Thursday, 27 August 2015


Well its quarter finals day for my boys today, we were here last year in the One Day Cup, and I tripped over to Headingley, today however sees my boys in Essex ( no spray tan or white stilettos for them though), it all kicks off ( so to speak ) at 2.00pm.

I am recording it and will race home like a mad thing to cheer them on !

Yesterday saw the battle between Hampshire and Gloucestershire, I sort of thought that Hampshire would go through, but no it was not to be and they were lost by 4 wickets.

Results were coming in of a PCA survey into the amount of cricket played during the season.(some) Players said  they wanted a reduction in the amount of cricket played, it was said that the schedule was ridiculous, one unnamed respondent said that they felt like a zombie at times either waking up to play or waking up in a car travelling ( I think I have seen him play!!! not much better!!!).

Hmmmmmmmm this is the career that they have chosen, I wake up like that every flipping morning of the week and mine is all year round. Flipping man up!!!! in reality they only 'work' six months of the year unless they go abroad, the winters sees them training etc, which may not be fun but they are at home.

50 over cricket was  seen as less important which I do agree with as the County Championship is the pinnacle of the cricket season.

T20 was suggested to be played in a block which if it was done during the summer holidays would make more sense, as clubs are trying to engage with 'little people'.

for me the outcome is, cricket boys whine as much about work as us lesser mortals do, they want to work less, as us lesser mortals do. They do get to travel around the country in the summer and usually stay in flipping swanky hotels, which not a lot of us lesser mortals do.

Time for  the PCA to interview me and get my views on it all.

 I fear a rant is coming on, and on quarter finals day tooooooooo!!!!

Off to the office to vent my spleen on the two remaining office boys.



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