Saturday, 28 February 2015

Washing is on the line!

yes job number one is complete and the washing is on the line. The dishwasher is waiting to be emptied and I am about to throw myself into the shower and  then head to Lady laineyville  where I am dropping off some more 'stuff' at the charity shop.

Then its will be back to the Chateau  and  doing some housework/ mini spring clean and watching cricket highlights.

New Zealia were taking on Australia over night and blow me if they didn't go and win after an initial collapse!!! What the zippedy doo dah are Australia doing??? They are my top tip to win the World Cup!!! Although I am still backing Ireland to go much further than England.

New Zealia had taken Australia out for 151 which should have been a quick bat to win,but in what is now becoming true World Cup fashion they decided ( I doubt it was really planned) to through a bit of drama into the mix.
Brendon McCullum hit 50 which was the top batting score, although adopted tyke Kane Williamson did hit 45, and then it all went belly up. Ducks were here there and every chuffing where!!!! They managed to eventually get 152 for the loss of 9 wickets!! now that will be worth tuning in for!

India are currently taking on The UAE who are 52-5. Me thinks that this will be very short highlights later!.

I have had a look out of the kitchen window over the extensive grounds of the château and also think that at some point over the weekend we are going to need to do a spot of tidying up. There are also Hortensias to be re-potted  and 're blued'  ready for the summer.

The lovely thing to see is that the lawn is sprinkled with Snowdrops that were planted by Her Serene very apt that they are blooming now ready for her birthday tomorrow.

Until then!

Friday, 27 February 2015

best day of the week!

Yes in the words of  'Dan Dan cowboy draughtsman' it is the best day of the week. It  is F(ryan)day and as such it is nearly the weekend!!! Yeeeeehaaa!!!!!

I not too sure why I am excited about the weekend, it will be another two days of washing, housework and knitting, however I can do all of this and watch cricket!!!!

And talking cricket The West In dies are currently taking on South Africa  with Chris Gayle looking to be in good form with the ball. That aside SA are on 241-3 in the 39-5 over ( 6.31am UK time).

Things in super swanky Lady lainey office were very  loud and disruptive yesterday as Trill Boy regaled us  with the woes that are his life. To be honest after listening to him for 6.5 hours, if that is all he has to worry about he is a lucky boy. He does not seem to appreciate the plus' in hios life. A beautiful and healthy baby, a job, and working with me!!!!

He will learn!!!

Today is the birthday of Pony Paul so I am putting the diet aside in preparation of a flipping massive cream cake this afternoon.....................I think that I may be disappointed!!!!!
The office boys do not seem to grasp this concept at all, and ( end up being the one running round buying all the cards and pressies for every birthday.

OK this one is very short as I have to head off to Sainsburys, get petrol, buy coffee and then head to the office where the boys will be waiting!!!

Latest South Africa score?

286-4 ( 42.5 overs)

Bon journee tout le monde

Thursday, 26 February 2015

How 'Green'are you?

I am not talking about eating lentils and making shows out of old tyres, I am talking about backing Ireland!!!! Ah yes there were some ( Mr Funky) who knocked my choice of Ireland, however yesterday I would say that 90% of English cricket fans would have been roaring them on ( a I was).

I had a bit of a break from blogging yesterday morning, I threw a poem in instead ( I writted it meself you knows), and I watched the match ( from 4.30am). By the time I left for work UAE had posted a good few runs.

Anyhoo I got to work and then had a panic as I couldn't ge'twireless to tune in!!!!!
Eventually  we heard the sound of cricket chatter and settled down for a heart stopping, rollercoaster ride of a cricket match.

All I can say is that Ireland will have a huge following now!!!

The result........well they won but not before they took it down to the wire and beat he UAE by 2 wickets.

Now that was a match..............................................and then....................last night/this morning Scotland took on Afghanistan and boy has that turned out to be a thriller too.

both of these teams had not won either of their matches.

The match started with Afghanistan winning the toss and electing to bowl. Seriously they have a bowler  Shapoor Zadran who has the longest run up ever, I thought he was going to be starting it in Australia. He must have walked miles by the end of his bowling spell, however it must work as he claimed 4 wickets!

Scotland did not look in great form although they posted 210 runs in their overs. poor Durham boy Calum MacLeod was out for a duck though.

Afghanistan went on to beat the boys in kilts,  in a thrilling match, by one wicket with three balls left.

Seriously these 'minnow' teams are really bringing some joy back into cricket, its not all about sponsorship and being in the papers you know!!!

So now I am gearing myself up for the 3rd March when Ireland take on South Africa.  and yes I do know that England are playing on  1st march, but as you know I am  'Backing green'.

well off to super swanky Lady Lainey office and then tonight I am off to get the barnet chopped!

Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Ode to cricket past

When I was a child no bigger than a gnat
My mother  would make me wear my sun hat
Whilst Dad dragged me to the cricket club, Shildon BR
To watch cousins score runs, which even rain couldn’t mar

Around a small TV set tuned to BBC for the Test
Would be where the ‘older’ chaps would go for a rest
Black and white picture, with well turned out teams
Playing for their country, living their dreams.

Today it is all about sponsorship and cash
Diamond earrings and cars so flash,
Parading out with a ‘sleeve of tattoos’
So overly confident, ‘How can WE lose’.

Strong language on and off the field
No thought of the negative impact this would yield.
Touring with the team, hard drinking nights
Out and about getting in fights.

No respect for coaches or even their teams
An unfair description? Well that’s how it seems,
‘Too much too young’ could sum it up
Drinking heavily from their overflowing cup.

Now I’m an adult, taller than most
I drive most weeks to watch Durham host.
And see this behaviour rife at county games
Arrogance and egotism, I won’t name names

Shouting, swearing and bat throwing a-plenty
No walk to the pavilion, steady and gently
Ignoring spectators, being overly curt
Hadn’t anyone realised that the player’s pride is hurt!

