Friday, 14 August 2015

F(ryan)day finally

Hurrah!!!!!! Hussar!!!!!! Hip hip!!!!! and all that malarkey, thank flip it is F(ryan) day.
I am 7 hours away from two whole days of peace and freedom from all that is Super swanky Lady Lainey office.

Well yesterday as I got to my desk  ( 7.32am) I was greeted by the tuneless monotone of 'sing-a-long-a Trill boy'. If he could draw with the same gusto that he puts into the 'whaling' he emits , we would have every project finished and be sitting waiting for the next one to drop through my  'inbox'.
Sadly it is not to be and now we are all having the 'Trill Boy' countdown to his package trip to Mexico. It just cannot come quickly enough!!

Anyhow yesterday did pass quite quickly at work and then I came home and met the new window cleaner, yeay finally when I open the blinds I will not think that it is always foggy, and he  also  does a spot of gardening!!! I may even get the patio area finished!!!

And talking about the garden, I have managed to dig more of the borders and I am planting as I go. Hopefully next year it will all be looking a little better than at the moment, and as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day.
And the weed and feed is on the lawns too!!!

So I settled down to watch some of the T20 cricket, well you just knew that it would never be as good as the Northants game. well sadly Essex lost to Birmingham Bears who go through to finals day ( again).

Steve Harmison has been  yakking on 'like ya nar' about Mason Crane the amazing upcoming talent at former besty home county in the south, Hamsphire. He says that Crane should be selected for the Pakistan tour over the winter.
 OK one sure fire way of destroying this 18 year olds talent is to  move him into the 'big time' too early. Let Mason have another trip out with England under 19's and then have a couple of seasons playing for this county AND then look and see how he is doing. #justsaying #notanexpert

And another thing that I am not an expert at is plumbing, but last night after the bathroom sink completely blocking I took matters into my own hands and decided to sort out the three year old problem ( since the tenants were in).

Well I donned my rubber gloves and unscrewed the U bend .............................only to find 12 very matted cotton buds jammed in it!!!!!
I am guessing the the tenant children thought this was a good game. like swinging on the blinds and door handles and painting in acrylics on a wool carpet.
Oh well that is sorted now so I can now move onto the next DIY job.

yes tomorrow I am doing a spot of tiling.

Right I am gone!!!!

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