Saturday, 25 July 2015

Jobs to do and cricket to watch

It is Saturday I am up with the larks ( well the blackbirds, the pigeons and the magpies!) and already the car is loaded with  'stuff' to take to the tip and things to drop off at the charity shop. It is still not making an impression on the Chateau but it is making a huge impression on me, I feel that I am making progress.

I also have an hour of exercise scheduled for when I get back ( closely followed by a lie down for at least 2 hours!). And there is One day cricket on ( weather permitting). then back to sorting through 21 years worth of treasures.

Last night just about every T20 cricket match south of Watford Gap was rained off which was not good for the outcome for some teams. Most of these matches were a bit of 'life or death' on the road to T20 quarter finals. But the line  up now is
Sussex v Nothants
Birmingham v Essex
Worcestershire v Hampshire
Kent v Lancashire

I am pleased to say that the match at Headingley was not  affected by rain and my boys did us proud, although they could not qualify they went out with a mahoooosive win. The young bowlers Fisher, Coad and Rhodes made a huge  impact and even the not so young bowler Rich ( I don't wear my bobble hat on my head) Pyrah  got a look in.
They bowled out Birmingham for 145.
This included Matt Fisher bowling out Brendon McCullum for 6!!! I bet he had a couple of large lemonades after that success.
In reply the boys just went for it , what did they have to lose, and although Rhodes went early they cleaned up with 6 wickets to spare.


HOWEVER they were without Lady Lainey's secret crush, Glenn Maxwell. it was suddenly announced that Rich Pyrah would be playing and that Glenn wouldn't be,  due to a disciplinary matter. Gillespie the Gallant would not make any further comment on it apart from to say that . The matter had been dealt with and the slate was now clean.
Well rumour has it that it was due to tardy timekeeping. Get a watch young Glenn

So now I am shaking a tail feather and heading off down to the tip to smile and chat to the men there.................whilst they ignore me and watch me struggling with heavy loads. Oh well its one way to build up muscle, its also a way to put your back out!!!

Thought for the day.


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