Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Joyeux Anniversaire

Happy birthday to the Eiffel Tower it is 126 years old today although in reality it is actually older, today is the 126th anniversary of the public opening. Now as regular readers will know I have French blood in my veins ( Cotes De Rhones, Chateauneuf du Pape and Champagne) and love all things French. Paris is one of my favourite cities, where else can you go to be insulted by a waiter who thinks he is far superior to you because he is from Paris, whilst handing you a bill for a microscopic cup of coffee that amounts to about a million euro!

If you have never been to Paris than go immediately, it is a wonderful city.

it is a wild and windy this morning and I have not had too much sleep due to the noise as the wind howled around the chateau, I imagine that when the roofing man comes on Saturday there will be very little left for him to remove from the garage roof!.
Already this morning I have made fresh tomato and mushroom sauce for pasta for my lunch and I am on my 2nd cup of coffee.

Australia have announced their Ashes squad which includes Adam Voges the Middlesex captain. England have not really sorted that out, I am expecting the naming soon after they have sorted it by a knock out tiddlywinks contest.

Surrey Director of cricket Alec Stewart has announced to anyone who is still listening that 'HWMNBNITB' could return to the England fold if he scores enough runs in County cricket (but can he play tiddlywinks??). All I have to say is stop building his hopes up as you will only shoot yourselves in the foot. The minute he is not selected he will be 'injured' and Surrey will be one man down!

WOOOOOOOOO way too early for a rant!!!!

I picked up my new courtesy car yesterday, this time it is not a Jaguar, it looks more like a skunk!!! It is a 5 door Corsa with 4 miles on the clock ( not when I hand it back!). It is black with a couple of white stripes running from bonnet to boot. It is my very own 'Starsky and Hutch' car!!! Now where did I put my patterned chunky cardigan?????

Oh well off to fire up the skunk and get blown off down the A1 to Lady Lainey workville where I can catch up on my sleep and drink lots of water due to the arrival today of our new water cooler!

We are going up in the world, we might get heating next!!!!

have a safe journey out there today.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Summers here, and its flipping freezing!

Ok strictly speaking it is only Spring, but I can tell you that it feels like flipping winter this morning and the weather is not going to improve at all this week ( according to the weather forecast).

It was a sunny day in Australia yesterday, actually it all ended in the evening so it was a bit dark, As Australia beat New Zealia in the World Cup final. Captain Michael Clarke dedicated the win to Philip Hughes whose life was cut short at the end of last year. A fitting tribute and great to see Australia pulling off a win. I think that the Ashes this summer will be great!
Michael Clarke has now bowed out of ODI cricket on a high.

Life in the Chateau is an ongoing trauma at the moment as I cannot get motivated to finish the work that I started on Friday evening which means that this week I will be living in a bit of mess, however I am hoping that Friday and Saturday will prove productive and I will get the some serious work finished.

I have to take the Lady Lainey limo to the garage today to get the damage repaired from my  poor little car being hit by an Audi whilst I was at work. The poor car has gone through quite a bit this past week. Time for a bit of TLC.

TLC is something that I think I need...........................well that and a bath! Not for hygiene reasons I hasten to add but because I need to have a long relaxing soak in bubbles with candles.................however this is still on the 'to do' list so a shower will have to suffice

The Cricket season is now only a week away and I for one am getting jolly excited.  not long now until I will be heading to the heady heights of Headingley, ( you try saying that fast!).

I must also this week pack a bag to go on my jaunt.

Well I think that thermals will be the major space taker, followed by jumpers and boots, scarves, hats and gloves. Yes I will look more Michelin than the man himself, but hey who cares.............I get to see some cricket!

OK off to take the limo to the garage.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

It's finals day

Yes it is indeedy finals day and I was up before the birdies this morning, actually it is now just after 8am and its raining and the birds are still not singing.

back to finals though........................ New Zealia won the toss and elected to bat. Australia went in hell for leather, Captain  McCullum went first with Guptill and Williamson following. It took Elliott and Taylor to put on some runs but sadly the Aussie bowlers were not going to be happy until they had sent all the 'Black caps' back to the hutch. Which they did in 45 overs with a score of  183.

It's not a done deal for Australia though as we have seen in lots of matches in this World Cup. Time will tell.

Sad news also for all  New Zealand fans as Martin Crowe has announced that after the return of  lymphoma in September  this could be the last  cricket match that he watches.
He stated that his precarious life ahead , may not afford him the luxury of seeing many more matches.

I have just cried as I read this and hope that he once again makes a recovery from this terrible disease.

Yesterday at the Chateau I had my boiler serviced ( this is not a euphemism) and then I also had my meters read, I had another royal visit as Kiki tipped up with a bag full of groceries!!!????? Its a good job it wasn't 'Ready Steady Cook', I am not sure what we would have made with tinned rice pudding, pineapple in juice, baked beans, garden peas and natural yogurt.
Any suggestions on a post card to the usual address!!!!

I know she is going off on a cruise for a month but FFS tinned stuff will not go off!!!  It will  still be in my pantry when she gets back!

I am about to wash my hair before the start of the next session and then I am popping to see besty friend Francesca and the 'puppies' for an hour.
I am thinking that I might pop to 'Homebase' too and then it will be home time for a nap because.......................................

........I have been up since the dead of night and the clocks went forward too.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

It's 'Le Weekend' and its raining !!!

Well quelle surprise, it is the 'le weekend' I have washing to do and it is raining!!! totally not what I needed.

What I didn't need yesterday was the 'little adventure'  on the way to super swanky Lady Lainey office. yes I was merrily driving along heading to a very busy junction...................when I put my foot on the brakes and nothing happened....................................nothing happened apart from my already unwell heart missing a beat and me nearly throwing up with fear!!!.

I did manage to stop and  get the car turned round and drive very slowly home!

I phoned  Tim who sorts all things car like out, and then phoned Job the Jolly to say that I may not be gracing them with my presence in the office. And all this before 8am!!!

Anyhooooo long story short. Took limo to garage and drove out in a JAGUAR!!!!! yes indeedy doody this is the best garage in the world. I have previously had  an MG sports car for a courtesy car, been offered a Rolls Royce  and know that there is a hearse lurking in one of the workshops, as well as the newly acquired fully restored 1938 Ford.

So by early afternoon the Lady Lainey limo was repaired and the Lady Lainey bank account was considerably lighter.

