Friday, 28 August 2015

It's a fantastic F(ryan)day

Well it is F(ryan)day and it is  sunny and it is a Bank Holiday weekend.....................................and my boys only chuffing well got into the One day Cup semis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not without giving my dodgy ticker a bit of a scary time though. OMG I was running round the Chateau with my Yorkshire shirt over my head singing 'On Ilkley Moor Bah Tat'.
 So that's another weekend speeding down the A1 , not that I care, it's another weekend of cricket and better than that , Yorkshire cricket.

So Yorkshire were put in to bat and Lyth and Lees set out well, but their partner ship was not to be as Lees went  at 33 runs on the board.  Jack Leaning,( all round good egg the night that Mrs on the Mount and I were a tad tipsy, and yes that was the night of the hotel key incident!!!) took to the field and hit a very composed 72.
The bowlers also stepped up and Liam Plunkett hit 49 off 32 balls  whilst 'little' Matty Fisher supported him to the end of the innings and hit 5 along the way.
252 was the score to beat.

So I settled down with my dinner to watch the Essex innings. well Liam Plunkett had obviously had his 'weetabix' yesterday morning as he took 3-58.

At times it was looking quite fraught and even Gillespie the Gallant was looking a tad nervous when ever they panned in on him.

It was 'little' Timmy Bresnan who took the final wicket which had I' Lady Lainey doing a victory lap of the Chateau.

It took me quite a while to compose myself, by which time my texts and 'Whats app' messages were going mad. I switched my phone off and went to bed.

When I opened my eyes this morning at 5 am I was thinking about the day ahead and then suddenly remembered Yorkshire had won!!!!!

BONUS for  a F(ryan)day.

Other news

Australia beat Ireland
Surrey beat Kent ( without KP non the less!)
I am about to be late for work.

Not sure what I have been doing this morning but it is not 7.21am and I am still not dressed.....................

Best go and get sorted as it is is only 'Job the Jolly' and I today, well that will make for a peaceful day!

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