Monday, 27 July 2015

Another working week........

is about to begin and I feel as much like taking  part in the work thing as I would about poking sticks in my eyes, but I have to and as I am still making massive inroads into the maahhooosive life clear out I  feel that things are really looking up.

I had a busy day yesterday,I was still dealing with all things in the extensive grounds of The Chateau and then got stopped when Uncle Terry popped over.

Then I was chattering on the phone and on Whatsapp most of the afternoon, before getting back to putting my junk on eBay. See I really am having a clear out and getting things into order.

This could be a huge turn around for me.

The Dame on the other hand, was stuck in Southampton airport  on her way to France. Weather had not been kind, however she was remaining positive.

And then there was the cricket......................or lack of it. The weather was not at all being kind to most teams as rain hit most matches.

The T20 final in Ireland was called off as there was water continually falling out of the sky. As both Netherlands and Scotland are assured their places in next years world T20 they shared first place, which I think is very gentlemanly.

My Tykes were trying to get on with the first match in the Royal London One Day cup. They posted 227 before the rain took a hold and everyone started to talk about ( Jack and Vera) Duckworth/ Lewis method.
Gloucestershire went in to bat made5-0 and then the rain put an end to it all and the teams took one point away each.

In fact it was a wash out everywhere for the cricket.

Today I was going to possibly sneak off this afternoon to see Durham v Worcestershire, but as it is hosing it down now, I don't think that I will bother!! Might as well stay at work and save my days off for going to Lords.

My Tykes are in action at Derbyshire today and heres hoping that the weather is good and they win!!!

No pressure boys.

Right I am off and away ( with the fairies?)

Thought for the day

Your best teacher is your last mistake!

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