Everything is gearing up for the World Cup final in the early hours of tomorrow morning, I am going to make sure that I have plenty of naps today so that I can watch the whole thing.

Michael Clarke has already announced that he will retire from  ODI' s after the final, the 33 year old said he thought the time was right for him to make the decision.

Its going to be a grand old final.

STILL ongoing is the saga of the 'problem child', 'HWMNBNITB'. John Buchanan one of Australia's most successful coaches, has claimed that bringing him back into the fold could tear England apart...................................for the love of dogs!!!!!! Look at England now!!!! this is the aftermath of his previous  tongue lashing.
As I have been repeated saying, NO , NO and triple NO!!!!!!

And if we do have to have a South African in the squad...................................................Abraham Benjamin please!!!!

Ok enough of all of this, I have the Gas man coming to service the boiler and as I had a major furniture move around last night I need to get things sorted out downstairs.

So until tomorrow when I will be writing my blog on the 'lapdog' from the comfort of the chaise longue.

Hope it's not raining in your village today!

Friday, 27 March 2015

F(ryan)day and its not raining!!!

Good F(ryan)day to you all, yes it is so near to the weekend that I can almost taste it!!! only 7 hours of shouting at boys, drinking copious amounts of coffee and looking pretty and then  I can run down the street whooping and laughing to get in the limo and head home to live it up for the weekend.........................

..................................or how it will actually unfold, I will drag myself into the car, swear at  all the other drivers who are also wanting to get home. Put the limo in the garage, have a large glass of wine and fall asleep on the sofa at 6.30pm! Yes I am a real party animal!!!

Well the final of the cricket World Cup will be between Australia and New Zealia after Australia sent India packing. This will be a huge event as the two hosting nations face each other.

England are apparently 'embarrassed' by their World Cup action ( and I use that term loosely). theirs seem to have been the only games that showed no 'killer instinct' or excitement. However they need to forget all of this and concentrate on pulling together and putting on a show this summer.
It was announced that Otis Gibson is to take on the role of bowling coach so it would be good to see if this proves a wise move.

So apart from the  cricket final this weekend, I have lots to do starting with the Gas man coming to service the boiler tomorrow, and then shopping and washing and housework and then going to be hypnotised on Sunday morning.

Besty friend Francesca is going to try to use hypnotherapy to help me feel more like Lady Lainey and less like Bag lady. To be honest if I could just feel a fraction better it would be wonderful.

The office boys are gearing up for a long weekend next week when we will be having fish on Friday and then by Monday will all be looking egg shaped and have chocolate moustaches ( apart from moi who had hypnotherapy at Xmas and cannot look at chocolate now).

There is lots to do before then though, so I am off to finish the working week.

Happy F(ryan)day

Thursday, 26 March 2015


OHHH Yuk!!1 Its cold, it's dark' and its pouring with rain................welcome to spring!!!

It is so cold that  my fingers are like little icicles as I am typing away here. However I digress.

very early this morning the second semi final started between Australia and India, Australia won the toss and elected to bat. they are currently 271-5 in the 45th over.

I will be keeping up to date with this when I am in super swanky Lady Lainey office.

News has sort of filtered through that New Zealia's Daniel Vittori may be looking to retire from international cricket after Sundays final. This news was given by captain McCullum, however it was not given as a full out confirmation that there is retirement on the cards, more of  a cryptic message. we will have to wait and see what happens.

Well yesterday was a busy day for 'HWMNBNITB' as he secured a deal with Surrey ( gluttons for punishment!). He claims he would kick himself ( I would love to kick him........very hard), if he didn't give it another go for a chance for England. it''s just a shame that he hadn't thought this way when he was playing for England!!! ( k***head).
He starts the season on April 19th which will be a huge shock to his system as he usually tips up towards the end of May having been earning tons of dosh in the IPL. he also disclosed that he will be donating his Surrey wages to his Charitable Foundation................................KP c/o Coutts?????!!!!!

He intends to draw a line under the past......................................and start all over again...................oh joy!!!!!

Well my Tykes should have touched down back in Blighty now and it will be a darn sight colder that they are used to. Glad to see that they have brought home the first of more Silverware.

Rightio...................off to work I go, I have extra thermals on today as I do not foresee any sunshine or warmth at all. And I have to keep myself super warm to fight off the lurgy which is still blighting me.

Bon Journee

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

It's another chilly morning!

Yes today is another day when you will have to scrape your cars unless they are safely tucked away in the garage. Its cold and frosty but it is light and bright and that makes things look so much better.......................

although I doubt South Africa will be seeing things better this morning  after their epic match against New Zealia, which ended their World Cup dreams. Yes they lost and I was a trifle sad for them, but that's the game, you win some you lose some.
My 'little fave' AB de Villiers said that the team had 'sore hearts', although he should be extremely proud of his boys as they played a blinding game and to the end it could have gone either way, Thrilling cricket.

However winning is always good especially when you are Yorkshire, and win they did yesterday, beating the MCC team in record time, meaning that they all get a day off around the pool today to drink G & T and put pictures on Twitter!

Captain Cook did not seem to steer the MCC team too well  with his scores of 3 & 5 it was not a great way to start his season, even eye candy for the ladies  Michael Carberry only managed 36 & 23.

However The Lady's super favourite HRR scored 3 and took 2 wickets so I am happy with that.

Not long now until I head off to Leeds for some R & R, and believe me I need it. I have finally come to accept that I am not 'Wonder Woman', I cannot do everything and I need to slow down slightly and get lots of rest. If not I can see me struggling through the summer with this damned virus which is completely debilitating me!

There I have said it!!! I have to slow down and stop trying to push myself too hard!

Ok so with that I am now going to get dressed ( no I am not 'naked typing', its far too cold for that sort of thing and I might scare the neighbours) and go and put my feet up for 7 hours whilst the boys fight amongst themselves.

So until tomorrow.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Here we go!!!!

well if the picture looks blurry this morning that is nothing to how I feel, I went to bed early, switched off light and phone by 9pm fell asleep until 11 when I woke up feeling awful................no other words to describe it, burning up, freezing cold, headache and heart beating 100 to the dozen, the full works.

 I was still awake when the cricket started and when they came off for rain, luckily Graham Swan, who is the most conceited person I have had to listen too in recent weeks, helped me nod off for a couple of hours only to wake up and find him still waffling on about himself and how good he was and how every other cricketer didn't stand a chance against him.....................oh give me strength.