‘The Game of Gentleman’, yes it used to be
Now it’s a game of ‘How much is my fee?’
Maybe I’m wrong, but I speak as I find
And shockingly I know that I am being kind.

The old days are gone and new rules apply
The old guard are out and youngsters are on high
Every year I still get my membership ticket
You see what ever I say, I really love cricket.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Winter is here ( again)

Yes! winter is back ad although the view from Chateaus de Champions is not quite as bad as this, it's not far from it. yesterday I was pelted with sleet and snow on the way to work and then we had torrential rain, but it is the freezing cold that is getting me. I went off to bed last night with two hot water bottles and at 4am my feet were still freezing cold!!! OK maybe I should have put some fluffy socks on, but I didn't want to creep out from under the duvet!

luckily it is not that cold down under where the world Cup is in overdrive this morning  as the West Indies are in action again against Zimbabwe.  Chris Gayle has been showing some of that long lacking Caribbean flair by hitting the first double century of the tournament, as well as hitting the most sixes in a world cup . I love it when he goes a bit 'mental'!!!

Zimbabwe do not look too good!
West Indies posted 372-2 in their innings.

Michael Vaughan has been on the attack against England saying that they are playing safely and predictably. He said that they are set in stone the way they are going to play. They are ' swimming with armbands on'.
Oh come on Micheal, they are swimming with lead weights strapped to their ankles!
I am struggling to think of what is wrong with the team. To be honest yesterday the fuss on Twitter after them beating Scotland was ridiculous, anyone would think that they had won the World Cup ( which in my mind is not going to happen). To be honest if they couldn't beat the lads from across the border then they should be left in Australia to do 7 years hard labour ( which will not include swanky hotels, food on tap, flights, coaches etc).

OK thats the Tuesday rant over with already!!!

well I am running late this morning due to my fingers being so cold I am finding it difficult to type, so it should be a fun day in the office if it is as cold as here, and chances are that it is colder!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Back to building work!

My super cricket weekend is over and I am now back in the crazy world of construction. Oh Joy!! Yes as you can probably guess I am far from raring to go!!! And worse still the weather is total poo!!! ( serious meteorological term ).Yes if it's not trying to snow, it is pouring down and if its not pouring it windy and icy.
Boots and thermals again today I think!

So England were playing Scotland overnight. I couldn't be bothered to record it as I seriously thought that Scotland would win!
However I have woken to the 'shock' news that England have won a match...................yes really won a match.....................and by 119 runs too. Moeen Ali scored a century and Finn took 3-26, so I am giving him one more match before he is crocked and out for the domestic season too.
Geoffrey Boycott said that England will be relieved with this win as they have been playing below par.

Well Geoff you are right about that but  they are playing no better than we expect of them of late. I AM NOT anti England, I am not a fair weather England fan either, I just say how I see it ( and yes some of you will not agree)  and to be honest, they do not look to be playing as a team, they can still be a touch of  'every man for himself' and we most certainly do not EVER need the return of ' he who must not be named in the blog'.

I think that they need to pull their socks up, remember what they are being paid to do and go and do it. Take pride in playing for England without their heads being swayed with big money deals in the IPL/BBL.

When I am the Queen of cricket there will be big changes!!!

OH MY DOG!!!!   so early on a Monday morning to be off on a rant.........................

those office boys will be in for it now if my coffee is not on my desk when I walk into my office!!!!!!!!!!!!

just giving them fair warning.

So what did I do yesterday...........................absolutely nothing but knit!!!!! yes the knitting is now taking over my life in a big way and the grand unveiling of the name of the 'cottage industry' will be announced later.

So what does this week have in store for moi?????

I do know that at the end of the week I will be chained to my office computer dealing with all things 'Finsbury', and that will be going down as overtime.

Oh well off now to shout at boys, drink copious amounts of coffee and look pretty for 7 hours, might as well take it easy before the end of the week!!!

until tomorrow,

Sunday, 22 February 2015

I had a full on cricket day!

So it was a busy day yesterday as I headed up the A1 over the Tyne Bridge and went off to Goforth for the Cricket Club Expo.

I was wearing  my 'Inspired cricket' hat (  actually I did not really have a hat on) but I was joined by super friend and 'part time assistant' Jane.

Our first stop was  at Flicx UK who are the company who provided my 'little men' 'The gentlemen of Tykeshire CCC with their cricket wicket. We met Richard  Beghin whose first question was 'had I brought any of the 'men' with me'. sadly due to them being huge chunks of concrete, carrying in them usually results in a bout of tennis elbow! ( I know this after carrying them from Scarbados cricket club to the park and ride car park!!!).

Much hilarity ensued and hopefully  'the boys' will be going on tour over the cricket season. they are going to love going to Scarbados  for beach cricket. I can see them now with their knotted hankies on their heads!

we then had a chat with two lovely West Indian gentlemen who were selling the delights of Barbados ( they had never been to SCARBADOS!!!). Once again much hilarity was involved and hopefully the 'Lainey and Janey' roadshow can move on to the sunshine isle ( if  we win the holiday).

More seriously we chatted to some gentlemen from a brilliant charity  'Cricket without boundaries'

There mission is to teach cricket to children and get adults to learn to coach, as well as spreading  awareness of HIV/Aids and FGM.
They currently have people out in Kenya coaching Masai.

A brilliant cause.

we stopped off for  coffee  supplied by Richard Brice of 'rijo coffee' and it turns out he plays cricket at Marton cricket club, where I used to provide cricket teas! small world!!!

All in all it was a cracking day and sadly it was over too soon. And although Jane and I were in the minority ( women) we made our mark!!!. ( the pixie and the glamazon)

I drove home past the Angel of the North who was basking in glorious winter sunshine. ( and probably cheesed off with the amount of people who were standing on her feet)

Then I got back to the chateau and it snowed!!!!

