas at home and some serious talking to, the boys will head off in January with a will to win.

It is now only one week to Christmas day, the day when Dame Didi and I will watch the news and cry at soldiers being away from their loved ones, children in hospital having to suffer the rounds from would be celebrities ( enough to cause a relapse!), and then go down and eat the most GINORMOUS breakfast ever, before retiring to our room for a nap!

I can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

It's the hump of the week!

And as you all know I have the hump with Sir Sean of Bean due to him getting himself hitched again. I also have the hump with the 'office boys' who's juvenile behaviour is not acceptable in nearly 40 year old men!

However it is the hump of the week, meaning once we are over today its all down hill to the weekend, and then its nearly time for Pere Noel to come down the chimney ( or through the window of the Copthorne Sheffield in my case).

I am actually getting a little bit excited about the imminent arrival of the jovial one. I wonder if I get everything that was on my list?

What was on my list?

Well His Royal Ryanness was top but as I have been asking for him every year since 2007, I am sort of thinking that I may be disappointed again this year!

What I would really like is for Santa's little helpers to dig out my borders in the extensive grounds of Chateau de Champions so that I can regain control of my kitchen which at present looks like a garden centre. I have plants all over the flipping place waiting for winter to be over so that they can be planted out.

I am thinking that some if not all of the England team might like to hide out in my kitchen/garden centre after yet another abysmal performance.

What can I say, they lost!!!!

Early yesterday Ravi Bopara had posted on twitter his room, after some of the England boys 'redecorated' for him. Well all the hi jinks is obviously knocking the day job into 3rd/4th place! About time that the 'Staff' took the boys in hand and sorted them out. I feel another pedalo incident about to reoccur. I know all work........... but for goodness sake you are representing your country!

Woooo hooooo Hump day rant too!!!!

I think that they need to take me on tour, just like when I used to go on tour with MTS under 15's. yes indeed I would knock all the fun into touch!. However I would not, like on aforementioned tour, ever wash whites again, daily, for smelly boys, I am still haunted by that!!!!

I did enjoy the nightlife after the boys had been sent to their room!!!! TAPAS!!!!!!! EL GRINGO'S!!!!!!! LA MUMBA!!!!! oh yes those were the days. However as they say 'What goes on tour, stays on tour'. So not much else I can tell.

What I will tell is that one of the office boys did not turn in yesterday and pretended to be working at home. Well as he was not answering his phone at any point during the day that is marked down in the diary as he had taken his full holiday entitlement ( and some).

I will be asking for the drawings that he produced yesterday, the minute that I walk through the office door.

So now you can see that it is going to be 'hump' day in more ways than one.

And finally,the former Ireland coach must have been reading my blog yesterday as by yesterday afternoon (GMT) he was sending messages to me from India. Ahhh yes he is sunning himself whilst I am freezing my wotnots off!!!!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Chilly Chewsdays

chuffing heck it is brass monkey weather here in the Chateau and due to my hideous coldy thing I have icicles hanging off my nose! not a good look for a Lady!

Oh I wish that I was in warmer climes, lounging around on the beach instead of scurrying around looking like the Michelin man. yes I tend to wear as many articles of clothing as possible at the moment!!! And was even typing in my gloves in Super swanky Lady Lainey office yesterday!

So after being fairly quiet ( well apart from commentating on Sky), Gillespie the Gallant is back and stating that Ireland should have Test Status.  He believes that giving Ireland the chance to play Test cricket would boost the five day format. Its all about promotion of the game. As most test cricket is watched in England and Australia and to lesser extent South Africa where crowds are not too large, giving Ireland a spin could put more bums on seats basically.  I think that Gillespie the Gallant has been chewing the fat at Loughborough with the former Ireland coach over a beer or two!!!

Are Ireland up to it, well give them a chance and lets see. they have managed to play in every World T20 since 2009 so it would be interesting.

As for the former Ireland Coach? well he is  still in India supposedly working.......................... and I believe that!

Down under Michael Clarke is to have surgery on his hamstring injury, Doctors have said that he has substantial damage to a key part of his hamstring tendon.

Super Swanky Lady Lainey office was full of stories of a 'wild Friday on the town' as the boys mulled over the events of Friday evening after I had departed. The truth being that none of them knew where they had been, what they had done, or what time they went home. I am guessing that as I left at 4pm, they would have been in taxis at 4.30!!!!!