In the cricket South Africa were taking on New Zealia and it didn't start well with the loss of three wickets almost instantly however out they came, yes in deedy, Francois and Abraham Benjamin came in to make a stand and that is what they did until the rain came down!!!

Sadly for Francois  ( or Faf as he is known), when they went back out at 5.45am UK time he hardly made it  a couple of minutes before he was wending his way back to the dressing room where his cup of tea would still have been warm.
David Miller came in and hit 49 before falling,  whilst Abraham Benjamin ( or AB de Villiers as he is known) is on 69 as the innings closed due to the D/L method being enforced.

New Zealia are to bat and are limited to 43 overs.

My Tykes were doing good yesterday as they motored on against the MCC. Adam Lyth scored a ton and was looking in great shape for his England debut...............we are going to miss his hideous laugh around the grounds..........................not! We will miss his big hitting though!

It is cold and frosty here this morning and my words about snow the other day are ringing n my ear as I read yesterday that we may be in for some, it had better not be when I am off to Headingley!!!

This morning I am heading off to the Doctors as I feel most unwell and need to have everything checked again ( and again and again) to hopefully get sorted and get rid of this hideous temperature spiking, headache inducing, heart palpitating lurgy that keeps striking me down. I DO NOT like being unwell and also DO NOT like that I cannot do lots of things that I want to do......................like just get through one week without feeling like rubbish.

Oh well hopefully I will be fighting fit very very soon.

have  a great day .

Monday, 23 March 2015

A new week begins

And so the working week begins again, however it is starting with some breaking news......................apparently Gillespie the Gallant will be heading 'down under' in the winter to coach a BBL team and he will be in Adelaide ( so you can see where my loyalties will be), this will  be AS WELL as being the best flipping coach in County cricket at Yorkshire. And hopefully this news has put paid to rumours of him taking on  the England job!

Over in Abu Dhabi my Tykes have been taking on the MCC team and His Royal Ryanness made short work of the opening pair as he took Compton ( never rated in my book as regular readers will know) out for a duck and then took Cook out for 3!! HRR is looking good already!! The Tyke bowlers made short work of the team with them finishing their spell on 221 all out.
Yorkshire were 82-2 at close of play.


We are also building up for the start of the World Cup semi's which begin tomorrow when New Zealia take on South Africa. All the semis are promising to be blockbuster matches and to be honest it is hard to say how they will go. I am still thinking South Africa v Australia in the final but have an inkling it will be New Zealia v Australia.

Yesterday here at the Chateau was glorious with the sun shining and fooling everyone in to thinking that spring has sprung ( there will be snow next week mark my words!).

I had the royal (flying) visit from the eldest sister before she headed off for a couple of days in Scotland, then I went off the see besty friend Francesca and the 'puppies'. What a great morning, lots of chat and lots of 'doggie loves'.

I then came home and cracked on with my bedroom until Mr Funky the Chauffeur came round.

He went home for his lunch and I pottered around in the garden and sorted out my Hortensia's which were in need of some TLC.

By this time I was fair shattered and there was nothing left to do but to have a nap.

Now it is Monday and the working week is starting all over again, so time to head off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office to drink copious amounts of coffee and shout at boys.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

it's a sunny Sunday

It's a glorious morning and I already have the bedding stripped and in the washing machine. The washing line will be groaning again today.

Yesterday was full on busy as I had workmen round to give estimates on the garage roof,  then went   to town and managed to get a new pair of curtains for mon boudoir. back home to hang washing on the line and get it all dried, and then settled myself for a quiet evening in watching rubbish on TV..................only for The Black Knight of  the Ferrari to 'pop' in to see if I wanted to go out. well as I was ready for bed I declined so we had a cup of tea and then he went off home.

And today doesn't look to be any less hectic.

I have the Royal Visit very shortly as Kiki drops in on her way to a few days away with friends. Then I am off to see besty friend Francesca who had a little op on Friday and is at home recovering from it. Then I have to nip to Tesco, come home have a nap and somewhere during that Mr Funky the Chauffeur if coming round. It'll be bedtime before I know it.

There is not any World Cup cricket on today although Yorkshire begin their match against the MCC,  and according to the MCC head of cricket John Stephenson, Yorkshire are the envy of all county cricket. He commented on their strength of players and also the young talent that they are nurturing.
 Lets see how my Tykes fair over the next few days.

Well I am keeping this short as I have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it all in!!!

have a great Sunday and don't let it be too hectic ( I think mine will be hectic enough for everyone!)

Saturday, 21 March 2015

It's 'le weekend'

Zut alors, c'est le weekend!!!! And moi for one is tres glad!. it's been a funny old week which was topped perfectly yesterday by someone hitting my car whilst it was parked! Luckily the gentleman concerned , contacted the police and the first I knew about it was when my insurance company called me. So by 7pm last night it seems to be sort of sorted, and there is a good chance that next week I will be driving around in a car the size of a 'rollerboot' until my car is all better again.

It was very nice of the gentleman to be so honest too. but top marks go to Ageas insurance who were spot on! ( and hey sponsor 'South Durham AKA Hampshire too).

cricket news was not too good yesterday as it was confirmed that present Ireland coach Phil Simmons will be taking up the position of West Indies coach. I spoke about this a couple of days ago but didn;t think that it would happen, however very good luck to him in the role. I think that that the Windies need him as they have just lost there match against New Zealia.
Martin Guptill the man with a lot less toes than you or I hit a record 237 to see the team through to the semi finals.

Yorkshire were playing a series of T20 matches yesterday and will be bringing home the first silverware of the season. There were lots of smiley faces and luckily Rih Pyrah had clothes on when he was photographed!!!

Well done boys  #champions

Tomorrow they start a  three day match against the MCC, so they need to keep their cool ( easier said than done in UAE) and 'hammer' them ( very technical cricket term).

So what of the weekend, well the washing is done, the dishwasher has just finished and I am waiting for someone to come and give me a quote for the garage roof.

Yes it is all go........................and my 'Royal visit' has been postponed until tomorrow when Kiki will be banging on the door at 9am!!!! WTF!!!!

Ok off to do more 'stuff' and then have a little wander down to Lady Laineyville shops!

That will kill 5 minutes of my day!

Until tomorrow, have a super Saturday!