And today it is white and crunchy I think that I might get back under the duvet for a few minutes /hours.

Roll on the cricket season!!!! yesterday brought it all much closer!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Off to a crickety thing

well it is Saturday and I am up and dressed and about to set off for the icy wastes of Newcastle as I don my 'Inspired cricket' hat and got to 'Cricket club Expo'.

I have lots of people to see and hope that it will be a fun and 'Inspiring' day.

Yesterday was a quiet day in super swanky Lady Lainey office as office boys are all suffering from 'Flu' ( they have a cold!). I sat amongst the sneezing and coughing listening to them moan about how ill they were. I bet it didn't stop them going out and having a skin full last night!.

I was busy at 'knigtting HQ'  last night and had also made the very tough decision to have my 'Ryanesque' curls chopped off. So that is another thing ticked off my list. Just got to lose half my body weight and I am well on the way to a new me!!

In the World Cup  last night/this morning, The West Indies were taking on Pakistan. I sort of wish that I had stayed up to see it or even recorded it, however will catch the highlights later which judging by the fact that WI reduced Pakistan to 1-4 at  may not last very long!!.It was a crushing/cruising 150 run victory ( depending on which side of the  fence you are sitting on ).
The WI had posted  310-6  in their 50 overs and saw Pakistan all out after 39 overs.

I will be recording the South Africa match that starts at 3.30am this morning although if my sleeping patterns are as they have been of late, I might just be getting up in time to watch!!!

Well I am keeping it short as I have to ,motor on up to the big city.

Apparently I can have my photo taken with the RL one day cup, and play cricket on a Flicx Pitch ( instead of laying one) and talk to lots of cricket people......................I guess I am going to be in cricket heaven.

have a great day and Dame Didi i will call you when I get back.......and BW ( before wine)

Friday, 20 February 2015

Things I know about boys no33547895465

Today would usually be F(ryan)day however today I am imparting some of my hard gleaned wisdom to you all.

Thing that I Lady Lainey know about boys.

1. Office boys are very flipping horrid and  say rude words in front of I,Lady Lainey

2. Office boys break wind and then laugh hysterically whilst scoring it out of 10.

3. Office boys sing wrong words to songs all the chuffing time!!!

4..Some boys have horrid tempers and do horrible things ( and some end up divorced).

5. Some boys think that girls are stupid and gullible when it is usually the reverse!

6. Boys think that having a flash car makes girls like them ( most girls however think boys with flash cars have  a 'small IQ').

7. Some boys tell big fat fibs and think that they will not get found out, and then  are!!!! and should be hung up by their 'small IQ'

Where is this all leading??????

Well to be truthful I am not sure, but I needed to get that off my chest!!!

And so to the rest of the blog.............................

Over night England were taking on New Zealia ( yes yes , you know it now, 'as it is known in these parts')

Well England went into bat and scored an amazing 450 runs with Joe Root making a double century and then they bowled New Zealia out for 25 runs!!! Flipping heck.........................................

..........................and then I woke up to the awful truth!!!!

England managed 123 before they were all safely back in the hutch. New Zealia  had already put the bar order in before going out to bat. 12 bottles of champagne and some pork scratchings I do believe!!

McCullum hit 77 and the boys from the islands romped home leaving England to pick up the bar tab and get on the phone to British Airways. cattle class tickets I believe are on order.

so number 8 of things I know about boys

8. England boys cannot win the game we invented. And probably cannot win at tiddly winks either!!!!

Oh well off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office to mull over the 'finer' points of the match. ( the singing of the national anthems I imagine).

Thursday, 19 February 2015

It's cold and blowy!!!!

Chuffing heck, it is flipping freezing again and it is blowy outside, although this is apparently nothing to what we are expecting at the weekend, according to the Met office! Yes winds of over 100 mph. Oh joy!!! I needs that like the proverbial hole in the head!!! As I have lots of travelling to do.

So last night/ this morning Zimbabwe took on  The UAE in their world cup match. This could have been very embarrashing for Zimbabwe as The UAE posted on their highest  one day total. However  salvation for Zimbabwe came in the form of  Sean Williams who scored  76 and lead them to victory with 12 balls to spare.

Tonight/tomorrow England are in action against New Zealia ( as they are known in these parts). Hmmmmm wonder who I put my 5p bet on!!!!

Well, yesterday I got the shock of my life when I received a Tweet from my great chums at Flicx Pitches. Well they are going to be at the cricket expo on Saturday and so I am off to  see them to thank them all in person for the bespoke cricket wicket that they made for my 'little men'. I read their blog on it too and laughed until I cried!!!

Was chatting with a friend in Holland this morning and we were both in agreement as to who we are supporting in the World Cup and who will win. We are both with the same teams!!! ( And green features in both teams).

 Well I have to dash this morning so this is short, ( due to me chattering to Amsterdam!!!).

have a great day and I will be back tomorrow!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Yorkshire add to the pack ( again)

Wednesday morning 6am and Yorkshire announce that Kane Williamson will be coming back to Yorkshire this season, albeit the back end of the season, but hey we all love a bit of Kane ( that sounded slightly risqué didn't it???).

So I am thinking that the team of champions is now complete, now lets get on with the season.

Playing their opening World Cup match as we speak are Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Afghanistan are making their Worls Cup debut so good luck to then. The score is currently  Bangladesh 204-4.

It's all gone a little 'green'in The Chateau and I don't mean wearing hand me down clothes and recycling the bath water.  I, Lady lainey have turned a little 'leprechaun' in my delight of Irelands win.I cannot wait until next week when they play their second game.

I love Ireland  and spent some great times there, just a shame it was with former Lord Lainey!

Tonight/ tomorrow is Zimbabwe v UAE, and then 20th , 1am it is England  v New Zealia ( as it is known in these parts). well I am thinking that I might just sleep through that one.

