Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Blluurrrggghhhhh I don't like work!

OMG  who invented work?????

Who made it that you have to go to work during the cricket season?

Who made it that I Lady Lainey have to suffer  'eeddjitts'?

Who will give me a well paid job for the winter where I will work super doubly hard and then get all the summer off ( and if there are some odd weeks/days when  there is no cricket, I will come to work too)?

What are the chances of the above happening?

Flipping well about as much chance as me going down the curry house with my two favourite Australians ( see above) so that is a big fat NIL!!!!!!!

So you can see that my first day back in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office went 'OK' (not)!!!!

Well it did for the 'Office Boys' as they all went home in one piece at the end of the day!!!

I spent the best part of the morning trying to sort out the logistics of the remainder of the cricket season.

I am thinking that I might be getting myself down to Headingley a couple of more times and possible to Lords however on this I have been slightly thwarted transport wise. I am still working on it.
I don't mind driving the Lady Lainey  limo down to Lords ( used to be there nearly every week when I lived 'darn sarf') its just driving back home that I don't like!.
The upside of driving myself is that I can take 32 pairs of shoes and 12 handbags as well as, as many outfits as I can fit in the cases. As I am only going for one day it might be a tad excessive!!!!

Anyhooooo this is how it looks at the moment,

Tuesday September 1st  0500hrs Lady Lainey wakes up looking gorgeous, writes blog and heads off to Headingley for start of LVCC match against Somerset. Added bonus get to see Peter Trego whom she named the garden pigeon after.

Wed or Thurs or Fri  9/10/11th September hopefully at Lords to see the LVCC match against Middlesex

Tuesday  or Wed or Thurs 22/26/24th September  go to Headingley to see some  of the last match of the season against Sussex.

This is the basic plan, now I have to start to get it put into action.

There has been a bit of 'chat;' about the Australian team bringing their wives and families to England during the Ashes, They said it is part of their support network. I personally see nothing wrong with them having their other half with them, however if it had been me and my crazy married life, being a hemisphere apart from my husband would have been flipping marvellous!!!!

Right best go and crack the whip in the office.

Thought for the day

Don't make excuses,
make improvements!!!

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