Friday, 20 March 2015

It's a freaky F(ryan)day

yes indeed it is a very 'freaky' F(ryan)day today, firstly we are going to experience the first solar eclipse in 16 years ( wow cannot believe it was that long ago and I was still living in the South of Blighty) and no it has nothing to do with me bending down in the office either!.
At the said  office we are all prepared and hopefully we are going to go out into the car park, cloud permitting, to watch.The only problem that I can envisage is that if it gets dark I might fall asleep a little trick that I do at the cinema too..............

Second freaky thing is that we are getting mixed messages re 'HWMNBNITB', yesterday I told you that James Whittaker had stated that he was not part of the England set up. Today it is reported that Colin Graves has spoken to 'the problem child' and wants to talk to him when his World Cup Commentary duties are over, well if it was that important he would have abandoned the duties and come home for talks, since he says that he wants to play so badly...................or is it the KP publicity waggon hurtling on!!!!????

Dame Didi went to visit Tzarina Katerina ( Kiki) in her village yesterday, before Kiki  heads off on the Titanic for another cruise. I am having the royal visit tomorrow  so that's something to look forward to!

Australia  are currently taking on Pakistan  and have managed to reduce Pakistan to 195-9, I am waiting for the last wicket to fall!!!

I am also trying to sort out my weekend, which at the moment is all up in the air and will probably consist of eating and napping with a spot of drinking thrown in for good measure!

Although I would like to try to get the bedroom painted and sort out the kitchen which is going to get an overhaul too!

Its all go here at the chateau but no fear it's nearly the eater weekend.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire

Yes it was well and truly a Yorkshire day yesterday as the England team for the West Indies tour was announced. there were 6!! yes 6 tykes in the line up. Root, Bairstow, Ballance, Plunkett,Lyth and Rashid. well done to all the boys however this leaves the team a little short for the start of the season. We still have Brooks and Sidebottom in the line up so as long as His Royal Ryanness keeps himself fit  I am a happy bunny.
 I predict Alex Lees and Jack Leaning coming to the fore this season.

The fact that so many Tykes have been selected though says a lot about how Yorkshire are training their boys. Well done coach!

There was also a statement from National selector  James Whittaker who stated that 'He who must not be named in the blog' is not part of the England plans, despite him being sure that they will take him back. Come on you selectors stay strong..........................and I  see the lure of the IPL  being stronger now.

Well South Africa made short work of Sri Lanka yesterday and were looking good.

India are facing Bangladesh at the moment.....................however they all have there feet up with a cup of tea as rain has stopped play.

I am all geared up for the start of the season and am wending my way to Leeds to extend my Easter break, those lovely ladies at the lodge have sorted me out a room and I am 'going home' for a few days............and lots of Yorkshire tea too.

Dame Didi has put Chateau Saltburn on the market and is now packing up 'stuff' in preparation for her crossing of La Manche to go back home to live. At least she is going to the best place................. not only France but the Champagne Region................my favourite place of all.

I try not to be political here in the blog or to comment on sensitive issues however yesterday I was horrified to see what had occurred in Tunis,most especially in The Bardo Museum.
This museum houses some of the most amazing Roman artefacts and mosaics in the world and is a wonderful place.
The events yesterday shocked me to the core and my thoughts are with the families of all concerned.

Ok, onward now and nearly time to head out in the fog............................yes it is flipping foggy here in Lady Laineyville, I am sure that it is not a 'heat haze' judging by the fact that I am shivering like a mad thing here in my dressing gown.

Have a wonderful day where ever you are and remember


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

It's the middle of the week

it's the middle of the week and therefore should be wine Wednesday however here at the chateau it will be Water Wednesday as I have not yet mastered how to turn it into wine. Not a bad thing really as I would be pizzled all the time if I could.

However onto other things apart from wine.

South Africa are currently taking on Sri Lanka and look to be making short work of them as J P Duminy's hat trick hastened Sri lanka's collapse  seeing them all back in the hutch for 133!!!
Now all it needs is AB de Villiers ( my latest crush) to go out and finish it off, they could all be back at the hotel before I scoff my breakfast.

England are today set to name their test team for the three test tour of the West Indies which starts in April. Well that will raise a few eyes when it is announced. Maybe we should call in the old guard and get Atherton, Russell, Fraser, Irani  and Stewart to give it another go.....................hell they couldn't be any worse than the boys we have at the moment.

Still no news on who will be taking the 'problem child' this summer I am thinking that Durham may have fallen at the first hurdle as they will have only had 7p in the piggy bank. If they had waited for the season to start when they sell 'dentists mouthwash' bottled up as wine in the 'Jets Bar' at £15  ( last seasons prices and it was £9 the season before), they may have had a bit more in the kitty.

OOOOOHHHHH NOOOOO!!!!! it is rumoured that the wonderful Phil Simmons is mulling over taking on the job of coach of the West Indies and leaving Ireland!!!!!!!!

NOOOOOO!!!!!!! I know that it is considerable colder in Ireland but he has done such a fantastic job that I for one will be devastated if he goes. ( and he was lovely when I met him at Darlington CC)

So who would take on that role................................

......................well there you go put 'the problem child' in as player/coach and he can boss everyone around and talk about how great he is.................................

actually I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

OK off to do some work and my coffee had better be on my desk or there will be a spot of trouble!

Until tomorrow

bon Journee

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Top o' the morning to ya!

Well Happy St Patricks Day to all my readers in the Emerald Isle. Ah yes a great day to go out and celebrate. As it used to be in the marital home when former Lord Lainey would ensure that he had a holiday on the 18th to recover from the celebrations that he would take part in with his cousins. 'Ahhh yes' I hear you say he was a 'little leprachaun'. ( not what I would have called him!)

Well no actually although his past family were Irish he did everything in his power to remove himself from this connection..............................except on 17th March when he became ' Number one Plastic Paddy !' Well you can see that his never boded well for me and in my books he was a 'Number Two'. Make of that what you will!!!!

There is very little crickety stuff today apart from news from The UAE where my beloved Tykes are warming up for a match against The MCC next week.

Yesterday they divided into two teams , Team Lees and Team Lyth and took to the field. Team Lyth were my bet ( yes HRR was playing for them and would be  batting at 7!).
Team Lees were in batting and Jack Leaning scored a double century and was then interviewed by none other than......................Little Timmy Bresnan.
Team Lees were 419-8 and His Royal Ryanness needs to get his finger out today and finish them off early!