The rest of my working week  looks to be taken up with clearing my desk and sorting out the  huge amounts of dead trees which is the new 'Finsbury project'. I am amazed that now that we draw on the computer we still generate masses of proper paperwork. no chance that our office will go 'green' ( and this time I don;t mean Irish).

Trill Boy and Pony Paul and both suffering from lack of sleep due to babies teething/projectile vomiting/filling nappies every 5 min. And as a 'non mother' having to listen to the 'autopsy' of the latter two events is not what I want to hear as I munch on  bran flakes and banana!!!!!

I am not too tired although I have been having a bit of a 'lie in' the last few days, yes!!!! shock!!!! I have been staying in 'mon lit' until 5.45am!!!! What a little monkey I am!!!!

Dame Didi has requested a 'cricket jumper' for Vomit bag her besty teddy in the whole world. I have said I will knit one, but I am not sure that she knows that it is actually a tea cosy!!!!

Oh well it is getting light outside although the sky looks none too promising.I am off down the A1 to Lady Lainey workville!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

It's all going off in The World Cup!!

Well after the exploits of Ireland yesterday, taking on and beating resoundingly The West Indies. I had a little discussion with the former Cricket Ireland's director and he was  absolutely buzzing with the news.

However after all that excitement I still had a day in super swanky Lady Lainey office and I can tell already that super new Finsbury project is going to be a stinker!!! Oh joy!!!!

Yesterday was also auction day in the IPL, oh yes the day that 'he who must not be named in the blog'loves more than any other, the day that  pound/rand/rupee signs flash up in his beady eyes!!!. Well he made 20m rupees and was snapped up by Sunrisers Hydrabad along with Eoin Morgan ( hedging his bets re the rest of the World Cup???) and Ravi Bopara.

Rather surprisingly is that Michael Carberry went unsold!!!!! after being a fundamental member of the winning BBL team too!!!!!!  Well I would empty my piggy bank to buy him! but that's a completely different kettle of fish!!!

So hurriedly moving on,  it was Scotlands turn to take start their World Cup campaign. And I decided to stay up later than normal. ( and to be honest anything after 8pm is later than normal). So the match started, I nipped to answer the call of nature, and came back about 1 minute later to find Scotland 2-2. WTF!!!!!!

Dear god it went from bad to worse and I was too scared to move, not that it made much difference. At 17-4 I decided to go to bed. And woke up this morning to the news that New Zealia ( as they are known in these parts) had won!!!

No surprise there then!

I am sure that there were some strong words in the Scotland changing room!!!!

However they are in the same boat as England having lost their first match.

Tomorrow ( early doors) Bangladesh take on Afghanistan.

So back in Super swanky Lady lainey office 'radiogate' continued.
 Trill boy  stunned us all yesterday with a rousing rendition of an old  'ABC' number

Oh yes how can you ever forget that well known refrain from the song

'When Josies sings I fell violent'............................

.......................and that would have summed up exactly how I felt!!!!! he is a flipping noodle brain!!!!

oh well off for more of the same.

for those who are not familiar with the ABC song it is called 'When Smokey Sings' and the chorus is
'When Smokey sings I hear violins'!!!!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Wooohooo it's Monday!!!!

Not too sure why I appear to be super excited this morning?'s Monday which means getting back to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office which will be flipping freezing as there will have been no heating on over the weekend............................

Well as I noted yesterday Ireland only flipping beat the West Indies!!!!! OMG I am so super excited about this that I can hardly contain myself. we all know that the WI are not in a good place at the moment, but sadly that place has just got a little bit worse

The Windies were 87-5 at one point ( WTF)  but pulled back to post  a decent  304-7 ( England would have been cowering in the dressing room at that run chase).Ireland coach Phil Simmons also had  to watch his nephew Lendl put  on 102 for the Windies, I wonder if he was silently cheering him on run for run???

 Ireland came in with Porterfireld and Stirling putting on 71 and the adding  106 with Ed Joyce. Ireland won with 25 balls remaining. A resounding victory and one to boost them.

They next face UAE on 25th February so plenty of time for R & R and net practice. ( I could be a coach you know!).

Scotland are in action later and now anything could happen.

A busy day ensued yesterday  with trips to Homebase ( and still not able to  find any wall paper that I like). Paint was on  special but I am still  not sure on the colour for the dining room. ( neutral obviously). Then went to Tzarina Katerinaville, got some veg and then came home.
More washing and the usual house stuff ( how can one person make so much mess???) before settling down with the knitting needles and knocking out two egg cosies and a mug warmer.

I really cannot wait for the cricket season as I think that I am getting very boring of late.

I decided to try to sleep on my back last night to try to halt the inevitable onslaught of wrinkles. I normally sleep curled up in a ball on my side with the duvet up over my head.
Well I barricaded myself in the bed with my traversin on one side and a pillow on the other. Needless to say that all lasted about 10 minutes before I threw them out and curled up. Hell we all get wrinkles so best live with it!

Off to the office!!!!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Its a hazy Sunday

Well, it is a bright and dry  morning, actually it's a hazy kind of morning and that has nothing to do with the champagne and partying of  last night. I have the feeling that I might be hanging washing out today!!!!

And in two sentences I have gone from the glamour world of fast cars and champagne to the mundane, with household chores!!!!!!!

However that's how I roll!!!

After closing off yesterday with England needing to get a lot of runs, I am sure that you are all aware that they didn't get them!!!  they were 111 runs short!!!

Australia were in brilliant form, and if Finch comes and plays like that for my Tykes this season I for one will not be complaining.!!!

New Zealand  ( New Zealia as it is known in The Chateau and surrounding areas) also won their opening match against  Sri Lanka.

Early hours of this morning I was trying to watch South Africa v Zimbabwe which has just finished with an expected win for SA, by 62 runs. I was unable to focus on the screen so went to bed.

