Monday, 3 August 2015

Monday..............not a funday

Well yesterday started cold and wet and ended much the same, with a slight dry interlude in between. However did this make any difference to  a  super excited Lady Lainey? not a chuffing chance!!!!

I was ready to collect 'der lads' aka Pauly Paul and Dynamo Dom who  were  waiting in the usual spot and off we went.

it was evident as we drove up that play would be delayed as it rained steadily, however when they announced that play would start at 11.45 there were a few groans and not just from where we were sitting.

Yorkshire won the toss and elected to bowl, Plunkett and Bresanan took the bulk of the wickets with Rashid and Patterson taking the others as Durham finished their reduced overs innings on 224-7.

We had a spot of lunch whilst basking in sunshine one minute and dodging  spots of rain the next.

Yorkshire went into bat and I went to deliver cake for My Tykes. I had made a 'vegan' carrot cake for Dynamo Dom who normally has to munch on fruit whilst we chuck chocolate cake down our necks. As Gillespie the gallant is  vegan too I made sure that he got some too.

A short while later one of the 'spare Tykes' came down with the cake container....................and a note from Dizzy himself!!!!
Oh my dog!!!!!! I went a very impressive shade of red, which didn't get any lesser when Paul and Dom realised that I was blushing.
Very kind  of him to send a thank you note and also to let me into the fact that we have a lot more in common that  I previously thought.

Well that would have made my day complete........................except that Glenn Maxwell was going brilliantly and then the rain came, luckily 'Lady Laineys Lot' were ahead on the ( Jack and Vera) Duckworth/Lewis scale, and as the match was abandoned, We were triumphant!!!!

That should have been a great end to the day.........................but after sitting in the car park for 40 minutes, waiting for the security to let people out, my ,mood  was less than  happy.

Funny part of the day was that a 'young man' who had been partaking of too many shandies, decided to go swimming on the field after they put the covers on.
Everyone, players included were  cheering him on as 10 security ( yes 10!!!)  tried to 'take him down'.

A tad excessive I thought and obviously after all the chasing of the said man they all had to have a cup of tea and oxygen, which might explain the car park debacle!!!!

Durham CCC need to sort themselves out.

So after nearly starting the week on a rant, I am off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office!!!

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