I managed to wrap some more presents last night and then hot footed it to bed, tiredness kicked in pretty quickly due to being awake since stupid o' clock. Tonight is a busy one as is tomorrow, however once that is done and out of the way I can relax and get ready for the off next week when I head off to the heady heights of Sheffield and wake up nearly on the pitch at Bramall Lane.


OK time to scoot as I have to make a journey to Tesco! Oh Joy!!! the call of the self service till, which will no doubt refuse to  scan any of the items that I am buying!!!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Back to the office

So it's Monday and it's back to the office day. Oh joy!!!

I didn't go out at all yesterday I actually didn't get dressed and slept most of the day after dosing myself up with anything that I had in the house. Then as I sort of knew would happen, I have laid awake in bed since 3am. Never mind I can have a nap when I get to the office, 'the boys' will still be chattering about their fantastic night out in Darlington courtesy of the company, so will hardly notice that I am asleep.

I did manage to wrap some presents and intend to get them posted out and hand delivered this week so that at the weekend I can go out for lunch with friends and have besty friend Francesca round on Saturday evening.

I also this week have to think about packing my case for going to Sheffield. Woohooo I can have a bath, in fact I can have as many baths as I can fit in the days I am there!!! Super excited about that.

So nothing to report in cricket today but it was Sports Personality of the Year last night.  The winner of the title for 2014. Lewis Hamilton, which is in some ways an oxymoron...................personality is something he is sadly lacking. He only smiles when he wins and is a most ungracious loser. And obviously he was all smiles last night...............................but those earrings!!!!??????WTF!!!!????

I have a couple of small pressies to purchase today or tomorrow and then I am all done and can  think about the sales when I can  (unseasonally) buy all my cards for next year and  get some bargains to put in my 'box'. This is where I put things that I buy through the year, then in about October I go through the box see what I have purchased for everyone and  am ever so slightly organised.

I was debating giving the decorations a miss this year and packing them back up and putting them back into the garage. However I have had a sort of  change of heart and will now  make an effort to make the house festive.

It may not be this evening as my nose is still running like a tap and my head is aching and you know the rest, so I had best stop whining and get myself off to the office!

Until tomorrow when it will be only 6 working days to go.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

None too grand!!!

This be me this morning!!! Feeling very under the weather. I went to bed at 10.00pm after 1/2 a glass of wine!!! yes not even a full one! I must be ill!

I am feeling like I have been steam rollered. However never one to lie around feeling sorry for myself I am up and sorting the pressies out to go and deliver them to Tzarina Katerina, and cards to Le Famille Robbo

yesterday was super busy as I had lots to do, I even got to see some cricket coaching! Luckily they were not trying to put me through my paces as we may have been there all day!

I settled down to have an afternoon nap and then some one knocked on the lounge window! Yes eldest monster child nephew lord Christophe had chauffeured Dame Didi over to my house. We had a cup of coffee and a chat and Dame Didi went home with her goodies that she had asked her 'personal shopper' to purchase for her. I tell you I have so many 'job' heads I am like a hydra!!!

Cricket wise thee is not much to report, apart from the comments by Peter Moores that Captain Cook may not be Captain after the world cup! Ohhhhh!!! now the hacks will start to line up contenders, and cut them down just as quickly.

So with a banging headache, achy limbs and a nose that is running like a tap, I am off to eat some breakfast and  get sorted to go and spread goodwill ( and germs) around my family!!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be in full working order and back to my usually super bouncy self!.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

A lovely lie in

Ah yes a lovely lie in for me and i think that I needed it.

It was a full on busy day yesterday, the arrival of 'Big Boss Simon' from London HQ meant only one thing, that it was the annual office gut bash. so off to Bannatynes Hotel we wandered and had the most amazing lunch which most of the participants will not have appreciated due to consuming huge amounts of alcohol. I however did not drink at all, yes I know this sounds shocking, but I knew that I had a full on busy evening.

So after catching up with old friends last night it was a late night to bed. what a rebel!!!!

In Australia its been a tough time for Michael Clarke who has suffered another hamstring injury and fears this time his career may be over. he is hoping this is not the case but says that he has to be realistic.The Australians did however win the match by 48 runs which was a huge boost to cricket in Australia after the dark days of the last couple of weeks. I told you they would come back stronger.