India are currently taking on Pakistan, with Pakistan chasing 301 to win.

Tomorrow  the West Indies take on Ireland....................Hmmmmmmmmm now then who do we think will be a winner in this match.  I am taking a punt on Ireland.

Scotland are then up against New Zealia on 17th.  Well I sort of think I know who will win that one!

And so back to today. I am actually headache free, so think that I will go and have some poached eggs on toast for brekkie and then get set for some retail therapy.....................and for once it isn't shoes and handbags............................* drum roll* today I am going to Homebase to get some 'stuff' to tart up the chateau and the extensive grounds too!!!

Wowwwwww then it will be home and cricket and nap, because sadly tomorrow the madness that is my job will be tying me down for 5 days.

Can't complain though as we have weeks of cricket ahead of us!!!!

I also need to sort out accommodation in Scarbella for the festival other wise I will be commuting in daily from Chateau Saltburn.  Best get started then.

Happy Sunday.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Wooohoo it's The World Cup

Woohooo it is the day when I get to see weeks of cricket and also to bore the 'office boys' stiff with the said matches. Oh the joy of it, all that nattering in the office and p****ing them off. How marvelous is that.?

I am putting my money ( very unpatriotically) on Australia, yes the boys in the baggy greens have got my vote ( so that ahould be kiss of death for them!!).however judging by the run chase that they have just set England in the opening match I could be heading to the bookies this afternoon!!!!

England are chasing 343, and Finn was the pick of the bowlers  however FINCH was doing for Australia what he does best and hit an amazing 135!!!!!!!   Woooooooohooooo he is a Tyke too.

England are currently 24-0 although I imagine that this is all going change in the next hour!!!!  whoops now 31-1.

Oh dear thats not good!!!!

So today is Valentines day and as expected Cupid did not fire his arrow in my direction although I am going out for dinner this evening with Black Knight of the Ferrari where we can sit and laugh at all the 'loved up' people.

According to the BBC website, 'stats say England will not win the World Cup'. NON MERDE!!!!  I will eat my Yorkshire tea cosy if they do!!!!

It is short today as I have a lot to do this morning, including shopping and taking 'stiuff' to the charity shop and having a nap. I know that cricket is on, but hey we all know the outcome of the match.

So I will be back with you tomorrow.

Friday, 13 February 2015

F(ryan)day at last!

well thank goodness it is F(ryan)day as I am fair worn out and  have had a bit of  'a week'. Now that the weekend is heading my way I am super flipping excited!

I was however very sad to hear this morning that 80's new Romantic  Steve Strange had passed away.

Ah yes the heady nights of 1981 in 'The Meth', listening to the strains of Visage, Duran Duran, Ultravox and Blue Ronda a la Turk!!!!! Well that was Friday evening, Mondays were  with the sweaty biker boys in 'Spenny Rec' with Motorhead and Iron Maiden ( hey Dame Didi do you remember when we were on the Iron Maiden guest list at The City hall and saw Jess Cox!!!).

Very sad news though. Steve was always beautifully made up!.

Down under, Scotland joined England in losing their final warm up match!

Geoff Boycott has been making sure that he gets some headlines by saying the Eoin Morgan 'is not as good as he thinks he is', .............................sorry quick toilet break as I was laughing so much.........' and I don't think he is as good as some people say he is'. OMD Geoff that has brightened up my morning and made me laugh so much!.

He also went on to say that when Morgan faces world class bowlers 'he's not so clever and that's a problem'

Well tell it how you see it Geoff!!!

I was never a fan of Mr Boycott  but over the last couple of years I have started warming to him. ( despite this I still do not ever want to spend three nights in 'The Boycott Room' in the Headingley lodge again).

The office boys are getting themselves into romance mode, with Job the Jolly ( Jo Bling to some)  preparing to wow his lady with Steak and homemade  Baileys cheesecake.
Trill boy spent £6 on a card and now has no money left to take out his other half, so I am guessing it will be fish finger sandwiches at their house.

Pony Paul  has been very quiet which means that he has spent a packet on the pressies for Mrs Pony.

And what about me...............................well I have been hypnotised to not eat chocolate and I HATE red roses ( I actually hate all coloured flowers, I only like white ones), so I would appear to be a cheap date....................hahahaha think again suckers!!!! My favourite champagne is Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque which is no where near as cheap as the deals that the supermarkets have been putting on.

Luckily besty friend Black knight of the Ferrari is finally back on British soil ( for good this time). He phoned last night to let me know that he was back, and said that he would whisk me out for a spot of dinner on Saturday evening seen as we are both now sad singletons!!!!!

Luckily the Ferrari is back in Blighty too so that means the curtains will be a twitching when he comes to pick me up!!!!

Oh well off to have my last 7 hours of torture for the week.

Happy F(ryan)day

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Thank goodness its Thursday!!!

Happy Thursday!!! Yes it is  nearly the end of the working week and I for one am so jolly glad that I am fair spinning round in my office chair here at the Chateau.

It's seems to have been a long old week!!!

And it is nearly the weekend and nearly the start of the cricket World Cup, wooohooo cricket , cricket and more cricket. That's something that I 'likey'.

I am not 'likeying' the fact that after a great innings by little Joey Root, England lost their last warm up match against Pakistan, it was a 'tense' match, but that aside I think that England need a jolly good team talk. the score was  England 250-8 after 50 overs. Pakistan 252-6 after 48.5 overs.

Good news on the cricket equipment front as  Masuri a British based firm have developed a helmet which should give batsmen maximum protection. All of this is in light of the tragic death of Philip Hughes at the end of last year, after he was struck  on the back of the neck by a ball. The freak accident sent shock waves through the whole of the cricket community. hopefully this helmet will give batsmen peace of mind, although it is yet to reach production stage.

