Tuesday, 30 June 2015

I have seen some cricket in my time......

but I think that yesterday will forever be etched in my memory.

After Jonny Bairstow  and Tim Bresnan digging in on Sunday evening, they continued yesterday where they had left off.................................and some. We saw Tim get his century, Jonny make 150, Tim make 150, Jonny make 200, the pair put on 366 runs, breaking the seventh wicket county championship partnership record of 344 set in 1902, and both hit career bests.

Jonny on 219 not out and Timmy on 169 not out.

My Tykes declared on 557-6.

In reply Durham had a wobble as they fell to 81-5 before steadying to close on 140-5.

Not before His Royal Ryanness took a wicket! and corrected me!!! as somewhere along the line I had lost two of his wickets and his First class wicket haul is now 673.

All correct now!I have the figures logged on my abacus and will continue adding to them.

I am off to the match again today and I am hoping that it is equally as excellent as the last two days.

Has anything else happened in the world?

Not sure as I have been cocooned in my little cricket bubble and loving every minute of it.

I did however speak to Dame Didi last night  ( and somehow managed to burn my lunch for today!). We are organising our big get away this weekend, when we head off to Oxford.
Not matter how hard we try to make this a normal weekend, you just know that is going to be anything but!

Well time is marching on and I have curls to twirl and food to pack and coffee to make and cricket to watch.

Could it get any better...........................of course it can!!!!

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire!!!!!

P.S the weather is reported to be scorchio today but due to the nasty 'thing' that I have had since the weekend, which has now landed on my chest, I will be fairly well wrapped up!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire

To say that I was struggling yesterday morning was an understatement, I still am not sure how I made it out of the door and onto the 'Funky bus' in time to get to the cricket but I did!!!! What a flipping trooper.
I was,however, burning up, sitting with a tissue under my nose and trying unsuccessfully to stop the mascara  ( or massacre as it looked like afterwards) that I stupidly applied, from spreading down my face, did not make for a great start to the day for me.

That said.................I am super glad that I made the effort because  I got to see my Tykes in action.

So this is how it went,

Mr Funky the Chauffeur picked me up in the 'Funky bus', we then picked up Pauly Paul and Dynamo Dom who was gracing us with another visit, and off we went. Mr Funky decided to take us to Chester le Street via 'Aberdeen' as there were road works at Croxdale, we did however make it with time to spare.(just)

I dished out the coffee and biscuits  ( green tea for Dynamo) and we settled down..........................well talk about my raging temperature, it must have shot through the roof when His Royal Ryanness wandered past and spoke to me........................I could have gone home then as my day was complete, but I didn't.

Durham won the toss and decided to field, and were soon feeling smug as they dismissed Lees,Rhodes Leaning and Gale who all made double figures but failed to make a  mark. then in came Jonny, I was not putting all my eggs in one basket but by the time that he had hit 50 I was getting a little excited,  and just before 'hometime' he hit 100.

Yorkshire finished 329-6 overnight.

It was a lovely day the sun shone and Dynamo kept myself and Jane entertained although he did tell some tales about Pauly Paul which we ladies had probably never wanted to know.

I 'popped' my pills throughout the day and went home feeling better than I had when I left earlier.

however bed was calling and this morning I am feeling much refreshed after a near undisturbed night. I am still coughing and  a 'bit hot', but I actually look a darn sight better than this time yesterday.

so what about today.................................................more cricket please!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

I think I am ready for the scrap heap

Oh my goodness me, I am sitting here looking anything but pretty I can tell you.
I ache in every part of my body and my nose is running like a tap, I fear bending down for a deluge  may occur!

You see yesterday my hayfever actually manifested itself into  a full blown summer cold which is hideous. I have alternated all night between , burning up and freezing cold, I have shakey legs and  feel very light headed. I know that this is nothing worse ( e.g the temperature spiking, heart palpitating lurgy) , but most certainly do not want it to turn into it, so I am dosing myself up with cold and flu meds ( which just mask the symptoms but make you feel better)

I personally think that I am running myself into the ground but there looks to be no chance of it letting up at work or at cricket so I will just have to go with it.

I am sitting here typing thinking where did yesterday go? well apart from trying to get the food ready for today at cricket ( more of that later), doing washing, and going to the town, I  then  slept for 2.5 hours and woke up feeling worse than ever. It was a wash out and it was also one of the most glorious days we have had in a long time.

So today which at the moment is cold, grey and overcast  it is a cricket day and I have packed up lots of food including a vegan selection for 'Dynamo Dom'. I am hoping that we have no rain although I will be taking clothes for every eventuality. And an extra large pack of hankies!

And cricket today??????

Well it is a 'biggy' and I cannot afford to be ill for this one at all,  Yes it is my Tykes against former besty home county of Durham.

His Royal Ryanness is in the squad and I am super flipping excited about this , even if I can hardly speak and look like poo ( technical term used in beauty circles), I will be there cheering him on from my seat on the boundary.

However if I don't get a wriggle on I won't even be going as I will miss the 'Funky Bus'

Until tomorrow!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Supercharged Saturday!

Today is going to be a super busy one as I have a million things that I need to do and not much time to do it in! I have already take my painkillers for my elbow and my 'one a day' tablet for hay fever which is making no impression at all!

Firstly I have to go to the tip, then visit Countess Christine of McNally and the Royal Hounds ( including the 'monster' 3 legged lurcher).

Then I have washing to do, a trip to Homebase to squeeze in, sort out the 'cric nic' for tomorrow ( including a vegan choice!) and then get my hair 'tamed down'. OMG it will be bedtime before I know it. I am exhausted now just writing it down!

I would also like to watch a spot of T20 cricket but not sure if I can squeeze that in. however we can only see as the day goes on.

Anyhow back to yesterday, it was mad busy in the office as I tried to sort out as much for the boys for next week as I could, I know I am only away for two days but it might as well be two years with that lot!

However just after lunch, my phone started to beep and  when I looked I saw that it was messages ( plural) from my old London work colleague Hendy Boy.
I checked the messages and nearly fainted. Hendy Boy was only having lunch with the 'Lashings XI'. Yes my Hendy Boy football lover, cricket hater was sitting chatting to Blowers and Devon Malcolm to name only two.

Well I was super jealous as you can imagine and he kept sending more and more pictures which were making me turn a not very pleasant shade of green.

Then he sent me a message saying that he had got me Devon Malcolms autograph!!!! Well you all know that I am a real cricket badger, this  made my day and will go in pride of place with my Angus Fraser, Ronnie Irani and the England team of 1994 autographs.

It does not, however ( and will not ever) trump the autograph of His Royal Ryanness!

Oh I am going into a little swoon now.................best give myself a slap,

Right that's better.

Time to start to tick things off my 'To Do' list.