It was a so so day in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office yesterday and I was jolly flipping tired I can tell you.
So tired that I was in bed very early last night and  managed to have a very good sleep, so today I am refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

It is a short one today as I have lots to do before I head off down the A1 so have a great St Patricks  Day and don't over do the Guninness.

Oh and new cricknits designs to be unveiled soon,

Monday, 16 March 2015

back to the grind

Oh yes, how quickly the weekend disappears, no sooner do I get home on Friday evening then it seems to be Monday and time to head back to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and all that entails!!

Yesterday I did manage however to crack on here at the Chateau and move some things, tidy mon boudoir  in preparation of  Le grand decoration. Its a shame we do not have  'M Bricolage' here its far superior to B & Q!!

Well that aside I also had a few 'cricknits' to get finished and that was all done by nap time, which then overran and by the time I went to bed I wasn't tired at all...........................fast forward to this morning.....................exhausted!

So what has been happening in the cricket world cup..............well My Boys in Green sadly did not make it through, however that was not without a valiant try. And to say that they have played amazing cricket is an understatement. They have entertained and had us on the edge of the seats in nearly every game.

Ireland, Scotland and Afghanistan have shown the true spirit of the game in this World Cup, something which sadly goes astray in other countries games. It is not all about the money, pride in your country and a desire to win for them should be foremost

Lordy it's not even 7am and I am off on a little rant...............this is not boding well for any of the office boys today!

Also in the cricket news, ongoing on the 'HWMNBNITB' saga, Michael Vaughan has now waded in saying that he has a 10% chance of being selected ( not Michael!!!), well I rate that 10% more than I would have given him, and to be honest who cares.
He will get into a county, and play until he is not selected and then get 'injured' and be out for the rest of the season. mark my words!!!!

Right I am off now too much to do this morning and not enough time to do it in.

See you all tomorrow!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

It's Mothers day

It's Mothers day today so I hope all the Mummies, Grannies and Godmothers everywhere are spoilt rotten and have a super time. I am hoping to visit my Godmother and my 'surragate' mummy Auntie Norma and deliver cards and flowers.

I am also on going with the clear out here at The Chateau and still have a lot of washing to do. I have managed to get rid of lots of things that I have accumulated over the last few years but still cannot see any difference.........................the obviously conclusion to be drawn from this is that I have too much 'stuff'.

Yesterday I had a visit from besty friend Francesca, she had pictures of her hols in a gorgeous cottage in Scotland. It was really lovely with a huge open fire which she said kept the whole cottage warm. The 'puppies' Orson (awesome!) Mia and Lucky all had a great time, and she looked really well and refreshed from it.

I was then busy knitting some orders that had come in quite quickly for 'Cricknits' to be delivered tomorrow when my phone rang.................

...........it was Black Knight of the Ferrari asking if I wanted to do something?
'what ' I asked as I put my 'what will I wear' head on .

'Well wrap up warm and I will come for you in 20 minutes' he said cryptically.

he arrived and took me over to the house that he is staying at whilst his new house is being made ready for him.
We then sat in the garden ( actually we were laid on sunloungers) and watched the stars. it was a cold but clear night and there is little light pollution where he is living. it was wonderful

he said that he knew that Dame Didi and I did this most nights when we are at home in La Belle France and thought it would be fun. We had a big flask of coffee and were there until late.

So which stars did we see?
Well we saw the Westy northy southy star which was very bright ( North star in real terms).

We saw he pig and the elephant, the snake and the hair bow...........................you can tell from this that we are no Patrick Moore, but it was great fun and we laughed a lot.

Cricket is being played as we speak and Ireland are facing Pakistan and have set them a total of 238 to win.
Pakistan are currently 7 without loss.

Come on Ireland


After the news yesterday that 'he who must not be named in the blog' is looking for a team to play with this summer, it comes out that 6 teams are interested in him.................... hmmm
Big Heads CC
Egomaniacs CC
Bully Boys CC

are only 3 that come to mind................................

watch this space

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Saturday = chores!!

well it is all go here at the Chateau, the dishwasher is doing its thing and chicken casserole is about to go into the slow cooker. I am putting things in the garage and then getting on with the housework.

I managed to get a paint sample for the bedroom so will give splash some of that on the wall and see what I think.

I was all settled last night to watch 'rubbish' on the TV, when Black Knight of the Ferrari tipped up.I quickly changed out of my PJ's ( well dressing gown really) and we headed off to the edge of North Yorkshire ( it was the outer edge of Lady lainey workville really) and I had a couple of G & T's and he had a couple of diet cokes. Well it beat sitting in all night. He dropped me off at about 11.30pm and then roared off down the road, I don;t think I will be very popular today ( no change there then)

Oh Joy!!! 'He who must not be named in the blog' has stated that he may miss the IPL..........................wooooooooooo did I read that correctly, miss the IPL!!! Wow he must  have made some money from his 'fairy tale' that he had published before Xmas last year. Well he states that he may miss the IPL to get into a county so that he can get a chance of an England recall. maybe he should have done this last year and the year before instead of tipping up halfway through the season!!

 I bet Durham are emptying their piggy bank now!

Over in the World Cup the champions India are taking on Zimbabwe. India need 288 to win and are currently on 227-4. Unless something terrible happens I thin we know the outcome of that match.

sooooo I must get on as the housework fairies do not appear to be banging on my door.

Its all fun and frolics being a Lady!!!! .......NOT!!!

Friday, 13 March 2015

It's (faraway) F(ryan)day

yes it is a cold ad wet F(ryan)day although for His Royal Ryanness himself it will be warm and sunny as he is in Abu Dhabi and NOT Dubai as I stated yesterday although not too far removed.

However rain is not just affecting us here in blighty as rain has stopped play in the match in Australia where England are taking on Afghanistan.
Yesterday The Army placed an ad in the broadsheets stating that it was with the help of the British army that Afghanistan were playing in the World Cup ( well that was the gist of it) so that solves the problem of  a new England Coach, turn all the England players into conscripts and let them get the training that they need there.........................simple really.

And if they don't win against Afghanistan today well they don't deserve any wages!! #myopinionon

the score when rain fell was Afghanistan 65-5 as their top order collapsed.
Lets see what the England  top order do!!

So it's F(ryan)day and its nearly the weekend, woooohoooooo!!!