England are currently in action against Sri Lanka, Captain Cook on his return went for 1!!!

not a lot you can say about that !

Sean Abbott has been making his mark in his return to cricket as he took 6-14, a brave young man who is showing not only a lot of potential but also a lot of courage.

I, Lady lainey however am showing a complete lack of motivation today which is nothing new. The weather is not great and i am feeling the need to have lots of sleep. however only 7 working days to go until i have a lot of R 7 R, most especially in Sheffield where the R & R will be plentiful.

So without further ado, I am off to do all the things on my list before tiredness and nap time are calling.

Must remember to write my Christmas cards!

Or I might just send ecards instead, or i might just not bother at all.

oh well off I jolly well go!

Friday, 12 December 2014

It's a big fat F(ryan)day

And I don't mean that His Royal Ryanness is fat, its the day of the big office gut bash, and to be honest I would rather poke sticks in my eyes than sit for 5 hours with drunken office boys. However I have to show willing and as they are only going to 'get their money's worth' it should be very entertaining to be sober and watch them as they get more and more drunk.

Things this weekend will be in 'Chris Rushworth' mode as I try to juggle household chores with sorting out his tickets for the event at the end of January. hopefully they can be printed and handed over tomorrow, which should make Sunday a busy old 'home' day.

The wonderful Jack Russell, former England wicket keeper and now full time artist, has very kindly donated one of his books 'The Art of Jack Russell' to the haul of goodies that will be up for auction and raffle on the evening of January 31st.

England managed to win their ODI yesterday with an unbeaten 104 from Little Joey Root. His performance was outstanding and as a full blown Tykey Princess I was immensely proud of him.

India pulled back runs against Australia and are now only 148 runs behind. I am thinking that I might be staying up tonight to watch/listen.

Sad news that Craig Kieswetter will miss the 2015 season as he continues to recover from the horrific eye injury that he sustained last season when a ball went through the grill of his helmet. He is struggling to regain full vision in his eye. Very sad news for the 27 year old.

However sadder news for I Lady Lainey is that I have to now cut short my ramblings and put some slap on and get ready to face the day. it is cold, there is a smattering of snow and I DO NOT want to leave the house!

Have a good day and I will return tomorrow.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Weather woes

OMG, I was out last night until late ( e.g after 9pm) and was chauffeured home in the most appalling weather , we were buffeted about by the wind and lashed by rain and as for warmth..............well there was a distinct lack of that, except for the car heating which was belting out. And today does not look as if it will improve at all, in fact they have been mentioning the worst four letter word that I Lady Lainey could ever hear...................................yes SNOW!!!
Well I flipping well hope that it does not materialise as I chufffing well hate snow and ice.

So the question of the day is which hat will I wear to keep the orange afro in check.? No idea, but I know for sure there will be one plonked on top of my head as I exit the house!

In the warmer climes of Australia they were playing a blinder  and declared on their overnight score of  517-7, putting India into bat on the third day.

Also news from OZ is that Little Timmy Bresnan second besty Tyke bowler ( and we all know who is the best, don't we?) is going out to play in the BBL for Hobart. this will be just to get him back into the game before he heads out with the 30 strong team for the World Cup next January.

England were thwarted by the weather in Sri Lanka as they had nearly as much rain as we are having here in Blighty.

I am trying to get myself organised to head off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office but it is slow going. As I said I stayed out late last night, as we had a wine tasting at  Bistro 21 in Durham. this was with a lovely group of ladies from FIND, which is a networking group.

the food at the Bistro was wonderful as usual, however the wine went down very well and as one of the husbands offered to pick us up, we all did partake a tad too heartily of the fruit of the vine., needless to say there might be a few bunnies this morning not so bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Ans so I am about to head out, I can hear the wind howling outside and  it is still pitch black outside.

Oh well off I jolly well go.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Mid week

It's mid week, and I am super busy doing 3 millions jobs at once. My job in super swanky Lady Lainey office which is 7 hours of looking pretty  (harder than you would think!). My PA job ( which is only weeks from ending  but suddenly spiralled into a frenzy of work). My cricket work, which is starting to take off. flipping heck I think that I am going to change my name to Diana Prince ( google it if you don't understand).