Friday, 26 June 2015

It's finally F(ryan)day

Yes it is F(ryan)day and I was up with the larks this morning...................or the Blackbirds if the truth be known. yes 3.45am this morning, someone had managed to get out of the wrong side of the nest and was giving their partner a right old telling off outside my bedroom window. Yes for 20 minutes they were having a right old ding dong.................and then they either went back to the nest or flew off in opposite directions.

I have been out in to the extensive grounds of the chateau  ( about 5.15am) and they were happily pulling worms out of the lawn. So all things back to normal at Chez blackie.

I feel pretty rough this morning which is probably a combination of painkillers for my tennis elbow and, anti histamines for my hay fever and a glass of wine whilst watching the cricket last night.  this does not bode well for the office boys, as I have a super busy day getting them organised for the fact that I will not be in the office for 2 days next week, yes you can see that my phone will be ringing off the hook whilst I am trying to concentrate on all things Yorkshire.

So back to the cricket last night, well Durham were taking on Lancashire at The Riverside  and rain fell prior to the start but they manages to get under way on time. I spotted Chester the Lion ( the best reason to go to the cricket).

Durham went into bat after winning the toss and wickets fell early, they soldiered on to 141 all out in 19.5 overs.
Chris Rushworth took a nasty blow to the chest and will probably have a wonderful bruise today!

Lancs went into bat, with Rushworth taking 1st blood, bruise or no bruise. However there seemed to be no stopping Prince ( no not the little purple popster!!), he hit 63 no out to steer the red roses home.

Not a great result for former besty home county.

Tonight my Tykey Vikings are in action against Leicester,I am less bothered about the T20 ( unless I am there watching) for my boys and more interested in the county championship. After my time at Headingley with both the President of Middx and President of Yorks, the insight that they gave me, is making me really sit up and take notice of what is going on!
Will their pearls of wisdom really be true, well only time will tell because I'm not!!!

OK, I have to head off to Super Swanky Lady lainey office now, but at 4.30pm I will be free.................................well until middle of next week!

Now that makes F(ryan)day even better!!!!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

A brilliant result if you are a Tyke!

Yesterday dawned grey and I got rained on as I walked to work......................but hey by the time I was at home things were considerably brighter!

And why???? you might be asking??????

OH COME ON!!!! my Tykes wrapped up their match with Nottinghamshire in 3 days and managed maximum points . AND.........................................*drumroll*  His Royal Ryanness took 6 wickets in the two innings bringing his first class wicket haul to 672.

now I had been get my tiara in a twizzle over the fact that HRR had been out of the game with  his calf in a sling for such a long time. I had pre-ordered 700 FC wickets at the end of last season and I some how felt that I had jinxed him...................... well he came back with a vengeance!

Jack Brookes has now taken 100 wickets since the start of the 2014 season and looks good too.

With both bat and ball the Yorkshire boys were on top form,

I  am super proud of my boys and told Gillespie the gallant that too.

You see it doesn't take much to make I, Lady Lainey happy.

Mr Funky took me over to Sedgefield last night to pick up a unit which is to become my next 'upcycling' project. I am sure that this will keep me out of mischief when I get round to getting it started.

Tonight I was expecting to get myself onto Sky once again, trundling off to The Riverside to see Durham in T20 action, however Mr Funky the Chauffeur has decided that he is going to do overtime in his other job ( how very dare he?), and I cannot be bothered to drive myself there after work, so I will come home prepare dinner,  and sit down to watch on TV.

I would have  tried to dig another 6ft of borders but my elbow is swollen and painful and looks as if tennis elbow might be occurring again so I will rest it up!

If it is tennis elbow it can 'do one', I cannot spend the next few days with that pain, thank you very much!

I have also sorted out to have my hair de-oranged on Saturday so that I am not quite as 'visable' at the Durham v Yorks match, the worrying thing is I am not too sure what colour my hair will end up.

Also on Saturday ( and probably wearing a hat after the above)  I am tiling the surround of the wicket of my 'little men' The Gentlemen of Tykeshire. I have super tiles to use and also some quick drying cement........................................................do you think that this is going to go to plan?

I flipping hope so.

What is going to plan though is the fact that I now have to head off to Super swanky Lady lainey office and shout a lot, drink copious amounts of GREEN TEA!!! ( get me, on a health kick!) and look pretty for 7 hours.

There has to be an easier way to earn pennies!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The excitement just continues!

Just when you think that your cricket life could not get any more exciting.......................Captain Galey Lad only goes and makes 144 not out along with Jack Leaning who finished overnight on 107.................its all happening at Headingley.

I would have been bouncing  up and down on the boundary if I had bunked work..................which I might have considered if two of my draughtsmen hadn't gone on a course to learn to draw!!!!!

However today my Tykes resume in a  good position leading by 78 runs and need to wrack up that score before lunch.
No pressure boys.

I got back from Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and decided to  start to dig out the borders in the garden ( which I was supposed to do over the winter). well I now have dug out 6ft of border, only about another 100ft to go. I hope to have that finished before I retire from work!

I settled down to watch the last match in the England v New Zealia series.

it was a T20 so I would be able to be in bed super early too.

England were wearing their luminous orange shirts, which got brighter as the light faded!I am not sure if I like these although they didn't clash with the hair of some of the players, so that was a bonus.

There were a lot of 'crayonings' on display  on the arms of players. some did look as if they had been done by a two year old. Although I have a couple of tattoos myself, I do still think to myself,

' They are fine now when I am 21, but what will they be like when I am 40?'

Some off these 'sleeves'  are not pretty now and will look worse when faded and on not so muscular arms!

Anyhoo less of the fashion and body art.

England won...........yes they did, by 58 runs.
And that is the end of the New Zealia tour.

next stop, the Ashes!
Although for me next stop is any Yorkshire match I can get to!

So now I am off to get showered and head off to the 'orifice' for another fun packed say with my other boys.........................and I fibbing about it being a fun packed day!

I will however be glued to Twitter!


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Its an early F(ryan)day

Well  his Royal Ryanness is back and I for one am glad to see him back where he should be, however I am a tad concerned that if they play him now, they won't be bringing him to Chester le Street....................hmmm I might not be as happy a lapin as I thought I would be this weekend!

However back he came yesterday in the match against Nottinghamshire  and started to take wickets, that is until rain stopped play.................don't you just hate it when that happens!

He took 2-41( matching Patterson) but had bowled 4 maidens (no crude comments there please this is His Royal Ryanness I  am talking about).

I am hoping that today they finish Notts off early and that he gets to rest up whilst waiting to bat.

and talking Nottinghamshire, they have loaned out their 'big fella' again to Surrey, who played him in their county championship side yesterday, and guess what????....................well he took 4-58...................I am sort of thinking that Mike Newell may not have made a good decision there.

