Saturday, 29 August 2015

It's Finals Day

yes  it is T20 finals day and I am getting organised for a full on cricket day, but headache is  not helping!

I was getting ready for bed last night when I head the roar of the Ferrari as Black Knight decided to call in on his way from a business dinner in Newcastle, he was brandishing a bottle of  Veuve Clicquot , he had won a case in the raffle. Well for starters this is not the kind of raffle I am used to I usually win a dusty bottle of  Harveys Bristol Cream!!. And I although I love champers I am not a huge fan of  'The Widow' but hey any port in a storm.

We had a chat about his last weeks in Europe, he even went to Benidorm!!! That really made me laugh!. So he had two glasses of champers and then fell asleep on the sofa, I was watching 'cricketing yorkshire ' (again) and then I fell asleep and woke up at 3am with a stiff neck.

 I threw a blanky over the snoring knight  and headed off to my bed. I  have just waved him off this morning, looking a lot more dishevelled than he did last night. Sleeping in a dinner suit is never a good idea!

He is a great friend and like the brother that I never had.................................and the way my eldest sibling is behaving  he could well be welcomed into the Wikinson/Walker/Robinson family as I am on the verge of excommunicating her!!!!

Anyhooo enough about that, its a cricket day, I need to get lawns mown, lunch and dinner prepared, before the mascot race which is really my favourite thing about finals day!

I am backing Hampshire,  it was my old stomping ground when I lived 'darn sarf' and many fun times were had there. So come on you Hampshire boys and do me proud.

There now, that is kiss of death for them.

other crickety type news.

England woman lose the Ashes.

Ian Bell is retiring......wooohooo...... from international ODI............boooooooo

Brendon Taylor was found asleep in a car in Nottingham. I  will be leaving my car open in future just in case, however any cricketers wishing to sleep in it will have to break into the garage first!

Botheration!!!!! I have just looked out  of the windows of Chateau de Champions and it is only flipping well raining!!!! So think the lawns  being sorted is out!!!

well at least the plants are getting a water!!!

Oh well off to have some brekky and take some headache tablets!!!!

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