Fantastic news from My tykes is that a further two 'boys' have extended their contract with the champions. Jack Leaning and Will Rhodes  have both signed to the end of 2017 ( just like His Royal Ryanness). And that is fantastic news for I Lady Lainey.

Other fantastic news is that I am off on a little jaunt tomorrow evening to the heady eights of Barnsley!!! Ehh upp!!! Barnsley thou says!!!!
Well yes, I am off to meet besty ex Hants friend  for a catch up.
I have never been to Barnsley, so that's an expedition. who says I do not see the world!!!!

Well I have a pile of paperwork on my desk which is awaiting  my attention.

Oh joy!!!
And lets hope that none of the boys had beans last night, I could not stand another day of 'trumping competition'.

I'm a Lady don't you know!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Its mid week!!!!

And so it is Wednesday, the middle of the week and yesterday another job landed on my desk for a super big build. Although it is big, we are only sorting out the roof area so the boys should knock that out in record time as long as

1. Trill Boy gets his finger out and stops texting all day.

2. Pony Paul doesn't fall out with the Architect

3. I get access to the on line system

These things should ensure that  it all runs smoothly..................but as I know only too well, construction is a queer fish!

Big Boss Si, bought us lunch although sadly we didn't get to sample the delights of 'Tuk Tuk's', we had sarnies in the office as the boys were off to inspect a sample out in the wilds of Co Durham. I was left 'home alone' which was bliss, complete peace and quiet and plenty of time for a nap!

Joe Root will be needing a little nap after Englands last warm up match as he is currently on 82, and the team are on 240-6. England had won the toss and elected to bat.

The ICC have decided to have a crack down on poor behaviour during the World Cup and will be imposing bans and fines aplenty for naughty boys.

That should be worth watching the whole series for. They could have a trophy for

 Naughtiest man of the match/series

 Negative equity award.

just a thought!!
And now my thoughts are turning to heading off to Super wanky lady Lainey offiicw, so I will bid you farewell and hope that you all have a good day.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tired old Tuesday

Woohoo this was one of the highlights of the weekend, it's me standing on the hallowed turf of  Headingley!!!

yes indeedy that was super exciting in itself.
However today I am fair worn out as there was much excitement at The Chateau last night when all the electrics tripped and as I attempted to make my way downstairs to find a torch I tripped too!!!

Now lots of you will be thinking, 'There should be a torch app on her phone, why wasn't she using that?'. well I was on the phone to Dame Didi in my panic, and she is 40 miles away!!!!. Anyhooo after then being hit on the head by all the junk in the cupboard I found the torch, which didn't help me in the least as when I saw the circuit box I didn't have a 'scooby doo' what I was supposed to do.

I then tried to phone Mr Funky the chauffeur, who totally ignored my call for help.

Then I had a brain wave and called besty friend Fran whose 'other half' is an electrician. After some careful words of guidance the lights came back on and peace and calm was restored!

So now I know how to do that little 'job' I feel happier.

I did however spend the remainder of the night, waking myself up and checking that the clock was on  and hoping that the freezer was OK ( the power was off for all of 5 mins) as I had visions of cooking all the food in the freezer at 4 am this morning!!!

there is some cricket news but nothing really of note as it all kicks off this weekend.

so as the bags under my eyes are heavier than the suitcase which is still sitting in my hallway ready for if I have to go 'darn sarf' I am bidding you good day,

Oh yes forgot to say the Big Boss 'darn sarf' Simon is with us today so I may be very quiet on Twitter and Facebook.

Monday, 9 February 2015

what a day!!!!

So I was up earler this morning than yesterday only to find my 'tinterweb' is not playing the game so I am trying to type this on my phone!!!

Well off I toddled to Headingley yesterday for an access all areas tours.................only to be told we could not take any pics in the players dressing room!!!!! Zut alors it was the only reason I went!!. OK this is not strictly true but I was gutted.
I was so looking forward to having a pic sitting in His Royal Ryanness's spot.
However when we went in and I saw the pile of dirty socks on his locker, I  was pretty glad of the no pics rule. Did sit there though!!!

It was brilliant seeing were all the hacks sit, where the players scoff their lunch and tea and looking out from their viewing gallery.

We were not given access to the coach's changing room, my guess is that Gillespie the Gallant is a very tidy boy though.

Got a chance to sit in the luxury of the Chairmans suite, which is very swanky indeed!

The staff were a credit to the club and the 90 minute tour lasted nearly 2 hours!!!!

I even got to hold the championship trophy oh I could go on and on and on.....

But time is against me.

I took lots if 'snaps' which I will bore you with no doubt at a later date.

By 8pm last night I had official confirmation that I am a 'badger' thanks to Garas for that!!! High praise I think!!!!

Other news came through yesterday that Steve Harmison has become manager of Ashington football club. What the toffee is that all about then????.

Oh well off to super swanky flipping freezing Lady Lainey office!!!!!.

Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire!!!!!!!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Wooooooo I'm going off to Headingley

Lainey's going to Headingley

Her knees have gone all trembly

Yes today I am off to the Home of cricket  ( no not that one!!!! the REAL one!).I am super excited!!!!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet up with Tony & Trish Harrison. Tony is a Sports Journalist who agreed to have a look at the work that Inspired cricket are doing and hopefully do a piece on us. Luckily Tony is very keen to get children active and motivated in sport. So fingers crossed that we can get a little bit of extra publicity.

we had a very good natter about all things cricket and how we both love The Scarborough festival. I also met Archie, Tony's grandson who has the honour of having Ben Stokes' mum as a Godmother. Archie was not too impressed by this and was not also not impressed by  the lack of ice cream on the menu!!!

Tony has not been to the Riverside ground since 2000 so I am hoping that at some point he will make the trip over to see a spot of cricket.

We had a lovely afternoon in The Tea Room of the Croft Hotel.

Well now I am about to hop into the shower and  twirl my curls, put on some slap and hit the road.

