Monday, 31 August 2015

My big day arrives and it is raining

Yes my big day is finally here and I am super excited, what is my big day?

well hopefully all will be revealed tomorrow but I can tell you what is isn't

1. It isn't my wedding day, been there done that  got the divorce and dress now in the charity shop window.

2. It isn't my birthday because believe me you would have been hearing about THAT for the last two months.

3. It isn't a cricket day which is a good job as it is chuffing well pouring down

4. It isn't widely known,which is amazing for me to be able to keep this a secret!!!

Ok, hopefully if all goes to plan my secret will be sorted by 3pm today and you will all read about it tomorrow, if it doesn't go to plan you will be reading a blog full of swear words ( and I don't mean flip, chuffing, and blinking either).

I also need to get a wriggle on as I  have a lot to do and want to set of by 9.30am so that I have a nice little drive down the A1.

Yesterday was a quiet day in the Chateau with a spot of baking taking place and some tidying up ( the blinking cleaning fairies completely bypass my house), however the window cleaning boys did come and finally when I open the blinds I no longer think that it is foggy outside.
They did an excellent job and I can not rate them highly enough.
Gosh I must be getting old when the highlight of my day is getting the windows washed!

I did a spot of work in the garden and was followed round by 'Pete the Pigeon', Pete is actually so fat that he waddles everywhere and the fence ( which is huge chunks of timber) groans when he lands on it.
I think it was when I burnt the 'Mars bar' brownies and put them out for the birds that his weight problems really began.

He now follows me around obviously hoping for a chocolaty  treat.

Right this is not getting me any further forward towards leaving the house, so I am signing off.

But before I go today, just to remember that today is the 18th Anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Until tomorrow

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