I am seeing besty friend Francesca tomorrow and that should be a hoot!.

I have friends who are travelling down to my former stomping ground of Middlesex this weekend to watch Rugby???!!!!!

So Jane and Alan and  also Craig I hope that  you have a super flipping brilliant time ( not sure you will though because its just not cricket!).

I do however have to get through 7 hours of Trill boy flipping going on about his holiday that he booked yesterday and is going on in August!!!! its going to be a long few months.
However once that is over it is gin o' clock ( yes we are shaking it up at the Chateau this weekend!! hitting the hard stuff!!!!).......................and then tomorrow I will start on the plans for the new boudoir which have been running through my mind over the last week.

Time to finally get rid of some more 'baggage' and move onwards.

Nothing like a fresh start is there????

Have a fantastic F(ryan)day.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Any decent news about?????

Is there any decent news about????? any gossip?????anything that I really need to know????

Thought so...........its a bit of a 'damp squib' sort of day! The sort of day when I should be pulling the covers back over my head and  having another half hours kip instead of typing away here! Truth be known I am in bed typing this and not my office here at the Chateau, I decided that it was warmer in here and so am tapping away on the 'lapdog'.

Well I know that this morning it may be cold and damp here in the North of Bighty but my Tykes are at the airport and about to jet off to Dubai where the weather is considerably better.
They were a couple of minutes ago queueing to check in their bags. And seeing the size of them I am sure that they all have a make up bag the size of mine!!!

Over in the World Cup a little bit of trouble has broken out in the Scotland camp as Majid Haq is sent home over a 'dubious' tweet. He has broken the internal code of conduct according to Cricket Scotland ( I don't think England have that code seeing what some players tweet). That aside I think that sending him home 'early' is the right thing to do.......................except that poor old Scotland are only two paces behind him.

South Africa are currently looking for their Quarter Final place as they take on The UAE. South Africa posted  341-6 with most recent girl crush, A B de Villiers  falling short of another century and back in the hutch on 99.

UAE need 342 to win ( obviously!)

Well tonight after work I am off to visit Miss Babs and Tezza and hear all their tales of their recent jaunt to Australia, and to inspect the new internal layout of the house.Yes they were having walls knocked out last time I was here to make a bigger kitchen.

I miss the old days in Darlo when Miss Babs used to come round on Friday evenings and then Tezza had to come and carry her home, whilst also locking my door and putting the keys through the lock as I was 'sparko' on the sofa!

Oh yes Miss Babs and I what a couple of scamps!!!

Well time for me to jet off to Super Swanky Lady lainey office and find a parking space. Today our new neighbours arrive!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

WOW!!!! It's Wednesday already

yes it is Wednesday, it is cold and frosty but the good news for all Yorkshire fans is that Gillespie the Gallant has gone on record and said that he is committed to Yorkshire!!!! Even Vomit Bag is excited and has donned his Yorkshire jumper that his besty Auntie Lady Lainey knit for him!!!

yes indeedy doody that is grand news ( not the jumper!!! the news about GTG)
Other news from Yorkshire is that Jack Brooks has signed with the club until 2017 ( same as HRR) and also has had a hair cut ( obviously not such big news).

So the England 'thing' still trundles on and news has come through that Woakes will not be fit  for the last match before they fly home ( was he fit to play in the first place???).
The ECB have said that they are backing the current coaching side which actually means that they have mug shots of every coach on the planet on their desks as we speak...................or do they stick them on the wall, don a blind fold and throw a dart. The first picture that they hit gets the job?
Maybe this is the way forward.............I am sharpening my quill as we speak and think I will post off my suggestion to them now.

Poor old Ireland lost their match yesterday against India, it would have been one coup if they had won!!

However the boys have played brilliantly and valiantly in every match and should be jolly proud of themselves.

I am planning what to do this weekend and as I have no idea about the weather it may all be indoors, besty friend Franesca is popping round on Saturday to tell me all about her hols.

I think that another trip to the tip may be in order and I will be doing lots in the kitchen too ( that would be cooking and stuff).

However three more shifts in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office before all that and we have new neighbours from tomorrow, they have already ruffled a few feathers and as such we are not looking forward to their arrival, it may however put paid to Trill Boy and Pony Paul singing which could be a bonus!

The big house clear out is still on going here at the Chateau and I have a lot of 'stuff' still to sort out, maybe this weekend I will get it done.................but then again!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

You win some you lose a lot more!!!! Poo happens

OK you all know how much I love cricket and how much a part of my life ( take that as 'all my life') cricket is. Well yesterday saw the lowest point ever in my cricket life ( apart from when His Royal Ryanness retired from International cricket).

England really cannot win at cricket at the moment

England Stew

 Combine players, coaches and management

Add a liberal amount of social media

Throw in constant heckling from a former player

Crumble in a bit of indiscretion

Sprinkle with pundits

Top with lots and lots of hubris

Roast in the Australian/New Zealand  sun until nicely brown and send home!

Hey presto England in a stew!!!!!

Best served with Humble Pie!!!

What is the answer?

Well if I knew that I would not be sitting here typing a blog at stupid o'clock every day now would I????

I would be in The UAE as part of the ECB set up.

Possibly not to hail every new England recruit as 'the saviour' of the team and let them find their own place, after all they were selected for a reason. Stop building them up only to hack them down equally as quickly

What ever the answer is, it is not to be found on either Twitter or Facebook, where every man has their say. To be honest England play poo ( technical cricket term), but I would like to see some of their Twitter followers do better!!!!

Now on to much more important things..................

Ireland are in action as we speak and they have won more matches in this World Cup competition than England have won in the last year ( OK OK I am only joking!!!).

So how is it going!!!!

Not too well at the moment as they are taking on the current World cup champions India.
After posting  259 all out, Ireland are struggling to take an Indian wicket and they stand at  121-0 in the 17th over.

Lets see those wickets start to tumble!

And so endeth the blog for today.

Oh yes, rumour has it that after ice and torrential rain yesterday here in the North of Blighty, the sun might have his hat on today!

P.S 7.00am India  193-2!  COME ON IRELAND!!!!!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Its chuffing winter again!

OH my dog!!! I woke up this morning after a terrible nights sleep to find that it is freezing cold and icy outside, what the 'Donald Duck ' is that all about, after we were basking in sunshine yesterday. I think that thermals will be order f the day today!!!!