I have the camera batteries charge up and so I am nearly ready.

So until tomorrow when hopefully there will be some great pictures!

Saturday, 7 February 2015


Oh my dog!!!! Its like F(ryan)day all over again!!!!!! FINALLY the news came through yesterday that His Royal Ryanness had signed a contract which takes him to December 2016 with Yorkshire. That is two more seasons for me to ogle  him  observe his great bowling ability!!!!!!

I was fair bouncing around the office yesterday with delight.

There can be no other news to eclipse this!!!

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire!!!!!

I however have a lot of work to do today, and not just the usual housework, I am out and about doing 'inspired cricket' work and hopefully will get a plug in a Cumbrian newspaper. Fingers crossed.

I will also be knitting which has become the most popular pastime, and also preparing for my day trip to the hallowed turf of Headingley.
it's all go here at the chateau.

Dame Didi has finished her first full week back at work ( well sort of full week in a part time sort of way). She has also been out and about visiting friends. Yes there is no stopping her now.

Poor Lord Christophe has not been having it so good as he had a problem with ice coming home from Whitby ( the roads had been terrible). he is fine but the car is none too well!!!

Now I need to go and sort my self out and get housey things underway.

Told you there was no other news apart from Ryan signing his new contract!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Finally it is F(ryan)day

Hurrah!!! It is F(ryan)day and I am only 7 working hours away from the weekend. Oh my dog!!!  the weekend and I am off on my tour of Headingley. I am going to try to put my feet on the hallowed turf too!!!! What an 'iccle monkey' I am!!!!........that is after I have sat in His Royal Ryanness spot in the dressing room. ( and after I have been physically removed from hiding in HRR's locker).
I hope I have a good time, because in my head I have had a brilliant time already!

It is cold and icy here at the Chateau this morning and  I am already 'dressed to death' in furry socks, thermal vest and 'jeggings'. I was going to stop wearing these for the office on Fryanday's  as Trill boy gets overly excited when I walk in wearing them, however it is cold and I am not going in wearing a skirt!!!

After Brett Lee made his final  cricketing appearance last week in the BBL final ( and who will ever forget Michael Carberrys 'ramp' shot off one of Lee's yorkers), it has been announced that Brett will take up the position of bowling coach for Ireland in the run up to the world cup. Wow!!!!! Hope he stays a bit longer.

BBC sport  had put together the 10 moments that shocked the World Cup competition.

The best one by far was Kevin o' Brien knocking England for......... well the fastest century in World Cup cricket back in 2011. O' Brien was a club cricketer who got a chance and boy did he take it. he also had pink hair!!!! Yes, he had dyed it for charity.
This brought Ireland to everyones attention.

2007 saw the 'fredalo' incident!!!! Yes the BBC state it was a low point of his career, however I think it sounded the death knell on the bowling coaches Kevin Shines career!!!
It was the result of an eight hour drinking spree after England had lost  their opening match. Methinks ( belatedly) that the time would have been better spent in the nets!!!!!

2003 saw Shane Warne fail a drugs test. the Australian claimed it was a drug he had taken on the advice of his mother to help him lose weight ( WTF!!!). He had a 12 month ban and never played one day cricket for his country again, instead he had a hair transplant, got his teeth whitened and took to using botox  Estee lauder products.

2007 also saw the shocking news of Bob Woolmers death.

1999  Her serene Highness and I watched this whole series from start to finish as I was quite poorly with a fractured coccyx and mum had come 'darn sarf' to look after me. the whole of this World cup was amazing, after Hershelle Gibbs let Australian off the hook and was known to have 'dropped the World Cup'
Australia won the world cup that year and Her serene highness and I had the best time ever ( i.e lying around on the bed all day watching cricket and drinking tea).

well that is five of the ten, and if you want to see more check out the BBC Sport website.

I however have to make tracks

So until tomorrow, Happy Fryanday

Thursday, 5 February 2015

feeling a bit better until.....

.....I read that Gillespie the gallant may be heading to the BBL!!!! then I read the whole article and gave a mahooosive sigh of relief, he will be staying with Yorkshire but they are giving him the opportunity to go and possibly coach in next seasons Australian T20 series ALONGSIDE his duties at Yorkshire.
A great opportunity for the great man, and luckily I get the best of both worlds.

You can see that I will be taking a closer interest in the T20 next season if that happens.

Not so great is news from TMS land. As you know I love nothing better than going to sleep to the sound of the cricket commentary from test match special when the boys are away from home. We also listen in the office during the summer.................however all that came to an abrupt end yesterday when it was announced that 'he who must not be named in the blog' is joining the team. OH JOY, the sound of his whinging high pitch egotistical babble as I head off to the land of nod!!! No thank you!!! I will now be sleeping in the peace and quiet of mon boudoir and catching up on things when I wake up, via twitter.

Oh dear not a good start to a Thursday and after I had been so poorly yesterday.

today I am feeling much better although the doctor thinks that I may have had a touch of food poisoning, and to be honest the way I felt yesterday  I am inclined to agree with him

Where food is concerned I would eat anything ( apart from aubergine)  and I knew that I was right out of sorts yesterday when I could not even cope with a glass of water!. Yes I must now weigh about 6stone after not eating for a whole day!!!

Now I am off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office to see what delights  it holds for me and also safe in the knowledge that my trip to explore Headingley Stadium is safe ( weather permitting)

I hope that you all have a great day...............have to go as there is a bowl of shredded wheat with my name on it!

Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Proper poorly today!!

Oh deary me!!! This is me today!!! I went for my Indian Head Massage last night, drove home through the snow which had once again decided to fall whilst I was at Francesca's house, and felt fine when I got home.

Off I toddles to bed where I could not get to sleep!!! I dozed off and then at 1am it started. I was so ill I cannot even bear to think about it. This continued until 3am when my stomach was empty and had to crawl to bed as my legs had turned to jelly!!!