So I am keeping this super short as I have a flurry of emails to send off before I go to my other job(s).

Over in Australia it is all going on, Michael Clarke scored an emotional century after retiring hurt on 60. However after injections ( what ever happened to the 'magic sponge) he came back to hit 106 not out before rain interrupted play. Australia 473-6

Captain Cook will be back in action in the fifth ODI which starts at 9am our time. England are 3-1 down in the series and to be honest I do not see them winning this game. However stranger things have happened and I will probably be proven wrong.

It was a bit windy here last night ( no, nothing to do with baked beans!!), we are being told that we are going to be hit by a 'weather bomb' which will subject us to 4 days of freezing cold, icy winds and blizzards. Well that sounds like life in Lady Lainey office with broken heating, so I reckon that I can handle what ever is coming.

However whether it happens is another thing, as you know the forecasters are not too good at getting it right.( quickly looking out of the window to check that there is no snow!!!)

Oh well as I said this is short as I have a huge amount of work to do in a short space of time.

See you tomorrow if I haven't typed my fingers off by then!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The countdown begins

Yes it is now the 9th of December and the countdown to the arrival of Pere Noel is on. The tree is still not up at the Chateau and I am beginning to think that it may not happen at all in fact as I won't be here over Christmas I am wondering if I will bother. After all it's only little old me living in the house and I am not too bothered about it. I have some decorations out and with these in place I am quite happy.

Talk in super swanky Lady Lainey office is all about Fridays lunch ( well the boys are talking about it). They obviously don't get out much as they are way too excited about the fact that they will be eating and drinking colossal amounts on the company. One of them in particular is counting down the hours until he can get completely smashed at the companies expense.  I am not drinking which is a first in the history of Lady lainey boss lady. However with things being as they have been of late I feel it is wise to stay sober so as not to say anything out of turn.

Sean Abbott returned to cricket yesterday. It must have been the hardest day of late. Well done to him.

Australia are currently playing their test against India. People were still paying their respects to Phil Hughes.

I have a jolly busy week this week as I have a wine tasting tomorrow evening which is also a christmas meal. That should be good, a room full of business woman letting their hair down.

Today I am off to chubby club to see if I have managed to shed some more weight. Considering the amount of grub that sneaks its way down my gullet I am thinking that it may not be so, however I must persevere.

Durham bowler Chris Rushworth who is in the last weeks of his 'dry 2014' is holding one last event to mark his fundraising. it takes place on 31st January 2015 at The Hardwick Manor outside Durham. He has managed to secure captain colleywobble and the lovely Marcus North to participate and a good evening it looks like too. Complete with a three course meal ( its getting better by the minute).
for more information regarding tickets contact  chrisdry2014@gmail,com.

Oh well dry is something that the orange curls are not so best to get on and hopefully not turn up in the office with icicles hanging off my head. However after no heating yesterday morning, that is always a possibility!.

A Bientot

Monday, 8 December 2014

Same old, same old

Oh well it's time to hit the road and head off back to super Swanky lady Lainey office for another week of 'fun and hi jinks'.
this week sees the Annual office gut bash AKA the office Christmas 'do', which this year again is at Bannatynes Hotel in Darlington, what is different about this years event is this year you will be getting blogs on Saturday and Sunday and not pictures of hungover people with there heads down toilets!! Yes indeed this year I am going dry at the office bash.

Why? you may be asking. Well ....

1. I do not have time to waste a weekend being sick and hungover after excess amounts of wine

2.I have no desire to enter into the juvenile ways of the office boys.

3. I do not really like Office Christmas Parties ( too many lavish events in London in previous years put paid to that)

4. I am getting on in years and take too long to recover

There I have said it, I am too old to enter into office shenanigans.

In Australia a state memorial for Philip Hughes has been cancelled. in consultation with the family it was decided that the funeral had been well attended and as such no further celebration of his life was needed. To be honest it is now a time for the family to set about rebuilding their lives.

Sean  Abbott is due to return to cricket this week. A very brave young man.

So yesterday despite James Taylors 90, England still lost by 6 wickets. Morgan who was standing in as captain was also fined 20% of his match fee for a slow over rate. ( again). England need to sort themselves out! Its not looking too good for them.