I know one thing...............I am pleased that the Lady lainey limo lives in the garage!

Well I wonder if they will be revving the limo engine up  to take the England team to the airport later today???? They are currently taking on Bangladesh in what is a 'must win' match for them.
They have shuffled up the team a little with Hales and Jordan replacing Ballance and Finn and are trying to limit Bangladesh in the runs. They are currently  244-4 in the 43 over.

Will England be able to step up and win?

Well only time will tell.

Yesterday was busy with lots of 'swotting' and also a trip to the tip where I got rid of a lot of  rubbish from the garden and garage that I kept tripping over when ever I entered either of them.

I also had time for a nap so in all it was a good day.

A rumour is circulating on Twitter that the England coach job could be up for grabs again after the World Cup ( maybe they should just 'audition; for better players?). The name that is being bandied about ( again!) is only that of Gillespie the Gallant!!!

OH!!! NO WAY!!!! They started this rumour last year which led 'Dizzy' to give an interview saying that he was staying in Yorkshire.
I am hoping that he still feels the same, after all a job at Yorkshire will last longer than a job as the England coach.

Well time to shuffle ( make that skid) down the garden path and head off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and hope that this week is a lot less 'exciting' than last week.

have a great day and take care out there on the roads!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

It's a sort of sunny Sunday

This picture sums up what the weather is like here at 'The Chateau' today, one side of the house is bathed in sunlight and then other side is under black clouds, I have been out in the extensive grounds this morning, and it is a tad windy but at least its not raining!......Yet

So yesterday I posted a sort of half a blog, due to the ongoing matches in the World Cup.
Well long story short. South Africa lost despite a valiant attempt by AB de Villiers who I must say I think that I have a 'little crush' on. I am sure that I will get over that very quickly as there is only room in my stone
heart  for one cricketer and I think we all know who that is. #Ladycrush  #samehair

well anyhooo I digress, the same time that SA were losing, Ireland were trying to make short work of Zimbabwe and failing, The boys in Green had posted a great score and took wickets early in the Zimbabwe innings, however Brendon Taylor's 121 gave them a fighting chance and it took Alex Cusack to hold his nerve and take the final two wickets in the last over, Ireland winning by 5 runs.

I tell you these boys are giving good cricket!

I meanwhile was well and truly stuck into the whys and wherefores of 'Quantity Surveying in the highway infrastructure'. Well it was a way to waste a Saturday!!!!  or was it?????????

Today I have my nose back in that little gem of information and  also have the delights of a quick trip to Sainsburys. I tell you the things that I do for those office boys, they will miss me when I am gone.

Today I awoke to the news that New Zealand had turned over Afghanistan which is no surprise really, but I have great admiration to the players of the team, most of them learnt to play cricket in refugee camps, and look where they are now!!! Amazing!

Australia are currently taking on Sri Lanka. Glenn Maxwell has hit a 51 ball century which has brightened my day as he is becoming a 'Tyke' this season.

Sri Lanka are chasing  378.

So with that round up I am about to throw my self in the shower, grab a cup of coffee, put out the recycling and rubbish, have a quick spin to the tip and supermarket. then home to more reading!

have a super Sunday

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Come on Ireland!!!

I am late posting the blog this morning as I am busy!!!

nearly as busy as Ireland have been this morning! Oh yes indeed they have been batting like little mad green things to be sure!

They were put into bat after Zimbabwe won the toss, which may be a costly mistake.
The boys went out and Ed Joyce decided to make the day his own by hitting 112, Balbirnie nearly got  century but was run out on 97! I am sure that although he will be a bit miffed about that he should be holding his head high.

the boys in green posted a score of  331-8.

Zimbabwe are currently 12-0

The other match that is ongoing is not going too well for one of the teams. Yes the mighty South Africa have collapsed in their match against Pakistan.

Pakistan posted 222 which on previous SA matches looked 'doable'

However De Kock went for a duck as did Miller ( further down the order) Only the mighty De Villiers seems to be holding up and he is currently on  56.
South Africa are 172-8!!!

What the Donald Duck??????

well I am off to see how these pan out and then getting on with important 'work' type things.

there may be changes ahead at The Chateau and to be honest I think it is what I need.!!

OK off to put my cricket jumper on!

I love a boy in cable knit!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Finally it's F(ryan)day

Wow what a week it has been!!!!

Illness, Worry and then lots of news yesterday.

Well I am feeling OK but very very tired and this morning I slept in until 6am!!1 Which is unheard of here in The chateau! especially on a 'school day'!

Dame Didi got some good news yesterday which was a huge relief for us all and means that she can motor on with her plans to move back to La Belle France.

I got some 'good' news in that a company that I do work for has folded and means that  it frees up some of my very precious time.
i can now work much harder on my cricket job and get that moving onwards here in the North East.

the World cup is also on going, nut I have been too tired to watch any of the highlights or the live games................that will be all changing tomorrow!!!


I have 7 hours of torture  work ahead of me and then two whole days to either, do lots of washing, housework, gardening, or sleeping, watching cricket and relaxing. Hmmmmm I wonder which it will be??????

I know this is very short this morning, but I am running late ( make that wandering around in a sleepy daze!) and have to shoot off jolly quickly.

So have a great F(ryan)day and I will be back with (hopefully) lots of gossip tomorrow.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Tired but feeling better

Today I am feeling not too bad, I went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 2am!!! I then dozed on and off until 4am when I went into a deep sleep and I am still trying to get myself back into the world of the living!!!

I was going to listen to TMS but was too tired to even bother to switch on the radio, however I have now caught up with all things 'World Cup', and it is not good news for the men in kilts!

There World Cup dreams have been shattered as they lost their match against Bangladesh.. However they did not go down without a fight. Kyle Coetzer hit a century which helped the Scots to post  318-8 in their 50 overs, however their bowling them down as Bangladesh managed to hit 322 and win by 6 wickets.

It has been a bad run for the North of the Border men, but the experience for them will have been amazing. Never mind better luck in  four years.

Everything is gearing up here at the Chateau for the 7th when Ireland play their next match. I have everything crossed.



back in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office we were informed yesterday that we will be having new neighbours next month, of course this could not happen without drama!!!! And we are now down to 1 car parking space. Oh well the walk to the office every morning will do me good!