Luke fletcher is a man mountain and can take wickets!

Tonight sees England and New Zealia face each other in a T20. Any bets on how this is going to go?

Over in Super swanky Lady Lainey office it is  hopefully going to be a quiet day. Trill Boy has a lot of work to do and judging by the  puzzled look on his face yesterday, he has no idea how to do it. Thats what comes of 15 years in a huge drawing office, other people help you out!

The pressure is on him now and the question is, can he cope?

I spent last evening running around trying to sort out Tzarina Katerinas car which she left with me. The garage where supposed to collect it last night, I waited  and they called to say, could I drop the keys this morning on my way to work.

Sister or not.................she is sorting  her own stuff out in future.

Hark, I hear the sound of the dishwasher on rinse, best go and empty that before I head off down the A1, I tell you it's all go here and that's before I start to shout at 'boy', drink copious amounts of coffee and look pretty for 7 hours!.

never mind it's cricket tonight.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Where did the weekend go?

It's Monday and it's time to get back to the grind, but where did the weekend go? Well we all know where I was on Saturday and yesterday after a quick bit of housework and  shopping, it was time to settle down in  front of the TV and watch 'My Tykes' in action against Birmingham Bears.

Well I saw 2 wickets fall very quickly and then I saw nothing else until the game had finished....................yes Tykes or not, I had fallen into a very deep sleep. I think that the exploits of the day before had finally caught up with me.

I sort of wish I had stayed asleep though as Yorkshire lost!!!!

The Australians arrived in England towards the end of last week and on Saturday were reported to be training in Middlesex, my old stomping ground. Well it got better than that, they were only training at Merchant Taylors School, Northwood.............................my old place of work and home.

Seeing the pictures of the Aussies training in front of the pavilion reminded me of all the fun we had, the evenings when we ran the  'La Mumba' cricket challenge trophy. Sitting on the benches after 'Trumper's matches with the ( now) President of Middlesex CCC, drinking over proof rum and diet coke.
Watching the 1st XI most weeks after work , and of course doing cricket lunches and teas!

Ahhh yes many happy memories, I hope that the Australians enjoyed it.

It won't be long until the start of the Ashes, however there is the matter of one T20 game against New Zealia which is tomorrow evening and will involve me racing home very very quickly to get dinner sorted before sitting down.

My Tykes are starting the week with a County Championship game against Nottinghamshire at Headingley, before heading up the A1 to Chester le Street at the weekend...............now I am super excited about that!

What I am not super excited about this week is the prospect of  2 days in the office with Trill Boy whilst Job the Jolly and Pony Paul go off to be trained to draw in 3D ( we are still trying to find a course that will teach Trill Boy to draw!).

Oh well best head off and get the week off to a flying start.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Winners are grinners

Well unless you were on another planet or had stopped following me on Twitter and unfriended me on Facebook, I think that you know what this picture is all about.

But lets start at the beginning,

I got up at stupid o'clock and packed up all the food and necessaries for the match, Mr Funky the chauffeur tipped up just before 9am and off we toddled to The Riverside ground. Toddle was the operative word just after Croxdale. Traffic ground to a halt and we sat and sat, and why???? because a roundabout is being put in. Work started in March and is showing little sign of being finished soon.

Anyhooo after that we got to the car park in record time and were in our seats before we knew it, well we were in someone else's seats, but we just moved along a few seats to where we should have been. A little mistake, but the man involved was very close to having a knuckle sandwich for his breakfast.!!!!!

The weather was grey and overcast and with some precipitation prior to the start bell, meaning that we were a bit delayed.

New Zealia went into bat and Captain Baz was in and out before I had a chance to eat a 'party ring'!!!

They settled down after that and it was not until  Kane Williamson had  hit his half century that his wicket fell.
We had some light rain but nothing to make them come off the field.

They batted through their 50 overs and finished 283-9. With last minute call in Jonny Bairstow showing that he was a good choice with the gloves.

I had a special delivery of sushi from Alan and we all had a chat before he raced back to his seat on the other side of the ground with Janey. ( who also came over to see us during rain breaks)

They came off for 'lunch/break' and the heavens opened and continued to do so on and off for over two hours.

Mr Funky the chauffeur and I amused ourselves by taking selfies some of which were a tad 'risqué' due to the angle of the phone and the cut of my top!!!

Eventually the sun came out, the sky turned blue and everyone was basking in late afternoon heat.
So England came out to take their reduced innings. they were set a target of 192 from 26 overs according to Jack and Vera Duckworth ( Duckworth/ Lewis).

And OMG, it all went horribly wrong  Roy, Hales Root and Morgan ( yes the top order) were all out in the blink of an eye.
I turned to MR Funky and said
' OK Stokes and Bairstow have to do this. Stokes will either wrack up a great total or be out cheaply which will leave it to Bairstow'

And yes indeedy doody, Stokes was out for 17 and Jonny took over.

We had a bit of hilarity as David Willey came in, when some gentlemen behind me took to singing
'If you like a bit of Willey clap your hands'......................well I never............................

He hit 7 and then Adil Rashid came in .

By this point Jonny was putting on the  runs and really just needed to avoid being out.
With an unbeaten 83, he did it. And as I always say no one man is a team, but 48 hours previous he had no idea that he would be hitting the winning shot for England and steering them to an ODI series win.

Yes he is a Tyke and as such one of 'my boys', however he proved to be a top keeper and batsman.

Well done England and well done Jonny Bairstow.

And now I am going to do some washing, go to Homebase, and then settle down to watch my Tykes doing T20 stuff this afternoon.

Have a great Sunday

Saturday, 20 June 2015

It's ODI day!

Well it's Saturday, it's ODI  day and I have been up over an hour already.

Firstly putting food into various  insulated bags, well it wouldn't be cricket without a good old gut bash would it?
The coffee is starting to be percolated and I am about to throw my bulk in the shower and then sort out the orange curls.

I have to  be ready for Mr Funky the chauffeur tipping up at 9am, which will be 10 minutes after he fell out of bed ate breakfast that his secretary made for him and had a shower.

:last night in between sorting out food I was watching Glamorgan V Somerset as well as keeping an eye on Yorks V Notts.

OK so the Somerset V Glamorgan was  a good  match  but not really what you call thrilling. Strange though that after listening to Mark Butcher commentate two nights running I wonder why I have never noticed before that he sounds as if he  has something in his mouth. Very strange to listen to.

Anyhow Somerset won, although WASP ( winning and score predictor) was all over the show!

Over at Headingley  Yorkshire who have been playing very poorly in T20, only flipping well got a mental wriggle on and charged in to bat. Glenn Maxwell hitting 92  n.o, and Andrew Hodd who was brought in at the last minute, due to Jonny Bairstow being called up to England, hit an amazing 70.
My Tykey Vikings finished their innings on 209-4.

