Saturday, 8 August 2015


Well, in all my cricketing life  ( that's all my life),I really do not think that I have ever seen a first day like I saw yesterday.

Who needed the test match....
My Tykes went in to bat and to say that it all went bandy, is an understatement, this was the worst collapse I had seen by them in ....forever!!!!!

The top order folded like a  paper napkin , even 'my hotel key' hero Glenn Maxwell couldn't pull it back,and it was left to Timmy Bresnan and His Royal Ryanness to do the business and with a last wicket stand of  67, to see the  first  innings with 162 runs on the board.

I have to mention here that  the weather was flipping scorchio and I was fair tanning like a mad thing, with the tan lines to prove it.!!!

As the weather got hotter, the tension was building. I had to have a G & T to steady my nerves!!! ( well that's my excuse).

Durham went into bat and then it all started again, wickets tumbling Steve Patterson was on fire and then...............well then His Royal Ryanness changed gears and only flipping well took three wickets. OMG I was fair dancing in my seat.
As you will already guess this is yesterday in a nutshell.
Seriously it was much more exciting than I have just typed, 20 wickets falling in a day!!! what can you say!!! 

I, Lady Lainey was in my element and I had the pleasure of the company of Madelaine who for her sins is a fan of former besty home county of Durham, but  is jolly good company. 

Also managed to meet up with the lovely Rich, who also said that I am the ultimate Yorkshire cricket badger.................................I think it was a compliment!!!!

And so today I am slapping on the lard ...........................OK factor 30 and preparing for another day. It is expected to be another 'scorchio' day.

OMG I am not sure that my ticker can take this much excitement, but I am going   back for more today, I wouldn't miss this for the world

I am now about to set off to meet my lovely Twitter friends at The Atlanta Guest House for a spot of tea and toast.

And then, well its cricket.

a tout a l'heure

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