Tuesday, 18 August 2015

One day down !

Well Monday is done and dusted and I am ready for Tuesday although in reality I would rather have Tuesday at Headingley cheering on my boys in their One Day match.

I  was very busy yesterday trying to get my head in gear  for my 'big surprise' and scribbling notes every 10 seconds or so it appeared. I was trying to get things written down before I forgot them. I know I can't tell yet but I am determined that I am going  to make  it great!!! #superflippingexcited

Mr Funky the chauffeur is off to footy on Saturday ( WTF!! Football in the cricket season) and so I arranged with Pauly Paul that I would pick him up and  deliver him to The Riverside.  And so just about everything is in place for my fab weekend catching up with El Presidenti and a the First Lady of Middlesex.

I also have some work to do on other things too as the next two weeks are going to be 'huge' for more than one reason.
Sometimes life is strange, you try for years to do something to push your life forward and nothing happens and then lots of opportunities come along at the same time!!

well today I have remembered to pack the  radio so that I can keep up with all things Tyke as  they take on Northamptonshire at home. I would have liked to have been there but I have a lot of work to sort out before Friday and the boys need to be kept in check too.

And today in the One Day Cup it is all to play for as the outcome of today will decide who goes to the Quarter Finals.


This weekend we are back to  County Championship action and as you are probably all aware I will be at The Riverside cheering on Middlesex,  as they take on Durham.

My Tykes are off to Brighton on Thursday ( maybe even Wednesday) to take on Sussex.

It's all to play for now and I still have everything crossed..

Actually at the moment I don;t as I am typing and also about to sign off as I need to get a wriggle on.

Tonight I am going for hypnotherapy, hoping that the results of this will start to show soon.

OK off to do what I do best, drink coffee shout at boys and look pretty for 7 hours.

Until tomorrow......

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