Captain Gale ( big unit) lost his wicket to another 'big unit', yes the man mountain that is Luke fletcher was playing for Notts last night too. Sadly it was his only wicket.

Notts played a great innings with Samit Patel hitting 90 n.o  but sadly they fell short by  40runs.

Good game.

Well done my boys.

And now....................well  I have no time for hanging around chattering on here, as I have  things to do and slap to put on and believe me that takes more time that I care to think about.

Well off to get my trowel!

see you tomorrow when we will know if England really are on the road to recovery.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

F(ryan)day WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!

Yes indeedy doody, it is F(ryan)day and I am super flipping happy clappy glad. I even have my super favourite His Royal Ryanness picture up today too to make the day even better.

It is the last working day of the week and after what I can only describe as a 'strange old week' I will be glad to see the back of it.

Only 7 hours of looking pretty to get through and then I can don my 'weekend' tiara and get ready for the ODI tomorrow.

Yesterday saw the Pre-Ashes squad announced. which includes quite a few Tykes and means that my boys will be short again over the summer. Luckily HRR is on his way back and I for one am jolly chuffing glad about that. He has been gone too long. Hopefully now his calf is fully better we will see his first class wicket haul start creeping up again. No pressure on you there Ryan!!

I sat and watched the Kent v Essex T20 match last night, and have to admit I really like the Kent T20 shirts, very snazzy ( as they say in some parts). it was a great game, which saw Kent win by 6 wickets.

I am trying to get this done very quickly this morning as Pony Paul is picking me up to take me to the office......................'why am I being chauffeured?'  I hear you asked.
Well if you remember a couple of weeks ago, eldest sister Tzarina Katerina  informed me that a lorry had parked in her 'blind spot' and she had reversed into said lorry.

So as Pony Paul lives in the same village as the Tzarina he is dropping me on the way home to collect the car and deliver it to 'Tim'll Fix it/ Tim's Classics'.

And why do I have to do it???????

Well that would be because 'Kiki Kar Killer' is off on another cruise this time to the Baltic!

Hope they don't let her have a go at 'driving' the ship!!!!!
' What iceberg???????? it was in my blind spot!!!!!!!!'

Until tomorrow, happy F(ryan)day

Thursday already? I need the weekend

Well it's Thursday which means one day closer to the weekend and believe me it cannot come quickly enough it has been a strange week.

Tiredness creeping in constantly and a desperate need to get things done in the Chateau, inevitably mean that I have done very little in the evenings apart from knit,eat and sleep.

However there was some flipping brilliant news yesterday about His Royal Ryanness, well I found the link to the 2nd's scores and he had taken 3-30 in the first innings and scored 22 runs!!!. Now I can't find the  fluffing link!!!

 England were in action yesterday afternoon/evening and they won........................yes, really, no fibbing this time...................they won.

Captain Morgan ( I loves his spiced rum) scored  113 before getting out, but Little Joey Root  was on an unbeaten 106 and believe me his smile lit up Trent Bridge when they won.
It was a thrilling and high scoring match which resulted in England having the highest ever ODI run chase to take the game.

For once the England team really stepped up to the mark and showed that they can do it.

So we are heading to Chester le Street with a feeling of hope ( and we all know that we will be coming home with a feeling of woe). Should make for a very nice day.

Hampshire  ( aka South Durham) have been fined £4,000 for misconduct............................... to do with disciplinary standards in their players. Well all I, Lady Lainey am going to say is that it is a long running problem!!!!!

Apparently cricketers face 'critical risk' of, lightening, terrorism, mental illness and being hit by a ball as part of their  career according to a report by FICA ( Federation of international Cricketers Association).
Well hell they want to try and spend a day in Super swanky Lady Lainey office, every day I face a critical risk of being electrocuted ( due to landlord not sorting out the wiring), terror of what the boys are going to do next, mental torment about what they are doing and fear of being hit with what ever they find to hand to throw at each other!

Not to make light of what FICA highlighted  but in reality apart from being hit by a cricket ball, we all face those  risks on a day to day basis!.

Right off to see what is occurring in said office and not in the mood for any of their high jinx this morning!!!!!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

So how did my 'big man do'?

well to be honest I have no idea because Yorkshire were not giving updates on twitter or anywhere else yesterday or this morning. I cannot find a feed to second XI results and so I now am a tad cross!!!!

I even polluted my browsing history by going onto the Derbyshire CCC website!!!!! and still no joy!

I wanted to know what was occurring at my favourite cricket ground in the whole world.

However talking about the hallowed turf of Scarbella, it really is looking as if I will be taking ' The Gentlemen of Tykeshire' on a little journey in August. There is going to be a huge beach cricket tournament again and the wonderful people at ' Flicx Pitches' are ( obviously) bringing their roll out wickets.

We are currently in discussion as to whether the 'boys' are going to be donning knotted hankies and socks and sandals and heading down to the beach.

I can see me developing some muscles over the course of 4 days humping those lumps of concrete about.

They are just getting too famous

Today we have England in action against New Zealia at Trent Bridge, another ground that I like very much after having a fun day there last season with Middex President and First lady.
I am all ready with t'wireless and hope that Trill Boy and Pony Paul manage to refrain from doing ( what they think  are brilliant ) impersonations of 'Robson and Jerome, which were torture enough in their time without these two tuneless morons trying to revive the act!!!

Best friend Francesca called round last night and we have managed to organise a 'Father Ted' evening in between all my cricket activities and her 'treatment room ' renovations.
Her lovely and very funny OH, Paul  had helped me out on a tiny DIY project which can now be finished off, ( maybe on Sunday). It will be unveiled at a later date.

Rightio not a true cricket catch up this morning, but  got a desk full of 'stuff to sort out' and would like to get it done before the next millennium, which at the rate that I am going may not happen.

I am also going to ring Yorkshire on the hour every hour after 11am to find out the scores, they will soon put it on Twitter!!!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Good news!

I know it's not F(ryan)day but it's good news in that he is back in action with the 2ndX1 this week. Along with Adam Lyth and Glenn Maxwell..............I tell you that is some line up at a 2nd's match. I am assuming that the crowd will be made up of more than two men and a whippet!

Great to see that His Royal Ryanness is getting back to where he should be. This is perfect news for a dull and overcast Tuesday.

I tell you I was sorely tempted to put in some holiday and toddle off to watch the match.........but I have a lot of work to do at the moment in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and so will just have to bide my time.
At least I am hoping to see him take some more wickets, only 34 to go to the 700 wicket haul.

Surrey duo  Henriques and Burns continue to make good progress after there awful accident on Sunday, but of course, I was wondering how long it would take for 'he who must not be named in the blog' to poke his oar in!