I am now getting into 'Baby mode' as we are now into the last months of the royal pregnancy, I am super excited about a new Royal baby, and as regular readers will know, I love babies very much, I am not too struck on them when they get to 'that awkward age' but hey!

So with curls to wash and lunch to sort out I am closing now as I have a lot to do and not much energy or enthusiam  for the day ahead.

have a great day

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Firing on nearly all cylinders I think

well after a day of lots of napping and just taking it easy in general, I am feeling a little more human than I was this time yesterday. I am going to venture into the office as the stress of what may be piling up on my desk is worse than the stress of going to sort it out.

I will not be working at my usual turbo speed but at a sedate pace and will probably come home early!

I must have been really poorly yesterday as I went back to bed after writing my blog and slept until nearly lunchtime, waking up and realising that I had no idea how Ireland had done.

Well they fought to the end, but much as they love a run chase they would have pulled of the greatest chase ever if they had beaten the score of 411 set by South Africa.

However they gave it a good do and posted 210 before they were all out.

They face Zimbabwe on Sunday and that is a 'biggy', they have to win this match.

The 'thing' with  'he who must not be named in the blog' rattles on and if nothing else he has made sure that he is getting tabloid space, also a good ploy for  trying to worm his way into a county. Matthew Hoggard though has said that he  thinks that he is too far removed and has little chance of a return to the England team. Well Matthew you may be right.

OK all that aside it is hotting up to be a good week  in the World Cup. Pakistan are currently playing UAE and made 339-6 this will then be followed by Australia taking on Afghanistan. i am sure that we know how that will end..................however stranger things have happened.

So I am going off now to do SOME work and to look relatively pretty for 4-5 hours.

I don;t think I will be shouting much at the boys and will not be having any coffee, it will be Red bush tea for me today.

So until tomorrow when I hope to be on the road to recovery.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

It's a 'Green Day'

Top o' the morning to you all, it be a green day to be sure!! Oh Father Ted , Father Jack and Mrs Doyle it is all going off !

Yes Ireland are taking on South Africa and boy is it happening! Currently SA are  348-4 with Amia and Du Plessis both hitting centuries, however its not over until the fat lady sings and I am not singing yet ( or ever). Come on Ireland!!!

well it was a fun packed evening last night, after taking myself off to chubby club and them putting a baby elephant on the scales with me when I wasn't looking. I returned to the chateau, only to not feel too well, I had actually been out of sorts most of the day and think I knew what was coming. So I got in the limo and took myself off to A & E. After being hooked up to various machines and having numerous tests they said I could come home. yes it looks as if the heart palpitating, temperature spiking horrid thing is trying to make a return. This is not helped by the fact that I work in a very unhealthy office, and am sneezed and coughed over a lot!

However today I am having a duvet day and lots of sleep and bed rest, and trying not to get too excited by the cricket.

So as I am feeling slightly under the weather I am signing off and hope that I feel more 'lady like' tomorrow.

To be honest I had done very well to get to March without any real illness.

So I am off back to the land of nod and hope when I wake up Ireland will have performed a miracle.

Fingers crossed!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Woooohoooo it's Monday!

no I am not really excited about it being Monday, As it is icy outside and snow is being forecast, and I have a pile of work to do when I arrive in the office AND the suitcase in the hallway is not looking like it may be used as another site manager hit the road on Friday..............................I think that March is going to be a very busy month!

And so yesterday after the debacle of England playing rubbish, came the onslaught on Twitter to bring back 'he who must not be named in the blog'. This was fuelled by Colin Graves the new ECB chief saying that he wouldn't rule out having 'him' back in the squad but first he needs to find a county to play for.  I am sure that lots of counties would want him, but do they have doorways big enough for his head to fit through, let alone a dressing room big enough for his ego and 11 other players!!!!.

I personally think that if we are looking to have a South African play for England can we at least approach A B de Villiers????????

Funnily enough, the Italian cricket coach Joe Scuderi made a good point about 'he who must not be named in  the blog'.

  ' He is not the Messiah, he is a very naughty boy!!'

Well it made me laugh!!!!

Eoin Morgan in true Captain style blamed the bowlers for the poor show by England. Well there's nothing like supporting your team.!!! Bet he cannot wait to get out to the IPL!!! not long now by the looks of it!

Sad news from Sussex that Rory Hamilton-Brown  has retired from cricket after picking up a wrist injury which has not responded to surgery and rehab. I loved it when he played it always made the announcers at the ground stumble over his name, along with Middlesex' Toby Roly Poly  ( Roland -Jones).
Sad to see him go and wish him well.

Everything in the Chateau is gearing up for the early hours of tomorrow when Ireland take on South Africa.

I have t'wireless set to 'cricket channel' and I have everything crossed.


Well come on they have shown real spirit something lacking in the England camp, and they have played some blinding cricket too.

 Oh well off down the A1 now!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

And so........................

..........I stayed up way past my bedtime ( yes really!!) and watched the start of the England v Sri Lanka match, which got me a little hot under the collar before a ball had been bowled. You know how I am always banging on about being proud to play for your country? Well as they sang the National Anthem, SOME members of the team were not singing. Yes the Captain wasn't singing  ( well he is Irish), Moeen Ali didn't sing ( well he is a Brummie!!). What the fudge is that all about. You play for England you sing the National Anthem. End of!

So then I decided to go to bed as it was not looking too good, and I only chuffing well missed little Joey Root score a century! And see England post  309-6. well that was a decent score you might say. Yes well I got up to the news that Sri Lanka had thrashed England  by 9 wickets!
There is not much else to add to this debacle!!

Apart from #Backing Green

Yes it is all gearing up in the Château now for the 'biggy' in the early hours of Tuesday morning when Ireland take on South Africa, I am hoping that A B de Villiers has an off day and that my 'Little leprechauns' give it a good go. To date they have won more matches than England........................ enough said.

the sun is shining here in Lady laineyville and I am hoping to get lots of washing out on the line to get frozen solid dried.  The sun may be shining but I truly believe that it is positively arctic out there.

I am still looking for some 'nice' wallpaper for my dining room and think that I may have found it!! Yes it is striped ( a recurring theme here in the château) and it is white and grey ( another recurring theme along with white and black). I am really keen to get started however old skirtings need to be ripped off and new ones put on first.
Hmmmmmmm think that can wait for a weekend when I do not have painted nails!

So now I am off to have my breakfast, and mull over the events of last night/ this morning.

So that won't take long!