So yesterday I had the royal visit as Tzarina Katerina ( Kiki) tipped up at my house just on lunchtime!! She came to deliver her Christmas card and waffle on about pressies, of which I have little of no interest as I have yet to wrap mine!.

So time to head off down the A1 and see what this week holds for me.

And time to push forward with my new job!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Preparing for Pere Noel

PH preparing for Pere Noel

Yes here at  Chateau  de Champions we are getting ready for the arrival of Pere Noel. I managed to get into 'Narnia'  ( under the stairs cupboard) yesterday and put 'stuff' away whilst also finding 'stuff' that I thought I had lost/disposed of and getting it out!

So today is going to be a full on busy Christmas preparing day.

Lots to do and after my fabulous aromatherapy massage from besty friend Francesca I am feeling much refreshed and ready to take on anything ( well OK that may be stretching it a bit but I do feel a lot better). When I got home yesterday, after lots of doggy loves from Orson, Mia and Lucky, a fantastic massage which was so good that I fell asleep, and then smoked salmon and rocket sandwiches. I decided to watch a spot of TV..........................and woke up and hour and a half later!!

How good was that!

By the time I had prised my eyes open they has announced the 30 man squad for the ICC World Cup and would you 'Adam and Eve' it  there are seven!, YES seven!!!! Tykes in the team. Bairstow, Bresnan, Brooks, Ballance, Plunkett, Root and Rashid!!! Flipping heck Tykes take on the world!!!!!  All down to terrific coaching I say!!!

Cook has been named Captain of the side  but I am guessing that's because no one else wanted the job!

The World cup takes place in  January and February but its time to get tyketastically excited!!!!

Will it be as exciting today?, England are in ODI action today and are currently 204-6 and  apart from Taylors 90 ( falling short of his maiden ODI century)and Roots 36 nothing much to write home about. I will however keep watching in between  doing the Christmas things.

It is that time of year again, it is time for PH to have a bath, so later today I will be stuffing him into a pillowcase and putting him in the washing machine so that he is clean and spruced up ready for Christmas and Sheffield and seeing his mate VB. Which is really what I should be doing ( no not stuffing myself in a pillowcase and getting in the washing machine!). I need to start preparing for my Christmas sojourn to Sheffield. Better go and sort out the Christmas jumpers.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

My little bubble of calm

As you know I have been retreating into my little bubble of calm of late when at Super swanky Lady lainey office, this is due mainly to the fact that 'office boys' have returned to their childhood and are spending their days in a world of uncouthness and toilet humour. Now I can laugh and joke ( and swear) like a trooper, however there is a time and a place for it and the office is not that place. Hence entering my sphere of loveliness

well today I am really going to a place of calm and tranquillity as I have my first birthday gift session of Aromatherapy massage, I think that I will be fair floating when I come out. Yes the world will look a brighter place and the birdies will be chirping their little hearts out and then I will walk back into the bomb site that is Chateau de Champions!!!! The calmness will soon be disappearing!

However I am late posting this morning as I have stripped the bed, dusted and hoovered mon boudoir and  so at least that is sorted.

I may ( or may not) put up the tree this afternoon, then again I will probably have a nap.

I am gearing up to get everything done so that I can watch cricket tomorrow. Well that is the plan and lets hope it all works out.

Hampshire have been handing out the Biro's as three more players renewed contracts. Jimmy Adams is there until 2016 as is James Tomlinson and Danny Briggs. I am expecting big things from my 'South Durham' boys now that they are playing with the big boys again.

Michael Clarke is on course to be fit to play in the first test despite a hamstring ( and heartstring) injury. Come on Australia!!! yes ,I know not very patriotic but I want to see them do well and they have had some jolly good players in their time. ( yep, one coaches Yorkshire now!).

Dame Didi is hoping for the return of the Daimler soon as she has been told to get back to driving ( and stop being chauffeured around by Eldest monster child nephew). She has also been told that it may be a while before she gets her dancing shoes on again. however she is determined that she is going to do that sooner rather than later. And apparently her hair is not coming back curly as she hoped. However on the plus side it's not orange  like mine. ( 'Nice and Easy ' can sort that out! shade no666 'Ronald McDonald head').

Oh well I am off to become a calmer and chilled out personage now.
Have a great Saturday!