Oh yes sure as eggs is eggs, he was chirping about how he was badly affected by the incident. Yes there is no denying that he would have been as would the rest of the team out on the field, but they seem to have remained tight lipped.

Oh dear it is too early in the morning to be off on a KP rant.

It does nothing for my blood pressure.

Best friend Francesca is calling round tonight after having a weeks holiday. she didn't go any where but was working on getting her treatment room into some sort of order. Which means that I will soon be able to have more massages...................cannot wait.

I meanwhile have a backlog of things to get on with here at the Chateau, and as is the norm I keep putting off.

However I am now more determined that ever that I am going to get at least one room sorted top to bottom by the time I go to bed tonight.................... and in the real world.................

Monday, 15 June 2015

starting all over again

well it's Monday and the working week is starting all over again. And a busy one it is going to be that's for sure.
Lots to do in Super swanky Lady Lainey office and then even more to do when I get back to the Chateau.

However lets get to the crickety things.

Well England were playing New Zealia in the  2nd ODI.

And they won................................................OK that is a flipping fib, they didn't win they came 2nd.
Kane Williamson ( adopted Tyke) scored a brilliant 118 and Ross Taylor hit 110 to help the Kiwis over the line.England had scored 302 in their innings so they were not doing too badly, they were just out played.

however worse news filtered through yesterday afternoon, about a horrific accident on the field during the Sussex v Surrey T20.
Moises Henriques and Rory Burns collided in an attempt to take a catch, and both were hospitalised.
The game was abandoned and the players were taken to hospital. Henriques is said to have a broken jaw in three places and will require dental surgery. Burns has stitches to his head and facial injuries.

Surrey reported that both players were responding well in hospital.

News that Liam Plunkett will play no further part in the ODI series is not good to hear after he managed to turn his career around after joining yorkshire.
Liam had suffered a thigh injury, which has dented his England chances but also means that he will be out  of action for Yorkshire too!

I am also looking ahead to the  ODI at Chester le street next Saturday. I hear on the grapevine that in some parts of the ground people will be tucking into sushi!

Well no chance of that with the very fussy Mr funky,
I can hear him now

'Raw fish.......you want me to eat raw fish!!!!!, put some batter on it and fry it and I might consider it edible!!!'

There was nearly a mutiny when he found celery in his salad, and after a trip to Waitrose  produced a salad with Wheatberry....................................well lets just say that I will never hear the end of that one!!!!

Boys ehhh!!!

Well suppose I had better get off to the office boys and see what that brings about.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sunday with friends

This will be the shortest blog ever!!!!
I woke up at 9.30am yes!!!!! 9.30

Turned over and went back to sleep until now!!!
Unheard of and worse still as I am in Pontefract with friends.

Haaaa some friend lazing in bed all morning!!!!

So best get up tidy the orange birdsnest and make my self look nearly human which after wine, champers (and one bottle being 'The Dom'  is going to be some feat!)

A wonderful afternoon and evening. Roll on July.

Just to say if you are in Yorkshire Captain Gale has written an interesting article in't Yorkshire Post about Jonny Bairstow being overlooked by England.

Hmmmmm I still think his Royal Ryanness should come back!!

It would make my viewing much more interesting.

Ok off to show my face!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Well thats summer over and done with!

OK so it was flipping scorchio yesterday and today it is p***ing downio!!!! well not right at this moment but it was earlier and now it has dried up but is grey and overcast

What the Donald Duck is going on!

This is not boding too well for my trip to Pontefract for a BBQ............looks like either we will be having rain sodden burgers or  Mince and dumplings whilst wrapped up in blankys listening to the rain outside.

I think I know which it will be.

I wandered out into the garden this morning to check on how much water had come down. Well not enough to really give the tubs a good soaking. So if it is going to rain all weekend as predicted, then hopefully everything will look green and my water butt will be looking a bit fuller!

So last night due to still not feeling as if I am firing on all cylinders I decided against a late evening in Chester le Street watching Durham play Worcestershire. Yes I must have been feeling unwell to have missed out on the chance to ogle observe the bowling of Jack Shantry!

That aside, Durham lost and there were a lot of 'WTF!! tweets going around.

England were in one day action against New Zealia. This  was the highest ever run scoring match in England in ODI history with 763 runs scored by both teams.

However the 'gods' had other ideas as they unleashed rain at the worst possible time for England. The Duckworth /Lewis  system came into play and England fell 13 runs short.

I think that we are all aware by now how this system is calculated.

How many pints Jack Duckworth could drink in The Rovers in an afternoon multiplied by how many arguments he had with Vera during their married life, divided by how many knickers Vera made in her career at Mike Baldwins knicker factory.

Well its something like that!!!!!

All said and done, it leads to an exciting Saturday next week when Mr Funky and I head off in the big blue tank thing with our red dangly car park pass in the window, to  cheer on our boys.

Ok I am now off for an early morning walk to collect some elderflowers.....................yes it is that time of the year again, when I produce a million bottles of 'champers' which if they all 'went off' in my garage would take the fluffing roof off!!!!

This year it will be named

'Chateau de Champions Champers'

previous names have been
 'Tykes Towers Tipple'
' LT Towers Tonic'
LT Towers II Tincture.

I think this year should be a good 'vintage'

Friday, 12 June 2015

It's my favourite day F(ryan)day!

Oh thank goodness it is F(ryan)day, I am pretty worn out after my days of 'hobnobbing' at Headingley, and also mad dash to Londinium and back on Wednesday.

Yesterday I was back in the office and noted that Trill Boy had drifted back into his 'lad like' ways whilst I had been away. A quick whack with a metal ruler brought him back in line and I was then able to spend the rest of my day, drinking copious amounts of coffee and looking pretty.

Very very sad news drifted through yesterday morning, that the world had lost one the most wonderful actors and the best Bond villain ever. Sir Christopher Lee  had passed away on Sunday. He was 93 years young, and an instantly recognisable personality.
He was and always will be the most favourite actor of I, Lady Lainey ( yes he even outshines Sir Sean of Bean).

I have to admit to shedding a tear. A real loss to the world of British actors.

In the cricket world, the news filtered through that Matt Prior had decided to retire, he has not played any cricket since 2014 due to a recurring achilles problem. This news did not however make me shed a tear.

I am hoping that after having a little outing at York with Yorkshire 2nd's His Royal Ryanness will soon be back in the Yorkshire first team, especially at the end of the month! If he isn't I will be shedding a bucket load of tears!!!! 34!!!!! that's what I want to see!!!! ( you have to be a real badger to know what that is all about).

So now I am off to perform my last 7 hours of this week, drinking copious amounts of coffee, shouting at boys and looking pretty, then I can come home and go straight to bed. Yes I know it it's F(ryan)day but I am totally exhausted.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

WORK!!!! A nasty four letter word.

