Saturday, 22 August 2015

larking with the Latchmans

Well what a day I had yesterday with El Presidenti and The First Lady ( see above). Apart from rain which was  a pain  there was lots of hilarity and El Presidenti being  a little monkey, making  it  very strained for the Durham  lot to make small talk to a  'long standing Durham member, fanatical Yorskhire supporter,  talks Yorks all the time but is an all round good egg'

I think he was talking about me.

Blossom and I spent a good couple of hours discussing the shopping in Durham and also the fact that she had picked up some great pressies for her daughter in law in the UAE within 3 hours of stepping onto Northern soil!Top girl she has always been on my shopping partner list.

Yes I remember the days when 'Blossom does Bicester', not to mention 'Blossom does Boulogne (and most of the Pas de Calais) Oh yes I had fair forgotten the great shopping times we had, both  here and abroad.

And El Presidenti is not  immune to my shopping exploits except with him it was always food and drink shopping ( mainly drink and usually in Spain).

But all of those are other stories.

The Middx boys went out to bat and had no sooner made their mark at the crease then they were back in the hutch again . However when they did go out they probably wished that they had been back in the dressing room watching 'cash in the attic' and playing dominoes.
Graham Onions ran through the top order like a knife through butter and it took Nick Compton to steady the ship, he hit 71 before being  dismissed by John Hastings. El Presidenti said that of late Nick couldn't get out of the 70's and he didn't mean platform boots and flares!.

The weather was totally against both teams and tea was taken early. Just about  5pm the umpires decided that a stroll on the golf course would be better than sitting in their room and called the match off.

It has rained all night and the sky looks less that welcoming, typical really.

My Tykes were in action against Sussex and after a few stumbles at the start , Gary Ballance showed that he was returning to form hitting an unbeaten 98 as they reached 346-6. My little secret crush Jack Leaning was sadly dismissed for a duck,.
The scourge of the Yorkshire team in the Sussex bowling attack was none other than former Tyke Oliver Robinson, who had been on top form this season.

Hoping that Yorks pick up maximum batting points today!

OK I am off to throw myself in the shower and then will be hitting the road.

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