Friday, 5 December 2014

It's a fabulous F(ryan)day

Wooohooo it is a fabulous F(ryan)day today, it is nearly the weekend AND I have finally sorted out my position with 'Inspired Cricket'. A company who now have me as a Brand Ambassador. How lucky am I?and how lucky are they?

So as I set foot tentatively into the working world of cricket, things are looking better already.

My voice is only just making itself heard again now and to be honest with that and the cold and the tiredness I have been feeling really out of sorts this week. hopefully next week will see me back to full working order.

England are not looking better, as despite a win they are now going to be without Captain Cook for the next match as he has  been banned due to  a slow over rate. Eoin Moran is looking as if he will be stepping into the captains shoes!

Australia's first test starts on Tuesday after being delayed due to the unforeseen circumstances of last week.  Shaun Marsh has been added to the team and I think that we will see them go out and surprise all their critics.

Although it is nearly the weekend, when we should be winding down after the working week, I know that I am going to be very busy and that  started last night with the massive amounts of washing that I got through. Tonight I am going to 'Narnia' ( under the stairs cupboard) and going to try to get  the very back of this tunnel like space, sorted out once and for all.

Then I might be able to store even more 'stuff' in it!!!!!!

I have made a start with the Christmas decorations in the chateau, I am doing it a little bit at a time and at this rate I might be ready for next Christmas. Please note that I do not have outdoor lights or a 'Santa' crawling up the wall. I think that my decorations are a little more tasteful.......................except for the wind up Christmas pudding!!!!

And finally today before I head off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office for the last time, I would like to say that today would have been my Dads birthday. Yes His Royal Gorgeousness would have been having a couple of slices of cake and opening his presents whilst surrounded by his 'harem'.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Big day today!

So today is a big day for me but at the moment I cannot say any more, more will be revealed tomorrow, good or bad.

I had an early night last night as I am without voice again which is not ideal for today, but hey not a lot I can do about it. I did however go to bed with wet hair!!!, oh my goodness me!! I have awoken this morning to the orange birdsnest, being  worse than normal and to be honest I have no idea what to do with it apart from hop back in the shower and wash it all over again!

Yesterday saw England win a match!!! Yes they won!!!! Not a lot else that can be said about that!.

Michael Clarke is now the hottest name trending on Twitter after his heartfelt eulogy at Phil Hughes funeral. To be honest I cannot even think about it without filling up with tears. This man has made numerous press conferences in the last week and has shown great love and affection for the friend he has lost. I really feel that this is a turning point for the Australian team who of late have been in the wilderness. Sometimes tragedy is what is needed to spur you on to greater things.

If you are brave enough to read the transcript of his great words, it can be found here.

Have some tissues at hand because even reading his words is  heart wrenching.

It is freezing again here in Ladylaineyville, luckily the limo is in the garage so no scraping involved in getting to super swanky Lady lainey office, if the news is to be believed we are in for freezing temperatures for a while to come, which probably means that it will be wall to wall sunshine by the weekend.
However Pony Paul did say with glee that snow was expected. I can tell you there is no 'glee' on my face at the prospect of snow!

The prospect of an aromatherapy massage is however top of my list and I am off on Saturday morning for my first which was a birthday present from besty friend Francesa.

Well best to be off and sort out the afro/birdsnest.

Until tomorrow when I hope to have very exciting news ( well exciting for me).

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Frosty Wednesday, Farewell to Phil

It's the middle of the week and it really is getting closer to the end of the year  ( so I had better start getting my review of the year done!), my thoughts are turning to holiday and for the first time in years I am not planning a jaunt abroad. I have decided to dedicate my summer hols to  cricket, which means that I  get to go away and see more of 'my boys' in action.

This may not be the same as swilling gallons of wine back home in La Belle France, but one year will not hurt and I am planning to hopefully have a jaunt to warmer climes Xmas 2015.  Oh yes I think I need to go back to the Lady like ways of spending Christmas day on the beach sunbathing and swimming. Well that's the plan and I am hoping to make it a reality.

In reality today is cold and frosty and I am thinking that winter is well and truly here. However it won't be long until the cricket season!!!

All cricket news is suspended today  to honour the memory of Phil Hughes who was laid to rest earlier this morning in Australia. I read through very tearful eyes about the funeral and the guest list. I can honestly say that the outpouring of grief and respect for Phil is heartbreaking, but heart warming at the same time.