I suppose after the last few days, work yesterday was going to be a shock to the system, most especially getting up even earlier than normal , and driving 290 miles mostly at 50MPH.

My chauffeur yesterday was  office boy Pony Paul, who was even more tired than I was ( well he had done all the driving and I had done all the singing.......................a rare treat for him).

Business at HQ was sorted out quickly and then I spent a long time talking cricket to one of the directors.
We then went to sort out other 'work things' before heading home.

As far as the world of cricket was concerned yesterday it was quiet, even the release of former England player Chris Lewis from prison the previous day, hardly made any waves.........................and to be honest why should it. he was involved in very 'uncricket' type things and  had to face the consequences.

I follow on twitter a couple of photographers, there work always appears to be amazing, I know that they 'tamper' with their pictures to get them just right, but after yesterday with Pony Paul ( who is a keen photographer himself), I now know a lot more about the 'digital enhancing' of the pictures.
It is a shame that you can now use your computer to turn an 'ok snap' into something that you hope to sell for a lot of money.

This technology is also on most mobile phones with cameras now ( or you can download an App), but to be honest why would you  'tweak' a profile picture for Facebook or Twitter when most people actually know you, or as someone said to me earlier this week, ' You meet them and they do not look like they are portraying themselves'
To be honest, I can't be bothered, what you see is what you get and thats it.

no point in trying to make your eyes look bigger ( mine would be  ENORMOUS if I did), your wrinkles disappear or your cheeks look rosier than they are. Why can people not just embrace who they are. I think that it all comes down to peoples insecurities.

OK off to face the office, but only 14 hours of it left this week.

I think that I might be asleep by 8.32am

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Back to the real world

After the best three days I have had in ages, I am now back in the real world and by the time you are reading this I should be halfway down the M1 and about to spend a day in London.

Yesterday dawned bright and sunny and the hope was that Yorkshire would bowl Middx out by lunch.....well that was obviously in the Yorks camp. If you thought I sat on a wobbly fence in the Durham V Yorks things, it is nothing to the fence I was trying to sit on the last three days. El Presidenti however was very understanding and came out to the balcony to clap in ' my boys' when they won.................

there I have let the cat out of the bag!!!

Long story short. They took the extra half hour before lunch and bowled out Middx.

We had a massive gut bash ( again) and I had the cheese board again.

Yorks went into bat and Lees run of bad luck continued.

Lyth steadied the ship a little.

we had birthday cake at tea in honour of the First Lady's birthday.

Dickie Bird and I were discussing his acting abilities ( being an umpire of a cricket match in Heartbeat!)

We gave Queenie the guide dog some crumbs and lots of loves.

Galey lost his temper when he was out ( might not be using that bat again)

They took the extra half hour at the end of play

And then 'we' won.

The wife of the 'vice Chairman' was so excited she was hugging me.

All in all it has been the best time.

I had a little boo hoo in the car before driving home, overcome with a  million emotions,

and El Presidenti,& the First Lady and I all synchronized diaries  ready for the big meet up at Chester le Street in August. Which is after I am meeting the Vice Chairman of Yorks wife at the Scarbella festival.

now best start thinking about what to wear!!!!

cricket and birthdays

Hopefully we will have a better cake than this today as we celebrate Blossom's birthday. we love cake!!!

Now where do I start with yesterday.....................well after being in introduced to various Yorkshire and Middx dignitories as 'The other Mrs Latchman,  Does this make me The Second Lady of Middx???????.
We settled down in the 'posh seats' to watch Jonny Bairstow get my Tykes out of a hole. he was aided towards the end by Jacky Brooks and his unbeaten 125 was excellent. El Presidenti even told Jonnys mum that too.

I am not going to name drop but I have been very lucky to meet some very illustrious cricket characters. I also met the treasurer of Middx ( always handy to know) a lovely gentleman who had me in fits of laughter and was a great sport.
It was good to catch up with Clive Radley who I haven't seen in about 20 years. 

Great fun was had at the lunch table as Queenie the beautiful guide dog of one of the Yorkshire Committee  beat me with her tail whilst resting her head on  The First Ladies knee.. She was obviously hoping for a few crumbs, but once again the food was exceptional and there were no crumbs for Queenie.

 If you ever get the chance of Yorkshire hospitality I can thoroughly  recommend the cheese board!!! Massive!!!!!!!

I have to say that the cricket was great and Jack Brooks  bowled well.....................not sure about Timmy Bresnan who looked to be walking really badly!!!!

It is anyones game but although Middx have given me the most wonderful chance of Yorkshire hospitality, you all know who I am rooting for!!!!

The sun is shining and I am looking forward to another days cricket.

Sadly my last day with El Presidenti, However I have been asked to Lords and tey are coming to Chester Le Street in August so we can do it all again.

Righio off I jolly well go!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Cricket continues

So I headed down the A1 yesterday, super jolly excited as not only would I be having three whole days of cricket I would also be seeing His Royal Ryanness in action.................................... and then I got to Headingley and found out that he wouldn't be playing because his still was having problems with his calf.
Booo flipping hooooo

However my tears were very quickly dried as I spotted him coming round the boundary being water/jumper boy.

Jack Brooks took the first wicket at approx 11.15am and by the time they had bowled Middx out for 212, The headband Warrior had taken 5 wickets in total.

Then it went a  bit 'bandy'when my boys went into bat

Both Lyth and Lees very quickly returned to the dressing room,

Then Ballace and Gale were joinging them, no doubt they would have spent the remainder of the afternoon playing snap or 'old maid'.

Close of play saw them on 96-4..............they had better pull thier socks up today!

I was busy hobnobbing and then  found out that  today I am having lunch in  the  Super Swanky Hawkes Suite and also tomorrow, apparently I am now known as 'the other Mrs Latchman' luckily 'The First lady' did not mind!

I think that you all know how much I love babies, well yesterday saw the first pictures of Prioncess Charlotte and Prince George.......................really lovely pictures and taken by The Duchess of Cambridge. I

right I now need to get into the shower and twirl my curls, pop on my besty cricket tiara and pull on a posh frock.

I think it's going to be a 'reet grand day'

Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Gingilocks and the cricket funday

Well I went off to the cricket funday yesterday and DID NOT get to go on the  bouncy castle!!. I did however make it onto the TV........................... oh my dog!!!! how flipping ginger is my hair???????

Well when I saw myself on TV, I realised that I am very very ginger.

not a lot I can do about that now as I am running very late  and need to be setting off for Headingley in less than an hour!

Still got to get the kitchen sink in my bag.

Right so a quick round up,

Durham lost to Birmingham Bears

I am not prone to violence but nearly lost it just as the game started when some woman from Brum who was sitting behind me asked her OH what colour ' their men' were in. Her high pitched whine continued until they found out where the bar was and toddled off to it.