This morning I feel as if I have been  steam rollered and am struggling to even type this!!!

I expect that Steve Patterson Alex Lees do not feel the same today as it was announced that they have confirmed their allegiance to Yorkshire until 2016 and 2019 receptively. NOW we just need news on His Royal Ryanness ( I seem to be saying this a lot of late!).

Good news for Australia as Michael Clarke looks to being on the way to top form for the World Cup.
However I think that England have woes within their camp that are more worrying!

OK this really is a short one as I feel total rubbish and my stomach is spinning faster than my washing machine on a weekend.

 two glasses of water  and a slice of dry toast look to be about to make another appearence. #toomuchinformation

hopefully more news and a much better Lady Lainey tomorrow.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Welcome to Tuesday

No I haven't been baking but woke up this morning thinking that I had coffee cake downstairs!!!!! And I didn't!!!!! so that was a very disappointing start to the day!!!

After my dream about seeing Albert Einstein in Smoke BBQ in Sheffield a couple of weeks ago, I was back in crazy dream land last night, when I dreamt that I was  basking in the sun on the beach in Goa, watching the children playing beach cricket. then I noticed that two of the children were quite big. One was Mike Atherton and the other was Robin Smith!!!! And the children were beating them!!! I went into the bar and there was Graham Thorpe and Andrew Caddick it was like the England team of 1994!!!

Now make of this what you will but I would say the dream is telling me

A. I am old if I remember the team of 1994

B. I ate too much cheese before I went to bed

C. It is telling me the cricket season is getting closer!

Well Ben stokes played well for England lions yesterday, he hit 151 off 86, which in turn made Captain Colleywobble spout forth that dropping Stokes was 'ridiculous', and then went on to make some comparison with football, which I have no comprehension what it meant but was obviously singing the praises of his team mate.
I think that you all know where I stand on Stokes. he is a good player but has had more lives than my grannies cat at playing in the big time and he usually fouls that up. however he was dropped from the England squad after struggling at number 8 in Sri Lanka.
A great innings from him but can he keep it up?
Colleywobble also stated that Stokes could have won England the World cup......................hmmmmmmm!!! One man does not make a team!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes indeedy this from the man who went on television and described being hit 'in the snot box'!!!!! how very eloquent!!!!

Enough already!!!!!

More snow is on the way to the North of Blighty if reports are to be believed.
And as I am off to besty friend Francesca's  house tonight for another Indian Head Massage, no doubt it will fall between 7.30pm and 9.30pm, and it will take me 40 minutes to drive the 5 minutes home!

Oh well it's time to hit the road to Lady lainey workville.

Have a great day and keep warm, it's flipping freezing out there!!!!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Up with the larks

Well OK I was actually up before any birds, even seagulls!! and they are obviously still not poking their heads out of their centrally heated nests as it is very quiet outside. even the Magpies are not 'chattering'. Flipping heck may be I should head back under the duvet!!!

England's cricketers will be having a serious 'duvet day' after their total thrashing by Australia yesterday in the Tri Series final.
This was England's last competitive match before the World Cup and if their performance yesterday was anything to go on, I would suggest that the planes tickets are purchased now for an early exit. Australia are now ranked as number 1 and are showing great amounts of talent every time they play.

Glenn Maxwell the new signing for my Tykes was a star with both bat and ball which will have put a lot of Yorkshire men and women in a very good mood!

What is England's problem? Not too sure but as some of the 'chosen' players are gearing themselves up for IPL duty  I think that says it all, money over country.
Captain Morgan who is putting himself into the IPL arena, has shown very patchy form over this series. James Taylor has been a bit of a shining star though.

New Zealand are also playing well and I think that England may not shine too brightly in the World Cup. however what do I know!!!

Today is going to be busy in Super swanky Lady Lainey office as I clear my desk just in case 'this week is the week' that I head down south. They are also forecasting heavy snow and plunging temperatures and as such, I am adding a few more thermals to the suitcase.

Well as it is icy and cold outside I think that I had best head out early and get the heating sorted in the office ( i.e see if we have any!!).

So as we venture forth into the new working week, I bid you all a good one.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

I predict some snow today

It is nearly 9am and it is dark, dark, dark, here in Lady Laineyville and I think that there may be more snow on the way. Yesterday it was incredible windy all day ( and all night judging by the amount of times I got woken up with it howling round the Chateau).

However lets hope that if it is does snow, that it holds off until after 'THE' christening.
yes today is the big day, complete with probably a full size fun fair by now!!!

The one thing that they have decided against though was following other celebrities in their naming of their offspring in the place they were conceived.

I think that any child would struggle through life being called  'DFDS' or 'cabin 24' or possibly 'Mid North Sea', so luckily they have settled on 'Mia'!!!!

It should be a grand day out for the local citizens who seem to have all been invited!!

England are not having such a grand day out at the moment as they are facing Australia in the Tri series Final and are currently 66-4. Root and Moeen  are currently holding the fort. Anything could happen and believe me it probably won't!

Durham boy Calum MacLeod has been talking about his chance to shine in the cricket World Cup. He is flying out to New Zealand with the rest of the Scotland team today. The World Cup starts in earnest on 14th February. How very romantic.

My knitting bug is now taking on a life of it's own. I am now the Queen of cable. The throw is coming along brilliantly, as are the new range of mug warmers, which will soon be joined by 'the cricket scarf' which will be a must have by any fan. I actually am slightly worried about myself!!! Me knitting????? and not only knitting but designing my own patterns!!!!???? WTF??????

And finally before I head off for the day, I won a fantastic prize yesterday, I won a copy of  ' A Champion year' The inside story of YCCC  2014 championship victory.
I was soooo flipping excited.
I cannot wait for the postman to deliver it.

Oh well off to hop in the shower.

Until tomorrow

Bon Journee