Thursday, 20 August 2015

It is nearly my cricket weekend

and I am now getting very excited about seeing besty friends El Presidenti and First lady of Middx CCC.

What I am not getting too excited about is the fact that it is getting very close to the end of August which then signals nearly the end of the cricket season. That does not make me very excited at all.

However before that there is the little matter of the County Championship to be won and a One day Cup final!

Yesterday Twitter was alight with the news that David Willey had signed for Yorkshire, which didn't come as much of a shock to me as it was rumoured last week and Yorkshire didn't deny it!. so he will be in place next season and will be there for three years. Good luck to you David.

Notts and Hants were to have battled it out for  quarter finals place yesterday. Notts got into bat  and were doing brilliantly but then the rain came down. 'Big' Luke Fletcher had been doing a bit in the commentary box  ( possible new career?).

The rain was relentless and another day of cricket was washed out , and gave Hampshire  a ticket in to the  quarter finals

 Nottinghamshire  will take on Durham at Trent Bridge so hopefully a better result for them then!

However shock news for Birmingham Bears as they were washed out of the One Day Cup in Kent. the weather has been kind to some and not to others!!

Things had also been going slightly pear shaped for South Africa as their bowling plans for New Zealand were apparently posted under the wrong hotel door and then leaked onto Facebook

Moral of that story, knock on the flipping door and hand over to the correct person.

Or better still don't write anything down, talk about it!!!!

And what about today, well I have t'wireless in t'bag as it is the start of the last test with Australia. Yes it is  all won, but I see the Australians fighting back this time........................tune in tomorrow to see if I was wrong!!!!

Rightio, off I go, I have to go and do 'shopping' for the office which means that I fancy a look to Sainsbury's.

OOOhh and  Happy Birthday to my super besty ex Hampshire playing friend who is more than 21 today ( he is 48!!)
See you tomorrow!

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