We saw them still sitting outside there as we were heading home.

True cricket fans!!!!

I know this has none of the wit, flair of normal, but I am off to meet 'El Presidenti & first Lady' of Middx CCC you know!!!

had I told you that?????

I am hobnobbing!!!!!

Had I told you that?????

Well I had better be gone!!!

Oh and I think that his Royal Ryanness may be back playing toooo

Super excited!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Gingilocks goes to cricket

So last night I went home from Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and set to, getting things done before the 'Big Match'.

Washing was on  in record time, and then I decided to re-orange my birdsnest  beautiful curly concave bob. Oh yes in deedy doody it sure is orange!!!! The players at cricket for the next few weeks should be advised that if the sun is shining and I am at there, they will need to wear sunglasses, as the glare from sun on ginger will be blinding!!!

Today I am nearly organised to go to cricket, well I say organised............... I am showered and dressed!

Sooooooooo last night was #The Game of Roses'.Was there ever such a build up. The Gosneys were there and were enjoying the pre match entertainment, well I think one of them was!

I was settled in front of the TV with a glass of wine and my knitting needles.
Yorkshire went into bat and straight away had the crowd on their feet as Glenn Maxwell hit a six with the first ball. The showmanship was good but didn't last long though and he was back in the 'bus stop'. Rooty hit a half century and the score at the end of their innings was 185.

Things were looking good.

Lancashire went into bat and  all eyes were on Gale and Prince, whose little 'spat' last year say Captain Gale suspended and forced to have anger management 'lessons'.
Well I didn't see them hugging each other but it all seemed to pass without any incident.
Lancashire   were batting in OK form they were all over on the 'wasp'  however as with all good cricket, the match went down to the last ball and Lancashire won.

Now I am not sure how the land will be lying in the Gosney house this morning??????

News doing the rounds is cricketers complaining about the amount of cricket they have to play and the travelling they have to do. Eoin Morgan being the newest whinger.
Of course 'He who must not be named in the blog' has had to have his say.
Not sure how he can say about the amount of  cricket played in England as he normally jets of to the CPL  mid season.

These namby pamby boys are truly getting on my nerves. They are played good money by their clubs, put up in very good hotels, waited on hand and foot and still they complain.

They need to man up and grow a pair and stop being such cissies.

Oh dear its turning into a shouty ranty day!!!!

Think I had better log off.

Friday, 5 June 2015

F(ryan)day extra The Game of Roses

The Game of Roses


Tonight it’s time to get to the ROOT

And give the oppo’s a hefty boot.

Sun or rain or blowing a GALE

The Tykes go out and will not fail.

Playing the game with true meaning

Never faltering or LEANING

Crowd chanting support, by hook or by crooks

The noise level 1,000x babbling BROOKS

This game will never be left to chance

Pride is hanging in the BALLANCE

We expect nothing less than a win

And then PYRAHtechnics will begin!!!!



Happy F(ryan)day wooohooooo

Woooooohooooo it is nearly the weekend and the start of my wonderful cricket sojourn! I have packed the tiaras and now just have the dresses, shoes handbags, coats, jackets, leggings ,shirts and everything else that I will need for Sunday until Tuesday!!!!!!! Well I might throw a couple of 'emergency outfits' in, just in case!!!

I am super bouncy excited as I also have cricket Saturday at Durham ICG watching former besty home county of Durham take on Birmingham bears. Then Sunday off to Headingley where I would have stayed  until Wednesday evening but have to go to Londinium that day, to see Big boss Simon re new builds that we are taking on. I feel myself falling asleep already !!!

So yesterday in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office was quite ordinary, and uneventful, which makes a chuffing change, to be honest I am looking forward to a break from the madness that is three men nearing the 'manopause'.  All trying to outdo each other with 'designer clothes', posh holidays ( well Mexico if you think that is posh), and mountain bikes. They have company cars so its a bit hard to outdo  the other with  a car you didn't pay for.

I settled down last night to watch the T20 match which saw former besty home team in the South Hampshire taking on Middlesex, oooohhhh if the result is an omen for next weeks Yorks V Middx clash then I am a jolly happy lapin. Hampshire won!!!!!

Tonight however it is going to be all  systems go when I get home, as it is  'Game of Roses'!!!!  I will have approx an hour to do as much housework, washing and cooking as I can before I settle down with a  glass of wine to watch my Tykes take on their mortal foes ( that would be Lancashire).

 I will be wearing my Yorkshire shirt and my besty Tykes tiara whilst shouting my flipping head off!

I will phone you Dame Didi after the match.

Tomorrow is super busy too, but that is tomorrow, as for today, well there is little sunshine unlike yesterday when it was jolly flipping scorchio. I sat in the office garden at lunchtime and then in the extensive grounds of Chateau de Champions for an hour last night. I am browning nicely, however it is all on the front!.

Not to self turn around if the sun comes out today!

Rightio, I am off, catch you tomorrow.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

You never know what your day will bring!

I think that most of us look in the mirror in the morning and wonder what the day will bring, for me, my first thoughts during the working week are ' what will be happening when I get to  'The Muppet Show today?',
and at weekends it is usually ' Will My Tykes win this week?'.

Yesterday started as normal in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, with the usual carryings on about making my coffee.
I carried on working and ignoring the noise level which was increasing by the minute.
I did get my coffee but not without a near punch up, ( 'it's your turn', 'No it's your turn you never make the coffee')

At lunch time I was having a glance through a free giving and receiving site where you can off load your 'stuff' for free and people come to collect it, and like wise pick up things that you never knew you needed ( who knew I might need a 10ft aquarium!). I spotted a post from a lady looking for 'anything' as she was trying to start her life over after years of domestic abuse.

well this set the cogs in my tiny brain into motion and I thought that I was bound to have some things to help her. I emailed and instantly got a response.

The lady came to collect the things last night and I stood on my doorstep crying with her as she explained her plight.  This was all a little too close to home for I, Lady Lainey, as I have been in her position and would not be where I am today without the help of my family and friends.

I tried to assure her that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that although it may not seem that way at that moment, things do and will get better.

when she left I thought that I would be wracked with the old nagging fears that have plagued me for years, but surprisingly, I realised how far I have come. How lucky I am , I may not be a millionaire, but I have more than I could wish for and being able to help someone in a small way  was a real joy.

Sometimes the laughs and smiles that you see on peoples faces hide a multitude of fears. Putting on a brave face is a defence mechanism.

However last night I realised that I no longer laugh and smile to mask the ugly truth of my past life, but that I love the life that I have rebuilt for myself.
That is worth its weight in gold.( or in my case platinum!!!)

Woooohooo that was deep so now onto something a little lighter.