The public have finally seen the 'other' side of Michael Clarke who has struggled through press conferences, tearful and speaking with raw emotion about a friend and fellow player. I doubt that anyone who had a dislike of him previously will now ever feel that way about him again.

The Australian team which has struggled to find form of late ( like England but not quite so bad!), have taken this very badly. A young man losing his life playing the game that he loved. I hope however that they will now move forward and play with more purpose.
Who will ever forget Ashton Agars highest number 11 score  of 98  at Trent Bridge in 2013 when he was partnered by Phil who scored 81 no. That was amazing cricket.

And so on a sad note, I will sign of and head off to the office.

RIP Phillip Hughes.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

I think it might be winter!!!

It is flipping freezing this morning and I think that winter is here. Last night I drove to the wilds of West Auckland ( twice of the first world Cup, google it, it's true). I was there to entertain the ladies of the WI with wine, and believe me some of them were very entertained when they left!.
I drove there through thick fog and drizzle and by the time I left the temperature had plummeted to 'flipping freezing degrees and I shivered all the way home.

However a jolly old evening was had by all and they seemed to have enjoyed the event.

Over in the cricket world, SOMEONE has been calling for the resignation of Captain Cook, I am guessing that SOMEONE is hoping that his overly vocal contributions to the press will ensure him a place back in the England team. I tell you if they let him back in I am going to become the biggest Italian cricket supporter in the World ( well apart from the cricket fans in Italy).

England are in a tough place at the moment ( and I don't mean geographically), they are playing like my Granny and don't seem to be able to do anything about it.They really need to pull some flipping big rabbits out of the hat before next year, or we will be hearing from SOMEONE on a much more regular basis ( and believe me we hear enough form him at the moment)

I have a busy few days and will be looking forward to the weekend when I can lie around on the chaise longue and eat chocolate...............................oh bum!!! I forgot, chubby club!!!! so I will be lying around on the chaise longue eating grapes!! Does wine count as grapes?????

There has been a lot of wine consumed in parts of Sunderland, it was supposed to be for Christmas!!!! And don't blame the dog either!!!!

The funeral of Phil Hughes takes place tomorrow and Australia have  postponed their test against India allowing them to pay their respects to their former team mate. after seeing Michael Clarke struggling through another press conference, I would say that it is going to be  a difficult day for everyone, non more so than Phil's  family.

And so it is time to clamber into the Lady lainey limo and head over to Juvenile Central ( AKA Super swanky Lady Lainey office) where no doubt there will be lots of spitting out of dummies and throughing toys out of prams.

Oh the joys of work!

Monday, 1 December 2014

I'm back

I'm back!!!! After a 'day off' to get myself pulled back to some sort of normality, I am back to full fighting Lady Laineyness. To say that the 'Baby Shower' was a success is an understatement. Although the mummy went home early ( and sober)  everyone else carried on partying until the wee small hours of yesterday morning, before retiring  to bed.

Yes we all looked a very sorry bunch when we surfaced yesterday.

I made my way home and then got on with the important things at chateau du Champions, like housework and washing and cooking and napping ( which was top of the list).

Then I trundled off to my bed at 8pm  and was probably asleep by 8.05pm!!!

Yesterday would have been Phil Hughe's 26th birthday and Michael Clarke marked the day by paying tribute to Hughes, who's death last week sent shock waved through the cricket world.

Worryingly an Umpire was killed during a cricket match in Israel after being hit on  the head with a ball which appeared to bounce off the stumps.

England suffered another defeat at the hands ( and bats) of Sri Lanka,having managed to prise Finn away from the swimming pool and let Ben Stokes take his place reserving the sunbeds. Finn managed 9 runs and 1 wicket but Sri Lanka completely trounced the England boys.

Back to the drawing board!

This week is a busy one for I Lady Lainey as I am out an about doing wine work this week and then on Thursday I am off to Leeds to sort out all things to do with my new position in cricket. No I am not working for Yorkshire ( sadly) but I do get to be out and about in the cricket community which is one step closer!

Well I have lots to do today and need to get a wriggle on with it, so I am off to hot foot it to super swanky lady lainey office where today ( joy of joys) I am working with Trill Boy as the other two are off down to London HQ for a handover meeting.

Until tomorrow