Thursday, 6 August 2015

Off we go........................

well nearly!! As you can see my luggage for my long weekend is ready!!!!! yes really!!!! OK not really but very close.

I have a slight detour ce soir, at Chateau Saltburn, where Dame Didi is back in residence and taking me out for dinner ( she doesn't know this yet......well she does now), and then bright and early inthe morning I am heading over the Moors and off to Scarbados.

My Tykes were in action yesterday against Somerset. Yorkshire were batting and within 10 minutes they had lost 2 wickets...........i was not sure what was happening but it was not looking good. It took a last wicket stand form the youngsters Karl Carver and Matthew Fisher to bring the total up to something that looked decent and their 67 run stand earned ten, quite rightly a standing ovation.

Peter Trego took 4-29 and seemed to have had an enjoyable day at the seaside.
Somerset cruised home with 6 wickets in hand an 11 overs to spare.

However news was circulating that Captain Gale was standing down as Captain in short forms of the game.................I am surmising that although the team already knew this , it may have knocked them a little.

Never mind you cannot win them all and if you did it would be boring and were would the thrill be in that!

It does put pressure on them in one day action to get to the quarter finals..

However the  'biggy'  in my books is this weekend.......................and I am so super excited that I could hardly sleep.

Still have lots to do and not getting anywhere fast.

I just have to managed to get through 7 hours of drinking copious amounts of coffee, shouting at two boys as other boy is in 'Larndon mate', and tidy my desk, and then I am on the A66.

OOOOhhhhhhhh this time tomorrow i will be yup dressed and pacing the floor ready for the off.

Today also sees the start of the 4th Ashes Test and all eyes are on England, will they be able to stroll through to a win?

All starts at 11.00am

Right I am off now, see you later!

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