Poor old Leicestershire had not won a  county championship match in nearly three years...............until yesterday when they beat Essex. I imagine that there will be some storming hangovers this morning in the homes of the said players.

Well done Leicestershire, onwards and upwards.

My Tykes were playing 'interteam' T20 matches yesterday ahead of the 'biggy' tomorrow evening when they take on their foes Lancashire.

Without further ado I am off to see what mayhem is occurring in Super swanky Lady Lainey office and to count my blessings..

Ooohhh and the sun is shining!!!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The return of the armchair selectors!

So yesterday saw England lose to New Zealia and the series drawn, and within a nano second, my twitter feed was corrupted with talk of 'He who must not be named in the blog' Yes indeedy doody, straight away the problem child was being hailed as the only person in the whole universe to save England.................

Woooooooo, hold your horses boy, just hold on one cotton picking moment, this time last week Ben Stokes was the saviour of England, he was the greatest player since Ian Botham, he was the new Fatty Flintoff, he was WG Grace reincarnated......................................what happened????????

well it was the return of the arm chair selectors, that's what happened, those chaps and chapesses who  have never picked up a bat in their lives ( except on the beach) and who through the power of social media can make their voices heard.
They have one name in their heads and spew it out as soon as England do not win a match ( which of late is quite often).

What England need ( and I am not an armchair selector, I have picked up a bat, frequently, I may add for Harefield Ladies), is some bedding in time and adjustment to a new regime. England did not lose by scoring tiny amounts of runs, they fought.

And so endth this sermon.

Good news for me and all Tyke fans, if rumours and news is to be believed I WILL see His Royal Ryanness this weekend at Headingley , as there is much talk that he will be playing against Middlesex. Whooop di flipping do, I feel a tiara twirling moment coming on.

The Gentlemen of Tykeshire ( my gnomes) have got transport!!!! They have a car to get them to away games, courtesy of 'Tim's Classics' ( formally Tim'll Fix it). Timbo ( as his long suffering wife Coutness Chritine of Mc Nally will agree) has a passion for classic cars and has a garage full of them, from Fords to Mg's, Jags to Rolls Royce's. he also had this little beauty ( see above picture) and has loaned it to the 'boys' for their jaunts!
I do think that he is convinced that I have lost my marbles, but after knowing me for a million years I wonder why he never realised it before!

yesterday saw one of office boys throwing a bit of a tantrum, he had received an email from a builder stating that they wanted to arrange a meeting with ourselves and the Architect.
nothing strange about that I hear you say???

Well he started to shout and get jolly hot under the collar as he couldn't believe that mid build they had changed the architect and not told us!!!

Yes swear words were flying, my ears were bleeding from the high pitch ranting.
How did he glean this information,

email read

' We would advise that we need a meeting with yourselves and the architects ASAP'

'The old architects were called Slaters' screeched the office boy!!!!!!!!!!

I feel that I have been transported to some idiots parallel universe.

I'm a Lady get me out of here!!!!!!!!

Get me to Headingley quickly!!!!1

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

there is a yellow ball in the sky!!!

Oh my!!! after a wild , wet and very windy night last night, which was so cold I had to go hunting for some bed socks, I have opened the blinds this morning to a huge yellow ball in the sky!!!!!Yes the sun is out the sky is blue, it'll probably rain later, I think this is true!!!!

So yesterday the rain also did not help at Headingley where the Test was taking place, play was halted for the day. Well it need not think that it can rain on me this weekend when I am at Headingley, hobnobbing with the top man at Middlesex!! I will not be best pleased if it does, however there is some good news on the horizon, if rumours are to be believed, His Royal Ryanness may well be fit to play this weekend!!!! Wooohoooo if he is I for one will be super excited.

Yesterday saw Notts in action against Sussex, my 'spy' was at the ground on 'Luke watch'. sadly for her, Lukey was made to be water boy which did not help her mood any ( or his probably).
However another Luke, Luke Woods, made his maiden county century, but rain affected the day quite badly, and my 'spy' went home for wine. Top girl!!!.

On Saturday, Durham are having a family fun day during their T20 match against Birmingham Bears. I tweeted Mr Funky the chauffeur, asking if I could go on the bouncy castle. well I think you all know the answer to that one! however salvation came in the form of Durham CCC themselves who tweeted back and  said I could indeed go on the bouncy castle and they would see me there!!!! oooooohhhhhh I can't wait!!!!
As Mr Funky was being such a stick in the mud, I am going to eat lots of candy floss, sausage rolls, fig rolls, and drink loads of fizzy pop and probably be sick in the big blue tank thing on the way home!

Ireland are beginning their quest for Test status today as they take on the UAE at Malahide in the Intercontinental cup. This tournament has been seen  to be a path way to  test status and with Ireland under a new coach they are hoping to make the breakthrough.


well it's all go here at the chateau as a very busy day is in order.

I have lots to do this morning and not a lot of time to do it in, so I will love you and leave you.

Bon journee!!

Monday, 1 June 2015

And so it all starts over again

Yes indeedy doody it is the start of the working week and I am about as motivated as...............................well as normal, which would mean, not very!

This week is going to be a busy week, as there are lots of things going on and I also have to get organised for next weekend/week.

It was a strange day at the test yesterday as England seemed to become a tad sloppy  and lost their last wickets with what appeared to be 'ease', this included 'the man with no lips' who is in terrible form at the moment and has scored only 54 runs in 7 innings!!!! The up side of that is that he is very quiet!!!.  

As New Zealia took to bat, they looked to be full of confidence. and after putting on a good show closed the day on 338-6.

I will be glued to  t'wireless  today, I think I already know how it will go.

T20 fever was all over twitter yesterday as the 'big guns' arrived in certain counties. Yes Chris Gayle arrived in Somerset and  despite hitting 151 off 62 balls they still managed to lose to Kent ( how did that happen?????).

Over at Trent Bridge, Darren Sammy was donning his gold chains and taking to the field in a match against Durham. Taking the wickets of MacLeod and Collingwood as well as egging on  'man moutain' Luke Fletcher, who also took two wickets ( Mustard and Pringle). They beat Durham by 15 runs.

and what about my day?

Well I was busy in the kitchen pre cricket coverage, and then was busy at 'cric knits' central during the cricket, as well as still trying to decide if the colour for the bedroom wall is 'the' colour.

I finally unpacked the suitcase which has been sat by my front door in case I had to 'shoot' off to one of the big builds 'darn sarf'. This has been an on going threat since the beginning of the year. It now seems to be highly unlikely..........................you just know what is going to happen this week!!!!

Then I just gave it all up and went to bed!!!

Now I am preparing for a fun packed day , as I have a full compliment of boys back in the office and one of them is bound to be very very grumpy!!!